“The Bet” (Complete Story) – by Masterskrain

Part 1

The Bet

Daniel French walked into the locker room at the local gym at the end of his daily workout. His thick muscles were dripping with sweat after the intense back workout he had just finished. The hard work he did at his job on a construction crew was plenty of exercise, but the gym workouts after work were for honing his body into it’s best possible shape and most massive muscularity!

Daniel was in training for the Mr. Mid-State Bodybuilding contest in just over a month, and he was determined to push himself as hard as he needed to do well, and maybe even win! The muscled 20 year old only stood 5’6” tall, but he seemed to be almost as wide across the shoulders. It almost seemed that he was made up of pieces of two different guys. From the neck up, Daniel was amazingly boyish looking, seeming to be only 15 or 16, with a friendly face and a brush of black hair. But from the neck down, he looked like a 25 year old professional bodybuilder with a thick back, sculpted pecs, a washboard stomach, tree-trunk legs, and vascular pumped biceps that were capped by broad shoulders and delts that were covered with a tracery of veins standing out on top of rock hard muscles!

“Hey, Musclehead” called out a voice. Daniel turned to see the grinning face of Vito Ricci, one of the other guys that worked out regularly at the gym.

“Hey yourself, Fruit fly! How’s it going?” Daniel teased Vito.

He called Vito “Fruit fly” ever since he had found out that Vito was openly gay, one of the few guys that Daniel knew that was. Even though Daniel was straight, and had a girlfriend, he liked Vito, and had no problem with him being gay. Vito could tease him just as much as he teased Vito, and neither one got mad, since they were friends, after all. He had even stood up to some of the other guys in the gym that had been making snarky comments about “That Faggot”.

“Good Workout?” asked Vito. “You’re gonna need it if you still think you are gonna beat me in the contest, musclehead!”

Daniel scoffed; “In your dreams you skinny little Fruit fly. I’m gonna mop the floor with you, and we both know it!”

Vito laughed. They both ragged on each other like this, even though they were friends. It helped give them both a little boost they might need in their workouts. Vito was a little taller then Daniel, but about 25 pounds lighter. However, he was absolutely ripped and shredded, with true 8-pack abs, and muscles that showed their striations and virtually every vein in his arms and torso under his bronzed skin.

“Well, I’ll tell you what, if you are so sure you are gonna place ahead of me, how about we make a little bet on who comes out higher in the standings?”

“What did you have in mind?” asked Daniel.

“I was thinking…if you beat me, I’ll spring for your gym membership for the next year. How does that sound?” said Vito.

“Sounds good to me, but what if you beat me, even though you won’t?” said Daniel.

Vito got a leering grin on his face.

“How about if I beat you, you have to come with me to the Leather Club’s Week-long event in 2 months as my boy and slave for the week? Since you are SO sure that you will win, there should be no reason you wouldn’t agree to that, is there?” chuckled Vito.

Daniel had known that Vito was into some of the kinkier sides of gay sex even since he had asked him about some of the stickers on his truck after bumming a ride home one day when his car was in the shop. He knew that the 6 color rainbow sticker was a Gay Pride flag, but he didn’t know what the blue, black and white striped sticker with the red heart was until Vito explained it to him. Vito was the vice-president of the Griffins, a local Leather Club, and was into things like being tied up, and tying other guys up, and kinky things like whips and chains. Daniel had never really thought about any of that kind of shit, since he just liked banging his girlfriend, and getting the occasional blow job from her. Vito had teased him, and told him that no girl could give as good of a blow job as a guy could, and had offered to suck Daniel’s cock on more then one occasion. Daniel always turned him down, but he didn’t get mad at Vito, or anything.

“Wait a second, are you serious? You really want me to do that?” asked Daniel.

Vito grinned. “Sure, why not? Seriously, if you did that, nothing would happen that you didn’t agree to, since I would be there all the time. If you were wearing my collar, and came as my slave for the week, the other guys would respect that, and keep their hands off unless I told them to do something. Hey, who knows, you might even like it! And, I guarantee you that you would finally find out that I can give you a better blow job then your girlfriend can! What do you say, Musclehead? We have a bet, or what?”

Daniel thought about it for a minute before grinning, sticking his hand out and saying “You got a bet, Fruit-fly!” They shook on it, sealing the deal.

“Oh, this is gonna be fun, Musclehead! I’m gonna beat you SO bad in the contest, and then I’ll beat you in a totally different way on the run!” Smirked Vito. “You know what I always say; Sticks and stoned may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me! I just can’t WAIT to get that hot bod of yours spread-eagled in our dungeon for some hot fun!”

“Yeah, well I hope your bank account can take the hit of my gym membership, since I’m gonna win, Fruit-Fly!” sneered Daniel.

They both laughed, since they were good friends, and there wasn’t any real animosity between them. And, although Daniel would never admit it to a soul, he had always had a kind of a curiosity about what Vito enjoyed, and had almost let him go ahead and blow him once or twice, just to see what getting head from a guy would be like. But something had always held him back.

For the next five weeks or so, Daniel worked out harder and trained more rigorously then he had ever done before, partly because it was his first big contest, and he wanted to go on and become a pro bodybuilder, but also because of the bet. Of course, seeing Vito in the gym almost as regularly as he was there, and seeing Vito busting his ass at his workouts was a good motivator as well. Vito had packed on some serious muscle and was now sculpting and refining his shape, much as Daniel was doing. Daniel actually started to worry about whether or not he was actually going to be able to beat Vito in the contest, but at the same time, there was a small part of his mind that almost wanted him to lose the bet! He started to fantasize at night while jacking off in bed about being tied up with Vito and a group of other guys wanting to make love to his muscles and maybe even Torture him!

Finally, the Friday of the contest arrived. Daniel stood backstage with the other contestants in his weight category. Vito was in one weight group below Daniel’s group so they would not be competing directly, unless they both made it to the finals. When Daniel saw Vito stripped down to his posing thong he began to get seriously worried, since Vito was absolutely ripped and shredded to the max! Daniel was bigger, but Vito was more cut, with paper-thin looking skin, and his every muscle rippled with his slightest movement! Daniel really got worried when Vito was announced as the winner of his weight group. He would be in the finals, so unless Daniel did the same thing, Vito would end up winning the bet!

Daniel went on stage when it was his turn to pose. He performed his well-rehearsed routine perfectly, and the crowd was really enthusiastic, but he was still worried. When the judging results were announced, Daniel felt his heart sink. He had finished second in his weight category, a really good finish for his first contest, but not good enough to beat Vito! Vito ended up finishing third overall in the contest, which was higher then Daniel, who came in fifth.

When Vito came off-stage clutching his trophy, Daniel was one of the first to congratulate him. He wrapped his arms around Vito, and gave him a hug.

“Good going, Vito, and I mean that! Congratulations!”

Vito grinned, still elated at his finish in the contest.

“Thanks, man! I appreciate that! And Congratulations on your placing, too. Second in class is great for a first timer! Of course, you do know what this means, don’t you?”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. I have to be your boy at your event. Looks like that’s where I will be spending a week of my vacation time from work!”

Vito leered at him. “And I can’t wait to see you in just some tight leather pants and boots with a collar locked around your throat! This is gonna be SO much fun! You will need to come over before we leave and try on some of my gear to see what will fit you. I have some leather that’s a bit loose on me, but it might just fit your hot bod! The guys are just gonna shit when I show up with a stud like you on my leash and wearing my collar! And, just so you know, before the week is finished, you WILL know what it feels like when I give you a blow job, and maybe more. Who knows, you might even like it!”

Daniel just rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, rub it in! Man, I hate a lousy winner!”

Vito laughed. “Deal with it, Musclehead! Starting next Monday, for the next 5 days, your hot body is MINE!! Come by my place tomorrow and try on the gear, and we will make all the plans. And seriously, just so you know, like I told you before, NOTHING will happen to you that you don’t want. I’ll be there all the time to make sure, O.K.?”

Daniel grinned at his friend. “I’ll hold you to that, you know!”


The next day, Daniel drove to Vito’s house to see what he was getting himself in for. Vito took him to a spare bedroom in his house, and opened the walk-in closet door. Daniel whistled at the amazing collection of leather clothes hanging there. There were pants, shirts, shorts, kilts, harnesses, and things he couldn’t even begin to guess the use of! Vito looked at him lasciviously and told Daniel to strip.

“Hey, it’s the only way you are gonna be able to see what fits! Some of this stuff is gonna be kinda tight on you so you can’t wear anything under it. Besides, when you are in Leather at a run, you don’t wear underwear unless it’s for a scene!”

Daniel sheepishly took off his clothes and stood naked in front of his friend.

“Whew, nice!” grinned Vito. “Here, try these. I think they should fit. What are you, about a 28” waist?”

“Yeah something like that” said Daniel, taking the black leather pants Vito handed him and slipping into them. He had to work to get them up past his thighs, since his quads were so large, but he finally got them up, and fastened, They were snug, and clung to his muscled legs like a second skin, but Daniel had to admit that they not only looked good on him, but they felt kind of neat, too, almost sensual.

“Whoa, sexy” crowed Vito. “You are gonna be a HIT, boy! Now, let’s see how this looks.”

He pulled a harness off it’s hangar and put the straps over Daniel’s shoulders, sitting on his thick traps. He pulled the straps into position and fastened them, so the leather chest harness framed Daniel’s pecs, showing off their shape, and his thick nipples. Over the next hour or so, they tried on various combinations of pants, chaps, a kilt, shorts and other gear until there was a good assortment of things that fit Daniel’s sculpted body, and showed off his muscles. Vito looked good in his leather gear, too, since he was trying on his and setting aside a selection of his own.

When they had a selection set aside for Daniel, and before they got dressed, Vito looked deeply into his eyes for a minute, reached out with his right hand and laid it on Daniel’s shoulder, and with his left hand gently grasped Daniel’s cock and said; “Dude, since you’re here, I want to ask you something. Why don’t you go ahead and let me give you a blow job, and get you off? You’re already naked, and if I do it in private, you won’t be as nervous as if your first time was in public. I’ll go ahead and suck your cock, so you will know what it feels like. What do you say? You don’t have to do anything but lie back and enjoy it if you don’t want to do anything else.”

Daniel looked back at him, contemplating and thinking about it, before finally saying “Oh, what the hell. O.K. I’ve known that you’ve wanted to suck my dick for a while now, so go for it. What do you want me to do?”

Vito grinned. “Just lie back on the bed, and I’ll take care of everything else, stud. And when you think you want to cum, just go ahead and cum in my mouth. I want to taste and swallow your load.”

Daniel lay back on the bed, his hands under his head, his eyes closed, waiting. He felt Vito start to finger and then stroke his cock, and felt it start to get hard as Vito’s fingers expertly worked his shaft and played with his nuts.

Vito moaned softly; “Damn, dude, you’ve got a big cock! I’ve never seen it hard before!”

Daniel moaned when Vito’s hot mouth suddenly surrounded his thickening shaft, engulfing it in moist warmth! Vito was right, he could give a better blow job then his girlfriend! She just sort of pounded her head up and down, but Vito was taking his time, running his tongue slowly and sensuously around the head of Daniel’s cock, tracing the veins on the shaft, and flicking his tongue across his piss-hole. It felt great! Daniel began to regret all the times he had turned Vito down when he had asked to suck his cock before.

Vito’s hands began to spider their way up Daniel’s rock hard abs, stroking lightly across each ridge of hard, corded muscle, feeling his ribs, then sliding across his pecs. Daniel groaned with pleasure when Vito began to lightly squeeze and roll his nipples between his strong fingers. This was something else his girlfriend seemed to know nothing about! Daniel liked to suck her tits, but she never had returned the favor, or even played with his nipples.

Daniel’s chest began to heave harder and harder the longer Vito sucked his cock and felt his muscles and his nipples. The sensations of pleasure just grew more and more intense!

Finally, Daniel groaned out “Oh Shit, I’m cumming!” just before his cock let loose with a huge orgasm.

Vito squeezed Daniel’s tits, and pulled on then hard, making Daniel moan with the delighted sensations of pleasure mixed with not a little erotic and VERY sexy pain! He had NEVER felt anything like this before, the hot mouth sucking his now incredibly sensitive cock, the tongue about to drive him nuts with pleasure and the fingers torturing his thick, erect tits!

Daniel just moaned “Oh shit, oh fuck, oh my God, oh God, that feels good, oh damn!!”

He finally had to reach down and lift Vito’s head from his cock, because the sensations flooding through his body from his hyper-sensitive dick were almost too much for him to endure! Vito just grinned at him, licking his lips, before giving Daniel’s tits one final squeeze.

“What did I tell you, stud? No girl can give as good of a blow job as a guy can, because we have a cock and we know what feels good! They might talk about it, but we can do it better!”

Daniel’s head flopped back on the bed. “You don’t have to convince me! Damn, that was good! I thought my head was about to explode! Man, that’s some good shit! Fuck!”

Vito grinned evilly. “You think that’s good? Wait until you are spread-eagled in chains with one mouth sucking your cock, two more chewing on those big muscle-tits of yours and licking your armpits, and maybe another licking your ass! You’re gonna go NUTS!! Of course,” he added slyly, “wait until you get a cock in YOUR mouth, and you have to suck it. THEN you will know what good sex and real pleasure is all about!”

“Seriously? I’m going to have to suck cock? You are gonna make me suck somebody’s dick? I dunno…” Daniel looked skeptical.

“Hey, in for a penny, in for a pound, as they say! You agreed to be my slave for the week, so if I order you to suck dick, or lick a guy’s boots, you better do it. Look, I won’t force it on you, but it kinda does go along with the job.” said Vito, looking serious.

Daniel thought about this for a minute or two. Finally he made a decision, something he had been thinking about a lot more since the contest and since Vito had made the bet with him.

“Tell you what, man. Why don’t you lay back, and let me try to suck your cock right here? What the hell, it looks like I’m gonna have to do it sooner or later, but if I do it now and screw it up, it will just be between us. You can keep it a secret, can’t you?”

Vito smiled. “Sure, no problem, dude. Just between us. And, by the way, there are no pictures allowed at the Leather run, so you don’t have to worry about that, either. And, I can tell the other guys in my group to be cool about what they see there.”

Daniel grinned. “Cool. Now, what do you want me to do. Just the same thing you did? Just take your cock in my mouth and suck it, maybe use my tongue? “

Vito smiled. “Sure, just go easy at first. Some guys tend to gag, but just go slow, and that shouldn’t be a problem. Just open your mouth, and suck the head in, a little bit at a time.”

He lay back the same as Daniel had done, hands under his head, and waited. Finally, he felt Daniel start to stroke his already erect cock before feeling the head slip into Daniel’s mouth. Daniel’s head began to bob up and down on Vito’s cock, going a little further down each time, until he was taking most of the shaft into his mouth. Also, Daniel’s hands were beginning to explore Vito’s muscles, just as Vito had done to Daniel.

Vito moaned softly; “Oh yeah, you’re doing good. Just like that. Yeah, suck that cock, boy. Suck it!”

Daniel was working Vito’s cock deeper and deeper into his mouth, and his hands were now feeling Vito’s pecs and starting to play with his nipples. Within a couple more minutes, Vito reached down, grasped Daniel’s head, and held it while he thrust his cock into Daniel’s mouth for a minute or so before shooting a thick load of hot, salty bittersweet cum into his virgin mouth.

Daniel gagged and coughed, but Vito held his head and told him “Swallow it, boy. Swallow that cum. Go on, take it! Swallow, boy!”
   Daniel finally swallowed the load of sperm in his mouth, then Vito let him go. Daniel sat back on his knees, and just looked at Vito for a few seconds, as if he was trying to process what he had just done, swallowing another man’s sperm for the first time in his life. To Vito’s surprise, Daniel then slid up and lay down on top of Vito, their sweaty bodies pressed together. Daniel looked down into Vito’s eyes for a second before leaning down, and kissing him full on the mouth! When Vito felt Daniel’s tongue slip into his mouth, he wrapped his arms around Daniel’s muscled body and held him tight, returning the kiss just as deeply! His hands ran up and down the expanse of Daniel’s huge back muscles, sliding on his sweat-slick skin.

When Daniel finally broke the kiss, Vito looked up into his eyes and whispered; “Damn, man, I wasn’t expecting that! I have been hoping it would happen sometime, but…wow!”

Daniel grinned. “Man, I’ve known you were hot for me even before you asked me if you could suck my dick the first time. I guess finally getting my dick sucked by a guy, and then sucking another guy’s cock just made me realize that I’ve been kinda hiding from myself for a while! So, I better say this before I change my mind; You’re hot, and I want to make love to you, Vito. You’re handsome as hell, and you’ve got a killer bod, nice cock, and I bet you have a hot ass. Dude, let’s fuck!”

“Seriously? You want me to fuck you, or do you want to fuck me?” asked Vito.

“What the hell, let’s try it both ways! I’m pretty sure it would happen at the run so let’s do a rehearsal here. Of course, I’ve never taken a guy’s cock in my ass before, but I have actually had a dildo in there a few times. My girlfriend doesn’t even know about that, but I wouldn’t tell her anyway! I think she just likes me for my muscles anyway, and isn’t really in love with me. She’s a decent piece of ass, but that’s about it. Hell, you give a hell of a lot better blow job, and you know about things she never tried, like the nipple thing, so I bet your a better fuck then she is too!”

“Well, thanks…I think” chuckled Vito. “I kinda suspected you weren’t quite as straight as you always let on either. I’ve seen you eyeing other guys in the locker room and the showers when you thought no one else was watching. And yes, I guarantee you I’ll be a better fuck then your girlfriend. Lots of experience working my ass with a hard cock in there. I’ve even had a couple of guys from the gym fuck me, and I’ve fucked several of them as well. Hell, with some of them, that whole super macho straight guy tough-man bit is an act, and they like both getting and giving a hot blow job just as much as you do!”

Vito rolled over so Daniel was lying on the bed next to him. He wrapped his arms around the thick muscles of Daniel’s back, and pulled him closer. He leaned in and kissed Daniel again, and was gratified when the kiss was returned. For the next ten or fifteen minutes, the two muscle studs made out, kissing each other, licking each others muscles, sucking each others nipples and generally getting all hot and bothered, until Vito told Daniel to lie on his stomach, and spread his legs.

“Dude, I’m gonna fuck that hot ass of yours. It might hurt at first, but if you relax, it’ll get better once I’m in you.”

Daniel moaned; “Do it, man, I want you in me! Fuck me nice and hard. I can take it!”

Vito lubed up his erect 7” cock, and slipped a finger in Daniel’s hot hole. He groaned at the intrusion, but just lifted his ass higher, making it easier for Vito to get into position and slide his cockhead in past the tight muscle. Daniel’s back muscles rippled and flexed as Vito pushed his cock in deeper and deeper, until he was totally inside the tight, hot hole. Vito groaned at the feel of Daniel’s ass working around his cock, almost seeming to milk it.

Daniel groaned; “Whoa, go easy for a minute, dude! I gotta get used to this!”

Vito just laid on Daniel’s sweaty back, enjoying the feel of the thick muscles under his chest as he let his new slaveboy acclimate to the erect cock in his virgin hole! He nuzzled and licked his thick traps and broad shoulders, causing Daniel to moan softly with pleasure.

After a couple of minutes, Vito began to thrust in and out of Daniel’s ass, grunting with the effort, his chest sliding on Daniel’s muscled back. He slid his arms under Daniel’s chest, and began to work his nipples again. When he squeezed the thick knobs, he felt the hot hole he was pounding actually tighten up! He groaned as his cock slid in and out of the tight ass gripping it, and his hands felt the sweaty muscles of the stud boy lying under him.

Finally, he couldn’t hold out any longer and began to pound Daniel’s ass, drawing a moan from him with each muscular thrust. He slammed his cock deeply into the hole, and held it there as he shot another load of his sperm, this time deeply into Daniel’s virgin ass. Vito twisted Daniel’s nipples and chewed on the back of his neck, and his massive traps as he shot stream after stream of cum into the hot muscleboy.

At last, his orgasm ended, and he flopped down on the rock hard muscles under him, almost too tired to move. He gasped for air for a couple of minutes, before finally lifting himself up, and rolling over onto his side. Daniel almost immediately wrapped his huge arms around the sweating stud, and held him close until his breathing slowed to normal.

“Damn, that’s a hot ass!” groaned Vito.

Daniel grinned, and kissed him again. “Maybe, but now it’s MY turn! I want to fuck you, and fuck you just as hard as you did to me! What’s your favorite way of doing it? I’ll let you decide, since I’ve never done it before.”

Vito thought for a second and said “Just lay on your back, and I’ll ride that fat cock of yours! That way I’ll get to see those big old muscles of yours, and work those tits, which you seem to like!”

Daniel rolled onto his back and Vito stroked his cock and sucked it for a bit to get it fully hard. Then he took some lube and jacked the full 8” shaft until it was rock hard while Daniel groaned with pleasure. Then Vito straddled his hips, and slowly let himself down on the hard shaft, slowly impaling himself until the full length was in his ass. He reached down and began to feel Daniel’s muscles and play with his nipples, just as he said he would. Daniel moaned and began to thrust his hips up and down driving his cock in and out of Vito’s ass. He then reached up, and began to feel Vito’s chest and abs, and work his tits as well.

They stayed like that for a while, Vito riding Daniel’s cock, with Daniel’s washboard abs flexing and rippling as he thrust up and down in the tight ass surrounding his cock, playing with each others tits, sweat shining on their muscles.

Finally, Daniel began to moan and thrust up and down harder and faster.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum! Damn, I’m gonna shoot! Oh Fuck, oh fuck, ohfuckfuckfuck!”

He arced his body, driving his shaft in it’s entire length as Vito felt his hot cum hosing his gut. As Daniel was shooting, Vito twisted his tits as hard as he could, making Daniel scream in pleasure/pain!

Finally, when Daniel’s explosive orgasm was finished, Vito slowly lifted himself off the cock, and lay down next to Daniel, who was still panting. He leaned in and sucked Daniel’s left nipple into his mouth for a minute before just laying his head on the heaving chest, listening to Daniel’s pounding heartbeat. They lay there for a while, recovering from their hot session of man-to-man sex, slowly relaxing and cooling down.

Finally, Daniel said; “Shit, I can’t believe that I’ve been missing that for years. I never thought I’d like sex with another guy that much, but, Damn, that was good! That’s almost enough to make me dump my girlfriend, and find a boyfriend instead!”

Vito grinned at him. “Well, dude, you wouldn’t have to look very far, since I’m right here! But, let’s worry about stuff like that after you spend a week on my leash as my slave! That’s coming up in just a few days, don’t forget! The guys are gonna shit seeing a muscleboy like you on my leash, wearing my collar, kneeling at my feet, and doing whatever I order you to do!”

Daniel grinned, and kissed Vito. “I’m looking forward to it now, sexy. I’ll try to be the best slave you have ever had. After that? Who knows…?”


Part 2


Two days later, Daniel drove to Vito’s house early in the morning to head to the Leather Run for the week. They loaded the gear and clothes for the both of them into the back seat of Vito’s Tacoma pickup and headed off. The run was held at a Gay Resort and campground a couple of hours from the city. Daniel was wearing a t-shirt, a pair of old, battered jeans and some work boots, as he had been told to do by Vito. On the way there, Vito gave Daniel a quick lesson on proper behavior for a slave serving his Master. Things like always walking behind his Master except to open doors, or to pull out His chair, not speaking unless spoken to first, to always answer a question with “Sir, Yes, Sir” or “Sir, No, Sir”, not sitting on any chairs or other furniture without permission, to kneel when Vito might get into a conversation with friends, and so on.

When they arrived at the run, Vito told him to strip off his t-shirt. When he did, Vito locked a collar around Daniel’s throat, and attached a chain leash to it. Daniel’s face was burning with embarrassment when Vito led him up to the registration tent so they could get signed in and given their lodging arrangements and their run badges. The resort had both a hotel and smaller cabins, and Vito had arranged for one of the 2 man cabins for him and his slave that wasn’t too far from the pool and hot tub, and the shower house, which also had a sauna and steam room. Once they were registered, Daniel had to carry all the gear to the cabin and unpack. When that was done, Vito told him that they were going out to explore the run site, and also, he wanted to show off his muscle slave! They changed their clothes, Vito changing into a tight pair of leather pants, boots and a vest that showed off his abs and the valley between his pecs, and Daniel into just leather shorts that emphasized his tight ass and thick quads, and boots and his collar.

