“Return to The Warehouse” – by Masterskrain (1/4)

Here’s the follow-up to “The Warehouse”. Hope the Bunker Denizens like it…



Part 1.


He got the message on his answering machine almost 4 months after his last session. He had been waiting for another call soon. This message was slightly different then the usual call ordering him to come for an intense Torture session, though.

“Be at the usual location Friday night at the usual time. But, this time, be prepared for much more intense use then you have ever experienced before. If you endure, there will be a $50,000 bonus above your usual $3000 fee.”

He was also ordered to wear a tight pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt.

He had to wonder what he was going to be subjected to on this visit to the Warehouse. He was also rather apprehensive about what might happen to him if he was promised such a large bonus. He suspected that this might be the ultimate test of his ability to endure excruciating tortures.

Nonetheless, he drove to the usual location in the nondescript industrial park at the appointed time, and entered through the small door into the outer room. This time, though there was a change to his usual routine. There was no blindfold or muzzle, just a note that told him to remove his shirt, and put on the boots that were sitting under the table.

He slipped out of his street shoes and then laced up the boots. With no further instructions, he just sat in the chair and waited for whatever was to happen next. Within a few minutes, the door to the main part of the warehouse opened, and a muscular figure also dressed just in tight jeans and boots, with an executioner style leather half-hood stepped into the room.

Without saying a word, the hooded figure motioned for him to come into the Warehouse. Looking down at the hooded figure’s boots, he followed, not letting his eyes stray too much. They walked into the darkened Warehouse towards a small island of light in the center of the space.

Waiting there were several more hooded figures standing in front of a metal framework that looked like some sort of an apparatus directly from a Science Fiction movie. Two of the men were naked except for half hoods, collars and boots, their massively muscled bodies glistening in the overhead lights. The other muscular figure was also in a half hood, but was wearing tight leather pants and knee high boots.

When he arrived behind his escort, he was ordered to his knees. His escort stepped back and melted into the shadows, obviously allowing the 3 other men to take control. The figure in the leather pants and boots stepped in front of him and spoke in a deep, masculine voice.

“This will be a different experience then anything you have endured before, so you will be given a choice this time. I desire to be able to both see your face, and to be able to hear your reactions to the Torture you will be enduring, so that is why you are not hooded or gagged. My desire is based on torturing a muscled man far beyond his ability to endure the pain. Also, I prefer to work on a muscled man’s Chest, and particularly his nipples. As a matter of fact, I will slowly, and deliberately Torture your nipples to the edge of their destruction. It will take you weeks to recover and heal from the Tortures you will be subjected to tonight. That is why you will be paid a generous bonus if you decide to accept the Torture. If you agree to this we will get started. If you don’t, you may stand up, turn around and walk out with no repercussions other then the fact that you will never be summoned here again. You have 30 seconds to choose!”

With that startling announcement, the hooded figure turned and walked back to stand next to the metal Torture and bondage frame.

He knelt in front of the Torture frame, considering his options. He actually enjoyed being tested and tortured to the limits of his endurance as a part of his continuing development of his body and mind, but he had some doubts as to his ability to endure tortures at the promised level of intensity. Still, the challenge to endure more and more Torture was too much for him to resist, not to mention the money being offered would secure his future for quite a while. Finally, he rose, and stepped a few paces closer to the Torture frame. Dropping to his knees again in front of the hooded figures, he softly murmured the words that sealed his fate.

“I accept your terms, and consent to the slow and painful Torture of my nipples and my chest. I shall attempt to endure whatever level of Torture you desire to subject me to.”

With that, the two naked hooded men stepped to either side of him, and pulled him to his feet. Turning him around, they backed him up against the frame and ordered him to step on two short extensions from the bottom of the frame. The frame was rotated until he was flat on his back. His arms were stretched up, and thick metal bands were placed over his wrists and actually bolted to the Torture frame. Another pair of metal bands were positioned across his ankles over the boots, and they were bolted to the frame as well. Then a fifth band was placed across his throat and bolted to the support for a thinly padded headrest. A thick leather strap was pulled tightly across his lower torso, just below the belt on his jeans, two more straps were fastened across his thick quads, above his knees, another pair of straps were fastened across his arms just below his elbows, and finally a padded leather strap was pulled tightly across his forehead, totally immobilizing his head.

