New Story: Lance’s Tarzan and the Onbreekbaar – 1

Tarzan and the Onbreekbaar – 1

By Lance (LCD)

DISCLAIMER: The following story is a work of fiction. All the characters depicted in the story belong to and are copyrighted by the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs or their respective owners. I do not own anything.


Chapter 1

Tarzan’s muscular and bronzed 6’3″ 240-pound body and dark hair shone in the sunlight as the jungle champion emerged from the thick forest canopy to observe the ranger station below. The jungle champion saw a parked jeep with the emblem of the Onbreekbaar.

Onbreekbaar is an African island prison, one-of-its-kind – renowned for its strict security and for the high-profile criminals imprisoned there. Situated  three kilometers off-the-coast, the man-made island was built through slave labour in five years. Treacherous waves surround it, offering no solace nor freedom to anyone who dares breakout from it’s walls. In fact, no one had escaped from the prison since its inception a century ago. Many had tried during it first decades but all of the attempts failed and the jailers would always make example of those with failed escapes by impaling their bodies in the central ground for all the prisoners to see. Lurid tales of beatings, rape and torture surround the prison and even the hardened criminals fear being jailed there.

“There are visitors from Onbreekbaar.” said the messenger from Ranger Scott “and they would like to meet with Tarzan” the messenger ended. Intrigued, Tarzan swung immediately reached Ranger Scott’s station in half an hour.

Tarzan pumped his chest and bellowed his signature jungle call, “AAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAAHHH!!!!!” Deep and regal, the jungle man’s roar reverberated in the area. Tarzan grabbed a vine and swung down, he landed halfway between the station’s door and the Onbreekbaar jeep. 

“Tarzan! Welcome! Great for you to come immediately!” Ranger Scott’s voice boomed as the station’s door opened. Framed in the doorway is a handsome blonde man in his late twenty’s, about 6 feet in height and a shade under 200 pounds. Ranger Scott wore his fitting khaki polo and shorts uniform: highlighting the broad shoulder, muscular chest and narrow waist. His heroic body only dimmed when Tarzan is around. Tarzan moved and shook Scott’s hand and the two hugged, a friendly embrace.

Ranger Scott and Tarzan entered the station where seated in front of former’s table are three guests whom Tarzan recognized immediately. They are the high-ranking official of Onbreekbaar: Warden Anthony Smith and the Chief Guards only known by their aliases, Lock and Chain. Warden Smith wore his prison uniform of dark blue polo and slacks. He is of average height and built, and he would have blended in the crowd if not for your his olive Arabian skin and intense face. He wore a handlebar mustache on his intimidating hawk-like face. Lock and Chain are almost identical that they are most often mistaken as twins. Massive, black and bald, the two are few of the people who can outmatch even Tarzan in physique. At 6’7″ and 285 pounds, they are formidable slabs of defined muscles in their black tank top, army pants and boots.

‘Ah, the magnificent Tarzan! It’s a pleasure to meet you again, jungle hero.” Warden Anthony Smith and his companions stood and the warden offered his hand to the jungle hunk. The room darkened slightly at the two chief guards’ motion due to their bulk.

Tarzan eyed the warden trying to discern the purpose of their meeting. He nodded and shook the offered hand, “Likewise, Warden Smith.”

Warden Smith had come to power in Onbreekbaar prison seven years ago. In his first couple of years, he was reputed to be the cruelest warden in the Onbreekbaar’s history. His moral compass of right and wrong is very skewed that it became his life’s work to correct the criminals, forcing them to reform in any way possible. It is rumored that with his two chief guards, they tortured the vilest of prisoners into vegetables if they are not able to reform. Those were the rumors in Smith’s early years, and the winds of change seemed to have swept on Warden Smith that his reformation style have changed from brutal torture to a more rational and psychological approach.

“As I was saying to Ranger Scott here, Onbreekbaar’s reformation process had greatly improved. Of the 500 prisoners there, 100 have reformed and are ready to be paroled and integrated back to society. We have corrected the lives of 100 evil men whom society have deemed incorrigible and hopeless. We have given them hope for a new life!” Warden Smith pitched his expression ecstatic. “It is in this regard that we have come to invite you, Tarzan, to Onbreekbaar. See for yourself! I mean half the cells of Onbreekbaar are full because of your heroic deeds. And now because of the prison’s reformation process, the criminals you have entrusted on us have changed for the better! I am grateful that you sent these misguided souls to us, Tarzan, and now they have been helped, they have been renewed.” Smith concluded his passion overwhelming.

