Single Plate Fantasy: “Today, the Hook.” -Aquadude

Hi Guys,

My purpose in these Single Plate Fantasies is to fuel readers imagination.

If anyone would like to share what they see happening to our young pilot once he is dangling from the hook, please do so in the comments.

Sharing the fantasy,


(Click image to enlarge.)

4 thoughts on “Single Plate Fantasy: “Today, the Hook.” -Aquadude

    • Dan,
      Thank you for asking. I actually have created these scenes in the multi-plate stories. But, as the name implies, I’ve intentionally designed these Single Plate Fantasies to be self-contained.

  1. The fate of captured airmen has ever been the stuff of potent fantasy. Will send one of my versions of the story via e-mail as it comes with an image to post. Keep on!

  2. Aquadude, as a long-time admirer , I have always like your Single Plate Fantasies and this is no exception. So powerfully erotic. Please, give us more. It has been far too long.

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