“Return to The Warehouse” – by Masterskrain (2/4)

Part 2.


Consciousness slowly returned to him, fighting it’s way through the darkness that had overwhelmed him. When he groaned and opened his eyes, the first thing that he was able to focus on were the two nearly nude figures of the hooded musclemen that were assisting in his Torture. They were standing in front of him, slowly stroking their erect cocks, peering intently at him through the eye-holes in their half-hoods. When they saw him open his eyes, they stepped in, and with surprising gentleness began to lick and gently caress his raw, bruised, swollen nipples with their tongues and hot mouths.

As his mind began to process the comforting feelings on his nipples, he began to notice other changes. He has been stripped of his jeans while unconscious, leaving him wearing just the boots he had been given. He also felt the leather straps across the bare skin of his lower abs and his quads, meaning that it was still impossible for him to escape whatever further Tortures were going to be inflicted on his body, and especially on his pecs and his nipples.

He hung there on the Torture frame, moaning with a combination of pleasure at the feel of the warm mouths and tongues caressing his battered, tender nipples and frustration at his inability to even move, much less to be able to feel the hot muscular bodies of the two assistant torturers. Of course, that didn’t stop them from running their hands all over his stretched, spread-eagled body, feeling his thick biceps and broad shoulders, fingering his ribs and the taut cords of solid muscle down the sides of his torso, tracing each ridge of the rock-like washboard of his 8-pack abs, running their hands across the muscled towers of his legs, feeling the veins coursing down his massive quads, and finally to begin to stroke his totally erect cock, and cup his swollen nuts, making him groan with even more frustrated lust!

The pleasure Torture went on and on, until he was sure that he was going to shoot a load of cum from the sheer eroticism of their muscle worship! Just when he thought that he couldn’t hold off any longer, the lead Torturer ordered the two nearly nude musclemen to back away from him, leaving him actually shaking with suppressed desire and overwhelming lust and a desire to cum!

The head Torturer leaned in towards him and sneered: “We can’t have you cumming too soon, since you have hours more Torture to endure before you get any relief!”

He groaned softly at the thought of having his chest and nipples subjected to more intense pain and suffering, as he was already close to what he thought was his limit of pain tolerance. But, he knew that he had agreed to endure whatever he was going to be subjected to, and he had to trust his Torturer that there wouldn’t be any major damage inflicted to his chest muscles or his nipples, at least no level of damage that wouldn’t heal, given enough time!

The catch was released on the side of the Torture frame, allowing it to be rotated until he was lying flat on his back, parallel to the floor. He groaned softly as he saw what his next Torture was going to be. Two thick clear plastic cylinders were positioned over his swollen nipples. The cylinders had flexible tubes running from their tops up to a vacuum pump mounted overhead. With a grin, his Torturer flipped a switch, turning on the pump. He groaned again as his already incredibly tender nipples were sucked deeper into the cylinders, expanding and swelling.

As he lay there while his nipples kept enlarging, one of the assistant torturers released the catch on the bondage frame and rotated his body until he was head-down at about a 45* angle. Even before he could adjust to this uncomfortable new position, one of the nude musclemen stepped in front of him and growled “Open your mouth!”

Just as soon as he did, a hard cock was thrust into his inverted mouth, causing him to choke and gag on the unexpected intrusion! The shaft filling his mouth began to thrust in and out as his unwilling mouth was fucked by the assistant Torturer. He barely had time to gasp for air around the cock when it was pulled out until only the head remained in his mouth before it was driven deeply into his throat again, cutting off his breathing completely.

Despite the rape of his mouth and the growing pain in his swollen nipples, he knew that his own cock was fully erect, lying on his hard abs, since he was actually turned on by the multiple tortures! This was what he loved, having his sculpted, muscled physique used and abused by skilled torturers! He didn’t care if it was a single Dom that he met in one of the local bars, or it was one of the paid sessions in The Warehouse, when he was Tortured far beyond what he could think that he was capable of enduring! Just as long as he was in pain, he was happy!

His inverted face rape lasted for a good 10 minutes or so, alternating between hard thrusts of the cock deeply into his throat, cutting off his air, and just having the head of the cock in his mouth, allowing him to use his tongue to thoroughly massage the swollen knob while his Torturer groaned with pleasure.