“That’s excellent! It would be fantastic to see how you do your reformation, Warden Smith” Ranger Scott interjected affected by the warden’s zeal.

“That’s great news, Warden Smith.” Tarzan uttered in a deep voice. “Yes, it would be great to see your reformation process. Maybe other prisons can take model for it.”

“Yes, Tarzan, as a matter of fact, I asked Ranger Scott to summon you, that we might visit Onbreekbaar today. It will only be three days at most. Let you see things first hand.” Warden Smith said, his tone expectant.

“Hmmm..” Tarzan thought. The jungle had been eerily quiet for over a week now. He had scouted the area this morning and there seems to be no threats in the coming days. “Yes. Why not? Things here are all in order.” Tarzan agreed.

“Perfect! We leave in ten minutes and go directly to the harbor” the warden announced and the party readied themselves.


The dusty two-hour jeep ride from the Tarzan’s jungle across the African deserts and savanna were uneventful for the four men. They had occasionally talked due to the dust particles all over them in their journey and by the time they got to the harbor they clothes and body are covered.

“Damn, Tarzan, you looked like you’ve just got out of a sand pit. You should have worn something that would have covered your more.” Lock joked as he was wiping the dust of his muscles.

“Yeah.” Tarzan remarked as he looked at his dust covered body. Without a word the jungle hunk dove into the harbor, scrubbing and rinsing himself  clean.

“Or you could do that.” said Warden Smith “..We should have worn less clothes.” he continued jealously as the dustless and now dripping Tarzan climbed aboard the motorboat which would take them to Onbreekbaar.

A quarter of an half into the motorboat voyage, the waves started to swell. rocking the boat gently. Stronger and stronger the waves came and the gentle rocking had progress to a more irksome swaying. Ocean water sprayed on the group as they pressed on. A couple of hours more and Tarzan had his first look at the legendary island. Ominous and black, Onbreekbaar loomed bigger and bigger like an executioner for a criminal in his last moments. So many stories have circled this place, stories of terror and fear, Tarzan felt a bit a unnerved as they drew closer.

“There!” Chain broke Tarzan’s reverie as he pointed on pole on the docks on to anchor the motorboat. The winds are howling and waves are crashing, it was difficult to see it. Lock with a docking rope tied on his body jumped into the treacherous waters and swam into the dock. It was a herculean effort to swim in such violent conditions, Tarzan could see the hard and straining muscles of Lock beneath his black tank as the chief guard inched towards his goal. In another minute, Lock tied the rope in the dock and signaled to Chain. For a moment, Tarzan was about to rush to help but Warden Smith grabbed Tarzan’s shoulders and shook his head. Together, Lock and Chain pulled the motorboat towards the dock! Chain’s biceps peaked as his pectorals bulged and his back muscles flexed. They were doing it, stabilizing the boat and and anchoring it safely into the dock! Tarzan is impressed by the feat of brute strength from these two.

“Nice job.” Tarzan commented.

“We don’t want our guest to strain his muscles on such a routine docking as this.” Chain remarked as he let the warden and Tarzan lead the way.

Suddenly, a loud and foreboding wailing echoed. WAAANNGGGG!!! WAAAAANNGGG!!!! WAAANGGG!!!! From the sound of it, it seems like an alarm for escape prisoners. Tarzan stopped on his tracks and is instantly on-guard, muscles flexed and senses up.

“No need to worry, Tarzan” Warden Smith assured. “It is our welcoming party. It is the assembly bell. We plan to welcome you Tarzan with our best behaviour.” Warden Smith smiled enigmatically and continued the trek to the prison’s main gates.


“Sir! Welcome back, Warden Smith!” the main gate guard stood in salute.

“Yes. Rogers, it is good to be back. You know Tarzan of course?” Warden Smith casually gestured to Tarzan.

“Yes, Sir! The legendary Tarzan! Yes, Sir!” Rogers saluted again and Tarzan responded with a nod.

“Welcome to Onbreekbaar, Tarzan! You won’t see the formation until a couple more check-up points and on the warden’s deck. Let’s go.” Warden Smith announced as he open the gates and gestured Tarzan to come in.

Tarzan followed. Onbreekbaar is truly a fortress: huge and thick walls, state-of-the-art security and tight security processes. It is not a wonder, no prisoner had escaped this prison.

They took a quarter of an hour more to reach the warden’s deck. Tarzan marveled at the prisoners’ formation. From this view point they look more like an elite army unit than a compound of convicted felons. The jungle hunk even recognized numerous faces of criminals he had defeated and handed to the authorities. Poachers, hunters and murderers, many of them were and they had been the most brutal during their times. It is good that Onbreekbaar is here to keep and even better that a new human reformation is in place to renew these people. Tarzan thought.

