Single Plate Fantasy: “Make Him Suffer!” – by Aquadude

Hi Guys, If you wish, add your own thoughts to the fantasy in the Comments.           –Aquadude


3 thoughts on “Single Plate Fantasy: “Make Him Suffer!” – by Aquadude

  1. Indeed in the middle of no where. Imagine the pain 4 talented sadists could inflict upon him. Perhaps as long as the incarceration of the Dons sons….

  2. The henchmen would add to the muscled cop’s agony by injecting him with near-lethal doses of Heroin while he was chained to the Torture rack over several days, and then make him suffer the agonies of withdrawal time and time again! While he was be screaming and shaking from the symptoms, they would double the Tortures inflicted on his body until he passed out from the sheer pain!
    Adding to his suffering was the fact that two of the Don’s henchmen were Gay, and they used the Muscular, straight cop’s mouth and ass in ways that he had never dreamed of in his worst nightmares…

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