Johnny Tortured by the Warlord — The Hamilton Commentaries

-Johnny Torture Series-
Johnny Tortured by the Warlord
The Hamilton Commentaries
Note by Aquadude
I want to thank Hamilton for writing these commentaries as each plate in this series was published. In the plates themselves, I had to discipline myself to write in a terse way to fit the available space. Using just text, Hamilton was free to expand on the fantasies presented, much to the enjoyment of everyone. Indeed, he often expresses a different take on the story, which makes it all the more interesting. His writing is so fine, I didn’t want it to stay buried on the Message Board, so I’ve collected it here.
(Excellent idea! Hamilton’s words beautifully complement the art, its
great to have them in one place. Thanks –Jayiijay)

Johnny Torture Series – Introduction Plate
“Speak hands, for me.” Would that my hands could perform the
ritualistic removal of his clothes; would that they could roam his body,
following the deliciously sexy contours, the curves, the peaks and
valleys, a topography laden with treasures yet to be discovered, many
hidden, dark and deep. Oh, my hands would speak volumes as they
assessed areas for further exploration, areas that will require, shall
we say, more intimate handling. Hands that can excite and stimulate,
humiliate and cause unbearable pain. Welcome home, Johnny, for this is
where you belong, naked and bound, twisting in the most delightful ways
as sweat, your sweat, pain and pleasure sweat, coat your young,
desirable body making it glisten, highlighting your muscles, clinging
to the blond hair on your head, the soft tufts under your arms, the
patch of softness above your young cock, and the soft, tendrils that
divide those manly globes of ass-flesh. My hands cannot speak for me,
but Aquadude’s can, and Johnny, have no doubt, they will!
JT Warlord 01
Looking at this handsome boy, bound and exhausted from his march to the
Warlord’s well-hidden lair, knowing the fiendish interrogation methods
he is famous for, excites me. Here is a boy who is meant to be played
with, to be kept naked, to be bound in countless ways. This is no
ordinary boy, but one who inspires the darkest fantasies in a man, a
boy who ensnares a man in spite of his orientation making him do things
he might not otherwise do. Johnny is a boy that any man, any man,
wants to possess, to make his own, to spend time with, yes, long hours
of quality time. Aquadude, nicely done, nicely done indeed!
JT Warlord 02
Exhausted from his march to the Warlord’s headquarters, the heavy
yoke pushing down on his young muscled shoulders, the burning of his
biceps held in such an awkward position, the tension on his wrists,
his torso bared by the unceremoniously ripping of his shirt, his
trousers humiliatingly tugged downward, creates an erotic scene. How
I long to be the Warlord, coming out to meet my prey; seeing him for
the first time; gazing at him, his strength, his beauty, the essence
of all that is manliness and knowing that he is all mine; that I
possess him, no, something more base, that I OWN him, all of him, all
that I can see and all that I will see, and I will see it all. I
need not grab his face, squeezing his jaw. No; I merely hold it in
my hand a sure sign of my ownership. Yes, he will come to know me,
and know me in ways he is ill-prepared for, ways he will find hard to
accept. Unaware, Johnny has seeped into my very being; he will be
the cause of restless nights as I lie awake knowing that within the
confines of my headquarters he is bound and naked. Yes, his days
will be filled with indescribable torment as I teach him just how
well suited the male anatomy is to experience mind numbing pain. As
for his nights, I’m sure my young beauty will help me overcome my
restless nights as I teach him how well-suited the male anatomy is to

Now, I leave on business for three days and will not have my daily
fix of Johnny. Such torture is offset by the joy I will experience
upon my return. Thank you, Aquadude.