“Onbreekbaar’s new rational reformation method relies heavily on our charismatic mentor here. Through his persuasion and skills, this prison is able to achieve what others have not. True reformation. He is our teacher and master here and with his guidance Onbreekbaar’s is going to a brighter future.” Warden Smith spoke reverently. “Come, Tarzan in the cafeteria. We have prepared an AV to show you of our methods and to introduce you to our master.” Smith gestured Tarzan to come and the jungle champ obliged.


The cafeteria was cavernous and enormous. It could house more than 500 people at once. Surrounded with metal grills on all sides, then an alley way for the guards. It has been practiced in Onbreekbaar that all prisoners have their meal in this hall all at once under the watchful eye of the guards. Tarzan entered the hall following Warden Smith, uncannily he felt like a prisoner too surrounded with these metal grills and under the gaze of the following chief guards. But he brushed off the thought, the moment he saw a projector and screen. Warden Smith turned the projector on and immediately the screen  started counting down.

“Sit here, Tarzan.” Smith gestured on the lone chair in the hall. “We’ll let you enjoy the master’s AV and relax at the back.” Smith gestured and the lights dimmed.

“No, thank you. I will stand” Tarzan said graciously as he looked on the screen, arms folded at his massive chest. He glanced back and saw Warden Smith joined Lock and Chain and also stood at the back.

3..2..1.. the show started.

A shadow flickered in the screen, a outline of a man’s head and shoulders and from the looks of it addressing the camera.

“Since the beginning of corrections, prisons have longed aim to renew their prisoners. Reform them. Brush away the evil and let a new sane person rejoin the society. Time and time again, these correctional facilities have tried to no success. Various approaches have been employed but the reformation everyone wants still proved to be a dream.” the shadow narrated.

“All this is about to change as here in Onbreekbaar, we had a breakthrough! We have achieved where others have failed. We have successfully reformed people, we have them ready to be integrated back to daily lives!” The shadow’s voice echoed with inspiration as slowly it features are now being lit up.

“NOT! It is we who shall reform the world! HAHAHAHAHA!” It was Coy Banton’s face!

It took a second for Tarzan to recognize Coy Banton. He faced had matured, it his more rugged now and perhaps thicker. “What is the mean-?” Tarzan turned around to face Warden Smith and the chief guards but they were not there!

“Fooled you, Tarzan, into coming here. HAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHA!!!” the Coy Banton in the projection screen is laughing maniacally.

Tarzan is now only half listening to it. He upped his guard and surveyed his surroundings. There are glistening things around him just beyond the metal grills it seems. He is surrounded! Tarzan’s mind raced on the different scenarios but all points to the fact that the he will have to fight. Looking around Tarzan determined the part with less glistening things and started to charge into it.

All of a suddenly the lights flashed blindingly bright! Tarzan’s eyes which have adapted to the darkness was shock at the overwhelming stimulus and the jungle hunk stopped on his tracks. He felt a whoosh of wind and before he could react. SMACK!!! Tarzan’s head snapped sideways as spit flew from his mouth. He was backhandedly slapped in the face! A slap so hard that it rattled his brains. Tarzan stumbled groggily, he got out-balance and fell on all fours, his back on his attacker. Tarzan struggled to massage his stinging jaw and sweep the bright spots from his vision.

Hastily, Tarzan side-glanced on his attacker who had remained still relishing at his fallen prey. The jungle champion, could not quite figure who it was. Was it Lock? Was it Chain? It was definitely some huge, muscular. Tarzan though as he nimbly got up and faced the one who backhandedly slapped the jungle hunk.

Coy Banton! In the flesh! Tarzan thought as he came face-to-face with the Onbreekbaar ‘master’. Coy has changed! He had become bigger and more ripped. From the looks of it, bigger and more muscularly defined than even Tarzan! Wearing an dark blue short similar to the guard’s, Coy Banton is shirtless, displaying his proud hairy chest and abs. His thighs are about to rip his shorts and his biceps were like melons.

Banton smiled wickedly as he saw Tarzan’s shock. Tarzan had defeated him five years ago and that defeat had sent him here to Onbreekbaar. This place had tried to break him but he is Coy fucking Banton! No one can break him! No one! And now, after five long years of descending hell and climbing back again, Coy Banton will return the favor to Tarzan. Onbreekbaar had broken many men, Tarzan will be one of them!




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