YouTube — Paul Rough (Experiment)

Hi Guys,

Jayiijay, in one of his comments, mentioned a Paul Rough YouTube film.

I  looked it up and here it is. Guys, don’t miss this! Just have a fire extinguisher handy for your computer!

Thanks, Jayiijay!

Sharing the fantasy,  Aquadude

3 thoughts on “YouTube — Paul Rough (Experiment)

  1. For guys more into seeing hunky Paul (Pajl) being tortured, not just gut-punched, there is another “horror” short (which IMHO is even much hotter, also with pretty good special effects) here:

    Also, if you want to see him working out, his YouTube workout channel is here:

    Hot guy. Apparently, they shot several short captive/horror videos with the same setting. I don’t remember where I read it, but I did read that these were shot in the basement tunnels of their university in Hungary, so they had to be fairly quiet and not do too much screaming or they would attract unwanted attention while classes were going on upstairs. Too bad they never did a full-length feature! But they could use a new costume designer — he’s wearing those same sweatpants in nearly all the videos, including his workouts — not that I’m complaining.

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