Vito looked at his muscleslave and grinned. “Are you ready for this, boy? You’re gonna be my slave for a week so get used to it!”

Daniel looked kind of sheepish but nodded his head. “I lost the bet, Sir, and now I gotta pay for it! Let’s go, Sir!”

Vito leaned in and kissed his slave quickly before heading out onto the event grounds. There were several large tents set up, each one for different activities. One was equipped with multiple crosses and frames for flogging and whipping, another had multiple bondage tables, chairs, cages and racks, and a third was equipped with slings and suspension tables and gear. There were also outdoor crosses for whipping and flogging, a space for “water sports”, an open space for stake-outs, a smoking facility for cigar play, a “Maze Tent” for cruising for anonymous sex and more. As they made the rounds, Daniel noticed that he and Vito were getting more then their fair share of admiring, and even lustful glances and outright stares!

Several times during their walk, Vito stopped to chat with friends of his, or guys from the leather Club, or just other attendees of the run. Each time, Daniel did as he had been instructed to do, to kneel behind and to one side of his Master while they were stopped. It was a little hard for him at first, but he did get more used to it after the third or fourth time. During the walk as well, several guys complimented Vito on his muscleslave, and told him they were looking forward to seeing him bound and being Tortured during the run, and several hoped that they could help! Vito told them all that he would see how things worked out time-wise, and maybe that they could help him Torture Daniel’s big muscles or nipples and cock and balls, or whatever they wanted to help him work on.

When they got back to the cabin, Daniel said; “Sir, may I ask a question?”

Vito said “Go ahead, boy.”

“Sir, are you really going to Torture me? Like, tied up and Tortured?”

“Yes, boy. That’s part of the deal. I did say that I wanted to see you spread-eagled out on a Torture cross, or bound in chains to be used, didn’t I, boy?”

“Well, yes, Sir, you did, but I thought you might have been saying that just to get me excited, or whatever…What kind of Torture are you thinking of doing to me, Sir?”

“Let’s see…what can I do to that hot bod of yours? Maybe a flogging front and rear to put some nice stripes across the big old back of yours, and across those pecs, maybe some nipple clamps and stretching, cock and ball Tortures and a lot more!” Vito said with a wide grin. “I bet you’ve never had a sounding done on your fat cock, or had electricity run through your tits or up your ass. You’ll get a chance to try all that, boy.”

“Sir, what’s sounding? I’ve never heard of that.” said Daniel.

Vito’s grin widened. “Oh, you’re gonna LOVE that, boy. I’m gonna stretch you out on a rack, nice and tight, get your big old cock hard, and then slowly work my nice long steel sounding rods up inside your cock in your pisshole! It feels like you have to pee really bad, but you really don’t, and then I can actually jack your cock from the inside! Some guy even cum from it while I’m doing it!”

“Wait a second…a piece of steel INSIDE my dick? Doesn’t that hurt, or tear it up? I don’t know about that, Sir…”

“Don’t worry, boy. They are made specifically for that, so they won’t tear anything up or hurt your cock unless you try to fight it, or move too much. I’ve actually had it done lots of times and it really feels good. Different, but good!”

“Well, O.K. I trust you. After all, I did agree to do whatever you wanted, and I’m pretty sure you won’t mess me up TOO badly, Sir!” Smiled Daniel.

“That’s right, I won’t mess you up too badly at all” said Vito as he reached out and began to twist Daniel’s nipples, causing him to moan and grit his teeth.

“Put your hands behind you head, boy, and keep then until I tell you otherwise” growled Vito.

Daniel immediately did as he was ordered and stood there, moaning in Pleasure/Pain as Vito worked harder and harder on his thick brown nipples. Within a minute or two, a sheen of sweat started to show on Daniel’s thick pecs even as he writhed in pain. Vito just worked his tits harder and harder, seemingly trying to find Daniel’s breaking point! The nipple Torture continued for a couple more minutes before Vito let Daniel’s tits go. The sudden release of the pressure on his nipples hurt almost as much as the actual squeezing and twisting had!

He started to relax, but Vito growled “Did I give you permission to move, slave? Keep you hands right where they are until I tell you that you can move!”

“Yes, Sir, Sorry, Sir” panted Daniel.

Vito leaned in and buried his face in Daniel’s open, sweaty left armpit. Daniel groaned at the feel of the hot moist tongue licking the sweat from his pit. Vito’s hands ran up and down Daniel’s sweat glazed back muscles while the armpit licking continued for the next ten minutes or so. Vito would switch from one armpit to the other, sometimes sucking and chewing on Daniel’s tits in between.

“Fuck”, groaned Vito, as he unbuttoned the fly of his pants and pulled out his erect cock, “that’s got me all horny now. Down on your knees, boy, and open your mouth. It’s time for your first slave skullfucking!”

Daniel obediently dropped to his knees, put his hands behind his back, and opened his mouth. Vito grabbed his head, and slid his hard cock in all the way until he felt Daniel begin to gag and choke. That’s when Vito began to thrust in and out of the hot mouth surrounding his dick. He held Daniel’s head tightly as he raped his mouth, not even slowing down when Daniel reached around and took hold of Vito’s thighs, helping to balance and steady himself against the pounding cock sliding in and out of his mouth.

Within a few minutes, Vito gasped and held Daniel’s head still as he filled his mouth with his hot sperm. He held the head until Daniel swallowed his cum, and began to lick his cock, seemingly wanting to get every single drop of sperm!

“Straight, my ass” thought Vito, “If he’s straight, I’m an aardvark!! He just won’t admit he’s gay! But I’ll fix THAT this week! I’m gonna have me a full-time muscleslave when we’re done!”

When Vito finally pulled his cock out of Daniel’s mouth, his slave boy obediently lowered his head and said “Thank you, Sir” just as a good slave should do. That was just another clue to Vito that Daniel was not as totally straight as he liked the other guys at the gym and at the bodybuilding contest to think.

Either that, or he was just a natural submissive and a willing slave who was just looking for the right Master to serve and to bring him out of his shell!

When they had both recovered somewhat from Vito’s orgasm, they took a quick shower together, when Daniel obediently soaped up every inch of Vito’s ripped physique, feeling every ridge and bulge of his muscles before rinsing him off, then cleaning up himself. They dressed for dinner and the opening ceremonies for the run, Vito in Chaps, jeans, a muscle tank, his club vest, and boots, Daniel wearing tight cutoffs, boots, a body harness, a plain cutaway vest, and his collar, as well as bicep bands to show off the size and shape of his thick, veiny arms. Vito clipped his leash to the ring on the front of Daniel’s slave collar and led him to the dining hall.

When they had gotten their dinners, Vito led Daniel to a corner of one of the tables. He ordered Daniel to kneel on the floor next to his chair before allowing him to sit on the chair next to him. Several times during dinner, some of Vito’s friends came over and chatted with him, mostly asking questions about his new slave, and what Vito was going to do to him over the next week. Daniel listened to the conversations without making any comments, and usually with his head down, like he had been ordered to do.

He was a bit concerned when he heard Vito describing some of the Tortures and the bondage that his slave was going to endure, but he kept quiet, not sure if Vito was being serious, or just having fun with him and playing with his mind. He wondered if he was going to be able to endure the floggings, the whippings, the nipple Tortures, the Tortures with electricity, hot wax, crushing devices on his cock and balls, Torture on the rack, outdoor bondage, and more that Vito was describing to his friends.

Daniel knew that he would do his best to endure them, though. Not only as a matter of pride, to show his friend that he really was as tough as he made out that he was, but also because the more Daniel thought about actually being tied up and being Tortured for real, the more excited and actually horny he became! He was actually looking forward to having his muscled body on display for the other guys to see and to watch as he endured whatever Vito did to him! Hell, it was almost the same rush of pride, sexual excitement and not a little ego stroking that he had felt while doing his posing on stage in a tiny posing thong, his muscles shiny and rippling in front of hundreds of people.

After the dinner was finished, there was going to be a short opening ceremony for the run, then the dungeon spaces would be opened for use. Vito was looking forward to getting his slave’s muscled body naked and stretched out for everyone to see and for some to use, as well. He also was thinking that by the end of the week, Daniel would beg him to allow him to continue to serve as Vito’s slave at home.

After the humorous opening skit was finished, the dungeon tents were opened. Vito and Daniel went back to the cabin and changed into their gear for the night. Vito was in chaps and boots with a thick metal cock ring around the base of his cock and balls, Daniel was wearing just boots, a collar, his own metal cock ring, and padded restraints padlocked around his wrists and ankles over his boots. He felt a little self-conscious walking behind Vito basically naked in public, but he pushed his concerns aside and concentrated on being the best slave and Torture boy that he could be! Daniel was pulling Vito’s toy box, a large tool box on wheels where he kept his gear for scenes when not at home in his own dungeon space.

Vito led Daniel into the tent used mostly for bondage, and towards a standing frame made of 4X4 boards bolted together standing upright about 8′ high from a large wooden base. Within a couple of minutes, Daniel found himself standing tightly spread-eagled in the frame, his wrist restraints attached to eye bolts in the wood, and his ankles restrained the same way. His bronzed body shone in the lights in the tent, every muscle exposed to the hungry eyes looking at his naked body on display!

Vito stepped in front of Daniel and began to run his fingers over the solid muscles stretched in front of him. As he started to twist and pull Daniel’s tits, both of their cocks began to swell and lift. Within a minute or two, both of them were fully erect, Daniel’s thick dick a bit bigger then Vito’s. There was a murmur from the guys watching the unfolding scene when Vito opened his toy box and started to lay out his floggers on a bench.


Daniel’s chest began to heave as he watched the implements of his upcoming Torture being laid out in front of him! He didn’t know that this was part of the head-games a good Torture Top would use on his victim, making him anticipate the Tortures even before they had started. The sweat started to shine on Daniel’s muscles as he saw floggers, clamps, paddles and more being arranged in front of him. He was actually a bit scared, although he would not show it in front of all the guys watching.

Vito turned towards him, holding a smallish flogger, which he stroked across Daniel’s chest, and draped it over his face, telling his slave to inhale the scent of the leather that was shortly going to be Torturing him!

“Oh Fuck, This is it!” thought Daniel. “He’s really gonna Torture me!”

The flogger was lifted from Daniel’s face, and Vito stepped back, with a totally evil grin on his face!

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time, Musclehead! Your ass is MINE!” he crowed as he swung the flogger!

The leather tails slapped against Daniel’s skin, and he gasped and involuntarily flexed his muscles in an attempt to get away, a purely reflexive action. The guys watching moaned as the muscles rippled under his skin as the flogging continued, slowly getting more and more intense! Vito was slowly ramping up the power of his strokes, warming the skin, and preparing Daniel for an extended flogging session. The sweat started to shine on Vito’s ripped body as he continued to Torture his new slave, switching to heavier and heavier floggers, and working both Daniel’s chest and abs, and his thick, broad back and shoulders.

The guys watching were impressed by the sheer thickness and shape of Daniel’s muscles, especially when his struggling caused his massive biceps to bulge against the restraints, making the hose-like veins across his biceps and delts really stand out! Daniel writhed and flexed with each stroke of the flogger as Vito was really putting some power into his swings now. Each impact brought with it a fresh burst of agony across Daniel’s skin and into his muscles, but it also brought a fresh burst of resolve and even pleasure to his mind! He was actually starting to like the Torture, and wanted more!

The flogging lasted for a good 30 minutes, at the end of which Daniel’s chest and back were both striped and welted with red and purple marks across his dripping wet skin. Vito was equally as sweaty fro his exertions. Daniel was a little surprised when Vito waved in two young guys that were watching the Torture while slowly stroking their cocks. He said something to them that Daniel couldn’t hear, but he knew what it was when the two stepped up to him and buried their faces in his armpits! He groaned at the feel of them licking his skin, and nibbling on his pits.

While the two were eating out his pits, Vito set down his flogger and picked up a pair of small, rubber-tipped clamps. He reached out, squeezed the clamps open, and set the clamps on Daniel’s nipples. Daniel screamed at the sudden burst of pain that exploded through his already sensitized nervous system from his nipples. He never knew that a guy’s tits could be made to hurt so much! To his surprise, though, the pain just made his cock feel like it was swelling up even larger, and it might burst! He realized then that he had been denying the truth to himself for far too long, the truth that he WAS a born Masochist and he liked, no, he CRAVED the pain! That was one of the reasons he would push himself so hard during his gym workouts, and would lift until his muscles were screaming with pain!

Within a couple more minutes, Vito ordered the two boys to stop eating Daniel’s armpits. He was disappointed for a second or two before they dropped to their knees in front of him and began to suck and lick his cock and balls!

Daniel KNEW that he couldn’t hold out very long, so he groaned out; “Sir, may I cum, Sir?”.

Vito sneered; “NO, slave, you may NOT cum! If you do, your punishment will be much worse then this little flogging you endured!”

“Aw shit” groaned Daniel. He knew he was going to shoot, no matter what happened, so he screamed out “Oh God, Sir, I’m cumming! I’m sorry, Master, but I can’t stop it! AW FUCK!!!”

His cock seemed to explode with the biggest load of sperm that he had ever shot, spraying it on the faces and down the throats of the boys sucking his cock. It just seemed to go on and on, as he pumped out a good 9 or 10 shots of sperm in and on the boys!

Finally, Daniel’s orgasm ended and he slumped down, totally exhausted by the flogging and tit tortures as well as his cumming. Vito stepped in and removed the nipple clamps, making Daniel scream as he massaged the tits to get his circulation back into them. He then wrapped his arms around Daniel’s stretched body, since Daniel’s knees had buckled and he was supported only by his arms. Vito held him until his breathing had calmed down, then he helped him stand back upright.

“So, what did you think, boy?” he whispered into his slave’s ear so no one else could hear.

“Oh fuck, that was great, Sir.” answered Daniel just as softly.

“O.K. That’s great. Now, this is for them…” said Vito.

Letting go of Daniel, Vito stepped back, winked at Daniel and loudly announced; “What did I tell you, slave? Did I say that if you came, you would be punished even harder? Well, DID I, BOY??”

“Yes, Master. Slave is VERY sorry, Sir, and it will be punished!” moaned Daniel, realizing exactly what Vito was doing, playing to the crowd.

“Yes, you WILL BE punished, boy, and this is what I’m going to do to you! Vito turned to the bench and picked a leather paddle, and held it in front of Daniel’s eyes.

“Here is what your punishment is going to be, slave. 50 strokes across the ass with the paddle, and you have to keep count! You WILL call out every 10 strokes out loud, slave, and if you screw up, we start all over again at 0! And I WILL be keeping count myself to make sure you are being honest with me, slave! Is that understood, slave?”

“Yes, Sir. I understand, Sir!’

Vito looked at Daniel for a second, then stepped behind him and gave his ass cheeks a quick 5 swats with the leather paddle! Daniel gasped at the sudden bursts of pain! He hadn’t been spanked or paddled since he was about 6 years old, and it HURT like hell!

Then Vito grabbed a handful of his hair, pulled his head back, and snarled loudly; “First lesson, boy! A slave NEVER refers to himself as ‘I’ or ‘my’ or anything like that! A slave is an object, so a slave is an ‘it’ and nothing more! Is that understood, slave?”

“Sir, Yes Sir! It understands, Sir, and begs forgiveness, Sir!”

“We’ll see, slave, we’ll see. But first, you must be punished for being so disobedient!”

Vito stepped back behind Daniel and looked at his beautiful muscleman ass, his butt cheeks showing the marks of the 5 strokes already.

“All right, boy. Get ready!’ he snarled, and swung the paddle!

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! The leather slapped into Daniel’s skin. He grunted for the first couple of hits, and then began to cry out with each hit. Still, he managed to keep the count even through the blistering pain.

“Sir! Ten, Sir” he called out as the relentless paddling continued. Daniel realized that Vito WAS a real sadist that enjoyed Torturing a boy to his limits.

“Sir! Twenty, Sir” as the Torture continued. The pain in Daniel’s ass was getting worse and worse with each stroke of the paddle. Daniel wasn’t sure he was going to be able to endure the full 50!

“Please, Sir, yellow, Sir” he groaned, using one of the control and safe words he had been given by Vito. The strength of the impacts lessened slightly, as Vito eased up just a bit, not wanting to push his new slave too hard and hurt him so badly that he wouldn’t want to continue for the full week.

“Sir. Thirty, Sir” grunted Daniel. He was sure that by now he literally had blisters on his ass, since it felt like the skin was on fire! His shrieking in pain had attracted a large crowd of guys watching his Torture, and that gave Daniel the courage and the motivation to endure the Torture, no matter what!

“Sir, Forty, Sir!” Daniel’s muscles were quivering with the strain of trying to hold himself still, and keep his knees from buckling from the Torture. It took every bit of his strength and willpower to hold himself as still as he could, but try as he could, every muscle in his torso still flexed and bulged with each hit of the paddle. He saw that some of the guys watching were jacking their cocks at the sight of the sweating muscleman being Tortured in front of them.

”Sir! Fifty, Sir!” he screamed. Vito stepped in front of him, his muscles dripping with sweat as well. He set the paddle back on the bench and looked at Daniel.

“What do you say, slave?’” he growled.

“Sir; Thank you for Torturing your slave, Sir! Slave deserved it for being disobedient, Sir!”

“Good boy” said Vito before stepping up and wrapping his arms around Daniel and hugging him so they were chest to chest. Vito looked into Daniel’s eyes, and softly whispered; “Are you all right? Can you continue, or are you about done for a while?”

Daniel whispered back; “God, that hurt like hell! Slave is gonna need a break after that, please! It hasn’t felt anything like that ever before!”

“Was it too much?” Vito asked, real concern in his eyes. “I don’t want to really hurt you, since it’s all supposed to be pleasurable, you know!”

“Yes, Sir, slave knows that, Sir” Daniel whispered back. Vito was impressed that he had kept in slave mindset even though they couldn’t be heard by anyone else.

“All right” he softly said, “Just play along, and I’ll get you down!”

Vito knelt down and released Daniel’s right ankle from the Torture frame, then the left one.

“Put your feet together, slave!” he ordered, Daniel obediently complied. Then Vito released the right wrist, and slowly lowered it down so it was across Daniel’s chest.

“Hold your arm here, boy, and don’t let it drop!”

“Yes, Master”

Then the left arm was released, and Vito did the same thing, ordering Daniel to not let his arms drop to his side until his circulation was closer to normal, and the strain on the joints and muscles had eased.

He led his slave over to the bench and told him to sit. Daniel let himself down VERY gently, as his ass still felt like he was sitting on a bed of hot coals!

“Just sit there, boy. I’ll take care of the gear.” Vito told him.

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir!” moaned Daniel.

It took about five minutes of so for Vito to clean the equipment with the bottles of cleaners the run had provided to sterilize the equipment between scenes, and to pack up the floggers, clamps and paddles.

“O.K. Slave. Don’t think that we are finished for the night, because we aren’t! I’m going to take you back to the cabin and fuck that red hot ass of yours! What to you think of that idea, slave?”

Daniel dropped to his knees in front of his Master, crossed his hands behind his back, and bowed his head in total submission.

“Yes, Master. This slave wants Master to fuck it, Sir! Please, Sir, fuck this slave, and cum in it’s mouth or ass, whichever Master chooses! Please, Sir, fuck your slave…”

Vito realized that Daniel wasn’t acting any more, but he was really begging to be fucked again! Vito knew right then that he had a new full time slave, one that would want to serve him long after the run was over…


Part 3

The Run

Once inside their cabin, Vito told Daniel to come over to the bed.

“Boy, you need to be opened up a little, so I’m gonna stretch your hole for a while! Lie down on the your back.”

When Daniel did, Vito knelt between his legs. He ordered Daniel to lift his legs and hold them up by wrapping is hands under his own knees. When Daniel’s ass was stretched and exposed, Vito applied some lube to his fingers, and slowly started to work one finger at a time into the tight hole. Daniel groaned at the feel of the intrusion, but he didn’t resist, and, actually started to enjoy the feeling once he got past the initial pain! The rest of his ass hurt so much that the finger sliding in and out of his hole actually felt good!

“Oh yes, Sir, work my hole, Sir! I want you to fuck me, Sir! Fuck me as long as you want to, Sir, and cum in me! Yeah, stretch my hole, Sir!” Daniel moaned.

Vito lubed his cock and slowly pressed the head of his shaft against Daniel’s asshole. Thrusting slightly, he slipped the head of his cock inside Daniel’s ass for just the second time. Slowly rocking his hips back and forth, he slid a little more of his cock inside his slave with each thrust until he was totally inside.

Daniel moaned with pleasure at the intrusion. Oh, how he regretted denying himself this intense pleasure for so long based on what he thought others would think of him if they knew his real sexual desires! He looked up into the handsome face of his Master, with it’s neatly trimmed beard outlining Vito’s strong jaw, and his brown eyes seeming to bore into his mind with their intense gaze as the fucking started to become more intense and faster.

Vito lifted Daniel’s legs and set his ankles on his own broad shoulders, giving him the right angle to penetrate his slave’s ass as deeply as he could! Daniel’s head flopped back on the pillow as the fucking became even more intense, with Vito’s hips pounding back and forth faster and faster.

He moaned “Oh yes, Sir! Fuck me, Sir, please, fuck me, Sir!”

Vito growled; “Don’t worry, slave, your ass is mine, and I’m gonna use it!”

The fucking became more intense as Vito slammed into Daniel’s ass harder and harder, then slowed down just before cumming to prolong the fucking session for as long as he could. Daniel ran his hands over Vito’s torso, slipping on the sweat dripping from his chest onto Daniel’s torso, twisting Vito’s tits, and tracing the shape of the thick muscles in Vito’s arms as he used them to hold himself over his slave’s body while fucking him. Vito lowered his head down low enough for Daniel to lift up and kiss him deeply several times while he was being penetrated.

Finally, Vito started to drive in and out of his slave’s ass faster and faster, while groaning ; “I’m cumming! Oh fuck yeah, boy TAKE IT!” as his sperm pumped into Daniel’s hot channel.

As Vito shot, Daniel squeezed and twisted his nipples and ran his hands over his Master’s 8-pack of rock hard abs, feeling the muscles flexing with his orgasm. The veins were standing out across Vito’s amazing chest and abs, and coursing down his arms as his muscles worked. Finally, Vito groaned, pulled out of Daniel’s ass and collapsed down onto his chest, panting after his explosive cum shot. Daniel wrapped his arms around his Master and held him tight until his breathing slowed back to normal.

After a couple of minutes, Vito lifted his head and gazed deeply into Daniel’s eyes. He then slid up until he could kiss his slave deeply, their tongues exploring the insides of each others mouth. Daniel’s hands held Vito tightly, his arms wrapped around the solid back of his Master. Daniel knew then that he never wanted to let him go again! He looked up into Vito’s face with tears running down from the corners of his eyes.

“Oh God, that was wonderful, Sir! Your slave would love it if you would fuck me like that every night, Sir! Even after we go home, Sir.”

Vito smiled down into Daniel’s face.

“So, you finally realized the truth, right, boy? You never really were happy with a girlfriend, were you? You always secretly wanted a boyfriend, or lover, or maybe even a Master, right boy? I have known that since the second or third time I ever met you!”

“Yes, Sir, and slave wants you to be it’s Master, Sir!”

“We’ll see how the rest of the week goes boy, and talk about it when we go home, O.K.?”

“Yes, Master! Will there be more Torture tonight, Sir?”

“I don’t think so, boy. Now, don’t get disappointed, but you aren’t used to it, and I don’t want to overload you on the first night! We have a full week to go. Don’t worry, you WILL have those big, hot muscles of yours Tortured and tested like you have NEVER imagined before we are done, boy! Now, let’s go hit the shower, and if you want, we can go out and observe some of what’s happening, and maybe see if there are any snacks out in the main tent yet. I’m getting a bit hungry. Torturing you and fucking that hot ass is hard work, and I gotta keep my strength up, boy!”

Daniel chuckled; “Yes, Sir. Can’t let Master get weak and puny! Don’t want him turning into some kind of a tiny bug, like a ‘Fruit fly’!”

Vito just glared at Daniel for a moment before bursting out laughing!

“Oh, that crack just earned you an extra intense session of Torture, slave! Maybe I’ll stretch you on the rack tighter then I was planning on doing, or maybe I’ll just stake you out naked in the middle of the compound, and let everyone have their way with you!”

“Yes, Master! Slave is looking forward to it, Sir!”

