Seventh Year Anniversary Special, Sept 15, 2007 – Sept 15, 2014

Hi Guys,

Today marks the Seventh Year Anniversary of the Bunker.

Congratulations to all of us for hanging in there — the past year has been hectic, but we’ve come out better for it.

To celebrate, I am presenting a special carousel gallery:

A 19 year old Johnny with his college buddies playing beach volleyball in the nude.

This is my first time posting Johnny without any photomanipulation. What you see is what you get. I hope you enjoy it.

Sharing the fantasy,


Hint: If you’re on a keyboard, use right and left arrows to navigate.

9 thoughts on “Seventh Year Anniversary Special, Sept 15, 2007 – Sept 15, 2014

  1. Congrats, A’Dude! Your site has consistently been one of the best on the web. Your devotion to Johnny has been wonderful and how fitting on this anniversary to see him enjoying himself on the beach instead of getting whacked by mean, big guys. I just hope his game doesn’t last too long and the big guys get back to work. Just excellent! Many thanks. steve mac halperin

  2. Aquadude! Many thanks. To finally see the model for our young hero adds an element of reality to it all. To see this nineteen-year old in all his naked glory, to imagine this young stud being bound and tortured by the many evil men and women, makes it all so erotic and seductive. I want to think that this young stud knows he is being used for your manips. I want him to imagine the things that the Bunker’s members would like to do to him. I hope it sends shivers up and down his spine everytime he looks at our young hero. That would make it all so deliciously delightful. By the way, the other players would make a fine harem of pleasure slaveboys. Just a wicked, evil thought.
    Again, many thanks.

  3. Apart from the superlatives regarding this amazing treat, you can get a glimpse of your ancestors’ Nickelodeon when you hold down the arrow key and let the “movie” play, not just move to the next image. It makes for a live performance of this beautiful young athlete, its flickering adding a bit of trepidation of impending danger. Here he so joyfully enjoys the beach and the sunshine, the freedom and camaraderie of his buddies, never imagining that his future will one day find him volunteering to be captured with the intent of being tortured in order to deceive an evil enemy. I can see the secret agents huddled in a dark room watching this clandestine video, plotting how they will appeal to his sense of duty to make him want this assignment, in order to demonstrate his strength of both character and body.
    J e f f
    [On a more practical note– where’s this beach? I’ve never seen a show like this at Laguna.]

  4. LOL at Afterdark’s comment, because I thought the same thing, I can’t believe he’s real! Perhaps that’s obvious upon reflection, but to actually see him in all his glorious flesh, and in motion per Jeff’s suggestion, is a treat. This also adds yet another dimension to your already incredible art, you somehow elevate the beauty of the human male form in your torture of the same. Thank you and thank you again for 7 years of hard work which many appreciate greatly – including sharing the superb work of others – and here’s to many more. Jay

  5. whoa–I always wondered who the original of Johnny was. What a cruel contrast–this beautiful young jock on a sunny day, enjoying the athleticism of his naked body on a warm beach, and knowing his strength and stamina must also be put to the severest tests in dark dungeons, interrogation rooms, POW camps, where he will be bound–just as naked–and subjected to brutal and agonizing tortures from head to toe… that handsome young stud beaten… lashed… racked… electrotortured… needles, tongs, hot pokers…. suffering as a hero should…

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