JT Warlord 03
“Gentlemen, into your hands I commend this young, beautiful, sexy
body. Yes, now stripped of his shirt, an article of clothing that men
such as Johnny must never be allowed to wear, he is taken inside the
sanctuary of suffering where he will face many torments. It is a dark
place, a warm place, a place made more exciting now that young Johnny
as arrived. He is about to learn that certain men derive their sexual
pleasure from making another suffer and, he will suffer as their desire
to hurt him overcomes their need to know what information he has. It
is always the case. It is sad that we even need the pretense of an
interrogation to ‘have a little fun’. Thank you, Aquadude, for another
in what will be a long and delightful series.
JT Warlord 06
“I want to hear him scream.” These words echo my feelings toward this
boy. Yes, I, too, want to hear him scream, and perhaps beg, beg me to
stop my sadistic torture of his magnificent body. Looking at him,
bound, his shirt torn open revealing his ripped chest and brick-like
abs, his trousers sagging to reveal a golden bush and the promise of a
thick cock and large balls, delights that we all know will be punished,
his exhausted look, (how I love the look of Johnny exhausted from his
ordeal), turns me on. No shame in this, I admit it freely. So, Hans,
do your best; make him HURT and don’t worry, for the Warlord will tend
to his wounds. Yes, I can see him licking his lips at the prospect of
tending his wounds. Yes, tend to his wounds; heal him, make him feel
better…so we can do it all again, and again. Notice how Aquadude
takes his time undressing the boy; pure torture. I, for one, thank you
for it.
JT Warlord 07
Look at him, Hans, look at his magnificently sculpted body, the body
of a man, rippling with muscles, his flesh tautly stretched,
seductivly stretched over those sinewy muscles. Look at him, Hans,
so vulnerable, so ready to be hurt by you. Yes, Hans, the body of a
man but still very much a boy, virile, strong, desirable and you, a
man, an evil man, a sadistic man, a man who knows how to ‘deal’ with
a boy, a boy such as Johnny. Pick up the claw, Hans. Get the feel
of it, make it an extension of your arm you wonderfully sadistic son
of a bitch. Are you ready, because your friends are waiting, there
cocks hard with desire. Don’t dare disappoint them. You won’t, will
you, Hans.

Tell me, what do you think this boy is thinking, looking at you
dressed in your work clothes? Are you comfortable? I doubt it.
Surely your own cock is showing its lust for the boy, showing its
anger. Come, bring the claw closer. How will you proceed? Shall
you rake him from his left pec, slowly down to his abdominals?
Perhaps a slow swipe across his abs. So many choices each one
guaranteed to make the boy twist in the most erotic way.

Something has taken hold of you. For the first time you want more;
you want to take something from this young beautiful Adonis,
something that once taken can never be returned. What is happening,
Hans? You are not wired that way and yet, you find yourself
wondering what it would be like. Don’t torture yourself any further
for that moment, that private moment is a gift reserved for the
Warlord alone. Feel your frustration. Listen to your friends goad
you on. Feel the claw in your hand. Look at him, Hans, see how the
sweat, his wonderfully aromatic sweat coats his torso. See how it
highlights his body. Closer, Hans. Now, now damn you. Make your
hand an extension of your tortured manhood. Strike! Strike hard and
true. Fill the room with the sweet sounds of youth in pain, evil,
sadistic pain. And Hans, as you work, glance at the blond tuft of
hair barely showing above his trousers. I know you see it. I see
your smile. Yes, my friend, young, tender, juicy, to use your words,
BALLS! Hans, do have fun, lots of fun. Oh, and Johnny, I want you
to know just how much I am going to enjoy seeing you suffer. And I
will be there every step of the way. How I enjoy a good aria.

JT Warlord 08
Isn’t it encouraging to know that the Warlord is a caring man,
willing to take the time to heal our hero with a little something he
whipped up just for the occasion? One of the best ways to exercise
dominion over another is by slowly undressing him, and by dressing
him in clothes that highlight his body while making him vulnerable.
We need to engage all our senses and the visual delight of our hero
in various states of undress, is quite a turn-on. Ripping open his
shirt and concentrating on his chest, while keeping his trousers on,
gives him a false sense of modesty and hope. Then, while
concentrating on his sexy pecs and juicy nipples, we take the time to
unbutton his trousers and pull the zipper down, not all the way, but
enough to reveal the waist band of his underwear, snapping the
elastic band for effect. Then, as we go back to his chest, he knows
that we could have removed his trousers; he knows that it is no
longer a hope that we will not remove them, but when. It is only a
question of time before we seek out more tender areas. Now, as he
suffers there is another element; his eventual nudity and the pain he
knows he must endure to his most tender regions. What delightful
psychological torture, to know that the pain you are enduring is
about to get worse, much worse.

