Hamilton’s Vignettes — Tokyo’s Pleasure Center


The Institute has always looked to Japan for inspiration and techniques designed to train free males and females as sex slaves.  The ancient rope bondage, shibari, is used quite extensively in the Institute’s world-wide network of training centers.  There is more to sex slavery than merely having another engage in sex acts.  There is something quite enticing about the human body in bondage.  Each slave’s body must be positioned according to that slave’s particular body type and the Japanese are masters and mistresses of this. Shibari allows the slave time to contemplate his or her fate as the rope caresses the body in the most irritating ways.  
Enemas, tickling, tweezers, are used quite frequently in Japanese bondage and when executed correctly, have a positive effect on the slave’s mind, not to mention the slave’s body.
This Pleasure Center offers members an opportunity to apply ancient, as well as, modern methods to a slave’s body thereby enhancing the whole sexual experience.  It should be noted that each nation’s oligarchs and plutocrats are coming on board.  Soon, our clients will be able to buy a slave from any nation and as the Institute continues to explore the hidden potential of sex slavery, we will ‘push the envelope’ to bring our clients and patrons the finest properties available.


Tokyo's Pleasure Center


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