When the assistants were finished, he was tightly spread-eagled on the Bondage and Torture frame, with absolutely no chance of breaking free, or being released until the Torture session was finished! He couldn’t even move any part of his body more then a fraction of an inch, no matter how hard he strained his thick muscles! Despite his fears, his cock began to swell in his jeans until it was fully erect, actually hurting as it was constricted by the fabric. His chest rose and fell quickly as he loaded his lungs with oxygen to help him endure whatever was to come!

A catch was released on the side of the frame, and it was rotated up until he was standing straight upright, spread out helplessly in front of his torturers. At a signal from the lead Torturer, the two nearly nude musclemen stepped in and began to suck and chew on his erect nipples. He groaned with pleasure at the feel of their hot mouths working on the sensitive knobs of flesh capping his thick pecs, and at the feel of their strong hands stroking up and down his 8-pack abs and feeling his thick biceps and shoulders. His total inability to move as the muscled men were obviously worshiping his physique was in itself an insidious form of pleasure Torture!

He groaned even louder as their hot mouths started to lick and nibble on the skin in the depths of his shaved armpits, causing him to writhe and flex his Pecs and Lats in an orgy of frustration. His pits had always been incredibly sensitive and having someone lick and worship them had always been a massive turn-on to him. But now he could do nothing but moan with frustrated delight at the continuing stimulation of his pits and nipples!

The pleasure Torture continued for at least a half hour, during which he felt the biting and chewing on his increasingly tender nipples was steadily becoming more and more intense, morphing from pure pleasure to more and more intense pain, until the feel of their teeth grinding against his tits was pure agony! He began screaming at the waves of pain rippling through his body from his brutalized nipples!

The Torture went on and on, until he could think of nothing but the pain ripping through his entire body from the two points of white-hot agony on his chest.

Finally, the two musclemen backed off from his chest, leaving him gasping for air, his body quivering and his muscles flexing uncontrollably from the amount of pure endorphins flooding his system. His Torturer allowed him several minutes to calm down before he stepped in front of the Torture rack, now wearing a pair of leather gloves. With a sadistic smile on his face, the Torturer reached out and grasped his battered nipples between his fingers.

“There are special gloves, since each of the fingertips have short needles embedded in them. It helps me to get a better grip on whatever I’m grasping, such as those nice thick Asian nipples of yours!”

With that, the Torturer squeezed his nipples, drawing another agonized scream from his throat as the tiny needles broke the top layer of skin on his tits, feeling like dozens of ant bites! He screamed again and again, his muscles rippling and flexing as he struggled futilely against the metal and leather restraints as the Torturer rolled and squeezed his tender nipples harder and harder, twisting them, stretching them away from his muscled pecs, and seemingly trying to bodily tear the knobs of flesh from his body! Through the red haze that was clouding his vision he could see his sadistic Torturer grinning and even chuckling to himself as the Torture went on, and On, and ON!!

As the Torture continued for what seemed to be an eternity, but it was actually only another 30 minutes or so, he couldn’t help but to struggle and flex his thick muscles in a futile attempt to break free from his bondage. To his horror, the more he flexed and strained his sweat-glazed muscles, the harder his Torturer worked his battered nipples!

“Yeah, that’s what I want to see, boy,”growled his Torturer. “Work those muscles! Flex for me, boy! Let’s see those veins standing out on that body! I want to see you suffer, and I want to hear you scream and beg for mercy! The more you scream, the more it turns me on! Scream for me, muscleman, SCREAM!!!”


The shrieks of agony were torn from his throat as his nipples were subjected to a level of pain that he could not imagine anyone having to endure! The last thing that he heard was his Torturer laughing sadistically at his frantic efforts to escape the unbearable pain that was tearing through his muscled body. With one last whimpering groan, blackness engulfed his mind, and he knew nothing else!


4 thoughts on ““Return to The Warehouse” – by Masterskrain (1/4)

  1. FANTASTIC start Masterskrain. Knowing this will involve heavy nipple-torture, I’m already loving this. There is nothing hotter than subjecting a muscleman to intense nipple abuse,Thank you!

    • You’re VERY welcome! Yes, as I say on my Recon Profile, men have nipples for ONE REASON ONLY, for other men to Torture and Abuse them!!

  2. Madness Storry. I love the torture of big, fat pecs and fat, big tits pointing south. And then when huge biceps are waiting to be pierced with needles from the inside out … Can not wait for the sequel.

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