A Caption for Bam Corner Pic — Jardonn


I’m glad Bam found this picture (from number 269) so I could write what came to mind. Call it…
A Bam-borrowed Bashing. 




5 thoughts on “A Caption for Bam Corner Pic — Jardonn

  1. Thanks for this terrific interpretation of the situation. The image really did demand some attention. If I were your editor, though, I might have changed the queen to the crown prince. 🙂

  2. Nicely done, Jardonn. Now, our hero, in the presence of the Queen, will show us what he is made of. Oh, he will leave the chamber alive. The Queen will see to that!

  3. Bam: you have a good eye for what appeals. Topsail: my editor said I only had room for 5 letter word. I could have said king, but was determined to use every space as you can see. (whew) Thanks to all.

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