Vito and his new slave took a quick shower then headed out to grab some snacks and to just wander the run site, observing some of the other scenes taking place. There were guys getting flogged and even whipped with singletail whips, guys in tight and awkward bondage positions, guys bound for fucking, electrical tortures, even fisting, and a lot more things that Daniel had never even heard about! Vito explained what was happening as they observed each scene, speaking softly as to not disturb the participants in the scene, as was proper dungeon etiquette.

Daniel was pretty amazed watching guys endure electricity being pounded in their asses from butt plugs, and through their nipples and cocks and balls. Vito told him that his turn was coming! While they were walking around the run site, Vito spotted one of his friends who was the fantasy scene and special scene coordinator. Vito ordered Daniel to kneel next to one of the trees on the site, and wait for him there.

“Yes, Sir. Slave will wait here, Sir!” Daniel said as he dropped to his knees and crossed his hands behind his back.

Vito walked over to his friend, and started to talk to him, looking back and pointing at Daniel while chatting. His friend looked at the muscled slave kneeling obediently, and smiled, nodded his head, and then shook Vito’s hand. Daniel was wondering what sort of a plan they might be coming up with. Whatever it was, he knew that he would do his best to endure it, since he trusted his Master to not do anything dangerous. Vito waved for Daniel to get up and come join them.

When he did, Vito said; “Slave Daniel, this is my friend Adam. He has an idea for something special in a day or two and he thinks you will be perfect for it. Give him a double bicep shot, boy!’

Daniel grinned, and pulled up both arms and flexed his thick muscles. Adam’s eyes widened at the sight of the huge biceps bulging under the skin, the veins standing out across the rock like muscles like garden hoses! He looked at Vito, who nodded his head. Adam began to run his fingers over Daniel’s huge biceps and triceps, and across his chest. He traced the veins coursing across the muscles while nodding his head appreciatively.

“Oh yeah, he’ll do just fine, I think! It’ll be fun to see just how strong those big muscles actually are, and how much they can take! Let’s set it up for tomorrow after breakfast, O.K.?”

Vito grinned. “That sounds good to me! I want to see that myself!”

Daniel had no idea what they were talking about, of course, but immediately his imagination went into overdrive thinking of things they might be planning! He held his arms in the bicep pose since he hadn’t been told to relax by his Master. Adam reached out and tweaked his thick nipples as well. Daniel moaned softly at the feel, since he was developing a real appreciation for having his nipples used and played with!

Vito finally told him to relax and put his arms down, and to kneel, since he was wanting to just chat with his friend. Daniel obediently followed his orders, since he was rapidly growing in appreciation of the fact that Vito and all his friends, as well as all the other guys at the run were quite serious about their lifestyle. Daniel had to admit to himself that he was becoming more and more enamored by the BDSM life as well, and he wanted to continue to explore it more with Vito once the run was over.

Suddenly Daniel heard someone say; “Holy crap, is that who I think it is on Vito’s leash? You have GOT to be kidding!”

Another voice said; “Shit, you’re right! It IS him!”

He didn’t dare look up since he hadn’t been given permission to by his Master, but he had a sudden sinking feeling that he recognized the voices! His face started to turn red with embarrassment.

He saw two pairs of legs step in front of him, and heard the voices say “Vito, how in the fuck did you get HIM to come here, and down on his knees and collared, no less? You lucky bastard! So, tell us, is his ass as tight and his mouth as hot as I think they are?”

Daniel was sure his face was about to burst into flames, it was burning with embarrassment so badly!

He KNEW the voices. It was two of the guys from the gym where Vito and he worked out! Daniel was sure it was Robert and Karl, two guys who were serious bodybuilders. Daniel had often wondered about them, since they always came in together, worked out together as each others spotting partners, and always left together. He had sometimes suspected that they might have something going on together, and maybe they were even lovers, but knew that it wasn’t any of his business, so he never asked about their relationship.

Vito answered; “He lost a bet, so I own him for the week! And yes, both his mouth AND his ass are just as hot as you think they are! And, surprisingly enough, he’s already showing that he can take some serious torture!”

“Yeah, we kinda guessed that by looking on the welts across his back! What did you do to him?”

Vito grinned. I gave him a hell of a flogging AND a major ass paddling! Boy, stand up, and show them your ass!”

Daniel rose to his feet and found himself looking into the grinning faces of the two gym rats! Now he saw that they were wearing leather vests with the same club patch on the back as Vito’s club vest, so now he knew that they were not only lovers, but they were both into the same kinds of kinky things that Vito was. Karl licked his lips almost lasciviously when he saw the welts across Daniel’s chest and abs as well as the ones across his back. Daniel turned and dropped the cutoffs he was wearing.

“DAMN, look at that ass! Love the marks! Bet’s that’s gonna be black and blue for a week! It’s gonna be SO much fun watching him try to hide THAT at the gym!” Robert laughed.

Daniel blushed an even deeper shade of red at their laughter. He was really embarrassed until he saw Vito grin and then wink at him. He suspected that they were just ragging on him, and didn’t really mean anything bad by it, just some teasing. He relaxed then, and even chuckled a little himself.

Vito looked at his slave, then at his friends and said; “You guys want to come to our cabin and see for yourselves how hot his mouth is? I bet he’d love to suck some hot cock, wouldn’t you, slave?”

“Sir, yes Sir! slave would consider it an honor to suck their cocks and take their sperm, Sir!”

“Well, he seems to be pretty well trained so far.” said Karl. “Yeah, let’s go. I’ve wanted to fuck that hot young mouth of his for quite a while, actually.”

“Yeah, me too” added Robert. “And maybe sometime later on we can try out his ass, too!”

Vito chuckled. “Hell, you might be able to do that at my place as well once we’re home! I think this boy is really getting turned on by the lifestyle, and I also think I might have a full-time slaveboy once we get home!”

Daniel was elated to hear that! It meant that Vito was thinking along the same lines as he was! He was hoping that he might have some more indications that he might have found his Master and he was now pretty sure that he had!

Vito ordered Daniel to pull his shorts back up, and follow him back to the cabin. Robert and Karl came along as well, and so did Adam. Daniel was actually now looking forward to taking at least three more loads of cum down his throat this evening, maybe four if Vito was ready to cum again after the fucking he had given Daniel earlier. When they got to the cabin, Daniel immediately dropped his shorts as ordered by Vito, and knelt in the center of the room. Vito used the restraints to fasten Daniel’s wrists together behind his back and then fastened them to ankle restraints, so Daniel was bound on his knees. He then set a pair of moderately tight nipple clamps on Daniel’s tits, causing him to groan slightly.

“You like that, boy, being helpless with the clamps on your nipples, boy?”

“Sir, yes, Sir! They hurt, but they feel really good, Sir!”

“Good, boy, since they are staying on there until everyone has cum in your mouth! Is that understood, boy? Also, you need to know that I personally know all these guys, and that they are safe to have sex with, and for you to take their loads. You are NOT to take anyone’s sperm in your mouth or ass unless I give you permission, is that understood, slave?”

“Sir, yes Sir! Thank you, Sir!”

Robert stepped in front of Daniel and opened his leather pants and pulled out a nice 6” cock. Daniel immediately opened his mouth for Robert to slip it in. Robert grabbed two handfuls of Daniel’s black, curly hair and held his head still while he began to fuck his mouth. Daniel could see the washboard abs flexing and rippling in front of his eyes under the layer of black fur that covered his pecs and abs, and immediately began to feel frustrated that his hands were bound and he couldn’t feel the sexy muscles!

Robert moaned as Karl stepped behind him and began to roll his nipples between his fingers as the hard cock slid in and out of the slave’s mouth. It only took a few minutes before Robert began to groan as he pounded Daniel’s mouth with his cock until, with a loud “Oh Fuck yes”, he filled the willing slave’s mouth with his load of sperm! Daniel swallowed the hot salty protein loaded cum, enjoying the bittersweet taste as it slid down his throat.

Robert finally pulled his cock out of Daniel’s mouth and groaned “Fuck, that boy DOES have a hot mouth. And he’s only sucked cock for a short time? Man, he’s a natural cocksucker, that’s all there is to it!”

Karl stepped in front of Daniel and said “Man, I gotta get me some of that! Open up, boy!”

Daniel looked up at the hot blonde German muscleman, and opened his mouth again. Immediately, Karl’s fat 8” sausage drove into his mouth, almost choking him! Karl was somewhat more aggressive in his fucking of Daniel’s mouth, pounding his fat cock in until Daniel began to gag and choke.

Daniel started to panic a little until he heard Vito say “Back off a little, O.K.? He’s still learning how to suck dick.”

Karl murmured an apology, and slowed down his thrusting. Daniel started to work his tongue over the head of the thick cock until Karl moaned, and shot a huge load of sperm into his mouth! Daniel tried to swallow it all, but some dribbled down the sides of his chin and dripped down onto his chest since he couldn’t take it all at once, there was so much! He did swallow as much as he could, though.

Next, it was Adam’s turn. The burly bear stood in front of the humbled slave and pulled out his uncut cock. Skinning back the foreskin, he slid the erect shaft into Daniel’s waiting, eager mouth. He moaned softly as the slave cocksucker went to work on his erect cock, using his tongue to lick and clean the hard cock as it slipped in and out between his lips. Each cock that Daniel sucked just seemed to increase his hunger and desire to suck more and more. He had repressed his true nature for so long that it was a relief to finally be able to be himself without anyone judging him! Adam fucked Daniel’s mouth for a good fifteen minutes, slowing down whenever he seemed to be ready to cum so he could enjoy the sensations of a good blow job from a hot, horny young bodybuilder. Eventually, he couldn’t hold out any longer, and he shot a nice thick load of sperm into the mouth that was pleasuring his cock.

“Oh hell yes, that’s good! Damn, what a mouth!” he panted when he was finished.

Daniel grinned at the compliments, even though he thought that he shouldn’t react. Vito smiled down at him, so he knew that he hadn’t done anything wrong.

“O.K. Slave, my turn!’ Vito crowed.

Daniel immediately opened his mouth wide so his Master would have no problem fucking his throat, and feeding him another hot load of man sperm!

“Oh man, look at those muscles! Damn, Vito, You’re RIPPED! That’s why you did so well in the contest!” Daniel heard Karl say. “Yeah, man, fuck that mouth! FUCK IT!!”

Vito started driving his cock in and out of Daniel’s mouth, then Daniel heard Vito groan out “Oh Yeah…”.

He glanced upward to see that Karl was standing behind Vito with his arms around him, feeling his rippling abs, and working his tits. The harder Karl twisted and pulled Vito’s nipples, the harder he raped his slave’s mouth! Daniel realized that Vito was getting turned on by the nipple Torture, just as much as he did, and he loved it! Karl suddenly let go of Vito’s tits, and stepped out from behind him. Leaning in from one side, he began to chew on Vito’s left tit, while Robert began to work the right nipple. Vito’s hands held the two gym boy’s heads tightly against his sweaty pecs as he fucked his slave’s mouth.

Finally, Vito howled and filled Daniel’s mouth with his fourth load of sperm that evening! As he came, the guys were apparently chewing and biting his nipples since he was growling and groaning as they continued to work his tits even after he finished shooting. Eventually, he had to pull their heads away from his chest, since he just couldn’t take the tit torture any longer!

“Aw FUCK! DAMN! Man, that’s good! Shit!” Vito gasped. “Man, I gotta sit down! Whew!”

Vito dropped onto the bed, still panting. Daniel knelt where he was, his jaw a little sore from being stretched open for so long, but his belly full of four hot loads of man sperm! He KNEW that this was where he belonged, on his knees, bound, serving his Master and whoever else he was ordered to serve!

He smiled up at the four hot men, then looked at his Master and said “Sir! THANK YOU, Sir! Thank you for your cum, Master and asking Master’s friends to fuck slave’s mouth, Sir!”

Vito grinned at his slave. “See, I told you that you’d like it down there on your knees, down where you belong, didn’t I boy?”

“Sir, yes, Sir! You did, Sir!”

Vito got up off the bed and stepped behind Daniel. He released the wrist restraints from the 4 way link attaching them to the ankle restraints, then unhooked the wrist restraints from each other, allowing Daniel to stand up. He told Karl to hold Daniel from behind, and to keep him from moving! Karl wrapped his arms around Daniel then lifted his arms and hooked his wrists together behind Daniel’s neck, leaving the slave boy stretched out with his arms straight up, his sweaty back muscles tight against Karl’s hard chest and abs in a full Nelson wrestling hold.

Daniel moaned a little in anticipation when Vito reached out to the nipple clamps that had been torturing his tits for almost an hour. He knew it was going to hurt like hell when his Master removed them, so he steeled himself for the pain he knew was coming. Vito opened both of the clamps at the same time, sending a blast of pain ripping through Daniel’s chest! He howled and writhed, but he was unable to do anything with Karl holding him in his awkward position. He howled again when Robert and Vito leaned in and began to suck and chew on his tits, nipping and biting them, while Adam dropped to his knees and took Daniel’s cock into his mouth and started to suck him!

The Nipple Torture continued for a good five minutes, with Daniel groaning, grunting and howling the entire time, until, with a final yell, he shot a load of cum into Adam’s mouth!

Karl was saying “Yeah, boy. Work those muscles! Flex for us, boy! Show off that hot body! Damn, your back feels good! I love a man with muscles!”

Vito and Robert finally straightened up, allowing Daniel to slump down, seemingly only being held up by the strength of Karl’s arms. Adam pulled back from his cock, and Karl finally released his hands from behind Daniel’s neck allowing Daniel to sink back down onto his knees.

“So, what do you say, slave?” Asked Vito.

“Sir! Thank you again for Torturing this slave, and asking your friends to help Torture it, Sir! It was wonderful, Sir!”

Daniel then bent down and began to lick Vito’s boots as he had seen some other subs and slaves do at the run. He had never done anything like it before but suddenly Daniel realized that somehow it felt totally right, and totally natural! He kept his face down and pressed against Vito’s combat boots so the other guys couldn’t see the tears that were welling up from his eyes and dripping down onto the shiny black leather he was tonguing. They weren’t tears of pain, but rather tears of joy. Daniel knew now who he was and who he was supposed to be, and it overjoyed him!

He stayed down licking his Master’s boots until Vito ordered him up onto his knees. He then ordered Daniel to thank the three other studs once again for their hot loads of cum.

Vito then told Adam, Robert and Karl; “Well, guys, I think that we are gonna crash for the night! It’s his first time ever doing anything like this, so I don’t want to overload him! He’s got almost a week of Torture and use to go! Also, he’s gonna have a real test of strength tomorrow, and he’s gonna need his rest!”

After the guys had left, Vito ordered Daniel to strip down the rest of the way, then the two of then climbed into bed together. Daniel wrapped his arms around his Master, and held him like he never wanted to let him go! Daniel laid his head on Vito’s chest and was rewarded by the sensual feeling of Vito gently stroking his hair with one hand whole holding him with the other.

Daniel turned his head and began to suck on Vito’s right nipple. He was rewarded again by the sigh of pleasure that escaped his Master’s lips. Daniel was enjoying the salty, musky taste of Vito’s tit and his sweat. He moved his head down just a little and began to lick out the open armpit. Vito moaned with sheer pleasure, encouraging Daniel to keep licking the muscled torso.

Finally, though, Vito reluctantly pushed Daniel’s head back from his chest. “Boy, that feels great, but we really need to get some sleep. I can’t come again tonight, and you have to get ready for a real test of strength tomorrow. Your muscles are gonna be used to their limits and you will need your rest! Now, turn on your side, slave!”

Daniel did as he was ordered, and was rewarded by the feel of Vito’s muscular body snuggling up against his back, one arm wrapped across Daniel’s torso, and the soft feeling of his Master’s breath on the back of his neck. Before he dropped off to sleep in the embrace of his Master, Daniel did wonder what his upcoming test of strength was going to be. He was determined, though that he would not fail, and risk embarrassing his Master. He would endure whatever it was!


Part 4

Tug Of War

The next morning, after Daniel had sucked the morning load of cum from his Master’s cock, they headed off to breakfast at the dining hall. Once there, Daniel served his Master His breakfast, and knelt beside His chair awaiting permission to eat something himself. Finally, Vito told Daniel to go and get some breakfast, but he had to kneel on the floor next to the table, and eat without using his hands or any utensils. Daniel had to bury his face in a plate of scrambled eggs and lick them off the plate as best as he could. Vito and some of the other guys watching were quite amused at Daniel’s effort to basically suck the eggs off the plate with his hands behind his back! Daniel was embarrassed, but he knew it was a part of what a slave should do, follow his Master’s orders, so he continued to eat as best as he could, his face flushed bright red!

After breakfast was finished, the run chairman made the usual morning announcements about activities, which ended with this; “As you all know, there has been a friendly, ongoing rivalry between two of the local Leather Clubs in the area. Well, we’ve come up with something special for this year’s contest between the Griffins and the Lords of Discipline! Adam, our special events chair and fantasy scene coordinator will now tell us about it.”

Adam came up and announced; “This year, we are going to have a tug of war between two teams of 6 guys selected from each club. It will be held in the open field outside the dining room in about an hour. As a special treat for everyone watching, we won’t be using a regular rope! We have something MUCH sexier planned! Vito, come up here, and bring your slave with you!”

Vito stood up and tugged on Daniel’s leash to get him to stand. They walked to the front where, in front of everyone Vito ordered Daniel to strip off his shirt. When the good-natured whistling and catcalling had died down, Vito then loudly ordered Daniel to put his arms out to the side, and flex as best as he could. Daniel did a modified “Most Muscular” pose, causing the muscles to ripple and bulge under his skin, and the veins to pop out across his rock hard pecs and abs, and to course all the way down his arms!

Again, there was a storm of whistling and shouts from the attendees of the run. Daniel’s growing suspicions of what was to come were confirmed when Adam then announced; “Guys, HERE is the rope you will be using! There will be lines attached to grip wrist restraints, and slave Daniel here will be standing in the center of two lines drawn 10 feet apart. Whichever team manages to drag him across their line is the winner, AND, they will get to use slave Daniel that night in a private victory party! Of course, he’s gonna have to use every bit of those muscles to keep his arms from being dislocated, so his Master Vito WILL be supervising and has the right to stop the contest if his slave uses his last resort safe word! We all want to have fun, but we all want to be safe as well! By the way, THIS is the first that the slave has heard about this, so if he looks a bit scared, and I think he does, he’s NOT acting!”

There was another storm of whistling and hooting from the attendees of the run, so Daniel knew that he really DID look scared! Still, he was sure that Vito wouldn’t let anything bad happen to him, and he knew that he was going to try his damnedest to endure whatever they were going to do to him! He pulled his arms back in and did a full double bicep pose, then turned and did a double rear bicep shot as well. He was damn proud of his muscles, since he had spent so much time developing them to the best of his ability, so he wanted to show them off a little.

Vito tugged on his leash to get him to turn around, and to stop showing off, but he had a huge grin on his face, so Daniel knew he wasn’t mad at him. Vito was a competitive physique model himself, so he knew the rush from showing off his well defined and ripped physique to an appreciative audience. He leaned in close to Daniel’s ear and whispered ”Show Off!”

Adam continued; O.K. Guys, the clubs need to pick their teams, and we will see you all in about an hour!”

Vito and Daniel went back to their cabin to change. Vito changed into chaps and a jock and his boots,

and he had Daniel wear his work boots and the leather kilt and nothing else. He looked something like a hero from some old gladiator movie. Then, to warm up Daniel’s muscles, Vito led him to a section of the compound where there were some weightlifting equipment set up for the guys that wanted to either keep their exercises going during the run, or others that liked to use the gear in scenes.

Daniel did about a half hour of chest and arm exercises to get a pump in his muscles and to help him endure the torture to come! Of course, Vito thought, the sweat starting to shine on his chest and back didn’t hurt Daniel’s looks one bit! When he was warmed up, Vito reattached the leash to Daniel’s collar, and led him to the area of the compound where the tug of war was going to be held.

There were close to 150 guys there waiting to see the contest. There was a murmur from them when Vito led his muscleman slave into the center of the group and positioned him between two lines that had been marked on the ground with chalk. The two clubs had their teams waiting, 12 burly, muscled leathermen, each team wanting to win the use of the thickly muscled slave for a night!

The grip restraints were buckled on Daniel’s wrists, and he was told to hold the handles tight, and to only try to maintain his balance, and not to try to help one team or the other to win. Vito also told him and everyone watching that he had an “escape” safe word to use if he felt that the pulling on his arms was actually causing some damage to his joints or muscles, like pulled tendons, or excessive muscle strain or sprains.

Daniel’s chest was heaving as he breathed deeply, loading his system with oxygen, much as he did in the gym before doing a heavy set of weightlifting exercises. Finally, the teams took their positions, drawing his arms out tight to the sides. He stood, awaiting the test of strength and the Torture of the stretching of his arms.

Adam stepped to the center of the lines in front of Daniel; “Gentlemen, the first team that drags the slave across the line on their side is the winner, and they get him for their club’s use at a private orgy tonight! A couple of rules, though. First, remember the slave IS a man, so no deliberate slackening and jerking on the ropes, as that could dislocate his arms, and we want this to be fun, and not cause any injuries! Second, the slave’s Master, Vito, has the right to stop the contest if the slave gives him the escape word. Third, there is a 10 minute time limit. If neither team wins in that time, whichever team has him the closest to their line shall be declared the winner! Are we all agreed to these rules, Gentlemen?”

After both teams agreed Adam called out: “Gentlemen, get ready. When I reach zero, begin! Five…Four…Three…Two…One…GO!!”

Both teams immediately began to pull on the ropes. Daniel threw his head back and howled at the sudden, incredible pulling on his arms! He flexed his arms as hard as he could, trying to pull them back in, but he couldn’t budge them! Every muscle on his chest and back, and across his broad shoulders knotted and flexed to it’s limit! The sweat seemed to burst from his skin, beading up and shining on his straining body. Every vein stood out across his pecs and abs, and down the length of his arms.

His feet slipped and skidded on the grass as one team would get a slight advantage, and then the other would increase it’s efforts. It felt to Daniel like he was trying to do a set of standing chest flyes using more weight then he had ever tried to use before! He had never experienced a pulling on his muscles like this before, even when doing his hardest workouts. Daniel swore that he could feel his shoulders being stretched wider and wider by the second! Amazingly enough, though, his cock was getting harder and harder the longer the stretching Torture lasted.

Vito was really getting turned on watching his muscle slave enduring the agonizing stretching of his arms, and his extreme efforts to fight against the Torture! He has always loved watching Daniel working out in the gym, and had actually had to go into one of the bathroom stalls to jack off after watching a particularly intense workout, especially if Daniel was wearing one of his cut back string tank tops that exposed most of his torso while still obeying the gym rules that everyone had to wear a shirt. That was one of the reasons that he had challenged Daniel to the bet in the first place. That, and the fact that he didn’t seem to mind that Vito was gay. Vito knew that when the tug-of-war was finished, one of the first things he was going to do was to take his slave back to their cabin and spend the next hour or so licking as much of the sweat from his muscles as he could before sucking Daniel’s cock again!

Daniel’s pecs bulged out, with sweat running down his heaving chest and rippling ribs, pouring out of his armpits and streaking down his writhing back muscles. Within a couple of minutes it seemed that the Griffins, Vito’s club, was gaining an advantage in the torturous Tug-of-War. He was slowly but seemingly inexorably being pulled towards their line in the grass. Even in his agony, though, Daniel was observing things in the crowd, like several guys actively jacking their cocks at the spectacle of his muscled body under incredible strain. Others had their own slaves down sucking them, turned on by the sight of the bodybuilder boy enduring the incredible pulling on his arms!

Daniel couldn’t pull his arms in using his chest muscles, so he tried just flexing his biceps like he was curling. He strained his arms to their maximum, and he actually started to bend them in slightly. His entire torso was quivering with the strain, the striations clearly visible in his pecs, biceps and writhing back muscles. The veins stood out across his biceps like hoses, coursing down his forearms as well as he slowly started curling his arms! The cords of muscle stood out across his chest and shoulders like ropes under his bronzed skin as he was slowly being pulled towards the line towards the Griffins club!

But, then the Lords seemed to get their second wind, and Daniel found himself being dragged back towards the middle of the zone, and slowly towards the other side! The Griffins doubled down, and Daniel slid back towards the middle again. Then he slowly started to be dragged towards the Griffins side again! All the members of both teams were sweating and straining as hard as they could to win the prize of the helpless muscle slave! Their efforts caused Daniel to start to shriek with the strain on his joints again! He had read a story on-line of a slave being tied between two horses for a stretching Torture, but he had never dreamed that someday he might be enduring much the same test of strength!

