Picks to Play Nick Carter — Scroll

Hi Guys,

A few years ago on the old Yahoo site, we posted a number of Nick Carter Excerpts from the spy novels. When I transferred them to the new site I neglected to include this interesting final scroll which contained the results from a survey of members voting on whom they would pick to play Nick Carter in a movie.

While you’re at it, you might want to spend time revisiting these great hero-in-distress excerpts. Some VERY hot reading!

Sharing the fantasy,


Scroll - Picks to Play Nick Carter

GO TO: Bunker Content/Literature/Nick Carter Excerpts. (Or merely click the POSTED IN button below.)

1 thought on “Picks to Play Nick Carter — Scroll

  1. I feel sorry for those who are too young to remember Jon Eric Hexum.
    His face teetered on the divider between beautiful and handsome.
    His body combined but did not personify the attributes of muscleman and everyman.
    His symphonic voice demanded attention as it reverberated into the inner being of those who heard it.
    His eyes commanded one to pay heed.
    He was unique, and that means one of a kind, there are no more.


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