It’s as if we have our own living, breathing Ken doll. How shall we
dress him today? Blue briefs, perhaps a very tight jock. No, let’s
put him in red boxers. No, that won’t do; grey sweat pants, tight,
form-fitting to show the sexy curve of his ass, so ripe and dripping
with youthful sexuality and yes, inviting. The advantage our hero
has over a Ken doll is, well, he is real; he feels pain and pleasure;
knows humiliation and knows fear. As we grow older, we must put away
little boy toys and concentrate on big boy toys…but we can still
play, can’t we? And I would say that Johnny meets all gthe criteria
of a big boy toy. Tease us, Aquadude. You seem to excel at that.
Reveal our young hero’s delights slowly and know that we all long to
see him in all his youthful glory.

JT Warlord 09
Now, warlord, watch your salt intake. I am quite sure that Johnny’s
body is producing enough sweat to satisfy your need. Cantatas of pain;
how can one resist the sound of a young voice raised in song?
Aquadude, do I detect some musical background? I have enjoyed the many
comments on how best to dress our hero. For me, Johnny was made to be
domininated; to find ways to hurt and humiliate him. Anything done to
him, regardless of how intimate, is nothing but a form of domination
and should lend itself to to his humiliation as well as his master’s
sexual enjoyment, an enjoyment that stems from dominating another. The
warlord has feelings for our hero, strong feelings, sexual feelings,
but these are not the feelings of some lover or friend. No; these are
feelings of power and ownership, ownership of one who does not want to
be owned. Now that is heady stuff. I have a feeling the warlord knows
a thing or two about ownership and I look forward to seeing how
he ‘plays’ with his toys.
JTWarlord 10
Often have I wondered, “Who is the slave, victim or torturer.
Finally, I have my answer. If the odor of manly sweat, mixed with
testosterone and tinged with fear intoxicates me, then, yes, I am the
slave. If the sight of a handsome boy, his muscles straining in
tight unyielding bondage, rippling so seductivly, hardens me, then
yes, I am the slave. If the screams escaping his mouth as I tenderly
fondle him fill my ears with music, then yes, I am the slave. If the
feel of his flesh, his skin, his muscles, fill me with lust as my
hands travel his body seeking out those places his mother told him no
one should touch sends shivers throughout my body then yes, I am the
slave. If his eys, moist, pleading, begging harden my resolve to
never let him go, then yes, I am the slave.

Look at this hero. See the ripples of his muscles as you name them,
biceps, triceps, lats, traps, an anatomical wonder, the epitome of
manliness, bound, helpless and vulnerable. Notice how his back
tapers to a thin waist, then gently flares outward to form two
perfectly symmetrical globes of flesh, bi-sected by a deep, dark,
moist divide, and fanning out from the center, soft, blond hair,
sparse and dewy. Is it any wonder that the Warlord chooses to take
over Johnny’s interrogation? He has become enslaved to this boy, to
this manly stud so full of youth and promise. Warlord, do be gentle
with the boy; very gentle; excruciatingly gentle. Give in to your
lust, your desire, your need. Take possession of him, all of him,
and most of all, rejoice in your slavery for you are a fortunate

