Topsail Caption

Another year, another unfulfilled wish.
(Birthdays aren’t what they used to be.)


4 thoughts on “Topsail Caption

  1. Happy 87th Birthday, Topsail! And what a great custom card you’ve sent to yourself …
    and to all of us.

    A lot of guys don’t know how much you’ve worked behind the scenes helping us all share this fantasy. Taking the reins for the old MnM Site when Afterdark was called away because of business; I know there wouldn’t be an “Aquadude” it you hadn’t egged me on, let alone the Bunker. And you were the drive behind Chained Muscle, both physically and financially. Plus, all the encouragement you’ve given to so many writers and artists,

    We all owe you so much, friend! Thank you!

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