Single Plate Fantasy: “Meditation”

Hi Guys,

I thought it would be fun, if some of you have time, to comment on what you think our young hero is reflecting on.  (Click balloon in upper right corner.)

Sharing the fantasy,




3 thoughts on “Single Plate Fantasy: “Meditation”

  1. He’d heard too many wild rumors about what happened to jangling, muscular men falling into the duke’s hand. And now he’s sitting here in the dungeon, naked, sweating with fear. He could smell the pain and the agony that awaited him in the next few minutes in one of the afterbath pens, deep in the trowel of the castle. He thought of the whips that stroked his fat muscles on either side of his body. or the pins that would pierce his chest or biceps. and he thought of the glowing irons that would tenderly kiss his pecs or the insides of his biceps. and he thinks of all the do-it-yourself tools in which his body would be tormented in agonizing pain. and knew ee was terrified. His beautiful muscular body trembled .. and then the barred door opened and the duke stepped in with his guards grinning …..

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