JTWarlord 11
I marvel at our young hero’s body, so exposed, so vulnerable and I
try to imagine what he must feel, what he must think as the warlord
tells him that he is beautiful, that hurting him gives him sexual
pleasure. Surely our young hero knows that this will not be a normal
interrogation where the interrogator seeks answers to his questions.
Yes, Johnny knows that the search for answers is secondary. He knows
that this man is less interested in what he knows and more interested
in playing with him, teasing him, torturing him, and, no doubt, fear
grips him for he knows that there are countless ways to play with
him, to tease him and to torture him. Tell me, Johnny, do you have
any idea what time it is? Do you know if it is day or night? You
look so tired, exhausted, you need rest, but, listen, do you hear
them; do you hear them coming, coiming for you? That’s right,
Johnny, they are coming for you, coming to bring you to him, again.
Are you wondering what he will do this time? I know you are and you
know he wants you, that he desires you, your presence, naked,
helpless, vulnerable. Do you feel uncomfortable standing before him
in all your glory while he is fully clothed? I’m quite certain he
can rectify that but I doubt it would make you feel more comfortable;
you understand, don’t you, Johnny? They are quite excited to see
you. Have fun this weekend, lots of fun.
JTWarlord 12
I can think of nothing as erotic as a young, virle, well-muscled stud
like Johnny, bound and practically naked, exhausted from torture, his
face registrering pain, his body, pumped up by the contractions of his
manly muscles. What must he feel has the warlord’s henchmen grab his
arms and place his wrists in manacles? What words are spoken as the
warlord picks up his sensual whip made from the penises of steer (nice
touch, Aquadude)? What does the warlord say moments before he delivers
the first of many lashes? Damn, just thinking about the two of them,
alone, is a turn-on. And, as Johnny twists so seductivly, his
magnificent body swaying to the lash, what thoughts are running through
the warlord’s sick, perverted (yeah) mind? I see he dressed our Ken
doll in a small, black pouch. No doubt, he has a variety of pouches
for our boy. How delightful, a game of dress up. Great manip.
JT Warlord 13
Many of us search the net to find photos of bondage scenes, many are
poorly staged and photographed, few come close to reality. Look at
Aquadude’s latest; really look at it. It is damn near a photograph.
Hell, you just know that this is how it would look. His words,
although brief, speak volumes, and that damn pouch. I would like to be
the SOB who slowly relieves our poor young hero of that garment. Of
course, then I would be faced with a decision of what to do with those
dangling boy bits. Ahhh yes, I forgot that the Warlord has a whip for
every part of Johnny’s body. Let’s see, something small, so as not to
cause excessive damage and supple enough to bestow a nasty kiss. Yes
sir, the right tool for the right job. Now, about that pouch!
JT Warlord 14
Johnny; Johnny, listen to me. I understand that you have a mission;
I admire your patriotism and your willingness to sacrifice your
magnificent body for your country. Though some may call you a fool,
I laud your courage, your endurance and your strong will. But, you
have become a bit too cocky. Yes, Johnny, the warlord has fallen in
love with you, head over heals as you so aptly put it. I’m not sure
you understand the full implication of that. This man is evil.
Johnny, do you really want him to fall in love with you? Yes, he
will torture you, and you have yet to witness his capactiy for
cruelty, but, falling in love, do you have any idea what that may
mean? I don’t believe you do, but, my young hero, he can make you
feel things you find repulsive. What then? How will you feel? Are
you strong enough to withstand…that?

Unfortunately, hanging, exhausted after hours of sexual torture, your
helplessness, your beauty are like a drug, addictive, and the warlord
is addicted. He can think of nothing else but…YOU! You have
become the object of his desire, his lust, his deepest, darkest
thoughts, for he is a man possessed. You have become a sex object
for him and his ideas are quite exotice, beyond the pale. See how he
delights in dressing you in humiliating ways. Oh, I know that you
have more to worry about, but, that isn’t his concern. You see, he
enjoys dressing you to please him, to excite his senses. We may not
be privvy to it, but your flesh will yield to his lust. At some
point you will feel the full force of his love for you, and, Johnny,
he will take pride in your suffering. Somehow, you will long for the

I, for one, am glad he is falling for you. His sadistic lust is
quite a turn-on. And seeing you, your body hanging limp and
helpless, is also a turn-on. I never realized the extent of my own
darkness, a darkness you seem to bring out in me. Thank you, my
young stud. Stay strong.

