Aquadude’s Tribute to Megalith (COMPLETE)

Hi Guys,

In 1984, the great comic artist and storyteller, Neal Adams, started a ten year project with his own comic company, Continuity Comics. It gave him full creative freedom and it showed in every issue of every series that followed. Page after page of uncanny gorgeous art, over-the-top innovative themes, beautifully rendered heroes and heroines.

This tribute is to a central figure in Continuity Comics, The Ultimate Man, Megalith, aka, Joe Majuric. An incredible jaw-dropping 18 year-old muscle hunk. With this character, Neal Adams has created one of the most beautiful renderings of the male form ever to appear in comics. And he subjects him to plenty of angst. A perfect subject for the Bunker’s hero-in distress theme.

Sharing the fantasy,


Megalith 01 Megalith 02 Megalith 03 Megalith 04 Megalith 05 Megalith 06 Megalith 07 Megalith 08 Megalith 09 Megalith 10 Megalith 11 Megalith 12 Megalith 13 Megalith 14 Megalith 15 Megalith 16 Megalith 17 Megalith 18 Megalith 19 Megalith 20 Megalith 21 Megalith 22 Megalith 23 Megalith 24 Megalith 25 Megalith 26 Megalith 27 Megalith 28 Megalith 29 Megalith 30 Megalith 31 Megalith 32 Megalith 33 Megalith 34 Megalith 35 Megalith 36 Megalith 37 Megalith 38 Megalith 39 Megalith 40 Megalith 41 Megalith 42 Megalith 43 Megalith 44 Megalith 45

1 thought on “Aquadude’s Tribute to Megalith (COMPLETE)

  1. Thank you for giving us this remarkable series of scrolls, about this remarkable, largely unsung hero. So happy to discover Megalith thanks to you, Aquadude, for many hours of enjoyment!

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