Daniel couldn’t hold his arms bent for much longer! The strain was almost too much for him to fight against. Even as he was about ready to call out his escape safe word, his boots slid across the line on the Griffins side of the tug-of-war area, ending his Torture! His chest heaved as the incredible pulling on his arms eased. Vito immediately was there, telling him not to let his arms drop, but to hold them out to the side until the strain eased, and then to let them down slowly. Daniel gasped for air as the pain in his shoulders slowly ebbed out, and he finally was able to gingerly let his arms down. Vito started to massage his shoulders, and he was amazed at the feel of the rock-hard muscles under his skin.

“You O.K. Boy?” Vito whispered in his ear as he was rubbing his back.

“Sir, yes, Sir. Slave is fine, Sir. That was really intense, but it was really fun, too, Sir!”

Vito looked down and saw that the front of the kilt was tented out from Daniel’s erect cock! He grinned at Daniel, knowing that he had really been turned on by the Torture and being able to show off his muscular body for everyone watching the contest.

“Well, good for you, slave. I have more fun for you once we get back to the cabin so you can rest and recover for a while!”

“Sir, yes, Sir! Looking forward to it, Sir” said Daniel.


Adam stepped up. “Congratulations to the Griffins for winning the tug of war, and the use of the slave at a private cocktail party tonight. We will announce the location later tonight at dinner, and at that time, Vito, the slave’s Master, will let you know any restrictions on the use of his boy, since we don’t want to use him up all in one night!”

There was a ripple of good-natured laughter through the crowd, and plenty of compliments for Daniel as Vito clipped his leash back to his collar, and led the sweat glazed muscle boy away to let him rest and enjoy whatever his Master had planned for him. When they got back to the cabin, Vito told Daniel to get a couple of towels from the bathroom and spread them out on the bed, Once he had done so, Daniel was told to strip off the kilt and his boots and lie down, face down. Daniel did as he was told, proving to Vito that he was turned on since his cock was still rock hard! When Daniel was lying down, Vito stripped himself and sat across Daniel’s butt, straddling him. He reached to the bedside table and picked up the bottle of baby oil that he had sitting there. Spraying a stream of it across Daniel’s massive back, he began to massage the thick muscles. Daniel groaned in pure pleasure as the strong hands and fingers of his Master began to dig into the muscles, releasing some of the tension making them knot up.

As Vito was working the muscles of his slave’s back and shoulders, his cock began to grow until it was fully erect, sticking out in front of him, sitting between Daniel’s butt cheeks. Daniel wiggled his ass, showing that he knew what was going on! The erotic massage continued for a while, with Vito lying down on Daniel’s back and sliding his chest and abs up and down the muscles, his cock riding up and down Daniel’s butt.

After about 15 minutes or so, Daniel turned his head and groaned: “Sir, a request, Sir?”

Vito panted in his ear; “What is it, boy?”

“Fuck your slave, Sir. Please fuck slave’s ass. Slave wants Master’s cock and cum inside him again. Please, Sir…”

“Well then, lift your ass, boy…”

Daniel lifted his butt up a little, allowing Vito to simply slide his already slippery cock into his hole. Daniel groaned as he felt his Master enter him and begin to thrust in and out. Every time Vito fucked him, Daniel loved it more and more, and he now knew that he truly was gay, and that he had been lying to himself all those years with the pretend girlfriends and more! Vito’s muscular chest slid across Daniel’s oiled back, creating an incredibly erotic feeling for both Master and slave, as their muscled bodies rubbed together.

Vito had to slow down several times, and just lie still on Daniel’s back, since he wanted their lovemaking to last as long as possible. They were both totally excited after the Tug-of-War Torture, but they needed to control their excitement. He had planned on giving Daniel a tongue bath, but this was much more fun! Besides, he could still lick his chest and suck his tits and pits if he wanted to.

Finally, though, the sight of the hard back muscles under him and the feel of the tight channel surrounding his cock with it’s gripping warmth were too much for Vito to resist any longer. He started to drive his cock in and out of Daniel’s ass harder and faster until he couldn’t hold off any longer, and he shot another load of cum into his slave. Daniel moaned at the feel of the warm cum shooting into his ass, and his Master riding him.

Both Master and slave were gasping and moaning as Vito’s cum shot into Daniel, the warmth of the sperm spreading through Daniel’s gut. He loved the feel of the cum in his ass but regretted that he couldn’t taste it like he did when Vito filled his mouth. Vito continued to thrust in and out even as stream after stream of cum shot out of his cock. Finally, though his orgasm was spent, and he collapsed onto Daniel’s broad, sweaty and oily back muscles.

“Fuck, that’s a hot ass, boy!” moaned Vito into his slave’s ear.

“Thank you Master! Thank you for fucking your slave, Sir! And thank you for bringing slave with you to the run, Sir! This is so hot, Sir! Slave is looking forward to more Torture, Sir!”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, boy! We have 5 more days to go, slave. You are going to be used and Tortured as hard as you can endure!”

“Yes, Master. Slave is looking forward to suffering for Master’s pleasure, Sir!’ groaned Daniel.

Vito lifted himself off Daniel’s back, and rolled onto his side next to him.

“Turn over, boy” he ordered.

Daniel rolled onto his back, lying on the towels and putting his hands under his head. He closed his eyes, seemingly exhausted by the Stretching Torture, and the hard fucking. Vito leaned in and began to eat out Daniel’s left armpit, licking the sweat and pulling on the short hairs with his teeth. Daniel’s pit hair was just growing back in after the bodybuilding contest, and Vito loved being able to run his tongue across the stubble, and nibble the skin of his muscle slave’s pits. He had always loved guys with hot, sweaty armpits, it was one of his biggest fetishes, and Daniel had some of the best and deepest he had ever licked out! That was another reason he had always been attracted to him in the gym.

Vito slowly worked from Daniel’s armpit, licking the sweat from his pec until he could take his boy’s left nipple into his mouth. Daniel moaned with sheer delight at the feel of his tit being sucked and nibbled. Vito worshiped Daniel’s muscled chest and abs for a good hour, alternating between licking his armpits, chewing his nipples, tracing the veins on Daniel’s muscles with his tongue, nuzzling and nibbling on his hard corded abs, sticking his tongue in his slave’s navel, and finally taking Daniel’s throbbing, streaming cock into his mouth.

Once Vito started to suck Daniel’s cock and he started to twist the thick nipples capping Daniel’s pecs, Daniel reached down and grasped Vito’s head and held it still as he began to deeply fuck the hot mouth sucking him. The harder he drove his cock into Vito’s mouth, the harder Vito twisted and pulled his tits!

Within a couple of minutes, Daniel was driving his cock into Vito’s throat as hard as he could, causing Vito to gasp and choke as the thick head of the cock slammed into the back of his mouth. Still, he didn’t signal for Daniel to ease off, but instead worked the thick nipples harder and harder, in a seeming contest to see who would give up first! This was the first time Daniel had really been aggressive towards Vito sexually, and they were both really turned on by it!

Just as the pain in Daniel’s tits reached the point where he was about to scream out for Vito to let go, he came, pumping a huge load of sperm into his Master’s mouth. Vito choked and coughed, trying desperately to swallow the flood of cum. As Daniel shot, Vito gave his tortured nipples one last twist, dragging a scream from his slave’s throat!

“Aw FUCK, that hurts! Damn! Shit, it feels like you’re ripping my tits off! O.K., Sir! You Win, Sir! OWWWW!!”

Vito lifted his head and grinned at his slave, then slid up so he was lying on top of him. Grasping Daniel’s wrists, he stretched his arms up over his head, and suddenly leaned down, and clamped his teeth around Daniel’s left tit and bit it. HARD!

“OH SHIT, THAT HURTS!!! FUCK!!!” Howled Daniel, as Vito gnawed his tit! “OH Please, Sir, Please stop, Sir! FUCK!!! RED, SIR!! SHIT!!”

Vito released Daniel’s battered nipple and slid up a little more until he was grinning directly down into his slave’s anguished face.

“Fuck with me, boy, and see what it gets you! You thought you were gonna rape my mouth? Well, don’t bet on it, slave! Remember who’s the boss around here, boy! You have just earned yourself a full day staked out naked in the courtyard for anyone to use anyway they want, boy! Imagine a dozen or more guys at a time standing around jacking off on your muscles, or pissing all over you!”

“Yes, Sir! Sorry, Sir! Slave will remember, Sir!”

Daniel wasn’t really sure if he had screwed up until Vito grinned at him again, leaned down, and kissed him deeply! Then he relaxed, knowing that his Master wasn’t really mad at him, but was just giving him a hard time!

“Remember, while we are here, I’m the boss, boy! You will have to wait until we are home if you want to try to Torture me, or use me, boy!”

“Yes, Sir! Slave will remember, Sir!”

Secretly, though, Daniel was a little startled. Maybe Vito was hinting that he would like to be tied up and Tortured once they were home! Daniel started to get excited at the thought of seeing Vito’s ripped, muscled body stretched out in the Torture Dungeon in his basement, bound on his own cross, and being Tortured by his own equipment! He now knew that he HAD to endure the rest of the week, and to prove to Vito that he WAS the right man to spend his life with!



Part 5



Daniel and Vito both took it kind of easy for the rest of the day, mostly observing the action in some of the tents around the resort. Daniel saw his first real hard-core whipping scene, with a muscular sub spread-eagled to a whipping frame stripped to the waist while the Torturer throwing the whip stood about ten feet behind him, striping and eventually cutting his back with a blacksnake whip! The sub would scream at full volume whenever the whip would slice his back open, but the Torturer would wait until he had calmed down a bit before hitting him again. The whipping lasted until the sub’s back was pretty well torn up. Daniel questioned Vito about whether that kind of damage was normal.

“Some guys get into it. He has that done to him the first day or two here every year that I’ve been coming. It will leak and drain for the rest of the week, but that’s what he’s into.”

“Yes, Sir, but slave thinks he will pass on anything THAT hard!” said Daniel.

“Oh darn, and here I was hoping to see you enduring that!” answered Vito.

Daniel shot him a look, and was relieved to see Vito grinning at him. “Gotcha! I wouldn’t let you get sliced up like that, boy! Your back is too sexy to see it scarred up!”

Daniel just bowed his head in gratitude for the compliment from his Master.

That night at dinner, Adam made the announcement that the private get-together for The Griffins would be held in the smallest of the tents set up around the compound, the one usually reserved for Smoking and cigar scenes. There was a bit of good-natured grumbling from some of the attendees, but they were mollified somewhat when Adam announced that the private party would only last an hour, and then anyone else was allowed to use the smoking tent as usual.

Vito selected the clothes that Daniel would wear that night. Since there were going to be quite a few guys there, Vito wanted to be sure that there was not going to be any penetration of his slave sexually unless he knew that whoever was doing it was playing safely. Daniel was dressed in a brief pair of codpiece leather shorts that were locked on with a padlock on the waistband, so his cock and balls could be exposed and used, but not his ass. He also wore a muzzle gag strapped and locked around his head, which looked sexy as hell to Vito, but prevented any oral penetration. Between the shorts, the muzzle, and his boots, Daniel was showing off his muscled physique to it’s best advantage, while still being safe. Vito wore just his chaps and boots, with a codpiece jock under the chaps.

Before heading from their cabin to the party, Vito used some of the oil to give Daniel’s muscles a light coating, which made them shine slightly and helped to show them off. Then, locking on his collar and attaching the leash, Vito led Daniel to the party tent. Once they got there, Vito unclipped the leash from his slave’s collar and announced that slave Daniel was there for the other guys to use, but, there was to be no oral or anal penetration, since he did want to keep him safe and healthy.

Daniel was then ordered to show off his muscles for everyone, so he did the same posing routine that he had done at the contest. The guys whistled and applauded when he was finished, since the exertion of showing off his hard muscles had caused him to start to sweat, increasing the shine of his muscled body. After the slave was finished showing off his muscles, Vito told the club members that the slave would be available for them to order him to serve them drinks before he was to be bound and exhibited.

Daniel spent the next twenty or so minutes fetching drinks from the mini-bar that the resort had set up in the tent for the party. Then when everyone had been served, Vito nodded to Robert and Karl, his friends from the gym, who suddenly seized Daniel by his arms, and forced him against the St. Andrew’s cross in one corner of the tent. His arms were raised up and secured by thick restraints around his wrists, and his feet were spread and bound the same way. Within a minute, Daniel was helplessly spread-eagled in front of all the club members.

His chest rose and fell as he struggled against the restraints. He knew that he couldn’t get loose, and he wasn’t afraid that anything bad would happen to him, but he decided to play to the crowd a little bit, and show off his muscles, since he had spent so much time developing his physique! He caught Vito’s eye, and gave him a quick wink to let his Master know what was going on. Vito grinned and nodded back, showing that he understood. Daniel flexed his arms and legs, and tightened his abs as he strained against his restraints. His muscles rippled under his now shiny skin, the veins popping out across his pecs and trailing down his abs into his shorts.

Several of the guys there began to feel his muscles, stroking their fingers across his pecs and down his abs, while others concentrated on the muscled towers of his thick legs. Two of the younger guys there were ordered by their tops to lean in and began to suck Daniel’s erect nipples, their tongues flicking across the sensitive tips of his tits. He moaned with pleasure at the feel of the hot, moist mouths making love to his nipples. He then put his head back and closed his eyes, somewhat exaggerating the pleasure from the tit sucking, but not by much. It really did feel damn good! The fact that he was bound and helpless in front of so many guys was just adding to his pleasure, too!

In another couple of minutes, Vito stepped in front of Daniel, and, with a wicked grin, reached down and unsnapped the removable codpiece on the shorts, allowing his erect cock and large balls to stand out. Daniel felt his face growing warm with embarrassment, but just for a minute, then his natural tendency for showing off all the parts of his body took over! Daniel began to moan louder into the muzzle at the feeling of the mouths on his nipples, the hands feeling his muscles, and especially the fingers stroking his cock, and playing with his nuts. He flexed his muscles harder and harder, which made more guys want to take their turns feeling his body, which just turned him on more and more!

Daniel spent the rest of that evening bound spread-eagled to the cross, with various guys feeling his muscles, sucking his nipples and his cock, especially when the other run participants were allowed into the tent after the private gathering was finished. He was becoming more and more aroused by the fact that he was more or less the center of attention in the tent, which just proved to him that he was a natural exhibitionist. He already knew that he got a real rush from showing off his body during the bodybuilding contest, but this was taking it to another level!

During the night his cock was sucked by at least a dozen different guys, and at least as many had worked on his nipples, licked his sweaty armpits, his abs, and pretty much everywhere else they could reach on his helpless body! For the last hour of his bondage, Vito put a pair of biting Torture clamps on his nipples, causing Daniel to writhe in pain and struggle whenever someone would pull the chain between the tit clamps, or squeeze them to make then bite harder into his tits!

Finally, Vito told the Top of the newest applicant for membership in the club that as part of his boy’s initiation into the group, the boy had to suck Daniel off in front of everyone else watching. That was going to be the boy’s “demonstration”, something that all club members did before being voted on for membership.

The boy, Jake, a young redhead, looked kind of embarrassed as he knelt before Daniel’s spread body, but he did as his Master ordered, and leaned in to suck Daniel’s erect, dripping cock. Once he started to pump his head back and forth on the shaft, his hands started to stroke Daniel’s muscles, almost as if by their own volition. Jake got more and more into sucking the hard-bodied slave’s cock, sucking it deeper and deeper into his throat, his hands working up and down Daniel’s now sweat-dripping body.

As Daniel got closer and closer to cumming, Jake began to work the tit clamps, causing Daniel to writhe in delighted agony on the cross! His chest and abs were rippling and flexing, his biceps straining against the restraints harder and harder until he howled into his gag, every muscle in his torso bulging to the maximum as he filled the boy’s hot mouth with his sperm! Jake coughed but still managed to swallow the entire load of cum.

When Jake was done swallowing, he was ordered to stand up in front of Daniel. Vito reached in and unclipped his right tit, and told Jake to lean in and suck and chew the tortured nipple until ordered to stop. Daniel screamed into his muzzle at the blast of pain from his nipple as Jake’s teeth closed down and began to tug on the incredibly sore tit. His muscles strained again at his restraints as the nipple torture continued for a good 5 minutes on the one tit, When Vito unclamped the left nipple and told Jake to suck and chew on it, Daniel screamed into the muzzle again, writhing in real agony on the cross! The torture continued for another painful 5 minutes or so before Vito told Jake to stop sucking the tit. Daniel slumped down in relief, but there was one more thing he had to endure before the night was finished.


Vito unstrapped Daniel from the cross, and ordered him to kneel in front of Jake, with his hands behind his head. When he was positioned, Vito ordered Jake to jack off, and shoot his load on Daniel’s chest. Jake stood in front of Daniel, stroking his cock, sometimes reaching down with his free hand to feel Daniel’s shoulders and biceps, which he flexed for the boy. Soon, Jake began to groan and pant, his hand jacking his cock faster and faster until he moaned, and shot several hard streams of sperm onto Daniel’s pecs! The cum began to run in ropy trickles down his muscles,making Daniel moan with pleasure at the feeling of the sperm on his skin.

When Jake’s orgasm was done, Vito told Daniel to stand up so Jake could lick his cum from Daniel’s chest and abs. The boy leaned in and began to lap up his own cum, causing Daniel to moan again in sheer pleasure! As Jake licked his skin, he also began to play with Daniel’s sore nipples again, but much more gently this time, making Daniel shiver with pleasure. Jake worked his way down from Daniel’s thick pecs to his corded abs, gently licking and kissing each hard ridge of muscle. Finally he stood up, and buried his face in Daniel’s open right armpit, licking and nibbling at the hairs. Daniel groaned into his muzzle at the intense pleasurable feelings as Jake licked out one, and then the other armpit.

Vito finally pulled Jake back, and told everyone watching; “Well, I guess he’s demonstrated that he’s a damn good cocksucker, and he knows how to pleasure a man! His application for full membership will be voted on at the next meeting!”

There was a round of applause for the boy before his Master led him away. Vito then told Daniel that he could put his hands down by his side, and relax. Daniel, still muzzled, nodded to his Master, acknowledging His order as a good slave should do. Vito then clipped the leash to Daniel’s collar, and started to lead him around the tent while he was chatting with various club members and other friends.

Even the members of the Lords of Discipline club complimented Vito on his sexy muscle slave. The two clubs had a good relationship, with just a friendly rivalry, so there were no real hard feelings between them. Several of the members told Vito that they didn’t really think that his slave had enough strength to endure the tug-of-war, and they were very impressed by his endurance!

“Yes, even though he has all those muscles, it was hard for him. That’s why tomorrow, I think I’m just gonna let him lie around most of the day!” Grinned Vito.

Daniel just looked at his Master, not sure of what he was talking about. He hadn’t planned on taking ANY time off from the run, as there was so much to see and so much to learn about, and to experience!

Vito chuckled, seeing his expression. “You might be lying around, boy, but you won’t be relaxing. Believe me!”

Daniel really didn’t know what Vito was referring to, but he knew that he could trust his Master to not let anything too intense happen to him, since it was his first time at an event like this. He simply nodded in recognition of his Master’s comment, since he was still muzzled, and unable to speak. They spent another hour or so in the tent, Vito chatting with friends and club members before leading Daniel out to where there were tables and chairs set up for guys to sit and relax and chat.

Once outside, Vito unbuckled the muzzle from his slave, and ordered him to his knees. Daniel obediently dropped down, and waited for whatever his next task would be. Vito ordered him to wait in front of one of the chairs, and then he walked off. Daniel knelt there, head bowed like he had been ordered to do, not knowing what his Master had planned.

Within a couple of minutes, Vito returned, carrying two drinks. He sat down in front of Daniel, and, to the slave’s surprise, offered him one of the drinks.

“Thank you, Master” murmured Daniel as he took the bottle of water.

“Well, I thought you might be getting a little thirsty, boy” smiled Vito. “Besides, it would be really hard for you to clean my boots with a dry mouth!”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir!” Daniel said again, grinning up at his Master.

He drank some of the water, and then bent down and began to lick Vito’s right boot. As he licked the polished leather, he knew that this was where he really did belong, on his knees, in front of a superior man! Every time he licked the leather, Daniel felt more and more of his old, “straight” life dropping away, allowing him to really accept who he truly was inside. After Daniel had licked his Master’s right boot clean, he took another swallow of water, and began to polish the left boot with his tongue. He continued to work his way around the boot, from toe to heel, and up the height of the shaft of the boot until he had licked all of the glossy leather. When he was done, he sat back on his haunches, head bowed, and hands crossed behind his back, awaiting any further orders from Vito.

“They look good, boy! You did a good job!’ said Vito. “Now, down on your hands and knees in front of the chair, slave!”

Daniel immediately dropped back down into the position he had been ordered to assume. He moaned softly as he felt Vito’s boots resting across his bare back muscles. Now he knew that he was going to be used as a piece of furniture by his Master, which was proper for an object like him!

Vito and his slave stayed like that for at least an hour, Vito relaxing, and chatting with friends and generally chilling, while Daniel obediently acted as his footstool. Somehow, to Daniel, the weight on his back from Vito’s boot-clad feet and his legs felt comfortable, as if they belonged there. Daniel found himself relaxing, the normal cares of his life drifting away as he adjusted to concentrating on remaining still, so as not to disturb his Master as he talked with friends.

After a bit, Daniel heard someone complimenting Vito on his choice of “furniture”. Then he heard Vito telling him to “Pull up a chair, and relax for a while.” Within a minute, Daniel groaned softly as he felt a second pair of booted feet settle onto his broad back. Then his Master and the unknown friend chatted casually about Vito’s muscle slave as if he wasn’t kneeling right in front of them, listening to their every word. Vito told his friend about the bet that had resulted in Daniel’s current position, he described how good of a fuck and how hot of a cocksucker the slave was, and even his ideas for his future plans for his slave, which excited Daniel, since it sounded like Vito was going to offer him the chance to become his full-time live-in slave!

Then Vito’s friend told him that he had wanted to suck Daniel’s cock ever since the first time he saw him. Daniel thought that he was referring to seeing him at the run. He had no idea that the truth was a bit different! Daniel did notice that whoever Vito was talking to had a strange accent that he really couldn’t place, but it did sound like English wasn’t his first language.

Finally, Vito told his unknown friend that it was about time that he took his slave back to their cabin for some hot sex before they went to sleep. The boots were removed from his back, and his Master told him to stand, that he had a surprise for him. When Daniel stood up, he found himself looking into the face of Song Lee, one of the personal trainers from the gym where he and Vito worked out! Daniel wasn’t familiar enough with him to have recognized his voice, since Song worked the morning shift at the gym when Daniel was usually at work on his construction job. Daniel’s normal workout times were later in the afternoon, but he had seen Song several times doing his own workouts after his shift was done. He had an amazingly ripped physique, not bulky, but more shredded with only about 4 % body fat at any time!

“Song tells me that he’s been hot for you ever since he saw you for the first time” said Vito, “And tonight, he’s going to get his wish. He wants to suck your cock, and take your cum.”

The three of them walked over to the cabin where Vito and Daniel were staying. Vito ordered Daniel to strip and sit down on the bed with his back against the headboard. When he did, Song knelt between his legs and bent down to start to suck him. Daniel groaned with pleasure as the hot mouth surrounded his cock. Vito then removed the codpiece from his jock, knelt behind Song’s ass, and slowly inserted his hard cock into the Korean fitness model and personal trainer’s ass! Song found himself impaled in both ends by hard cocks. As he worked his head up and down on Daniel’s thick cock, Vito was fucking his tight hole, the two of them filling him with about 15 total inches of cock! He moaned as Daniel stroked his amazingly ripped and defined shoulders and back, while Vito’s lean, solid torso flexed as he thrust in and out of the ass he was fucking. Within minutes, all three of their muscled bodies were glistening with sweat. It ran in beads down Vito’s abs as they worked under his skin, rippling with his every movement. Song’s golden brown back was shining as Daniel felt the hard muscles.

Within a few more minutes, Daniel began to gasp and groan as he felt himself coming closer and closer to cumming in the hot mouth sucking him. Vito was getting close to cumming as well, and began to pound Song’s ass harder and harder Song groaned just as Daniel’s cock exploded with a thick, hard load of sperm!

