2 thoughts on “The Art of Wuekuen

  1. Yes, you are hard on your heroes, Wuekuen. Which is why we love you!

    My favorites:

    The naked musclestud in the woods, arms bound behind back, forced to run, trying to escape. Then he hears to roar of the motorbike coming. Knowing if he gets caught it will be VERY nasty.

    The once-proud jock bound and gagged, naked and forced to show his erect cock as he is led on a leash in front of the fully-clothed men who are bidding on him.

    The innocent musclekid on the rotating dias in the bordello. Strung up, every inch helpless and being ogled. Some of the men watching are rough trade and they would do nasty things with him. But it’s the well-dressed men you have to watch out for. They want to do things with him that are even WORSE … who KNOWS what sick little fantasies these “proper” men have in store for the handsome muscular lad?

    Of course these are just my take on your work. Other members may have a completely different reaction. But please keep contributing! It’s always an adventure seeing your name in my inbox!

    • Padding barefoot behind his Master, his bare genitalia swaying, the bare-butt captive being shown off to potential clients. His hands tied behind his back, his cock stiff, his nutbag tied tight… He’ll fetch a good price…

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