Eventually, the thrusting into his mouth became faster and harder, until with a groan from his rapist, his mouth was filled with a load of hot, salty cum. He swallowed as quickly as he could to keep from choking on the thick fluid. He had to keep swallowing as there were at least 6 or 7 hard jets of sperm shot into his mouth before his Torturer was sated.

As soon as the cock was pulled from his mouth, however, it was replaced by the equally hard cock of the other naked muscleman, who began to fuck his mouth even harder then the first one had. The thick cockhead drove into the back of his throat again and again, making him struggle to even draw a breath.

He had absolutely no choice other then to lie there in his inverted position enduring the second rape of his mouth and throat.

Even as his throat was being abused by the hard cocks, he sensed that his nipples were continuing to swell and expand on his chest. He had experienced nipple pumping and enlargement before, but never for as long of a period of time, or as intensely as he was being forced to endure now. He was afraid that the expansion of the tender knobs of sensitive flesh capping his thick, muscled pecs was just the beginning of even more excruciating nipple Tortures, leading to the utter destruction of his tits, as promised by the head Torturer at the beginning of this Torture session!

The second fucking of his mouth continued for a good 15 minutes more before he heard the muscleman groan just as another thick load of sperm filled his mouth. Again, he was forced to swallow as quickly as possible to keep from choking on the hot cum. He was beginning to get dizzy from both his inverted position and the lack of air. When the slowly softening cock was finally pulled from his mouth, he gratefully gulped down several lungfuls of air.

Then the catch was released on the rack, and he was rotated back up until he was lying flat on his back while his swollen nipples continued to be sucked by the pump. He couldn’t move his head to be able to look down at his own pecs to see how big his nipples were, but he sensed that they had swollen much larger then they had ever been pumped before. The incessant pumping and expansion of his raw, battered nipples continued for an indeterminate time, since his mind was so overwhelmed with multiple sensations that he lost all track of time. He just knew that the pumping of his nipples was now more intense then he had ever been forced to endure before. In a way he was glad that he couldn’t see his own chest, as he was almost afraid to be able to observe his own now hugely swollen and distended nipples!

Eventually, his Torturer reached in and unclipped the vacuum lines from the pump cylinders before switching off the pump. Then the Torturer picked up a metal device that resembled a pair of pliers, but with 4 short prongs that expanded and spread apart as the handles were squeezed, and held it in front of his helpless victim.

‘”You know what this is for, of course. I’m going to band those exquisitely expanded and beautiful nipples of yours before I begin to really Torture them and eventually destroy them! I hope you are ready to scream for me, muscleman!”

With that, the Torturer moved out of his line of sight. He could only guess what was happening until with a sudden burst of intense pain, a small rubber ring was slipped over the pump cylinder on his right nipple, and allowed to snap back into shape, squeezing the flesh at the bottom of the nipple into a tiny ring, causing the nipple to expand even more, and insuring that it remained hugely distended and swollen! Then, the same procedure was repeated on his left nipple, before the cylinders were finally removed.

He still couldn’t move his head enough to be able to see his tits, but he knew that they had to be enormously expanded and swollen, capping his thick pecs, and providing perfect targets for intense Torture! He had experience nipple pumping before, but never to this level! He could feel his Torturer’s fingers on his now hard nipples, stroking them. They felt as if they had been expanded to enormous size, perhaps they were standing out from his pecs a full inch or even two, and they also felt as hard as rocks. He was both turned on by the thought of having gigantic nipples for other men in the gym to admire and worship, and apprehensive about what was going to happen to his tits and chest before this Torture session was finished! Exactly what would be left of his nipples when the Torturer had finished “Destroying them”, as he had promised to do?



2 thoughts on ““Return to The Warehouse” – by Masterskrain (2/4)

  1. Yes! Our muscular hero will soon be sweating and straining against his bondage, desperate to escape what he’s gotten himself into. But there will be NO ESCAPE for our muscle-hero, from his imminent nipple nightmare. Make those tits suffer and bleed Masterskrain!

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