Almost simultaneously, Vito pumped his load of cum deeply into Song’s tight ass, thrusting and driving his cock in to the hilt! When Daniel finished shooting into Song’s mouth, and Vito had filled his ass, Song straightened up, and began to jack his cock furiously. Within seconds, he shot multiple streams of hot sperm all over Daniel’s sweaty chest and abs! He howled and yelled something in Korean as he shot, finally groaning as his orgasm was spent. He then leaned down, and began to lick his sperm from Daniel’s pecs and abs. Daniel moaned softly as his torso was licked clean for the second time that night and his nipples were gently and lovingly sucked and kissed.

Song lapped up his sperm as well as a lot of the sweat from Daniel’s muscles, then, to Daniel’s surprise, he began to lick Vito’s chest and abs and suck his nipples as well.

When he was finished, Song dropped to his knees, bowed his head, and softly said “Thank you, Sir, for fucking me, and allowing me to suck your slave! It was very enjoyable, Sir, and I hope we can do it again many more times back home, Sir!” He then bent down and kissed Vito’s boots.

“Yes, boy. We will do it again, don’t worry! Now, slave Daniel and I want to be alone for a while, so we will see you tomorrow, and more times during the week. O.K. Boy?”

Yes, Sir! Thank you sir!” said Song before leaving.

Daniel looked at Vito after Song left. “You have had sex with him before, Sir?” he asked.

“Sure, boy. Hell, he’s been bound and Tortured in my dungeon space at least 5 or 6 times that I can remember! Hell of a hot, tight ass, and he’s really responsive to Torture as well. Also, as you found out, he’s a hell of a cocksucker! You’d be surprised how many guys from the gym have been chained up in my Dungeon. Of course, some of them have chained ME up as well! But, that’s not something you have to worry about for a while, boy! Until further notice, you will be the one chained up being Tortured in my dungeon. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty burned out! Let’s hit the shower, and then bed. You have a busy day tomorrow! Oh wait, I forgot, you’re actually going to be lying around for most of the day!”

Daniel looked quizzically at his Master, but Vito just laughed at his expression and said: “You’ll see in the morning, boy! Now, the shower, and then bed!”

Daniel obediently undressed his Master, then stripped himself, and turned the shower to a comfortable temperature before holding the shower curtain aside to allow Vito to step under the jets of warm water. Then he joined him, and performed his duties as a proper slave should do, making sure his Master’s hard body was properly cleaned before cleaning himself up. He then dried off Vito with a fluffy bath towel and then dried himself, and joined his Master in bed.

As Daniel drifted off in his Master’s arms, he wondered what Vito had planned for him for tomorrow. Whatever it was, though, he KNEW that he would enjoy it, and would endure it. He would endure anything, just to make his Master happy and proud of him!


Part 6


The next morning, when he and Daniel were both awake, Vito ordered Daniel to use the bathroom first thing and take care of whatever he might have to do in there, since, as he put it; “You won’t get another chance until later!”

Daniel still had no idea of what his Master had planned, but he followed his orders anyway. When Daniel came out, Vito was on the phone talking to someone, telling them to “Come on over, he’s almost ready!”.

Vito then ordered Daniel to put on his boots, but nothing else. When he had them on, Vito then rummaged around in his gear box and came up with the black rubber gas mask, and a tall leather posture collar with a lip that fit under the slave’s chin, forcing him to keep his head up. Just then there was a knock on the door of the cabin. Vito opened the door, and Karl and Robert came in.

Vito told them; “He’s just about ready. Do you have the gear I need?”

Robert said; “Yup. We have the ropes and the stakes, and even a hammer.”

“Good, but first things first! Boy, over here, on your knees, and open your mouth!”

Daniel obediently knelt in front of his Master and his friends, with his mouth open. Immediately, Karl slid his thick cock into Daniel’s mouth, grasped his head, and began to face-fuck him. Daniel grasped Karl’s thick legs for support as his cock drove in and out of his mouth for just a few minutes before Karl groaned, and shot a thick load of cum into Daniel’s mouth. Once Daniel had swallowed the load of sperm, Karl’s cock was replaced by Robert’s.

Robert did the same thing, basically raping the slave’s mouth until he shot his load of cum as well for Daniel to swallow. Then Vito followed up, filling Daniel’s mouth with his third load of sperm within ten minutes!

Vito then grinned down at his slave, and said; “I hope you liked that, boy, since that’s all you are getting to eat until I say differently! Now, put on the gas mask, slave!”

Daniel put on the gas mask, making sure it was on comfortably, then his Master fastened the collar around his throat. The collar limited Daniel’s ability to move his head, and with the small lenses for vision, his sight was rather limited as well. Daniel was getting used to the feel of the rubber against his face and the sound of his breath through the air tube on the front of the mask.

Daniel still wasn’t sure what Vito had planned, but he was starting to suspect that he was going to be in for a long day! When Vito then attacked some padded leather restraints around Daniel’s wrists and ankles, and fastened them with small padlocks, he was SURE it was going to be a long day!

Vito then led him out of the cabin, and into the middle of the open field on the run site. He ordered Daniel to lie down on the grass, and spread his arms and legs. When he did, Karl and Robert held his arms spread-out while Vito drove the metal stakes into the ground with the hammer about a foot away from Daniel’s hands and feet. Tying lengths of rope to the loops on the restraints, Vito then pulled the ropes tight before looping them several times around the stakes, and tying them tightly. He then repeated the procedure for Daniel’s legs. When he was done, Daniel found himself spread-eagled on the ground, staked out naked, like a cowboy in an old western movie awaiting Torture by Indians!

Daniel looked helplessly up at his Master and his friends who stood over him. They were grinning down at him, and saying something. He could see their mouths moving, but the gas mask limited his hearing and vision. Vito then knelt down, and put his head close to Daniel’s ear, so Daniel could hear him.

“Enjoy yourself, boy! Don’t worry, I’ll be around, and if you’re good, I might let you up later this evening! Until then, no food or water for you! I told you that trying to fuck my mouth was going to cost you…slave!”

Vito then gave him a wink, and stood up, turned with his friends, and walked away, leaving Daniel naked, spread-eagled and totally exposed to the sun, his muscular body there for anyone to use however they wanted! What he didn’t know was that Vito had arranged for members of the club to always have someone close by, watching over him, to be sure no one did anything potentially dangerous or harmful to him. The Griffins would take half hour shifts keeping an eye on the helpless muscleman staked out in the sun. And, the real reason for the gas mask was to make sure no one could cum or piss in his mouth, since Vito wanted to keep his new slave healthy.

Daniel lay there helpless in the sun while guys would walk by, or stop to observe him as he struggled against his bonds. After a while, one younger looking guy knelt down by his side, and began to stroke his chest and abs. Almost immediately, Daniel felt his cock beginning to swell and grow. It thickened even more when the guy began to squeeze and twist his nipples, making Daniel struggle that much harder! Also, the sweat began to shine on his chest and abs, and trickle down from his open armpits. The harder his tits were Tortured, the harder his cock got, until it was fully erect, arcing up over his rippling abs.

Then, his admirer knelt between Daniel’s wide-spread legs, and bent down to suck his hard cock. Daniel groaned in the gas mask, his breath echoing in his ears as the hot mouth engulfed his dick, and the fingers began to twist and pull his tits harder and harder! It was driving him crazy that he couldn’t clearly see who was sucking him, and Torturing him, as his vision was limited as the insides of the lenses of the gas mask began to fog up as he sweated more and more in the heat.

His breath rattled through the exhaust valve in the gas mask as he began to pant harder and harder as he was getting closer and closer to an explosive orgasm! Finally, he moaned loudly, then tried to shout as he came, filling the unknown mouth that was sucking him with a load of hot muscleman sperm! As he shot, the fingers Torturing his tits seemed to be trying to rip them from his chest! Daniel writhed in delighted agony, flexing his thick muscles as hard as he could against his bonds, but to no avail! He simply couldn’t break free.

When his orgasm was finally sated, whoever was sucking him sat back up on his knees. Daniel could just lift his head enough to see a blurry image of someone kneeling between his legs, but he had no idea who it was. He saw the figure moving, but he wasn’t sure what he was doing until he felt several streams of hot sperm shoot across his chest and abs! Then he realized that his unknown visitor had jacked off on his spread body! Then, Daniel saw him simply get up, and walk off, leaving him spread-eagled on the ground, body gleaming with sweat, a load of cum on his chest.

This was Master Vito’s punishment, Daniel realized, to leave him exposed for anyone to use, to humiliate him publicly, and to be used as a sperm target, or worse. Not to mention making him endure the Torture of baking in the hot sun for hours with no food or water! He lay back, resigned to his fate, but also determined that he would endure the extended Torture and bondage session, because he knew that Vito wouldn’t have subjected him to it if he didn’t have confidence that Daniel could take it!

Over the next couple of hours, at least 6 or 7 guys felt his muscles, worked on his nipples, stroked his cock to get it hard again, and several stood over him, jacking off until they shot on his body. Then, one group of guys didn’t jack off on him, but stood around him, and pissed on his chest instead! Daniel had never had anyone piss on him, so he did struggle against his bonds as the hot streams splashed across his body. He then realized that Vito had put the gas mask on him knowing that some guys would do this, and he didn’t want his slave to have to drink it, or even get it in his face or in his eyes.

Daniel had no choice but to lie there, sweating, staked out, and just enduring whatever the others did to him. Also, he had to endure a growing hunger, since he had eaten nothing since last night’s dinner, and he was also getting thirsty since it was hot lying in the sun, and even hotter inside the black rubber gas mask!

Daniel endured hours more of the bondage, while his cock was sucked to an orgasm once again, and for at least an hour, he had to endure some exquisitely painful clamps on his nipples. All the while, unknown to him, either Vito, or another club member was sitting off to one side, watching him, and making sure that he wasn’t in too much distress. Daniel’s only comfort was the fact that there weren’t any ants around to add to his Torture!

At one time, later in the afternoon, two younger looking slaveboys were ordered to suck his tits, and then lick the mixed sweat, piss and cum from his muscles. Daniel moaned with pleasure at the feel of the hot tongues making love to his naked muscles, and cleaning his body. When the boys worked their way into his armpits, one boy on each side, Daniel groaned, and flexed his muscles for them, to deepen his pits. The boys buried their faces in his sweaty armpits, licking the sweat from his skin before then knelt to either side of him. They then began to jack their cocks, until they each shot a load of cum into his armpits, one on each side. Then, to Daniel’s surprise and delight, they swapped sides, and licked each others cum from his armpits, lapping up the sperm and sweat!

Daniel felt like he could almost shoot another load of cum from the sheer pleasure of the boys worshiping his muscleman pits. He had not really had anyone make love to his muscles like that before the run, and he still was incredibly turned on by the feel of the fingers and tongues making love to his rock hard body. He moaned in sheer frustration and disappointment when the boys were finally ordered to their feet by their Masters, and led away. Daniel lay there, his chest heaving, and his balls aching slightly from frustration, even though he had cum twice already.


The frustration was almost the worst part of the Torture that his Master was subjecting him to! Daniel wanted to feel the bodies of all the guys jacking off on him, or even the guys pissing on him as well. He was surprised at the urgency of the feelings he was experiencing, the desire to worship another man’s physique, to suck his cock, to make love to his body, and more. Daniel knew that Vito had seen the truth about him long before he had been able to admit it to himself.

Luckily, Daniel was somewhat naturally dark skinned, and he did work outside on the construction sites usually shirtless, as well as having tanned for the contest, but he still could feel a growing sunburn on the front of his torso, especially on the band around his hips where he usually had at least gym shorts on while outside. He also knew his cock and nuts were getting more direct sunlight then they were used to, so he didn’t know exactly what was going to be the result of that!

Daniel lost all track of time as he lay in the sun, baking for hours. He honestly didn’t know if it was just noon, or later in the day, or what. The time seemed to alternate between dragging as he just lay spread-eagled in the sun, baking in the heat, and racing as his body was worshiped, or sometimes it seemed to stand still, like when he had to endure the painful tit torture clamps! He almost felt like he was drifting off, about to fall asleep, or at least feeling like he was disconnected from his body, until someone would start to stimulate him again by stroking his cock and balls, or feeling his muscles or working on his tits to make him flex and writhe in delighted agony.

His hunger and thirst were adding to his Torture, and just when he was sure that he really couldn’t take much more, he saw his Master, Vito, kneeling over him. Daniel felt the ropes on his restraints being loosened, and then released from the stakes holding him down. Then his arms were being gently moved down to his sides, since he really couldn’t move them himself, having been immobilized for so long. Vito then removed the collar, and slipped the rubber gas mask off Daniel’s head. He took a deep breath of fresh, cool, air, but almost immediately wished that he hadn’t!

To put it politely, Daniel stank! The mix of sweat, sperm and piss that had covered his body for most of the day was really rank! Daniel wrinkled his nose at the smell. Vito saw it, and laughed!

“Yeah, boy, you’re pretty ripe! We will need to get you into the shower before you get Tortured more tonight! Oh yeah, that’s right! You’re far from finished for the day, boy! After all, you’ve just been lying around all day, doing nothing, so you need SOME stimulation!”

Vito then laughed at the expression on his slave’s face, and before Daniel could say anything, he chuckled; “Just Kidding, boy! I’ve been keeping an eye on you, and I’ve gotten reports! From what I hear, you had a pretty good time today, right, boy?”

“Yes, Sir! It was wonderful, Sir! Slave has seen things like that in the movies and on Television before, Sir, but never knew what it could really feel like, Sir! By the way, Sir, what time is it? Slave is curious to know how long the stake-out lasted, Sir.”

“Well, boy, you were staked-out at about 7:30 this morning, and it’s close to 6:00 right now, so that was about 10 ½ hours in the sun. You should be at least medium-rare by now, boy!” chuckled Vito.

“Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir. Yes, slave’s chest and body do feel kind of warm, Sir. A bit of a sunburn going on down there, Sir!”

“That should make this evening in the whipping tent really interesting, boy!” said Vito, with a gleam in his eye. “But first, the shower. Are you ready to get up, boy?”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir!”

Vito and his friends Karl and Robert helped Daniel up to a sitting position while about 5 or 6 other guys watched. Then he slowly got onto his hands and knees, and finally made it up to his feet. Vito led him back to their cabin, where Daniel spent a good 15 minutes or so luxuriating in a hot, steamy shower, soaping off the remnants of the sweat, cum and piss that was covering his body, as well as letting the warmth soak into his sore muscles, aching from being immobilized for so long during the stake-out.

When he was done, Vito laid out the clothes that Daniel was going to wear that night, his boots, the leather kilt, a cutback vest that exposed his abs and the valley between his pecs, his collar, the muzzle gag, and the restraints locked back around his wrists and ankles. Since there was going to be the usual cocktail meeting around the pool before dinner, Vito also attached the leash to Daniel’s collar, and as a last surprise, he clipped a pair of nipple clamps with a chain between then onto Daniel’s tits. Daniel moaned into the muzzle at the feel of the clamps torturing his already sore tits, but there was nothing he could do about it, since his Master had put them on, and he didn’t dare remove them!

Vito was dressed in his chaps with a leather removable pouch jock under them, knee high motorcycle style boots, a skin tight spandex tank top that emphasized his muscularity, and a leather vest. Leading his slave by the leash, Vito and Daniel headed for the pool to mingle with the guys before dinner. Daniel was expecting Vito to remove his muzzle gag sometime so he could get a drink, but it was never removed! Then, when they headed to Dinner, Vito ordered his slave to kneel next to him at the table. To Daniel’s surprise, and dismay, Vito still didn’t remove the muzzle, and he pulled a snap clip from his pocket, and fastened Daniel’s hands together behind his back! Vito ate his dinner in front of his gagged and bound slave, and never offered him a bite to eat.

When Daniel actually whimpered with frustration, and hunger, Vito turned to him and told him; “Who said you were getting anything to eat, boy? You eat what, and when I allow it, and no other times! Is that clear, slave?”

Daniel merely nodded, wondering how long his Master was going to punish him for trying to force-fuck his mouth. What he didn’t know was that Vito was just testing him, to be sure that he would be obedient, and follow his orders, even if they seemed to be harsh. He then noticed that a lot of the other guys at the run were looking at him and Vito, obviously watching him to see how he was going to behave in the face of his Master’s actions. Daniel decided immediately to behave like a proper slave, and accept his Master’s punishment, no matter how hard they were to endure. He knew it was just going to be some temporary discomfort, and he could take that!

Daniel knelt next to his Master’s seat for over an hour, his stomach grumbling with hunger as Vito finished dinner, and chatted with friends. His body was used to large amounts of protein and controlled eating of large amounts of calories since he had been in training for his bodybuilding contest, and he wasn’t used to going this long with no food. Finally, Vito pushed his chair back, and stood up. He then pulled on Daniel’s leash to order him onto his feet as well.

“Now, slave, the rest of your punishment starts! If you endure it, I might let you have something to eat later tonight! Is that understood, slave?”

Daniel merely nodded, then lowered his head to signal his submission to his Master’s will. He followed Vito back to the cabin, where Vito pulled out his toy box and checked through it, making sure that he had fast access to all the equipment he was planning on using to Torture his slave.

Daniel stood, waiting, as Vito stripped off the tank top and the vest, leaving him stripped to the waist. Vito then released Daniel’s hands from behind his back, and ordered him to remove his vest as well, leaving him in just the kilt with nothing on under it, the collar and muzzle, his boots, and the restraints and the nipple clamps.

Properly dressed for the evening’s activities, Vito ordered his slave to pull the toy box along on it’s wheels. He led his willing slave over to the bondage tent, where they found one of the X-crosses that was not being used. Backing Daniel up to the cross, Vito used several of the snap clips from the toy box to fasten his restraints to the ends of the arms of the cross, leaving Daniel’s muscular physique spread-eagled and totally helpless, waiting for whatever forms of Torture and punishment his Master was going to subject him to tonight!

Vito leaned in, and spoke softly into Daniel’s ear, so none of the guys starting to gather to watch could hear.

“I’m going to push you right to your limits tonight, boy! This is going to be hard for you, but I know you can endure it. Just remember, I won’t injure you in any way, but you are going to suffer, boy. Tonight is going to be real Torture, boy! Do you think you can take it? This is only our third day here, but if you do good tonight, you can have Tomorrow off, and I mean for real. No play unless you want it.”

Daniel looked into his Master’s eyes, and nodded silently. He trusted Vito implicitly, and he knew that he had to prove to himself that he could endure the Tortures, no matter how harsh, to prove that he was the right slave for Master Vito. Vito then unfastened Daniel’s kilt and removed it, leaving him stripped to his boots, collar and muzzle. Daniel’s cock immediately began to swell until it was fully hard, standing straight out in front of him. Vito then leaned in close, grinned at his slave, and in one quick movement, unclamped his nipples. Daniel howled into his gag, then screamed louder as Vito twisted his incredibly tender tits, forcing Daniel to flex and strain his muscles against his restraints!

“Oh, this is NOTHING compared to what you are going to endure tonight, slave!” snarled Vito loudly, even as he winked at Daniel, signaling that he was playing to the crowd. “You are gonna be Tortured to your limits tonight, slave, and then way beyond!”

Vito pulled his ball stretcher parachute from the toy box, and showed the inside of it to Daniel. He moaned when he saw that the inside of the parachute was lined in short pins to add to his ball torture! Vito knelt in front of his helpless slave. Pulling his nuts down with one hand, he maneuvered the parachute around the stretched scrotum, and snapped it closed, leaving Daniel’s balls trapped inside it. He then took a 2 pound weight from his toy box and hung it from the parachute. Then, pulling one of the floggers from the box, he stroked the tails up and down Daniel’s heaving, straining chest, forcing Daniel to moan in anticipation…


Part 7


Daniel looked at his Master in fearful anticipation of the suffering that he was about to endure. He knew that being flogged hurt on it’s own, but being flogged on top of even a mild sunburn was going to be sheer agony! His chest and abs weren’t too badly sunburned, but the area around his hips, and his cock and nuts were feeling the warmth more. Daniel looked down and saw that Vito had laid out at least 6 of his floggers, the triple-tailed tawse, several riding crops, a thin cane, and paddles. He knew that he was going to suffer tonight, to be made to endure his first real session of intense Torture.

Daniel suspected that he previous floggings and paddlings that he had endured were just warm-ups for tonight. Still, this was what he had agreed to when he had made the bet with Vito in the gym, and he was determined to live up to his agreement. Also, he wanted to prove to Vito that he was the right slave to serve him in the future.

Vito grinned at him, then his expression hardened as he began to concentrate on the torture that he was going to inflict on his muscleslave. The flogger swung around, and hit Daniel’s pecs with a loud “SMACK” sound. Daniel writhed on the cross, his biceps bulging as the burning impact tore through his chest, seeming to explode in his head! Vito swung the flogger again, slapping the tails across Daniel’s flexed abs this time! Daniel groaned into his gag, trying to process the pain. He knew that it was only going to get worse, so he tried to prepare his mind to accept it.

The flogging lasted a good 30 minutes, with Vito using each flogger to give his slave about 20 or 30 strokes across his torso, then switching to a heavier, or more intense flogger for the next round! Also, every time he switched floggers, he added another 2 pound wright to Daniel’s nut stretcher. Daniel tried to keep still during the flogging, but he just couldn’t, which added to his suffering as the nut stretcher swung with his every movement.

By the time Vito laid down the last of the floggers, Daniel was in sheer agony, not only from the burning pain in his chest and abs, but from the pain in his lower abdomen from the 12 pounds of weight swinging from his stretched, purple nuts.

Then, to add to his slave’s suffering, Vito clipped a vicious pair of alligator clamps on Daniel’s already sore and welted nipples. Daniel screamed at the pain that felt just like two red hot coals had been pressed against his pecs, and were being held there! These clamps were much worse then anything that he had been made to endure before. Vito stood there for a few minutes, allowing his slave to process the pain, and wanting to be sure that he didn’t overload him with too much at one time. Daniel’s chest heaved with each Tortured breath, since even expanding his chest for a deep breath was almost impossible with the agonizing pain burning deeply into his pecs. Finally, the heaving of his chest eased as his body began to cope with the level of pain.

Next, Vito picked the thin cane. He looked deeply into Daniel’s eyes, and was gratified to see Daniel wink at him, and nod his head slightly, signifying his readiness for the Torture to continue. Vito struck Daniel left thigh with the cane, causing his slave to scream into the gag again, and his body to jump, causing the weights on his nuts to swing violently! The pain was like a red-hot iron had been pressed against Daniel’s thigh. The cane hit Daniel’s thick hard legs again and again, making him twist and writhe on the cross with each impact. The pain was building, and building, driving him closer and closer to his breaking point with each burning impact.

Daniel came close to giving the signal for stop when Vito began to use one of the riding crops on his stretched nuts, and his still erect cock! He had never endured anything like this before. Daniel would never have thought that his cock and nuts could hurt like this. It felt like his balls were on the verge of tearing loose from his torso, and he wasn’t sure if his cock would ever be able to get hard again. Still, he trusted Vito to not take him TOO far into sheer agony, or to do any permanent damage.

Daniel began to moan in anticipation when Vito set down the crop, and turned towards him, and reached out to the nipple clamps. He KNEW the explosion of pain he was about to endure would be raw, brutal TORTURE at it’s worst, but there was nothing he could do about it, except to endure it, since the clamps had to come off at some time. The clamps had been on Daniel’s tits for a good ten minutes, and the tender, tortured nipples were going to hurt incredibly badly when they were removed.

Daniel shrieked into the muzzle when Vito squeezed the clamps, opening them up, and releasing the pressure on Daniel’s battered tits. He gently removed the clamps, making sure that the teeth didn’t tear the tender skin. Daniel shrieked again when Vito leaned in and began to suck his right nipple, using his teeth and tongue to massage the erect knob of flesh to get the circulation back into it, and to prevent any worse bruising. The muscleslave shrieked again and again, as Vito alternated sucking and nibbling on one nipple and the other, savoring the salty sweat running down his torture slave’s muscles, and the feel of his writhing, flexing muscles under his hands as he stroked his fingers up and down the muscled torso spread-eagled in front of him. Finally, Vito leaned back, and looked at his slave, ensuring that he was still alright, and was capable of continuing the Torture session.

Daniel actually whimpered in fear and the tears started to run down his face when he saw Vito pick up the tawse. He knew that this was going to hurt much worse then even the worst of the floggers, and he wasn’t really sure he could endure much more! Still, he was determined to endure as much as humanly possible without passing out or throwing up from the agony!

