Short story: “Chad” – by Anonymous

Chad had no idea.

He was walking along not paying much attention to anything, when suddenly ,as he walked past an open doorway, a strong arm reached out and a hand clamped itself over his mouth. A second arm encircled his neck.

Before Chad knew it he was dragged off the street and into the murky warehouse.

The guy holding him kicked the door shut and then slammed Chad hard against the wall .

Chad was stunned for a second, then he felt a hand on his shoulder pulling him around .. to face his attacker. Chad didn’t see the fist that hit him suddenly in his well developed gut.

He folded up with a loud grunt. Gasping and fighting for breath his hands went involuntarily to his stomach. His attacker smiled as his took hold of a handful of Chad’s hair and pulled him upright.

John was still smiling as he pulled his fist back and aimed it at Chad’s unprotected jaw.

The blow spun Chad around ..facing the wall . John took hold of Chad hair and bounced his head against the wall . Not too hard .. He wanted to play with Chad for a while yet. Chad staggered back , John grabbed a shoulder and spun him around to face him, driving his fist once again into Chad’s unprotected belly. Chad folded up again, gasping and slowly dropped to his knees, His head forward, his hair brushing against John’s groin. John pulled Chad’s head up by his hair, smiling as he looked down at the glazed eyes looking up at him. Through the haze Chad realized that he was looking up at the face of a man who was taking great sadistic pleasure working him over. Chad felt helpless hanging in the grasp of this well built man who was now his master and could do with him what he wanted.

Chad was still gasping when John’s fist cracked against his jaw. .. Chad’s head snapped sideways , then slowly he pitched forward on his face.

John could hear him whimpering softly and he spoke for the first time. ” You’re not ready for bed yet” He slid his boot in under Chad’s shoulder and lifted, rolling Chad over onto his back.

There was small trick of blood running down from the corner of Chad’s mouth. John licked his lips as he saw the damage he had done. He gently brushed the toe off his boot against the trickle of blood, smearing it slightly. ” let me clean you up ” he said quietly. He bent down and with a handful of hair pulled Chad roughly to his knees. Taking Chad’s head in both hands he roughly pulled it into his groin rolling and rubbing it against the denim of the tight fitting jeans. If Chad hadn’t been so groggy he might have noticed the growing bulge in John’s jeans. Some blood came off on the jeans but most of it smeared even more across Chad’s face. Grabbing the front of Chad’s Shirt in both hands. John heaved the helpless Chad to his feet. Ripping open Chad’s shirt he pulled it down to his waist, trapping his arms in the sleeves. Chad was now helpless .. Swaying groggily in front of John .. His arms trapped at his sides,.   John licked his lips and drove his fist into Chad’s unprotected belly . Chad folded up, his face crashing into Johns chest. “damn ” said John and checked for blood on his shirt. John stepped back and removed his shirt . smiling all the time, watching Chad bent over, quietly whimpering .

“Don’t mind blood on my jeans though” John said , as he stepped forward and brought his knee hard up under Chad’s chin. Chad’s mouth snapped shut as he straightened up and staggered backwards against the wall .   John stepped forward quickly before Chad could slide slowly down the wall , and grabbed Chad’s belt and the top of his jeans and pulled him roughly towards him, driving his fist once again into the unprotected midriff. Chad slumped forward against John’s chest , his blood smearing across the hairy pecs of his smiling attacker. The thought of his victims blood on his chest caused the bulge in John’s jeans to swell even more. John straightened Chad up with a handful of hair and. once again his fist drove into Chad’s belly. Chad dropped to his knees .. one arm was out of his shirt , but it was too late. Chad was beyond raising his arms to defend himself. John lifted Chad’s limp head with two fingers under his chin . smiling even more .. ” Nearly ready for bed !!! ”

He placed one hand on Chad’s head , his fingers sliding through Chad’s hair and his thumb rubbing gentling on Chad’s forehead , leaving a bloody smear .

“Good night!” John said suddenly as his hand tightened to a fist grasping Chad’s hair tightly, and his other fist cracked hard against Chad’s jaw. John kept his grip on Chad’s hair. It was the only thing holding Chad up ..

He was out cold …. on his knees, held up only by John’s firm grasp.

