2014 Hercules Reborn (Complete) — Afterdark

To celebrate 2014, the year of Hercules.
Three main stream Herc movies in one year..wow!
Bare-chested Kellan, the Rock, and John, as my all-time-favourite hero,
of course all ‘re in chains.. wow  ..wow!
But those scenes were too short, their muscles deserve more….
So I’ll start “Hercules Rechained” series to remake what they should have been.
To start with
Part I: John Hennigan in 2014 Hercules Reborn.

3 thoughts on “2014 Hercules Reborn (Complete) — Afterdark

  1. Afterdark: thanks for your excellent artwork! I noticed your Turul series was removed from Facebook (or at least I can’t find it)–any chance you could repost it here? Or is it available for view elsewhere on the Web?

  2. The lesson here is–the Web is ephemeral, so if you see something you like, download it without hesitation 🙂
    Thanks–looking forward to whatever your next project is!

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