Vito saw the fear in Daniel’s eyes, and leaned in to whisper; “Can you take it, boy? If you can’t, just let me know, and I’ll stop. Really, I don’t want to really do something that will be too much for you.”

Daniel looked into his eyes for a moment, then nodded his head yes.

Vito said: “Are you sure? I will stop, unless you really want me to go on.”

Daniel swallowed hard, and nodded yes once again. Vito smiled at his slave, impressed with his bravery and sheer strength and determination. He then dragged the thick, tapered leather tails of the tawse across his welted and striped chest muscles. Daniel took a deep breath, his chest expanding and his ribcage bulging before Vito swung the tawse and slammed it into Daniel’s pecs!

Daniel screamed into the muzzle, every muscle in his body flexing and writhing as the burning agony pounded through his body! The veins stood out across his biceps and pecs, and across his thighs and quads as his body struggled to absorb the pain. The tawse slapped across his already burning skin again and again, leaving vicious looking welts on the tanned muscles. Daniel was screaming in sheer agony now, one long continuous shriek of pain and suffering! He was seeing his Master through a reddish haze, his vision blurring from the tears now running down his face.

Vito finally loudly said; “Boy, I’m going to give you 5 more strokes! If you can endure them, I’ll stop for now. Here is what you have to do. I am going to remove your muzzle. You will need to count each stroke out loud. If you get them all right, we will stop. If you screw up, we will have to start over again, and keep doing it until you get it right! Is that understood, boy?”

Daniel nodded to his Master. Vito leaned in, and unlocked the muzzle from around Daniel’s head, and took it off. Daniel licked his lips, glad to have the leather gag from the inside of the muzzle out of his mouth.

He murmured “Thank you, Sir” to Vito.

Vito picked up the tawse again. “Ready, boy?” he asked.

Daniel took a deep breath then said “Yes, Master. Please, Torture this slave, Sir!”

Vito swung the tawse, laying the tails across Daniel’s hard pecs.

“ONE, SIR!!” he shrieked, as the agony blasted through his chest!

“TWO, SIR!!” The pain was incredible!!

“THREE, SIR!!” This was sheer Torture!

“FOUR, SIR!!!” Daniel’s head swam.

“FIVE, SIR!!!” Daniel slumped down on the cross gasping for air, only held up by the wrist restraints as his knees buckled. Immediately, several of Vito’s friends and club brothers were there to help support Daniel, who was now only semi-coherent, and moaning constantly. They helped hold him up, as Vito removed the weights from the nut parachute, and then unbuckled it. Then, he released Daniel’s right wrist from the cross, and as he was being held up, slowly lowered it down to his side. Vito then repeated the careful release of his slave with his left arm. Then, Daniel’s feet were released, and he was gently laid on one of the benches, moaning constantly. Vito knelt next to him, making sure that he was breathing properly, and comforting his slave, stroking his hands gently across his tortured body, soothing him.

Daniel’s eyes slowly opened and he slowly focused on the face of his Master. Seeing Vito kneeling next to him, Daniel smiled through his pain.

“Damn, that shit hurt, Sir. Fuck, now I know what it feels like to be tortured for real! And, what’s really scary is the fact that I liked it, Sir! I want to do more, Sir! Please, Sir, do the same thing to my back, Sir! Really, I mean it, Sir…. Oh, sorry, Sir, please torture this slave like that again across it’s back, Master! Then punish it for forgetting it’s manners, Master! Please…”

Vito looked down into Daniel’s face, and smiled back at him.

“Don’t worry, boy, not a problem. And yes, if you REALLY want more, I will do the same to your back, BUT, not until you have rested for a while. You are on an endorphin high right now, and I want you to calm down for half an hour or so before I do your back.”


Vito looked up at one of his friends from the club and asked him if he would fetch a couple of bottles of cold water for him and his slave. When he had the water, Vito opened one and lifted Daniel’s head enough that he could swallow some of the water. Daniel took a couple of drinks and grinned at Vito. Vito, just for the fun of it, then poured some of the ice cold water on Daniel’s welted chest!

“SHIT! Damn, that’s cold, Sir! Fuck!” Howled Daniel from the shock of the water hitting his tenderized skin.

Vito grinned down at his slave again and chuckled; “Gotcha, boy! You won’t forget your manners again, will you boy?”

“SIR! No, Sir!” gasped Daniel.

Vito laughed, then leaned down and kissed his slave. He then softly said; “You rest for a few more minutes, boy, and then I’m gonna welt your back and ass if you really want it, boy!”

“Sir! Yes, Sir! Please, Sir, flog this slave’s back and butt, use the tawse, and Torture your slave, Sir! It really wants it, Sir, to prove how much it loves it’s Master, Sir! Please, Sir, Torture your slave, Sir!”

“O.K. Boy. You want more Torture, then more Torture is what you will get! Rest for about 10 minutes, and then I’ll take you right to the edge…and push you over!”

“Sir! Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir!”

Daniel lay back on the bench for a bit longer before he finally sat up slowly, making sure not to move too quickly until he saw how he would react. He sat on the bench, sipping from the bottle of water while Vito sat next to him, making sure his slave was recovering from the Torture session. In another 5 minutes or so, Vito told Daniel to stand up so he could observe him. There seemed to be no problems, as Daniel stood straight up and didn’t wobble or stagger.

“All right, boy, get your ass over to the cross, and face it!” Vito snarled, playing to the crowd again.

Daniel stepped to the cross, leaned against it, and raised his arms. Vito fastened his wrist restraints to the ends of the upper arms, then ordered his slave to spread his feet so they could be bound as well. Daniel stood facing the cross, spread-eagled, his thick back muscles and broad shoulders totally exposed and ready for Torture. Vito looked at his muscleslave, marveling at the width of the bodybuilder boy’s shoulders, the rippling muscles under his sweaty skin that tapered from his shoulders down to his narrow hips, then to his beautiful bubble butt, still showing the fading marks of his previous paddling.

Vito leaned in and ran his hands down the hard muscles, then said loudly; “No gag for you this time, slave! I want to hear you screaming!” He then slid his hands around the sides of Daniel’s thick lats, grasped his tits, and squeezed and twisted the incredibly sensitive knobs of flesh!

“SHIT!! Oh FUCK that hurts, Sir! Fuck yes, Master, Torture your slave, Sir! Hurt me, Sir! Please, HURT ME, MASTER!! Slave will scream for you, MASTER!!”

Daniel was writhing on the cross, his thick biceps flexing and straining, the veins standing out across the surface of the muscles like hoses on a sidewalk. Vito twisted Daniel’s tits harder and harder, drawing more and more screams of agony from his slave, as his muscles writhed and strained against the thick leather restraints.

Vito suddenly let Daniel’s tits go, and before he could even register the blast of pain from his chest, Vito had slapped the first flogger across the thick, sweat-drenched back muscles!


Vito snarled; “What the fuck did I tell you about what to call yourself, slave? That just earned you an additional half hour of torture, slave!”

“Yes, Sir!! Slave is sorry, Master, and it deserves the Torture, Sir!” shrieked Daniel. “Punish your slave, Sir. Make it scream for you, Sir!”

SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!!! The flogger continued to smash into Daniel’s flexed back muscles, drawing a scream from him with each burning impact! He writhed and struggled with each blow, his face contorted into a rictus of sheer agony, his body drenched with sweat. Vito used each flogger about 20 times, then allowed Daniel just a few moments respite before starting the brutal Torture again with a heavier and more painful flogger. The crowd of guys watching him were murmuring at the sight of the young, handsome bodybuilder enduring the brutal Torture at the hands of his Master.

The welts were standing out, bright red and even purple, against the bronzed skin of Daniel’s back and the paler skin of his ass. Vito would alternate between slamming the flogger across the thick muscles of Daniel’s back, and his bulging ass cheeks, making his slave strain and shriek with sheer agony as he was Tortured. Daniel was gasping for air, struggling to breathe between his screams of pain.

The back flogging torture lasted for a good 40 minutes, since Vito would work each flogger a little slower then he had done across Daniel’s chest, since he knew that his slave was on the ragged edge of his endurance. When Vito set down the last of the floggers and picked up the Tawse, then dragged the tails across Daniel’s welted and striped back, Daniel almost began to cry from sheer agony. He knew what was coming, and he hoped that he had enough strength to endure this final Torture!

Vito saw Song, the hot Korean personal trainer watching the Torture, stroking his own cock. He motioned for song to come in so he could talk to him.

“You like seeing him being Tortured, Boy?” He said loudly.

“Yes, Sir. He is SO hot, Sir, and he is SO sexy on the cross, Sir!”

“Well then, boy, get down in front of him, and take his cock in your mouth, and start to suck his cock, boy!”

Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir!”

Song knelt in front of the cross, and leaned in to take Daniel’s semi-hard cock into his mouth. The muscleslave was short enough that his cock and nuts were below the middle of the X-cross, so Song could reach them to suck him off during his Torture. Daniel groaned at the feel of the hot, moist mouth beginning to suck him, as his cock immediately began to swell until it was totally erect.

“O.K. Slave! Here’s what’s going to happen. You are going to endure the Tawse until you cum in that mouth! Do you hear me, boy?”

“Yes, Sir. Slave hears you, Sir. Oh God, That feels so good, Sir! Please, Master, TORTURE this slave until it shoots, SIR! PLEASE!!!”

Vito stepped back, swung the Tawse, and laid the three tails across Daniel’s massive back muscles! He shrieked in agony as three red welts bloomed on his skin, weeping slightly. Vito swung the Tawse again and again, welting Daniel’s back and ass until, on about the 10th strike, Daniel shrieked “OH SHIT, SLAVE IS CUMMING, SIR!!” as his cock erupted with a huge load of sperm into Song’s mouth!

Vito dropped the Tawse, stepped in, leaned his bare, sweaty chest against Daniel’s welted back, and reached around to twist his tits again, as hard as he could! Daniel shrieked at the top of his lungs, writhing, his muscles flexed to their limits, before gasping out “Oh Fuck”, and going limp, gasping for air!

Vito immediately let go of his tits, waved Song back, stepped around in front of the cross, and lifted Daniel’s head to make sure that he was breathing properly! He motioned for some of his club brothers to help Daniel down from the cross again, this time lying him on a towel on the ground with his feet up on the bench to help his circulation.

Daniel lay there for about 5 minutes, his chest rising and falling steadily before his eyes fluttered open. As son as he saw Vito lying next to him on the ground, he began to cry like a baby! Vito reached over, and held his slave, murmuring softly into his ear while stroking his battered body, comforting him, and sharing his strength. Someone brought over another couple of bottles of water, and Vito finally got Daniel to take a couple of sips of water, which seemed to help calm him down.

They lay there together for another 10 minutes or so before Vito helped his tortured slave to his feet. As he packed up his gear while Daniel sat resting a bit more, Vito thought that this was the proof that he needed that Daniel was the right choice to become his full time slave once they got home. He would offer him the position, and offer to let him move into his house if he wanted.

Finally the gear was packed, and Vito helped Daniel to his feet. As they headed out of the tent, towards the cabin, they both got multiple compliments from the guys that had been watching the Torture. Daniel grinned at Vito, and kissed him to thank him for helping him to finally fulfill one of his fantasies, that of being Tortured until he finally broke from the pain! They headed back to the cabin, so Daniel could rest, since there were still 3 more days to go in the run…


Part 8


Vito supported Daniel as they made their way back to the cabin. Daniel had been pushed to his limits by the brutal Torture, but he needed to see if he could endure that level of pain and suffering. Vito was both proud that his instincts about Daniel had been right all along, and surprised at the sheer level of determination and willpower the “straight” slaveboy had shown!

When they made it inside, Vito stripped the restraints, the collar and everything else from his slave, then undressed himself, and helped Daniel into the shower.

“This is probably going to sting and hurt, boy, but I want to be sure you are rinsed off.” He told Daniel. “I’m not going to use any soap, just water.”

“Thank you, Sir. It will be fine, sir.”

Vito turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature to a nice warm setting before helping Daniel under the spray. He winced and groaned as the water flowed over his welted skin, but then he relaxed as the soothing warmth flowed into his battered muscles. Vito just held his slave as they stood under the shower, comforting him and helping to support him after his day of intense Tortures. Daniel then surprised him by leaning in and kissing Vito passionately as they stood together, arms wrapped around each other.

“Thank you for inviting me, Sir. This has been wonderful, the whole thing, Sir! It’s changed my life, Sir. I knew that I wasn’t really happy before, even when I was having sex with my girlfriend, but I never knew why. But, now I know.”

Vito just held Daniel for a couple more minutes before they got out of the shower. Vito dried Daniel off gently, using a thick towel so as to not rub against his welts. He then told Daniel to put on an old t-shirt, one that he didn’t really care about before getting into bed. He explained that this was in case his welts weeped slightly during the night he wouldn’t mess up the sheets. Vito then told Daniel to relax while he went over to the main tent to see if he could rustle up some food for them, since Daniel hadn’t eaten a thing all day!

“Yes, Sir. Thank you for thinking of your slave, Sir!” Said Daniel, as he slipped into a shirt then got into bed and lay down gingerly.

Vito kissed him, and slipped into some shorts and his sneakers to try to get some snacks or sandwiches for them. Heading over to the main tent, Vito encountered several members of the Griffins club that complimented him on his slave, and wondered why they hadn’t seen Daniel at any meetings, or even seen him out with Vito before. He had to explain why Daniel was with him at the run, but promised to try to get him to some club meetings and play sessions soon.

Making a couple of sandwiches from the fixings that were laid out for late night snacking, and grabbing some cookies, he headed back to their cabin. When he got there, Daniel was lying in bed resting on one side, to try to keep too much pressure off his back or chest as they were both pretty welted. Vito sat down next to him and offered his slave a sandwich.

“Thank you, Master! Slave was getting really hungry!”

“That’s O.K. Boy. And, just between us, you can go ahead and speak of yourself normally when we are alone. Just remember to use the 3rd person when out in public. I just want you to have fun while we are together, and to have a good time!”

Daniel grinned at Vito, and chowed down on his sandwich, and a couple of cookies, while Vito did the same. When they were done, Vito turned off the main light in the cabin, leaving just a small bedside light on. He then slipped out of the shorts and his sneakers, crawled into bed, and gently snuggled up to Daniel, so they were lying face to face.

“So, boy, what do you think so far? Enjoying yourself?” Vito grinned.

“Oh, hell yeah, man. This has been great! I never knew that actually being Tortured could both hurt SO much, and still be SO much fun, and so hot!”

Vito chuckled; “Well, anything else you want to try in a day or so? Tomorrow, you will get to take it easy, since I have pushed you pretty hard. And don’t say that you can take more, boy, since I have a lot more experience in this shit then you do! You might be fine for a couple more days, but once we get home, and you calm down, you are gonna be SO sore for a week or more, even worse then after a gut busting workout! Your endorphins are running pretty high right now, but that will change, and you WILL feel it!”

Daniel nodded. “Yes, Sir. I agree, Sir. Actually, there are only a few more things I’d love to try before we go home. One is seeing what electricity feels like when used like for Torture, like we’ve seen, another thing I wanna try is the rod inside my cock. I think you called it sounding? And, one of my oldest fantasies, one that used to get me hard watching old Hercules movies, is to be Tortured on a rack, you know, stretched out as tight as I can take. That has always seemed to be really sexy to me, for some odd reason.”

Vito laughed gently. “Yes, boy, and I think you will look hot as hell stretched on the rack, all sweaty and shiny, maybe naked except for your boots and collar, being jacked off, or sucked while your tits are tortured…”

Daniel grinned. “Yum! Sounds hot and I’m looking forward to it!”

Vito smiled and said; “Let me tell you a secret, boy. It’s one of my favorite Tortures, too. I enjoy being stretched on a rack as well. That’s why I have one in my playspace at home. I’ll tell you what, boy, if you do good for the rest of the week, once we get home, I’ll let you put me on my rack, and Torture me! I love having my nipples worked over when I’m helpless, and stretching me tighter and tighter on the rack will just about always get me to cum, even no handed! Just keep stretching me, and I’ll shoot!”

Daniel said; “You’re on! That just gives me more reasons to do well as your slave for as long as we are here! I want to stretch you out nice and tight, and then spend an hour or two making love to your muscles while you can’t do anything about it!”

Vito laughed. “Well, it’s good to see that you’ve come so far on your way to realizing exactly who you really are, and what you really like! I bet your girlfriend never really turned you on like the last few days have, did she, boy?”

Daniel turned bright red, and sighed. “No, Sir. I just thought that I had to have a girlfriend and if I did that maybe those feelings I was trying to hide from would go away on their own. God, I feel like I’ve missed so much trying to pretend that I was straight, just because I was afraid of what other people would think, and because I thought that a gay bodybuilder was something strange.”

He actually looked kind of sad and almost of the verge of crying. Vito knew some of it was caused by his emotions coming down off his endorphin high, so he leaned in and kissed Daniel before he could sink lower into his funk. He then gently wrapped his arms around Daniel’s muscular body, and just held him for a while until Daniel seemed to calm down. Daniel smiled at him, and slowly started to kiss Vito, on the lips at first, and then he worked his way down across Vito’s jawline, to his neck, then down to his shoulders.

“Sir, would you please just lie back with your hands under your head for a while?” whispered Daniel.

Vito smiled, knowing what Daniel wanted to do. He rolled onto his back, and pillowed his head on his hands and closed his eyes, waiting. He moaned softly when he felt his slave’s hot breath in his right armpit just before his tongue began to gently lick the skin.

Daniel made gentle love to Vito’s chest, pits, biceps, nipples, ribs and muscles for a good 20 minutes before he finally worked his way across the rippled abs, and began to lick Vito’s erect shaft. Vito moaned as the head of his cock was sucked into Daniel’s hot mouth, and he felt his slave begin to make love to his cock with his tongue and his teeth, gently nibbling on the skin, and licking the head. Then Daniel’s fingers began to stroke Vito’s ripped muscles and bulging ribs, on their way up to his erect nipples.

Daniel’s fingers began to flicker across the erect tips of Vito’s tits, adding to his sensory overload. Vito’s breath came in shorter and shorter gasps as his slave’s ministrations of his cock and his sensitive nipples and muscles continued. Daniel seemed to know when his Master was getting close to cumming as he would stop, or at least ease off on his stimulating Vito’s cock and tits, and allow him to cool off for a bit before starting back on his pleasure Torture.

Vito was amazed at how fast Daniel had picked the tricks for making a blow job last longer and be much more pleasurable to both guys, since he had given his very first blow job less then 2 weeks ago! Eventually, though, Vito just couldn’t hold back any longer. He held Daniel’s head as he fucked his mouth for a minute or two before cumming. Daniel swallowed his Master’s sperm excitedly, licking and sucking his cock to be sure he got it all.

Vito eventually had to tell his slave to relax, and let him roll onto his side. When he did, Daniel gingerly slid back up so they were face to face once again.

“Thank you, Sir. Thank you for your cum, Sir. It tastes so good!”

“And thank you for a great blow job, boy! Now, we both need to get some rest, since I’m pooped! Torturing you is hard work! But, it’s worth it, just to see your hot bod writhing and flexing, and to hear you screaming! That’s SUCH a turn-on for me, boy!

Daniel chuckled. “Well, I’m glad I’m so entertaining, Sir! But you’re right, I’m pretty well burned out as well.”

Vito reached over to the nightstand and turned off the light, plunging the cabin into darkness. He felt his slave snuggle up against him as he was dropping off to sleep. Vito knew that they would have a long time together after they got home from the run.


When they woke up in the morning, Vito told Daniel NOT to try to take off the t-shirt, as some of the welts across his chest and back had weeped some during the night. Instead, he told him to get into the bathroom, and soak under a warm shower for a few minutes. Once Daniel had done that, Vito joined him, and slowly peeled the shirt off, gently removing it while disturbing the welts as little as possible.

Once the shirt was off, Vito checked Daniel’s back and chest to see if any of the welts or marks looked like they might be trouble. Once he was satisfied that they were going to be fine, they went to get breakfast. Vito even let Daniel sit next to him this morning, and eat normally, using utensils for a change. He knew that today was going to be a little different for his slave, and he wanted him to relax, and just chill today. When breakfast was finished, they went back to the cabin so Vito could talk to Daniel in private.

“O.K. Boy, this is what I have decided for today. You will be given as much time off today as you want, to just relax and take it easy. I know you are strong, but I don’t want you overdoing it at your first run like this. You can just hang around by the pool if you want, or just wander around observing things that are going on. BUT, and this is important, boy, you are NOT to have sex with anyone! You WILL NOT fuck anyone, nor will ANYONE fuck you, OR cum in your mouth or ass today! Also, you WILL NOT cum in or on anyone else, either! Is that understood, boy?”

“Yes, Master. Slave understands, and will obey your orders, Sir!”

“Now, I’m not trying to ruin your fun, boy, but I do want to keep you safe. So, just to make it certain that you will be safe, you will wear this!”

Vito pulled out a strange looking device from his toy box. To Daniel it looked kind of like a jock, but it was made of thin metal bars shaped like a cock. Vito told him to strip, and quickly insert his cock into the cage unit. Once it was around Daniel’s dick, Vito used a small padlock to lock it to the belt that went around Daniel’s waist, with a strap that went between his legs. Once it was on, Daniel’s slave cock was caged, trapped in the chastity device, and he would be unable to even get hard, much less cum!

Then, Vito pulled a small chain from the box, and using another padlock, he fastened it around Daniel’s neck, and locked it in place. He then attached a small dog tag to the chain.

“O.K. Slave. You are now locked, and marked as my property. That should keep anyone from trying to have sex with you unless I give them permission first! Now, I’m going to trust you to not suck cock today, or anything like that. BUT, if I do see you doing that, just remember, slave that I have a muzzle gag and LOTS of padlocks! As I said, I’m NOT trying to spoil your fun, but I want to keep you safe from and STDs. Understood, boy?”

Daniel smiled. “Yes, Master! Slave understands, and thanks you for caring so much! Slave won’t suck cock or anything like that, Sir. Is there anything that slave can do, though, Sir?”

Vito thought for a bit. “Well, if someone wants to suck your tits, or lick your sweat, or feel your muscles, that’s fine. Hell, there might be guys here that will want to cum on your muscles and then lick their sperm off, and that will be fine as well. They can cum ON you, but not IN you. I know that happened while you were staked out, so it might happen again. If someone wants to do something like that, or just some muscle worship, go for it. And, if you want to suck their tits, or lick their sweat, that will be O.K., but only above the waist! I want to see how much self-discipline you really have. But, that might not be as quite as much fun as you think, boy!” He added, with a bit of an evil grin.

Daniel didn’t really know what Vito meant, but he thanked his Master again before slipping on a pair of his favorite gym shorts and a pair of low boots. Daniel headed over to the pool area with a towel, looking to just relax, and spend some time getting some sun on his back and butt, to even out his exposure after the stake-out. He spread his towel on one of the lounges by the pool, shucked off his shorts and boots, and lay down, face down and just started to relax, feeling the sun beginning to warm his still battered back and ass. He felt the stress and tension slowly melting out of his muscles.

Daniel had time to think while lying there, and he realized how lucky it was for him that he actually HAD lost the bet with Vito. Without losing, he might never had the chance to actually see what he had been missing in his life, and to finally come out of his self-imposed closet, and to be able to accept freely and fully who he really was! He also knew that he was going to do his best to be the best slave to Vito that he could.

The day passed rather quickly for Daniel. He spent an hour or so lying in the sun by the pool, chatting with some of the other club members, as well as guys that had been admiring him as he was being tortured, or being used as the rope in the tug-of-war. A few even asked about his bodybuilding regimen and where they could get information to help them with their workouts. One young guy finally asked if Daniel would lie on his back so he could suck his nipples, and worship his muscles. Daniel was more then happy to comply until he tried to get hard again, then his cock started to hurt as it tried to expand in the chastity cage! Now he knew what Vito had meant about things not being as much fun as they might seem to be!

Daniel endured the discomfort as best as he could, since the boy worshiping his pecs and biceps was really cute! When he stuck his tongue into Daniel’s right armpit, Daniel could barely contain himself from his desire to feel the boy’s body, and suck his cock! But, he managed to control his desire, and just let the boy continue his muscle worship.

After a while the boy leaned down close to Daniel’s ear and softly said; “Damn, I really want to suck your dick, and take your cum! But, I see you must be someone’s property.”

