Aquadude’s Tribute to The Badger — Scroll 17

Hi Guys,

I’m repeating here my response to a comment  last week asking about opening scrolls to full size:
To view scroll, click icon, then click lower right, VIEW FULL SIZE.

After that opens just click towards the top of the score for it to open full size. You can expand it even further by pressing (PC)CONTROL + or (Mac) COMMAND +.

I’m having to do this workaround for now as there is a glitch in the system for opening single images. I presently have to treat one as a GALLERY (multiple) post.”



2 thoughts on “Aquadude’s Tribute to The Badger — Scroll 17

  1. Can that lycra get any tighter? Or is that “costume” just painted on and he’s prancing around near buck naked? One of the best parts of superhero comics is that their muscles are so blatantly displayed. It gives the ordinary kids a thrill to roleplay, being the big muscleman hero defeating the villains. But it also gives us other not-so-ordinary kids the chance to roleplay being the big muscleman in bondage and suffering by the villains. Or being that villain thinking up new ways to exploit Mr Muscles. I’m sure other guys here got that out of the comic book too.

  2. The Superheroes are great fun to watch, but they have one drawback: their costumes cover their magnificent physiques. Consequently when they do get into a bondage scene, it isn’t as erotic.

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