Masterskrain’s Muscles…A Follow-Up to March 31 Post and Comments

Since so many of you had such lewd and lascivious thoughts about one of the Stretched torso guys, I thought I’d give anyone who wants to the chance to see what they could do with this scenario:
 Two American Soldiers taken prisoner, tied up facing each other in the hot sun,  and forced to watch  each other being Tortured for information. Which one will break first, or will they both draw strength from each other’s endurance, and frustrate their captor’s efforts to get them to talk? What do YOU think???
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10 thoughts on “Masterskrain’s Muscles…A Follow-Up to March 31 Post and Comments

  1. I think that at first they will resist together. Then their captors will realize they are friends, and change the rules. Now when one refuses to answer, the other is punished. The more he refuses, the more and longer his friend is punished.

  2. One idea I’ve used in the past is to tie them really close together. When one takes a hit, the other guy can feel it!

  3. Begin to whip the black one, very intensively until he moans or even scream and tell the white that if he talks, the flogging of his friend will stop. As he will stay atone, tell him he will be the next. And then, torture his nipples very slowly but cruelly and tell the black the torture of his friend will stop if he talks

  4. Soldiers when captured will ALWAYS volunteer to take Torture for their buds. But they have to be careful if they are more than friends, because the enemy will exploit that. If these two are lovers, their Torture ordeal will be unbearable… As Teracles says, begin by tying them tightly face to face and lashing their bare backs…

  5. They need some serious gutpunching to those beyond-ripped washboard abs (especially the first, curious who he is if anyone knows). Thanks for posting this!

    • The top guy is a longtime fave of mine… in case he self-googles, I’ll say his last name is Alderton. And also that his first name is Jamie.

  6. The two are tied together chest to chest, left outdoors in the intense heat for a full 12 hours before the real Torture begins. As the flogger slices across the muscled back of the White Soldier, his buddy sees the intense struggle he is enduring trying to remain silent, to not give his Torturers even the satisfaction of making him scream. As the Torture continues, the soldier is getting closer and closer to breaking. Desperately, in an effort to keep his buddy from making any noise, the handsome Black Soldier clamps his mouth down on his fellow Soldier’s mouth, muffling any sounds that he might make. Neither of the straight soldiers had ever thought of having any kind of sexual contact with another man, much less any of their buddies, but the unexpected contact seems to be awaking some deeply-buried feelings in the both of them, as they can both feel each other’s cocks begin to swell and thicken…

      • Or, assuming their legs are spread wide and ankles tied off to the sides of the whipping frame, the captor could wrap their nutsacs tightly together with a rawhide thong and hang a five-gallon bucket from it… then slowly fill it with water…

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