JT Warlord 15
Johnny has been a bad boy, a very bad boy, and we all know that bad
boys need to be punished in special ways,very special ways, ways that
require special rooms; private rooms, tucked away in dark recessess
away from the normal routine, rooms designed in a way to instill fear
and despair. The Purgatorium is such a room. Here, a special intimacy
between the one who feels pain and the one who inflicts that pain
blossoms. In this room, time itself, ceases as the two occupants live
in the moment, no past, no future, just one never-ending now.

Imagine how the warlord feels as he carries this strapping boy over his
shoulder, feeling his hands on his warm flesh as his young, muscled
body bounces so seductively knowing that in a short time he will enter
that special room. There are many ways to hurt and punish our young
hero; ways that once employed tend to change everything and can never
be recalled, no childish ‘do-overs.’ We may not see all those intimate
moments, but they will happen, perhaps not in the Purgatorium but other
rooms, ideally suited, stand ready to accomodate such intimacy. The
door has closed; the silence is as deafening as a tomb. I hope that
your Purgatorium, Aquadude, is the first ring on Dante’s journey. Make
our young hero’s existance a living hell.

JT Warlord 16
Oils used to baste fine cuts of meat, $100.00 Coal, $50.00. Pokers of
the finest iron, $250.00. Spending hours alone with Johnny-PRICELESS!
Aquadude, you have done justice to Dante and de Sade and I admit that I
enlarged the manipulation and gazed at it as if it were a fine
painting, a masterpiece worthy of the MET. My reaction was quite
different, to say the least. Damn, I’ve got to get me my own Johnny,
and I love what you did with the room, so nicely appointed. Could
there be a future photo spread in ‘Better Homes and Dungeons?’
JTWarlord 17
Can you see our hero, bound, uncomfortably, his legs spread ever-so-
wide granting us a view of his intimate and quite inexperienced nether
region, invitingly winking at us while his young, thick cock, powerful
and always ready to rise to the occasion, hangs down, waiting, his boy
balls filled with his sweet juice, ambrosia for this sadistic diety.
See the flames licking his sensitive flesh, imparting kisses of pain.
The sickening odor of singed hair fills the Purgatorium as Johnny’s
youthful voice cries out, all in vain. Spread wide, painfully split
open, a sight for the eyes, his moans and screams filling the ears, his
odors, intoxicating, the taste of his manly sweat mingled with the
clear, sticky offering of his frustrated cock and balls, a delight for
the tongue all this is an appeal to the senses, all the senses. There
can be no doubt that our young hero is a sexy man, yet, in this room,
this heaven on earth, Johnny’s sexiness is amplified How the warlord
can remain dressed in his leather trousers with his cock, painfully
erect, demanding release, requires superhuman strength. Be brave, my
young hero, for I am enjoying this more than you could know.
JTWarlord 18
Seeing this plate confirms what I have long suspected; an interrogator
is less interested in acquiring answers than in torturing his victim
and if the victim looks like Johnny, you can’t blame him, can you?
Here, I part company with the Warlord, for fire is a torture that
permanently alters the beauty of the victim. To me, that is a waste.
Of course, if there is a steady stream of healthy young men, then, by
all means, do your thing. I prefer a more creative approach to
torture; one that causes waves of pain, humiliation and despair while
keeping the damage to a minimum. Johnny is at his peak in every way
possible; rendering it all useless seems pointless, after all, I want
to spend time enjoying this boy, his body and most definitly, his
charms. Well, I guess I’ve always taken care of my possessions, and
Johnny is certainly someone I wouldn’t mind possessing. Still, I find
plate 18 quite stimulating. JT Warlord is much darker and more
sadistic the second time around. It truely sizzles.
JT Warlord 19
Well, my friend, it is comforting to know that you are finding much
sexual gratification in ‘interrogating’ (is that what we are calling
it)this Adonis, but I am rather surprised at you, and sorely
disappointed. How can you allow this young stud to pass out?
Seriously, that is unacceptable. Could you not inject him with a
serum to keep him conscious and hyper-sensitive to your loving ways?
And why not add a little something to keep him aroused, you know,
sexually stimulated in spite of his discomfort. Don’t you think our
poor boy should also rise to the occasion? Think of how horrible
that would be for him, to have his manhood harden as he is tortured;
to feel rushes of sexual excitment as you so intimately work on his