” I’m too late ” a voice said from the dark. John turned and smiled .. ” No, he’s a strong bastard ,, there’s enough for both of us” John’s friend Sam walked forward as John let Chad go. Chad pitched forward onto his face and stayed there , unmoving .. Sam bent down .. ran his hand over Chad’s arse, smiled and rolled him over onto his back. Taking Chad’s chin in a thumb and forefinger Sam rolled his head backwards and forwards , then gently slapped his face a few times.. “Good work !! .. this Guy will be out for ages ”   “Not too long” replied John .. He was now holding a bucket of water .. ” I put him out … you can wake him up ” He handed the bucket to Sam. ” He looks so hot out cold …hate to wake him” said Sam looking down at John’s spread-eagled victim.

“You can put him out again as soon as you wake him up !!” John pointed out .

Sam tipped a few drops of cold water on the red-marked and slightly scratched belly of the unconscious and helpless body at his feet. Chad twitched and groaned as the cold water hit. Sam slowly tipped more water on Chad’s face. Chad groaned again and rolled his head . Sam emptied the bucket over Chad’s head and stood back. He smiled at John .. ” You did a good job ” … “See what you can do” replied John .


Chad rolled over. Sam and John just watched. Sam pulled off his black tee shirt .. He was just as well built as John. Chad struggled onto all fours . and feebly shook the remains of his shirt off his arm.

Sam stood up and gently nudged Chad left arm with his foot. Chad fell sideways and rolled onto his back. “More water ” said Sam .. “Ready ” replied John and handed Sam the refilled bucket.

Same emptied the full bucket on Chad’s head.. He coughed and spluttered .. Sam bent down and wiped the blood off Chad’s face with the remains of his shirt. ” Want you to look your best “smiled Sam.

Sam went over and sat down with John. They both knew Chad wasn’t going any where.

Chad staggered to his feet.. … looked around and saw the door. John & Sam didn’t move.

Chad took a deep breath and ran for the door . It was locked !!!

He turned around looking for another means to escape .

John & Sam were still sitting and smiling at him

Chad realized he was still in serious trouble .

2 well built guys eyeing him off ,… like some hunting trophy.

Sam stood up and slowly walked towards Chad . Chad could handle himself when he wasn’t ambushed from behind. So he advanced on Sam and decided to make the first move . His first swing missed.. Sam stepped aside and pushed Chad into John . John pushed him back to Sam. Chad swung a kick at Sam .. It grazed Sam’s leg .. Sam looked surprised that Chad was still strong enough to still let fly with such a strong kick..   He frowned . Chad had his guard up and was circling Sam . He had forgotten about John .. Bad mistake.. These Guys wanted a victim not a fair fight.

Chad found himself grabbed from behind. John locked both his arms behind him . Sam wasted no time.

He stepped up and drove his fist into Chad’s unprotected gut,   Chad gasped and strained forward . John had Chad’s arms trapped between his broad chest and his folded arms. Sam drove a second fist into Chad’s belly , a third ! Chad was completely helpless , hanging trapped by his arms in John’s strong arms. A fourth fist and Chad’s head lolled forward.. Sam lifted Chad’s head by his hair..

” Your not going to sleep just yet” he snarled only inches from Chad’s face.

Chad felt Sam hook his hand under his belt . Sam pulled Chad forward by his belt at the same time driving his fist deep into Chad’s gut. John let go. Chad dropped to his knees and would have continued to fall if Sam hadn’t caught him under the arms.. John stepped forwards and grabbed one arm and Sam the other . They hauled their helpless victim to his feet … sticking out of the wall were three long pegs in a triangular pattern   Sam and John slammed Chad against the wall .. the poles just happened to match up with Chad’s armpits and groin. John and Sam had been here before .

Chad now hung helpless……… a peg under each arm and one between his legs

The two shirtless hunters stood looking at their strung up prey

Chad ‘s head lolled onto his chest.. John stepped up and drove fist into Chad’s unprotected abs.

Sam protested ” You’ve had your turn” “Sorry” said John .. ” It looked too inviting”

“This Guy is strong ” said Sam ” He’s still not out ” John stepped forward and held up Chad limp head by his hair .. ” Try this ”   Sam let go with a huge right cross to Chad’s jaw . Chad’s head snapped around and his body twisted off the poles . He pitched forward onto the floor.