Daniel smiled and replied; “Well, as you see, I’m locked. You would have to get permission from my Master to do that. Maybe later, when you see us together, and you beg hard enough, he might let you, but you might have to suck his cock as well!”

The boy grinned. “Sounds like a fun time to me! We will see what happens. But, thanks for letting me feel and work on your hot muscles and tits! Damn, you have a HELL of a body!”

He bent down and kissed Daniel’s nipples one more time before finally thanking Daniel again, and walking off, sporting an obvious erection under his swimsuit.

Daniel just lay back and smiled to himself, thinking that he had made the right decision in agreeing to come to the run after losing the bet! He drifted off into a light doze, lulled by the warm sun, not really asleep, but not fully awake either. He was just so relaxed after the muscle worship, and after all the events he had seen and participated in at the run so far. And, there were a few more days to go!

For most of the rest of the day, Daniel just wandered the run site, observing and watching various scenes, getting more of an idea of what the entire BDSM lifestyle entailed, and becoming more enamored by it with every scene! He crossed paths with Vito outside the maze tent, and Vito took him inside for some “anonymous” sex, ordering Daniel to suck him off through a glory hole that was set up in one of the small cul-de-sacs in the maze. Daniel found it to be somehow incredibly erotic to be sucking an “anonymous” cock, and he hoped that Master Vito would let him do it more often!

But, until that happened, he would of course obey his Master’s orders and desires, and whatever else he had to do to be the perfect slaveboy! After he had swallowed Vito’s sperm, they went back outside to just sit for a while.

“Are you feeling rested, boy?” Vito asked his slave as he knelt next to his chair.

“Yes, sir! Thank you, Sir. Slave is feeling very good, Sir!”

“Glad to hear it, boy, since tonight, after dinner, you are going to have to endure another test of strength! We are going to see how strong those big muscles and your joints are, boy! Tonight, you are going on the rack, and believe me, you WILL be screaming in agony by the time I’m finished with you! I’ve arranged for a role-play scene with some of the club, and we are gonna try to break you, boy!”

A huge grin split Daniel’s face!

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir! Slave REALLY wants to be Tortured on the rack, Master! It’s actually been a fantasy since well before slave came out, Sir!”

“Well, we will see if you are so eager once we’re finished with you, boy…”


Part 9


Daniel and Vito sat for a bit longer as Daniel told his Master all the things he had done that day while taking a break from hard play. Vito was amused to hear him grumping slightly about his cock hurting whenever he tried to get hard in the chastity cage.

“Well, why do you think I locked it on you, slave? A good slave has to learn self- discipline, but if you can’t control that big old dick of yours, I’ll just have to do it for you!”

Daniel chuckled; “Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir, for training your slave! It enjoys it, Sir!”

Finally, Vito told Daniel that it was time to go change for dinner. They headed back to the cabin to get dressed. Vito took the chastity cage off Daniel’s cock, which almost immediately began to swell until it was fully erect!

“Damn, boy, can’t you control that monster?” grinned Vito.

Daniel turned bright red as he stammered; “Uh…um…Sorry, Sir!”

Vito chuckled; “Well, never let it be said that I ever let a good erection go to waste” as he dropped to his knees in front of his muscleslave.

Daniel groaned when Vito sucked his cock all the way into his mouth, and reached up to twist his tits. Daniel grasped Vito’s head, and began to fuck his mouth, thrusting in and out, but being careful to not go TOO far in, not wanting to choke Vito. Vito’s hands slid over his torso, feeling his rippling, flexing abs for a bit before working back up to the erect nipples capping Daniel’s thick hard pecs. Once Vito began to Torture the nipples again with his hands, Daniel KNEW that he was going to shoot within seconds. He groaned, and flooded Vito’s mouth with his sperm!

He pumped 6 or 7 streams of cum into the hot mouth sucking him before moaning, and pulling back. Vito immediately stood up, leaned in, and clamped his mouth over Daniel’s. Daniel tasted cum, and he realized that Vito hadn’t swallowed his load of cum, but was instead transferring it to his mouth, so he would have to eat his own sperm! His tongue slid into Vito’s mouth, collecting all of his cum so he could savor the taste as he swallowed it.

“Thank you, Sir!” Daniel enthused when Vito pulled away. “That was really hot, Sir!”

Vito grinned. “Glad you liked it, boy. Now, let’s get changed for dinner and your Torture!”

Vito pulled out a pair of military style fatigue pants and a simple green tank-top for Daniel to wear, as well as his low combat style boots. He put on a pair of fatigue pants himself, but in a different camo pattern. Finally, he gave Daniel a set of dog tags on a chain to wear around his neck.

They headed over to dinner, Vito leading the way with Daniel following his usual one step behind and one step to the right as he had been trained to do when not wearing his leash. Daniel served his Master’s dinner before being given permission to be seated himself to eat. While he was concentrating on his dinner, though, he failed to notice that scattered through the dining room there were about a dozen or so guys in the same type of fatigues as Vito. When he was just about done eating, Vito looked around for one of the other guys dressed like he was, and nodded his head slightly.

The guy got up out of his seat, followed shortly by the others, and they slowly started to make their way towards where Vito and Daniel were sitting. Daniel was paying attention to the evening announcements that were made after dinner when suddenly he was grabbed from behind, hauled to his feet, his shirt was torn off, and tied around his head as a gag, and a cloth bag was pulled down over his head! Struggling futilely against the guys holding him, and disoriented by the bag, and the speed of the attack, he was almost instantly helpless as he was bodily picked up, and carried out of the dining room, as the rest of the run attendants laughed and cheered his kidnappers on!

Daniel struggled helplessly as he was carried into the tent where the bondage equipment was set up. He was laid down on a flat bench, his arms were stretched over his head and pinned down while restraints were locked around his wrists and ankles.

Once he was secured, the bag was pulled from his head, and the torn shirt was untied from around his head. Looking up, he saw about 12 or 13 guys standing around the torture rack he was secured to. All of them were dressed alike, in uniform pants in the same pattern as Vito’s. He realized that this was the setup for the rack Torture scene. He was an enemy soldier that was going to be Tortured for military information!

One of the guys, a thickly muscled older man with a high-n-tight military buzz haircut looked down at him and growled; “We know you have the information we want! Tell us the plans, or we will Torture it out of you!”

“French, Daniel. Private, U.S. Army, Serial Number 53000553378” he said.

“That’s NOT what I asked for! If that’s the way you want it, O.K. So be it!” snarled the “interrogator”.

Looking towards the head of the rack, he nodded. Daniel heard the clicking sound on the winch being turned, and felt the restraints around his wrists start to be pulled, stretching his arms. With each click of the winch, his arms were drawn tighter. The sweat started to shine on his pecs and abs, and run down his ribcage. This was it, he was being Tortured on a rack, the culmination of lots of adolescent Torture fantasies that he had tried to hide from himself!

The stretching continued for about 15 seconds, then he was questioned again and ordered to give the “information” the leader wanted, and again, he gave just his name, rank, and “serial” number, which was actually his driver’s license number! The interrogator shook his head, and the winch was turned again, stretching Daniel even tighter! The ache in his shoulder joints started to get more intense, as did the pulling sensation in his back muscles. His ribcage lifted above his abs, which were being flattened by the stretching of his torso. It hurt, but to Daniel, it was also the MOST erotic thing he had EVER done! He was determined to endure as much as they could dish out without having to use the safe word he had been given by Vito.

The questioning continued for another 15 minutes or so, and each time Daniel refused to talk, the rack was tightened more and more! He was literally gasping for air, since his diaphragm was stretched and he was having trouble drawing a deep breath. Daniel knew that Vito was there, and wouldn’t let anything dangerous happen to him, or let him be injured, but it was damn painful all the same.

When the rack was pulled enough that it reached Daniel’s limits, he finally moaned loudly, and groaned “Oh fuck. That hurts! Damn!”

“You want it to stop hurting, private? Then Talk!” Snarled his interrogator.

“Fuck you! French, Daniel, Private, U.S. Army 53000553378” he groaned.

“Stretch him until he screams!” Snapped the interrogator.

The winch began to slowly click, each “Click”…Click”…”Click” drawing Daniel’s tortured body tighter and tighter. The stretching of his body had crossed over from being a “scene” into the realm of real TORTURE! He began to grunt and groan louder and louder each time the winch clicked. Every muscle in his torso was straining to it’s limit, his bare bulging chest and ribcage, and flattened abs gleaming like a bucket of water had been dumped over him. One more “Click” of the rack, and the helpless muscleman began to scream as the pain in his joints and his muscles had reached a level of intensity he had NEVER experienced before! The interrogator leaned down, his face close to Daniel’s.













Finally, the interrogator grew tired of the back and forth shouting, and picked up a small riding crop. Rubbing it across Daniel’s tautly stretched ribcage and pecs, he looked at Vito. Vito gave a small nod, and the interrogator lifted the crop, and slapped the end of it down across Daniel’s right nipple!

“AARGUUUUGGHHH!!” Howled Daniel even louder at this additional Torture!

SMACK…SMACK…SMACK… the crop slapped across Daniel’s tits again and again and again, drawing a shriek of pain from the captive Muscleman with each hit! Again, and again his tits were Tortured, until Daniel was sure that he couldn’t take one more hit!

Sensing this, the interrogator set the crop down, and leaned in close to Daniel’s contorted face again.

“Ready to talk, private? You can save yourself a LOT of suffering if you just give us the information we need! Otherwise, your Torture will continue, and it will only get worse!”

“Fuck…You….Do …your ..worst! I’ll never…talk!” groaned out Daniel.

“Fine! Have it your way!” snarled the interrogator.

Vito leaned in and looked down at his slave, a questioning expression on his face. Daniel gave him a quick wink, signaling that he really did want to keep going. Vito grinned briefly, and nodded his head.

Vito turned to the interrogator and asked “What do you think we need to do to the prisoner next? The sounds? Electricity, maybe the hot wax?”

Daniel groaned slightly as he heard his Master talking about the various forms of Torture he might have to endure while stretched to his limit on the rack! The fantasy of being Tortured on a rack was a LOT less painful then the reality. The pain in his back was steadily growing more and more intense as the muscles strained to keep his spine from stretching, and his shoulders felt like they were being torn apart! This hurt even more then being used as the rope in the tug-of-war, which was the most intense sensation that Daniel had ever endured before this!

“Oh, we’ll make him talk, don’t worry about that, Sir” said the interrogator to Vito, who was his “commanding officer” in this role playing scenario.


Daniel moaned as he felt his pants being unbuttoned and unzipped. A hand grasped his cock, which was soft, since he was concentrating on just enduring the stretching.

“Oh, this won’t do at all! He needs to be hard!” Said the interrogator.

“Don’t worry, I can fix that” sneered Vito.

Vito turned and said something softly to two of the hot guys that were watching the interrogation and torture of the prisoner. They stepped up alongside the rack, one on each side, peeled off their shirts, exposing nicely muscled physiques, and leaned down to begin to suck and chew on Daniel’s erect nipples, and to tongue out his straining armpits, and lick the sweat from his pecs. Daniel groaned at the erotic feel of the muscle worship during the Torture session, but he also realized that his cock was getting hard as they worked his tits with their teeth, and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it!

The hand stroked his swelling cock, adding to his stimulation until it was fully erect.

“Oh yeah, that’s better” he heard the interrogator chuckle.

Daniel felt his cock being held by one hand while the interrogator was doing something that he couldn’t see, as he couldn’t lift his head far enough to look past his own bulging ribcage. Then, something was being moved down over his cock and nuts. Then, he felt pressure at the base of his cock and balls, and he realized that a rubber cock ring had been stretched out and put on his dick and balls to keep him fully hard for his next Torture!

The interrogator leaned into his field of view holding a flat leather case, which he then opened, exposing a series of thin metal rods, each with a small oval shaped bulb of polished metal on it’s end.

“Well, are you going to talk, private, or do these rods go down inside your cock? It your choice…”

“French, Daniel, Private U.S. Army. Serial number 53000553378.”

“O.K. So be it” sneered the interrogator.

Daniel felt something cold on the swollen head of his cock, and he realized that it was lube. Suddenly, he felt the incredible sensation of his pisshole being entered by a piece of hard steel! He groaned at the unusual sensation, not sure in his own mind if it hurt, or was incredibly erotic, or what! His mind was almost overstimulated by the various sensations, his arms and back being stretched to their limits, the two hot mouths still making love to his torso, the pressure of the cock ring, and now the feeling of pressure and the strange intrusion of his cock by the steel!

Daniel gasped for air and groaned as he felt the sound slipping deeper and deeper into his cock! It was almost like he had to piss, but not quite the same feeling! He almost couldn’t process it in his mind, as there were so many things going on at once. The steel bulb began to slowly slide up and down inside his cock in a slow, incredibly erotic pace, almost as if it was trying to jack him off from the inside! His chest rose and fell as he gasped for air, the two hot mouths sucking his tits and licking his armpits moving with him, continuing to drive him nuts with desire!

“Ohhh, SHIT! Oh, Fuck, that feels good! DAMN” he hissed between clenched teeth.

“You want more, private?” sneered the interrogator.

“Yes, Sir. PLEASE, Sir!” Daniel groaned. “More, please!”

The sound pumped in and out of his cock for a good 15 minutes, driving Daniel further and further into a state of total ecstasy as his mind was almost overloaded by the mixed sensations of pain and pleasure. He groaned as he felt the sound being withdrawn from his cock, only to be replaced by another within seconds. Daniel realized that this one was thicker then the first one, which only made him groan louder, and involuntarily try to thrust his hips up to take it deeper into his cock! He was trying to fuck his cock with the sound but he couldn’t move much as he was stretched too tightly.

“ Oh yes, God, that feels hot! Oh fuck! More, yeah, more! Damn!” Daniel moaned as the sounding continued.

The hard steel bulb on the end of the rod slid up and down inside his dick, driving him totally nuts with desire. This was pleasure torture at it’s most erotic! The strain on his muscles increased when he heard the winch on the rack click several more times, stretching his muscles and joints even further! He shrieked in a combination of agony and ecstasy as the increase of the brutal pain in his joints and the sensations of the mouths biting and chewing his nipples and the sound stretching his urethra finally were too much for him.

Daniel shrieked; “OH SHIT, I’M CUMMING! OH FUCK!!”

The Interrogator pulled the sound out of his throbbing cock just before it erupted with a fountain of sperm, the first jet shooting clear past his head, to splatter on the rack, with more splashing on Daniel’s face and chest , pumping stream after stream until with a howl, the last jet shot onto his washboard abs, pooling in his navel, and running down his sides, mixed with his sweat.

The two guys that were sucking his tits immediately began to lick the sperm off of his face and his glistening body, even as Daniel’s chest and ribcage heaved as he struggled to breathe! Vito immediately released the latch on the rack winch, but let the pressure off easily so Daniel wouldn’t hurt himself trying to move too quickly.

Daniel was too exhausted by his explosive orgasm to do anything other then lay there, moaning as his body was licked and his sweat and sperm lapped up by the guys making love to his muscles. His chest and abs heaved and rippled as he tried to catch his breath after the most intense orgasm of his entire life!

He was a little surprised when Vito locked down the rack winch again, keeping him spread out on the rack, just not quite as tightly stretched. Then, all the guys in the fatigues that were watching his Torture lined up on both sides of the rack, most of them shirtless. Daniel looked up at the collection of men that surrounded him as then all took out their already hard cocks, and began to jerk them off! He realized that they were ALL going to cum on his stretched torso, covering him with their hot loads of sperm.

He moaned in total lust at the sight of the mostly muscled guys looming over him, jacking off, working their nipples or stroking their abs, and in some cases, feeling Daniel’s muscles or tits with their free hands. Eventually, one guy groaned, and shot a stream of hot sperm from his cock, shooting it across Daniel’s pecs. That apparently triggered more guys to cum, until he was in a virtual shower of hot, thick cum splashing on his muscles.

Daniel moaned in frustration, as he REALLY wanted all those loads of sperm in his mouth, but he knew that his Master wouldn’t allow it. The cum streaming down his ribcage was incredibly erotic though and he was happy with that! Daniel thought he might actually cum again, with no-hands when the guys started rubbing the sperm all over his chest and abs, into his armpits, and even up his arms, until his entire torso from his cock up was coated in a layer of sperm and sweat!

“Well, Private, are you going to talk NOW?” growled the “interrogator”, with a huge grin on his face.

“Oh fuck yes, Sir. Do that again, and I’ll tell you whatever you want to know!” moaned Daniel, drawing a huge laugh from all the guys surrounding him.

Vito was laughing the hardest at his slaveboy’s reaction. He knew that Daniel was almost totally overwhelmed by the sheer eroticism of the scene he had just endured. Finally, he released the rack winch, and with the help of a couple of the guys, they released Daniel from his bondage, and helped him to sit up aft   “Well, boy, how was that? Do you feel O.K.?” asked Vito.

“Oh God yes, Sir! That was GREAT, Sir! Thank you for arranging it, Sir! Although…” he paused.

Vito looked at him expectantly.

Daniel looked down at his sweat and sperm covered torso and said; “Well, Sir, now your slave knows what a glazed doughnut feels like!”

All the guys surrounding him and his Master broke up again. A couple of them even ran their hands across his muscles, then licked their fingers clean! Daniel finally stood up, and fastened his pants. Then to give the guys around him a thrill, he grinned at Vito, and pulled his arms up and did a full double-bicep pose. There was a moan from the guys watching at the sight of his shiny cum and sweat coated muscles flexing in front of them as he went into a short version of his contest routine.

Vito let him pose for a couple of minutes before he said; “O.K. Boy, that’s enough. Let’s go get you cleaned up before we see what other kinds of trouble we can get you into tonight!”

Daniel grinned, “Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir” before he dropped suddenly to his knees, bent down, and began to lick his Master’s boots for a couple of minutes before straightening back up.

“Come on, boy, let’s go. We still have at least one more night of fun tomorrow before we have to pack, help tear down the site, and head home!” smiled Vito.

Daniel rose to his feet, and obediently followed his master back to their cabin to clean up, and to try to get himself ready for one more day of pleasure and Torture…


Part 10


Daniel and Vito stripped down once they were back in the cabin so they could both get in the shower. Daniel needed to wash off the sperm and sweat coating his muscles, and Vito just wanted another opportunity to feel his slave’s soapy slick muscles! Vito knew that Daniel was the slave and lover he had been waiting for! Handsome as hell, built like a brick shithouse, and really into S+M sex!

They got in the shower under the hot, steamy water, and Vito told Daniel to just lean back against the wall with his hands behind his head, When he did, Vito used some of his liquid soap, and began to lather up his slave’s muscles. Daniel moaned softly at the feel of the strong hands gently gliding across his slick skin, making tactile love to every ridge and ripple of muscle. He groaned when Vito began to pinch and pull on his nipples, causing his cock to start to stand up again. Vito’s finger glided into his armpits, then felt his softball sized biceps.

Daniel flexed his arms again, making Vito moan “Oh, fuck yeah!” as he felt the rock hard muscles. He knew that Daniel loved having his muscles admired and worshiped, much as he did himself. He leaned in and wrapped his arms around Daniel, their soapy bodies slipping on each other. They started kissing each other passionately under the streams of hot water, tongues exploring each others mouths, hands stroking each others muscled physiques.

“Damn, Sir. Would you fuck me, Sir, Please?” Moaned Daniel into Vito’s ear.

“Sure, boy, but I want you to fuck me, too. I want to feel that fat cock of yours in my hole, pounding away!”

They rinsed the soap off, dried off, and lay down on the bed, wrapped in each others arms. Daniel and Vito spent the next half hour or so just making love to each other with their hands, and mouths. Their shared passion grew until Vito couldn’t wait any longer.

“Lay on your back, boy! I’m gonna fuck that tight hole of yours!” he growled in Daniel’s ear.

“”Yes, Sir! Thank you sir!” moaned Daniel, as he rolled onto his back, and lifted his legs.

Much as they had done their first night at the run, Vito pounded Daniel’s ass with his cock for a good 20 minutes, slamming it in and out of the hot hole until he pumped a thick load of sperm into his slave’s tight channel. Daniel moaned with each thrust of the thick cock into his still tight ass, driving him crazy with desire. He wanted this every night from now on, his muscle Master fucking and using him as his sex slave!

When Vito had collapsed onto his back on the bed, panting and dripping with sweat, Daniel spent a few minutes sucking his tits and licking the sweat from his abs before kneeling between Vito’s legs, and lifting them much as Vito had done to him. Lubing his erect cock, he positioned it at Vito’s hole, and gave one thrust, driving his fat shaft into his Master’s ass for only about the second time!

“Oh hell, yes! Fuck me, boy! FUCK ME!!” Howled Vito.

Daniel set Vito’s ankles on his broad shoulders and began to thrust his cock into his Master, rhythmically driving it in and out, his muscles rippling, leaning on his thick arms, sweat dripping from his chest and abs down onto Vito’s body. Vito began to feel Daniel’s muscles, and work his nipples with his fingers, which just made Daniel fuck him harder and harder!

“Fuck me, boy! Pound my ass, boy! Yeah…drive it in me!” Groaned Vito as he writhed on the bed.

Daniel straightened up, reached out and began to work Vito’s tits again, which made Vito twist and pull HIS tits harder and harder. It almost turned into a nipple torture endurance contest to see which muscleman would break first from the intense pain in their nipples! And, through the entire mutual tit play, Daniel was driving his cock in and out of Vito, pounding him almost brutally.

Eventually, Daniel growled “Oh shit, I’m CUMMING” as he pumped his sperm into Vito.

As he did, Vito twisted his nipples savagely, making Daniel scream from the sheer pain, as well as the feeling of his cum exploding into his Master’s ass!

“OH SHIT!!! OH SHIT!!! OH SHIT!!! FUCKFUCKFUCK!” Howled Daniel, slamming his cock in one last time.

Finally, he couldn’t stay upright any longer. Pulling out of Vito’s ass, he collapsed down onto Vito’s sweat drenched body, his chest heaving as he gasped for air. Vito immediately wrapped his arms around his slave, holding his muscled body tight until his breathing finally slowed to normal. Daniel looked down deeply into his Master’s eyes, then kissed him deeply. Vito just held his slave tighter, feeling the huge muscles in his back, waiting for them both to recover from their intense fuck session. After about 5 minutes, Daniel finally rolled off of Vito and lay next to him on the bed. They just lay there for a bit longer, kissing, and reveling in the afterglow, their bodies both gleaming with sweat.

“Oh God, oh God…” moaned Daniel. “That was so fucking hot, Sir!”

“You’re telling me, boy! I haven’t had my ass pounded like that for weeks, boy! I want you to do that all the time when we go home!”

“Only if you promise to fuck me just as hard, Sir! And Torture me every day as well!”

“Deal!” Grinned Vito.

Daniel realized that Vito had just agreed that he would be his full-time Master! He just leaned in and kissed his new Master almost fiercely!

“Do you want to go back out and see what else is going on, boy?” asked Vito with a small grin. He suspected what Daniel’s answer would be.

“No Sir. Slave just wants to stay right here in bed with you, Sir!” said Daniel, confirming Vito’s guess.

“Yes, boy. Me too!” chuckled Vito, just before pulling Daniel closer to him, and kissing him again!

The next morning, both Vito and Daniel walked rather slowly to breakfast, Daniel in his collar, cutoffs, a tank top and boots, and Vito in Jeans and boots with his vest. They both were rather sore after the exertions of the previous night, Daniel especially after his Torture on the rack. They both agreed to take it easy during the day, but this evening, Daniel was going to experience electro Torture as the climax to their time at the run, since the next day was mostly going to be spent helping to tear down the run site and pack up the gear that the club brought for the event.

Most of the day was spent by the pool, lounging naked in the warm sun, chatting with friends, and alternating between dips in the pool, sitting in the sauna in the building next to the pool area, and soaking in the small hot tub attached to the main pool.

Daniel now knew that he was in love with Vito, real love, and not just a physical attraction, like he had with his girlfriend. He had accepted who he really was, and he was happier then he had been in years. They made plans for Daniel to move into Vito’s house once the lease on his apartment ran out in a couple of months. Until then, they would still see each other regularly at the gym, and in Vito’s Dungeon on weekends!

That evening, after a relaxing day at the pool, and a good meal, they prepared for the evening’s activities. Vito talked with a club member that was good with various forms of Electro Torture about working over Daniel. His friend was eager to see Daniel’s muscles working as the electricity pounded through them, making him flex uncontrollably!