I must say that I share your penchant for working on well-defined
pecs, I believe you refer to them as man-tits. How humiliating. Why
not feel them up as our hero would feel up one of his female
conquests. “Nice tits, Johnny.” “Real man-tits.” “Tell me, do you
like the way I squeeze them?” “Does it feel good?” “Is this the way
you do it, Johnny?” “Oh, no need to answer; I can see with my own
eyes just how much you are enjoying it.” And, warlord, while you’re
at it, grab his young, round, firm globes of ass flesh, squeeze and
pull them apart and refer to another part of the female anatomy.
That’s right, reduce him to nothing more than a body to be played
with. True, he may be a fine soldier but by no means does he want to
go down this road that you may take him.

So, use your toys,(how I love toys) but don’t forget to let your
hands speak. They have a certain power, a power that will ‘get to
Johnny’ more than your toys. Now, you may stop to relieve yourself
but in no way is he to pass out. Do have fun, if even it gets a bit

JT Warlord 20
Yes, long sessions in bondage can be quite taxing (hey, it is that
time of year) to a boy like Johnny. Trying to get comfortable, to
find some modicum of relief from the pressure, pressure created by
his own magnificently muscled body. A passive form of torture and
quite effective. Seated, you view this eotic display of youthful
manliness, witnessing his struggling to maintain his composure, his
dignity. Slowly, all the matters to this beautiful boy is relief
from the numbing pain. He no longer cares that you are excited by
his straining body, so sensuously displayed; his cock and balls,
dangling, swaying seductively, the meaty globes of his ass, shifting
up and down as he tries to balance himself, beckoning. Your eyes
reveal your lust and your trousers reveal your growing desire. Your
greedy hands long to roam all this sweaty sinewy flesh. How sexy he
looks, naked, exhausted, a boy who no longer cares, hanging by…his

Enough of this passivity. Time to take a more active role in this
sexual tableau. A concoction of your own design, how delightful. I
cannot erase the image of the warlord, running around the room like a
child on Christmas morning as this beautiful, sexy, boy hangs naked
and helpless. I can’t help but wonder what other rooms are hidden in
this secret compound. Aquadude, a small request. Take us on a tour
of this wonderful world. Show us all there is to see and do. Each
plate tells a story and leaves to the viewer’s imagination the fun of
creating his own fantasy. To that end, you have succeeded admirably.

JT Warlord 22
Two weeks; two glorious weeks of pain and suffering and a growing
sexual lust for this Adonis, this young specimen of manliness, a body
so magnificent that one is reminded of another
masterpiece, ‘David’. “Chaining or roping his young plaything in the
most tantalizing bondage imaginable’are words that strike a chord deep
within one’s mind. Can you feel the intimacy? Can you feel the
Warlord’s growing desire for this boy? A funnel; how intriguing; how
humiliating; how painful. You call the warlord diabolical. Is it
diabolical to want a boy like Johnny? I think not. Is it diabolical
to want to put such a body in the most ‘tantalizing’ bondage
positions? Again, I think not. No; boys such as Johnny were made to
be owned, to be the playthings of older men; used for their amusement;
enjoyed for the sexual pleasure the boys suffering brings. Today, as
we go about our day, let us zero in on a “Johnny” and let our fantasies
take flight. Perhaps the young junior exec; for anyone who is a coach,
a number of possiblities will present themselves; the young, muscled
cop or fireman, it doesn’t matter. Fantasy is good for the soul…and
many other things! The world is full of Johnny’s, and I for one, am
JT Warlord 23
Well, Johnny, your plan is working. Interesting! This sadistic man
is hell-bent on hurting you and he is slowly falling in love with you
(I’m not sure you’ve thought that one through). I may be mistaken
but were you in on the discussions at the White House where they
discussed the use of torture. I can see Condi Rice explaining to you
what your mission entails while our illustrious VP sits in the
corner, drooling, trying to move his cock in his pants as Condi
describes the warlords methods of interrogation. As for the guy in
the driver’s seat, hell, his license should have been revoked long
ago, you know, the one he got at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box.

