Single Plate Fantasy: “Kevin in the POW Camp”

Hi Guys,

Last week in the Saturday Group Sharing, the subject of the Hero-in-Distress POW Fantasy came up. It inspired me to come up with this new Single Plate Fantasy.



Also, on this subject, you might want to check out “A Story for the Group.” (Masterskrain is over-the-top on this one!!)



And you might want to browse the “Prisoners of War Scrolls” in the Comics Section:




3 thoughts on “Single Plate Fantasy: “Kevin in the POW Camp”

  1. Aquadude, I, for one, have missed your erotic work. The delightful fantasies you weave. Tongues and teeth. Can you blame them. Oh the things they will do to him. I have no doubt as to what those things may be.


  2. This reminds me how much I have missed your work, all the herioc heroes you have tortured thru the years. Love the words as much as the pic, great stuff all around, thanks!

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