He had Daniel wear the codpiece shorts and his low boots and nothing else so the majority of his sculpted muscles would be on display. They went into the bondage tent with Daniel wheeling Vito’s toy box behind him. When they got to the bondage table they were going to use, Vito’s friend, Al was there with a selection of electrical gear to use.


Daniel was ordered to lie on the table with his arms at his side. Restraints were fastened around his ankles, with another set just below his knees. His wrists were restrained to eye bolts on the side of the table, with a second set of restraints fastened just below his elbows, totally immobilizing his arms, but leaving his upper body free for some movement.

Daniel’s chest rose and fell rapidly as he anticipated what the electrical Torture might feel like. He had been shocked a couple of times by live wires on his construction job, and hated it, so he wasn’t sure if this was going to feel the same, or what.

Al pulled out a thick black unit that looked more like a lightsaber then anything else to Daniel, even down to the small glass tube sticking out of one end. He plugged the gizmo in, and turned a knob with a clicking sound until there was a sharp buzzing sound, and the glass tube began to glow with a strange purple light! Daniel’s chest rose and fell faster and faster as Al brought the glowing glass tube closer and closer to his right nipple, until with a sharp “ZAPPP” sound, a stream of electricity jumped from the tube to his tit!

Daniel writhed, and howled; “OH SHIT” at the feel of the electrical arc on his nipple! It felt like a red hot needle had just been dragged across his tit. Al brought the unit down to his left tit, and repeated the shock Torture. Daniel could do nothing but flex and strain his muscles as he was shocked again and again by the unit. Al ran the tube up and down his chest and abs, trailing an electrical arc across his heaving muscles for a good 10 minutes. Daniel struggled and howled whenever the arc jumped to his skin from the tube. During the torture, Al switched from a single tube to something that looked like as rake, with five tines. An arc jumped from each tine of the rake to Daniel’s skin, increasing his torture and torment! He howled and struggled, his body glistening with sweat, making the definition of his muscles stand out like he had been oiled for his contest!

Al concentrated on Daniel’s tits, making them feel like they were being cooked right off his chest. Still, in the midst of the Electrical torture, Daniel’s cock was rock hard, and straining against the codpiece of his shorts. Vito finally unsnapped the codpiece, allowing Daniel’s cock to stand up straight, streaming slightly. Daniel groaned when Al aimed the rake towards his dick, then shrieked at the feel of the five electrical arcs jumping to the sensitive skin of his dick. He screamed when one of the tines was held directly above his pisshole, and an arc jumped directly to the opening!

“FUCK!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! Oh SHIT, that hurts!” he howled.

“Do you want to stop, boy?” asked Vito.

“NO SIR! Please, Sir, HURT ME! HURT ME MORE, SIR!” gasped Daniel. “Please, Sir, Torture your slave harder, Sir!”

Vito grinned as Al put the electrical unit away in it’s case, and brought out a different type of electro toy. It was a small white box, with various controls on the front. Al took a paper towel, and wiped the sweat from Daniel’s abs. He then took some small sticky pads, similar to the ones doctors used for an EKG machine, and stuck them to Daniel’s abs, two on each side. Then wires were plugged into the electro box, and hooked to the pads.

Daniel just lay back and waited, unsure of what was going to happen next. As Al turned the knobs on the box, Daniel felt a light kind of quivering sensation in his abs, which grew more and more intense as the controls were manipulated. His ab muscles began to flex in a rhythmic pattern, flex, release, flex, release, and he had NO control over them! The contractions of his muscles became more and more intense, and the sensation through the muscles morphed from a quiver, to a quivering shake, to actual pain as his nerves were stimulated harder and harder!

Daniel groaned as each new blast of electricity coursed through his abs, making them knot up like he was doing ab crunches, and then relaxing, which was almost as painful, then contracting fully again, and again, and again! His torso tried to sit up as his abs contracted, but he could only come up about halfway as his arms were bound to the bondage table. He threw his head back and growled in agony as the electricity flowed through his abs more and more as the intensity was turned up!

Through his agony Daniel heard comments like “Jesus, look at those abs!” “FUCK! He’s got a full 8 pack!” “Damn, that’s hot! I wanna feel those muscles”, and more from the guys watching his Torture.

The electro Torture of his abs continued for a full half hour or more, his rock hard muscles contracting and releasing in different patterns as the settings on the box were changed. Then, to Daniel’s horror, small rubber type loops were put around his nuts and around his cock, just under the swollen head of his dick. The loops of material were attached by wires to another electro box, and Daniel felt the current begin to run through his cock, from his nuts up to the head!

He screamed at this new source of Torture, but Al wasn’t finished yet! A third, smaller box was set next to his writhing, sweating body, and two small clamps with sharp teeth were attached to his nipples! The tit clamps were attached by wires to the third box, and Daniel shrieked in agony as blasts of electricity pounded through his tits, making them feel like they were being pierced, or even set on fire! The electricity was concentrated in just his nipples themselves, and not his pecs, so the intensity was just that much higher.

Writhing in agony, helpless to control the contracting of his abs, or to stop the burning sensation in his tits, or the feeling like an ongoing orgasm from his cock and nuts, Daniel could do nothing but endure the brutal electrical tortures for what felt like hours! His muscles writhed under his brown, glistening skin, his cock throbbing, the head purple with desire, his swollen, erect nipples in agony, the veins standing out across his pecs and running down his abs, and bulging out on top of his softball sized biceps as he futilely struggled to escape the Torture.

“You like that, boy?” taunted Vito, looking down into Daniel’s face with an evil grin.

“Fuck yes, Sir! More, Sir! Please! Turn it up more, Sir, PLEASE!!” He shrieked.

Vito looked at Al, who manipulated the controls on the electro boxes. The blasts of Electricity pounding into Daniel’s body increased in both speed and intensity!

“FUCK!!! SHIT!!! GODAMN THAT HURTS! FUCKFUCKFUCK!!” Screamed Daniel, every muscle in his entire body contracted to the max as he fought the electricity.

The Torture by electricity continued for another 20 minutes or so, the power and speed of the pulses growing more and more intense and frequent, until, when the power to his cock had been turned up to incredibly agonizing levels, Daniel shrieked out “OH SHIT, I’M CUMMING!! FUCK!!”

His cock erupted with a huge orgasm, shooting streams of sperm past his head, then onto his face and into his wide open mouth as he was screaming, then across his bulging pecs and abs, mixing with the rivulets of sweat running down his muscles. His cock throbbed and pulsed as the electricity continued to pound through it even when his orgasm was spent! Daniel screamed at the top of his lungs at each new blast of electricity through his dick and his tits, as well as through his abs.

Finally, he fell back on the table, limp and only semi-responsive. Vito told Al to back off the power and end Daniel’s Torture, since he was pretty well out of it. He leaned down to his slave to make sure that he was all right. Daniel gasped for air as his eyes cleared and he finally focused on Vito’s concerned face. Daniel started to cry for the second time during the run, his mind struggling to process everything that he had just endured, as well as all the other Tortures and new feelings that he had experienced these last 4 days or so.

Vito leaned down, and whispered in Daniel’s ear : “That’s O.K. Boy. Let it out. That was damn intense, I know.”

Daniel just quivered in Vito’s arms as he was released from his bondage and the electrodes were removed from his body. He was so emotionally wrecked that he didn’t even respond when Al unclipped his nipples. Once all the electro gear was removed from his body, Daniel finally was ready to sit up. Vito sat next to him, holding him, and stroking his hair and his face gently, comforting him. He knew that emotional support was a vitally important part of the aftercare of a slave after an intense scene, and especially for a newbie like Daniel!

Vito knew that the Electro Torture session had to be the climax to Daniel’s time at the run, no pun intended. He knew that his slave couldn’t take any more, and he needed some quiet time to process everything that had happened to him. Luckily, the guys watching the scene were pretty well experienced as well, and they knew that after that level of Electro Torture, Daniel was, well , to put it simply, Toast!

They helped collect the gear that belonged to Vito, mostly the restraints, and packed them away. One of his club brothers volunteered to bring the toy box back to the cabin, since Vito needed both arms to support Daniel as they walked back. Once at the cabin, Vito told Daniel to just sit on the bed for a while, and calm down before they got into the shower. Vito also told him that he would feel some quivering and shaking in his muscles, as the nerves tried to recover from the outside stimulation, but that it would fade in a while.

Daniel tried to relax, but he was pretty well keyed up, but exhausted at the same time! Vito had taken him further into realms of intense pain and pleasure, places that he had only dreamed about in his deepest private fantasies. Daniel knew that he could never go back to his old life, pretending to be straight and worried what others might think of him. He knew who he was, and to hell with everyone elses opinion of him! Vito had truly changed the course of his life these last several days, and Daniel could never thank him enough, but he vowed to keep trying…


Part 11


Vito helped Daniel into the shower, and just held him for a while under the warm water. It seemed to be one of the best ways to get him to relax after a hard or really intense session of Torture. Daniel just stood with his eyes closed, enjoying the feel of the muscled body holding him, relaxing his aching muscles and helping him recover.

After a bit, they dried off and got into bed. Holding each other tight, they talked into the night about their future together, with Daniel willingly serving as Vito’s sex slave, Torture boy, houseboy, and lover.

Eventually, they both drifted off to sleep, still wrapped in each others arms.

In the morning, they dressed and headed off to the dining room for breakfast. Today was mostly going to be occupied with tearing down the dungeon setups and the tents, and packing up the equipment, as well as returning the grounds of the resort to it’s original condition. Some of the guys were leaving as soon as the packing was done, but Vito had paid for an extra night in the cabin, so he and Daniel would have free time tonight before heading home in the morning.

When breakfast was done, they started to help with the teardown. Daniel was wearing his old battered blue jeans, his work boots, and an old western style shirt with the sleeves cut off, and open down the front. Not only was it cool, but it emphasized his muscularity, and showed off his abs! Vito wore his denims and boots as well, along with one of his cut-down workout tank tops.

Within an hour or so, they were both dripping with sweat, as was the rest of the teardown crew. Daniel was used to this type of hard physical labor since he did construction work for a living, and he even took charge of the breaking down and stowage of some of the gear since in his mind he could see the best way to pack the equipment in the truck used to take it back to the city.

Vito was actually getting turned on every time he saw Daniel working, his sweat shined abs and pecs rippling and flexing and his massive biceps bulging as he lifted and moved heavy pieces of equipment in preparation to packing them away. Several other club members commented to Vito about how hot and sexy Daniel looked in his work clothes, and he sure had to agree with them! Daniel was a stud!

“And”, mused Vito, “He is MY stud!”

The packing continued until it was time to break for lunch. Vito wasn’t really surprised to see that Daniel had actually acquired a bit of a “Fan Club” among the guys helping him with the packing! He sure was easy on the eyes, and he was a hard worker as well.

Vito had told Daniel that he could relax the rules of slavery while doing the work, and just be himself. They sat with some of the club members, and chatted, Daniel answering a lot of questions about how he had ended up at the run, and even some training and workout advice for some of the guys. He promised them that he would help anyone at the gym who wanted some tips for better workouts.

Vito got quite a few compliments on his handsome new slave, as well as a couple of guys who teasingly admitted that they were rather jealous of Vito’s slave, and would try to get him away from Vito! He took it in the kidding fashion that it was meant, and everyone got a laugh when Daniel told them that THAT wasn’t gonna happen! Then Daniel leaned over, and kissed Vito who was sitting next to him.

When lunch was over, everyone got back to work on the packing. Daniel got even more attention when he finally took off his shirt, exposing his sweaty, rippling back muscles as well as his abs and pecs. Vito grinned when he saw a guy actually run his hand down Daniel’s back, then lick the sweat off his hand! Daniel was chuckling as well, and finally told the guy to go ahead and lick his pecs and pits, but just for a minute or so, since they still had work to do!

By late in the afternoon, all the gear was packed, and a lot of the guys were heading back to their respective homes. Vito told the members of the Griffins that he and Daniel would more then likely see them at their next monthly meeting, which happened to be scheduled to be held at his house. When they finally got a chance to relax, Daniel and Vito went back to their cabin, changed into some gym shorts and sneakers and headed for the pool house and sauna. They had to be more or less dressed now since the resort was back to regular operation and they couldn’t run around naked..

They both hit the showers quickly in the pool house, and settled into the hot tub by the pool to relax, and reflect on the events of the last week. They sat silently for a while, each lost in their thoughts. Vito was thinking about the difference it would make in his life to finally have a full-time slaveboy in his life, while Daniel was reflecting on how this week had helped him to come out of the closet and admit to himself and everyone else who he really was.

Vito and Daniel enjoyed the warm, bubbling water for a while before Vito took the initiative, and suggested to Daniel that it was time to go get some dinner in the restaurant. They both dressed somewhat more conservatively then they had been able to during the run, since the resort was back to being open to everyone, not just run attendees. Still, there were a few guys from the run still there, and they waved Vito and Daniel over to their table when they went in. It was fun just to be able to sit and shoot the breeze without the constraints of formal slavery, since Vito had released Daniel from his servitude earlier in the day when the run formally ended.

After dinner, Daniel and Vito went back to their cabin to pack their own gear for the drive home in the morning. Shortly after they started to pack there was a knock on the door. When Daniel opened it to see who it was, he was pleasantly surprised to see that it was Song, the Korean personal trainer and fitness model.

“Hello, guys, I just stopped by to see how you are doing after the run.” He told them.

“We’re doing great, and we had a fantastic time! How about you?” grinned Vito.

“Well, I had fun, too, but I always hate to see the run end. I always kind of feel a bit let-down after it’s over.”

“I kinda know how you feel” said Vito, “I sometimes feel the same way! Anything we can do to make you feel better?” he smiled, looking at Daniel knowingly.

Song just grinned and dropped to his knees, peeling his shirt off at the same time. “I have an idea or two about how you might help, Sir.” he said, kneeling in front of the two muscular men.

Daniel looked over at Vito. “Do you want to go first?”

Vito grinned at him. “No, you go right ahead. I’d just enjoy watching for a bit. I’ll take my turn later!”

Daniel grinned back, and peeled off his own shirt. Opening his denims, he pulled out his already stiffening cock, and slipped it into Song’s waiting mouth. He moaned with pleasure as Song began to tongue his cock, while running his hands up and down Daniel’s abs and ribs, then working up to his pecs, and finally beginning to play with his nipples. Daniel ran his fingers through Song’s thick black hair while fucking his mouth. Song worked his tits with one hand while feeling the rippling abs with the other, getting lost in his worship of the hot muscleman’s body while sucking his cock.

Daniel stood there, enjoying the feel of the hot blow job from the Asian stud, thrusting in and out of his mouth for a good 10 minutes or so, pacing himself. Suddenly, he felt Vito’s hard, bare chest against his back, and his hands sliding around his torso to feel his muscles. Song took hold of Daniel’s tits, as Vito felt his flexing hard abs as Daniel began to fuck Song’s mouth harder and harder until with a groan he shot his load into the stud’s mouth.

“Fuck! Aw, Fuck! Damn, that’s a good mouth! Shit!” He groaned, gasping for air.

When he pulled his cock from Song’s mouth, the Korean stud looked up and said; “Thank you! That tasted SO good!”

Daniel grinned. “You’re welcome! Hell, that FELT damn good, too!”

Vito chuckled as he took his place in front of the kneeling Korean. Song obediently opened his mouth again and Vito slid his Italian sausage into the waiting hole. Song sucked and tongued Vito’s cock, and felt his sweating torso for another 10 or 15 minutes, the both of then clearly enjoying the hot blow job.

Daniel stepped in behind Vito and pressed his torso against the glistening back muscles. Vito moaned slightly at the sensation of the rock hard pecs and abs against his own solid muscles. Daniel’s hands began to feel Vito’s pecs and work his tits while he stuck his tongue in Vito’s right ear! Song worked the ripped abs flexing in front of his face with his fingertips as Vito’s cock drove in and out of his mouth faster and faster.

When Vito growled; “Oh shit, I’m cumming!”, Daniel twisted his nipples as hard as he could grasp the sweat soaked knobs! Vito threw his head back against Daniel’s shoulder as he shot a hard load of sperm into Song’s hard sucking mouth. Song moaned at both the feel and the taste of the sperm flooding into his mouth, and the feel of the rock hard abs flexing under his fingers.

Vito’s orgasm seemed to go on and on the longer that Daniel tortured his nipples, but finally, with one last loud gasp of air, he pulled his cock from Song’s mouth, the head too sensitive to endure the hot, talented tongue working it any longer!

“FUCK! Oh, fuck that was good! Dammit!” Vito gasped as he leaned back against Daniel for support , legs wobbly after his explosive orgasm.

Song smiled up at them “Thank you, Sirs, for the great loads! Those are my very favorite kind of Protein shakes, and they taste SO good, too!”

Vito chuckled. “Well, stand up, boy! We can’t let you just leave after THAT!”

When Song stood up, both Vito and Daniel leaned in and began to suck and chew on his thick dark brown nipples that stood out in sharp contrast to his light golden skin. He moaned and held their faces tight against his lean pecs as they worked his tits with their teeth. Vito’s hand slid down his hard abs and began to unbutton Song’s jeans, allowing his cock to stand out.

Vito pulled back from Song’s chest and asked Daniel; “Boy, do you want to suck him off? He’s safe for you to take his load if you want it.”

Daniel grinned. “Oh hell yes! I’ll take as much of his cum as he wants to pump into my mouth! He’s almost as sexy and as hot as you are, Sir!” He looked at Song and said; “Uh, no offense, of course!”

Song laughed and said; “None Taken! Fuck yes, Vito’s hot, and you are lucky to have him! My lover, Jeung is damn hot, too, but he just couldn’t get away to come this week. Hopefully we can all get together sometime when we’re back home!”

Daniel kissed him quickly, and dropped to his knees in front of the lean, shredded Korean. Leaning in, he slowly, teasingly took the length of Song’s cock into his mouth, working the head with his tongue, and nipping at the silken skin of the shaft with his teeth.

Daniel took a strange kind of pleasure in hearing Song moan; “Oh fuck! What a hot mouth!” Just a week ago, he couldn’t really imagine hearing another guy say that about him as he sucked his cock!

Song grasped Daniel’s head as he began to slowly work his shaft in and out of his mouth. Daniel slipped his hands up across the incredibly hard, lean abdominal muscles that rippled in front of his eyes like a rolling sea of muscle. Song gasped and moaned as he fucked the beautiful young muscleboy’s mouth. Vito began to lick the sweat running down Song’s back, drawing another loud moan of pleasure from him.

It only took another couple of minutes before Song began to groan with each thrust of his cock into Daniel’s mouth, then he gasped “Oh fuck! Oh FUCK!” and then something in Korean that sounded like “hananim, gibun-i joh-a”! as he shot into Daniel’s sucking mouth! Daniel swallowed the hot, salty bittersweet sperm as fast as he could, loving the taste, and marveling at the rippling muscles knotting up in Song’s abs as he came! When Song’s orgasm was finished, and every drop of his sperm had been milked from his cock, Daniel reluctantly got up off his knees, and hugged his hot, sweaty body close.

“Thank you! That was SO damn good! What a hell of a way to end the week, don’t you think, Sir?” He said, turning to Vito, who grinned and joined in their group hug!

“Yeah, any week that ends with that much cum down someone’s throat HAS to be a good week!” he laughed.

Finally, Song told the guys that he had to get back to his room at the motel and finish his packing so he would be ready to leave in the morning, much as Daniel and Vito were going to do. He promised that he would contact Vito later and hopefully make plans for him and his lover to meet at Vito’s soon for a 4 way play party!

After he left, Daniel and Vito stripped and got into the shower together again to relax and rinse off the sweat they had worked up. They just held each other, enjoying the sensual pleasure of the warm water coursing down over their bodies. Eventually, Vito suggested that it was time to hit the sack as they had to load his truck in the morning before the two hour drive home. They dried off, and snuggled into bed, holding each other and remembering the events of the last few days, like Daniel’s first torture session, the Tug-of-War, the stake-out, being flogged and whipped with the Tawse, the racking and so much more, and wondering what the future might hold for them. They fell asleep with Daniel up against Vito’s back, holding him as if he never wanted to let him go again!

In the morning, they traded blow jobs, taking a load of each others cum in their mouths as a warm-up for breakfast. Then, after a real breakfast, they loaded their gear and clothing bags into Vito’s Tacoma for the drive home. Vito had to smile at Daniel’s choice of clothes to wear home, as he had dressed in his old skin-tight denims, his boots and a low cut tank top from the gym, one that exposed his pecs and nipples as well as emphasizing the spread of his lats and his delts and the thickness of his traps.

Apparently Daniel had come out of the closet with a vengeance, and was determined to show that he wasn’t ashamed of who he now knew himself to be, nor was he going to be afraid of what anyone else thought of him! Vito was proud of him, but made a mental note to have a chat with him later about slowly easing into his new life, rather then jumping in feet first, as some people might have a bit of a hard time accepting his new-found sense of identity.

Of course, Vito wasn’t dressed all that modestly himself, wearing his denims, and boots, and a plain black leather vest with no shirt under it, showing off his abs and the valley between his pecs. Since they didn’t really plan on stopping anywhere before getting back to his house, he wasn’t really worried about what other folks might think.

The drive home was pretty uneventful, with Daniel and Vito finalizing their plans for Daniel to move his possessions into Vito’s house a bit at a time until the lease expired on Daniel’s apartment. Vito told him that he was going to have a large bedroom of his own, and there was plenty of room for any furniture that Daniel might have, as well as his clothes and whatever else, like his bicycle, and the odds and ends that most people collect over time.

“By the way, you do know that I have my own Dungeon and Torture Chamber in the basement, don’t you?” smirked Vito.

“No, actually I didn’t! I knew that you liked to work over other guys, but I didn’t know if you just did that in your bedroom, or where.” smiled Daniel.

“Well, when we get home, I’ll give you a little tour and maybe even a demonstration, if you’d like!” said Vito.

“Hell, yes, SIR! That sounds hot, SIR!” grinned Daniel.

Vito laughed. “Yeah, I kinda thought that you’d like that idea, boy!”

Once they got back to Vito’s house, Daniel unloaded his gear into his car which was parked in Vito’s garage. Some of the leathers he had worn were packed in with his stuff, but Vito told him he could bring it back when he had unpacked. Besides, a lot of it was going to be Daniel’s from now on, since it didn’t fit Vito anyway.

When everything else was in out of the Truck, Vito asked Daniel if he would carry the toy box downstairs into the Dungeon and Torture Chamber in the basement. When they got downstairs, Daniel looked around and whistled at the impressive setup! There was a St. Andrew’s cross in one corner, a sling hanging from the overhead floor beams, a rack and bondage table close to one wall, and pegboards for all the floggers, whips, restraints and other toys.

Daniel helped Vito put all the gear back into their proper places in the Dungeon. When they were done, Vito looked over at Daniel with a small smile. Daniel pretty much knew EXACTLY what Vito had in mind from just that look!

“Well, do you want to try it out, boy?” smirked Vito.

“Sir, YES, SIR!” said Daniel, immediately snapping to attention, and slipping back into slave mode.

Within 5 minutes, Daniel was stripped down to his boots and a collar, leather restraints padlocked around his wrists and ankles, and a shiny metal cock-ring around the base of his cock and balls, and another thicker stainless steel ring and ball weight fastened around his nuts, stretching them down slightly.

He stood under one of the overhead beams, his feet spread and fastened to eye bolts at the base of two vertical supports for the beam. His arms were stretched over his head, spread and fastened to the overhead beam by short chains. His chest rose and fell, small beads of sweat trickling down his torso from his armpits and down his back.

He heard Vito step up behind him, and felt his bare chest and abs press against his spread back and shoulders, his Master’s hard cock riding up between the cheeks of his bubble butt, and he felt Vito’s hot breath on the back of his neck as his hands slid around his ribcage from behind, slid across his washboard abs, up to his pecs, and then his strong fingers began to twist and pull Daniel’s erect, still tender nipples!

“Tell me what you want, boy…” whispered Vito into his slave’s ear.

“Yes, Sir! Please, Sir, Torture me! Torture your slave, sir…”


The End (?)


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  1. Fantastic Story! You hit all aspects of the fantasy.
    Thank you, yet again, Masterskrain!

    To copy the story: Open to entire text, then hit Control A (or Command A) to highlight the whole text. Then copy/paste.

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