I have visions of Condi and the VP giving you a hands on
demonstration in their own private ‘Warlord Workshop’. Johnny, we
need to have a talk about this plan of yours. Young man, am I to
assume that you might actually enjoy the warlord’s tender loving
care? Hell, that would take all the fun out of it. No. You are
quite the young patriot, filled with loyalty, courage and a strong
sense of duty. I can think of no better plaything. If I were you, I
would be more concerned about the warlord’s plan. You see, Johnny,
you are young, and need I remind you, balls-ass naked, and quite an
eyeful. I know you are smart so I don’t think I need to draw you a

And Johnny, if you do get out of this one, Condi and VP are prepared
to debrief you (excuse me, de-brief you) TADA. You’re right,
Aquadude, I’ll stick to my day job. Johnny, stay cool and remember,
your plan is working and don’t you just love when a plan comes

JT Warlord 26
So, our young hero miscalculated the depth and creativity of the
Warlord’s sadism. Too bad! You see, Johnny, boys like you were made
to be the toys of older men, and toys are to be played with and
enjoyed. For three months, that certainly is a long time. I’m sure
your days were passed in the most delightful ways. But tell me, I want
to know about the nights. Were they what you expected? Perhaps you
would rather not discuss them, a strong, macho boy like you, but I have
reason to believe that…well, let us not discuss that. Suffice it to
say that more than your blue eyes have been opened and I’m willing to
bet that you have come to dread the nights. Welcome back, Johnny!
JT Warlord 27
Now, after all the wonderfully erotic plates, you have created a
masterpiece. Now, I see, clearly, the depths of the dark recesses of
your mind. A masterpiece. After three months of unbearable pain,
and hours of unwanted pleasure, you give us plate 27. This plate,
more than all others, captures true sexual sadism. Our young, virile
handsome hero, kept naked for three long months; denied any form of
covering, his body, bared, vulnerable, available in the most intimate
of ways. Think how you would feel to kept naked while those around
you remain clothed. What psychological torment. But, Aquadude, this
is not enough, is it? You have bound our young, hero in a room where
he can see the sun, the blue sky, perhaps hear birds chirping. How
cruel, to keep him bound, so close to freedom, something we take for
granted. Do you feel the sun on your body, Johnny? Yes; yes you
do. I know you feel its life-giving warmth. Poor, poor Johnny.
Look! Do you see him? Yes, he stands there, fully clothed,
smiling. Look! I know you can see his lust, straining, yearning to
be free, to, once again, take you. See what he holds. Yes, my sweet
boy, he is walking toward you. Yes, here we go again. Another
day…another night. Plate 27 has shown me the depths of my own
cruelty; to possess a hero such as Johnny; to subject him to
unspeakable pain and pleasure. To torture him in full view of the
sun. Thank you, Aquadude. Plate 27 has bored its way into my very
JT Warlord 28
Well, well, it appears that our young hero was ill-prepared for the
depth of the Warlord’s lust. It has been rightly pointed out that our
boy looks a bit gaunt. True, but he is still a handsome young man.
Johnny set out to make the Warlord fall in love with him and I’m sure
that there have been numerous nocturnal reminders of just how
successful our hero has been. Tell me, Johnny, was that what you had
in mind? Let me venture a guess…NO! Let’s not dwell on such
intimate matters for surely you find it rather uncomfortable.

I must say, I am quite taken with the sight of this sadistic man
carrying you around the compound, feeling your naked, muscular flesh,
hard, warm, sweaty, against is bare arms. Tell me, son, how does it
feel; day after day, night after night, for three long grueling
months. How long can you hold out? Well, my young stud, remember that
you always hurt the ones you love. (insert an evil laugh).

