Single Plate Fantasy: “The Sultan’s Pleasure” – by Aquadude


5 thoughts on “Single Plate Fantasy: “The Sultan’s Pleasure” – by Aquadude

  1. How great to see a new, outstanding “Aquadude” presentation!
    Both the “young seafarer” and the sultan look like they are perfectly qualified for their adventures.
    (Hey, I was a young seafarer once! Where were all the sultans?)

  2. If ever there was a classic scenario- this is it!! Just love these things and, as Teracles put it- it’s good to be sultan!!

  3. Hamilton2018-04-02 12:02:31

    And so begins another sadistic tryst as the Sultan contemplates the day…and night ahead. As for the boy, he is about to enter a world he never knew existed. His belief system is about to be turned upside down as he slowly succumbs to the Sultan’s lust. At first, he will remain defiant finding the Sultan’s ‘attentions’ repulsive but soon his body will embrace pleasures never before experienced. As torturous hours turn to weeks and as weeks turn to months, the young sailor will long for the Sultan’s playroom as well as his bedchamber.

  4. Thank you all for commenting. These Single Plates are fun – and a challenge – trying to present an erotic fantasy with a fine balance between words and imagery. And yes, I snuck in the decorative Islamic egg in it in deference to the Easter Sunday posting.


    PS: And Topsail (our “ancient mariner”), may you never loose your Irish wit!!

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