A Short History of “Chained Heroes” – by Commander (3)

Prologue 3: Shawn, Lance’s friend

As a little extra and a warm-up for the story about model Rob of Chained Heroes 1 “Commando Torture” I invite you to take a closer look at Shawn, Lance’s friend who accompanied Lance on his trip to me in Amsterdam.

Although on meeting them at Schiphol Airport I was immediately struck by the fact how good-looking Shawn was, I had not realized he had such a great body until he took of his shirt during the shoot of our private video. This had not been scripted like the rest of Lance’s performance, but you will understand that I made no objections on seeing that muscular, fit, athlete’s physique revealed.

Part of the script was the role-reversal between prisoner Lance and guard Shawn. Like I described in the previous post, Lance refused to take real hard pain and all that was done to his damn fine body was scripted and with punches pulled. The electro was completely fake.

Then Lance got to chain up Shawn in his place and to “take revenge” for the “torture” he had been subjected to. But now something was different!! Lance did not pull his punches! The punches and beating Shawn took to his hard abs were real, as was the short series of whiplashes with, admittedly, a flogger rather than a real whip.

But as you can see, Shawn took his punishment like a man! If I remember correctly, he had just ended a short career in the military (Army, I think) and boy, did he look hot in that position where he was taking pain!

You can imagine that to this day I regret not having asked Shawn right then and there to do a scene with me! I have a feeling he would have agreed and it would have been even better than with Lance. Sorry Lance, nothing to detract from your performance, but this is what I think.

Anyway, enjoy the few stills with Shawn!

And also: if you wish to become a patron of Real Chained Heroes and help kickstart the project, email me for info: commandernl13@gmail.com


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5 thoughts on “A Short History of “Chained Heroes” – by Commander (3)

  1. Shawn really was beautiful. If you have a chance to torture shawn, what would you make him do?
    Also, am very excited about story on Rob, his scene where he had to hold his shoes up was one of my favourite.

  2. Lance was one of the hottest prisoners ever. But Shawn had an ordinary-Joe vibe that was in a way more realistic and sexier. And knowing that Lance truly put him through his paces is awesome!

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