Bunker Daily Comics #744

Prince Valiant (14)  –FINAL

Hi Guys,

Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant may well be the most influential comics series ever done. The past two weeks I have attempted to showcase not only the astonishing art, but to also give some sense of the great storytelling…greatly increasing the amount of excerpts in each daily.

I am also attaching here random samples of the way the strip originally appeared each Sunday as a FULL PAGE of the newspaper, allowing Hal Foster free artistic reign and incredible detail with the spacious layouts.

[Click image to enlarge.]

Listen to this quote from one of our greatest fantasy writers:

“When I was in high school my love for Hal Foster increased because he then invented Prince Valiant and I collected it every Sunday for the next twenty years.”

–Ray Bradbury

• • •

Besides archiving this fortnight of Prince Valiant in the regular Daily Comics folder, I have created a special Prince Valiant folder in the Comics Section for easier access should you want to revisit it.

GO TO: Bunker Content/Hero-in-Distress Comics/Prince Valiant

Sharing the fantasy,





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