“We’ll have to tie him up there next time ” said John …”yea ” grunted Sam

He bent down and rolled Chad onto his back   and.. slapped his face a few times . Chad groaned. “This Guy should be out cold by now” muttered Sam .

There was blood trickling down both side of Chad’s mouth now and nasty scratches on his gut, Sam straddled Chad and bent down, grabbed a handful of hair and with his free hand drove another powerful right cross into Chad’s jaw .. the force of the blow knocked Chad’s head out of Sam’s hand.

“that should do it ” said John.

Sam reached back and grabbed Chad by the balls and squeezed.

Chad’s didn’t stir. He’s out now” smiled Sam ” Oh?” said John ” taking his turn to grab a handful of denim

Chad was spread-eagled flat on his back out cold for the 2nd time. At the mercy of the 2 sadists standing over him.

“This guy could keep going for the whole weekend.” said John “Yea ” smiled Sam .. ” up at the cabin where we won’t be disturbed ” his eyes glistening in anticipation.   “but how do we keep him out long enough?”   John held up a bottle and a rag . “This will keep him asleep in the back seat until we are ready to play with him again.”   Chad was in serious trouble.

“But before we go I want to put him out one more time” john said rubbing his knuckles. ” ” Your knuckles are going to get plenty of work up at the cabin” pointed out Sam .. “Not going to use my knuckles ” smiled John , as he tipped another bucket of water over Chad. Chad didn’t move.

” Damn .. we’re just too good at this” muttered John. He knelt down and slipped Chad’s face a few times. Chad groaned weakly. and rolled his head. There was still blood trickling from the cuts on his mouth. Sam threw another bucket of water. Chad rolled over.. Sam & John were both smiling , watching their victim struggle slowly to his feet. “No knuckles?” said Sam. ” No knuckles ! ” replied John

. ” Watch !”. John waited for Chad to stagger groggily to his feet. ” More fun if they are bit more alert ” said John ” but this will do ” Chad was awake enough to know he was still trapped and was still a play thing for these two sadistic goons. Chad was watching Sam who was standing holding the Chloro. Bottle and a rag. “Shit ” thought Chad “they are going to put me under!” John must have read his thoughts “The chloro is to keep you quiet in the car” John stepped up suddenly behind Chad and slipped his right arm around Chad’s neck . His large bicep pressing into the side of Chad’s neck and his forearm pressing against the other side of his. John’s left arm wrapped around the back and Chad’s head was locked in John powerful grip. Sam’s face lit up with a huge smile.. ” A sleeper! ”

Chad started to struggle ..he knew what John had in mind. John had the hold locked on tight. The only place Chad was going was OUT !   Both men were smiling as Sam watched Chad’s struggles weaken in John’s strong grasp.. Chad was afraid for his safety but somewhere in the confusion and fear as he felt as he started drifting out … he thought he felt something else.. a feeling that somehow he enjoyed the idea of being trapped in these strong arms. Sam noticed some something too.

He stepped up to the struggling Chad and grabbed him between the legs. ” I thought so — This Guys getting turned on!” John tightened his hold. Chad’s arms dropped limply to his sides. John let go.

Chad dropped to the floor . Out cold for the 3rd time. John adjusted the large bulge in this jeans and looked down at Sam’s large bulge ..” That makes all three of us then” Both men smiled as they looked down at their victim sleeping peacefully, spread-eagled flat on his back at their feet.

John licked his lips.

2 thoughts on “Short story: “Chad” – by Anonymous

  1. Hi Guys,

    “This guy could keep going for the whole weekend.” said John “Yea ” smiled Sam “up at the cabin where we won’t be disturbed.”

    A few years ago I downloaded this anonymous short story from a site now long defunct. It really pushed my buttons. I tried, but was never able to find out who the author was. I would love to see this story expanded if there are any takers.


    • It’s a good base to start with, but Chad isn’t described very well. He could be more interesting if he was muscular and is only defenseless because of being drugged. While John and Sam like to play sock-it-to him, there are better forms of torture for Chad. I would eliminate at least one round of punching bag therapy and start a chapter 2 at the cabin.

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