Masterskrain’s Muscles – “Armpits, and Nipples, and Abs”

 How many other denizens of the bunker are immediately drawn to a solid torso that feathers hard Abs, Nice Nipples, and Lickable Armpits??
[Click image to enlarge.]

14 thoughts on “Masterskrain’s Muscles – “Armpits, and Nipples, and Abs”

    • The black and white pic with the dogtags? He is the ultimate… stone-faced as they approach his nips with the alligator clips…

      • He’s not going to talk, no matter what they do. That’s what he keeps repeating in his mind anyway. “I’m not going to talk, I’m not going to talk….”

  1. Imagine that handsome face twisted in pain and the muscles taut and bulging as he struggles not to break even as the current tortures him….

    • Panting after a long, agonizing session…he’s surprised when his captors slowly unbuckle his belt and yank his trousers down…

      • Betraying no fear, he stares defiantly at his captors even though he knows where the wires are going next….

  2. Without a word, one of his captors open the clips, releasing his scorched and tender nipples, and slowly lower them below his waistline. They want him to watch the motion. He’s starting to feel very alone and vulnerable. His breath gets heavier. Finally, after a slow approach, the clips close on the thin, tender flesh of his nutsack, just below each testicle…

    • The prisoner thrusts out his square jaw and flexes his muscles in their chains, steeling himself for the pain that is to come….

      • As they reach for the dial on the black box, his resolve wavers, just slightly. They see the change in his eyes, and smile as they turn the knob…

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