JTWarlord 29
I must admit that this is a perfect plate. I have often wondered how
best to display a handsome, naked boy; should he be spread-eagled in a
standing position, or lying down on a torture table. Granted, Johnny’s
ample ass cannot be reached but we can be confident that in the last
three months, it has received its fair share of attention and, I
suspect, quite deeply felt. Plate 29 leaves no doubt as to the objects
of the Warlord’s focus; Johnny’s long, thick penis and full, round
testicles, not to mention his nipples, so tender and sensitive, and, a
personal favorite, his navel. I admit that I find this position quite
stimulating (as I am sure Johnny will-shortly. It highlights his
muscularity and, for me, the pure manly sexualtiy of his body. Again,
Aquadude allows our imaginations to run wild (what can be better!)
seeing this boy from every conceivable angle. Also, I must admit, that
his body looks quite appetizing in the warm, soft light of the
flickering torch. See you tomorrow, Johnny. Stay strong.
JTWarlord 30
For some inexplicable reason, I hear the Warlord talking to our
hero. His voice is measured, almost kind. “My dear Johnny,I see by
your reaction that you are enjoying my attention to your round,
succulent nipples. After three long months, I’ve come to know just
how sensitive your nipples are. They appear to be hard-wired to your
beautiful penis which, I might add, seems to want some of its own
attention. Don’t worry, my beautiful boy, I will tend to its needs
shortly. You know, Johnny, these past three months have taught me so
much about you. For instance, I know which toys bring you joy by
your exquisite moans of pleasure and which toys you find rather
distasteful from those big-boy tears, those wonderfully salty tears.
And, of course there are those moments I’m sure you want to forget;
those special moments that I so look forward to, you know which ones,
the ones you hate to love, or, love to hate. Which is it, boy? I
must confess that I’m not sure. A big, strong, pussy-chasing stud
like you, well, I just wonder as I’m sure you do. Now, before we
take care of your pressing need, I want to examine your hands and
fingers, and your belly button, as a special favor to a friend.
Then, I promise, I’ll tend to your penis. Would you like that? You
don’t have to answer; I can see from that clear dewy drop that you
would like that very much. And, after we’re through here, I’m quite
certain we can engage in some activity we’ll find mutually
agreeable…or not! Now, let me tell you about the wonders of the
opposable thumb!”
JTWarlord 31
Well, my friend, you certainly are an accomplished sadist. After all
this poor, sexy boy has had to endure, he now realizes that his very
life depends on you. Do you think we should tell him that your
pleasure depends on his continuing to remain alive and healthy? I see
you’re smiling. Is that because we both know that he knows? From the
looks of him, I would say he is getting his fair share of nutrients and
an adequate amount of muscle-building protein and appears to be
properly hydrated. That must be one efficent delivery system you have,
a true multi-tasker. Now I’m smiling. You know, that is quite a mouth-
watering feast. Why, yes, I wouldn’t mind a little taste. Let me see,
rump roast or loin of pork? I can’t seem to make up my mind. Of
course, why not sample both. Here’s an idea; why not join me? Nothing
beats good company, good drink, and exquisite food. Buon Appetito!
JTWarlord 32
You are to be commended, again. You seem to have uncovered one of
the more exquisite forms of sexual stimulation devised by the
inscrutible oriental mind. Long ago, they discovered the properties
of horse hair and used in extensivly to inflict a powerful form of
sexual anguish to both the male and female genitalia, known to them
as a powerful form of torture. Whether in the torture chamber, where
it was used to extract information while preserving the integrity of
the body, or the bedchamber, where it was used to stimulate the
potential sex partner with the maddening itch, and itch that grows
stronger with time, this is one of the more sadistic torments. Both
fudes, caligraphy brushes, or clothing that covered the genital and
anal area, were used to great effect.

Look at him. Forced to stand in one position, trying desparately to
prevent the garment from irritating his charms, he is slowly slipping
into a whirlpool of sexual stimulation. At first, he tries to avoid
the itch but, look at him, it is obvious that his attention is slowly
turning toward relief, sexual relief and as he has come to know only
you as his sole source of food and drink, pain and pleasure, he is
faced with the most unpleasant thought that you are the only living
human who can help him. How delightfully emasculating! You don’t
need your taser. A feather, tracing lines along his bare skin is
more apt to make him move in such as to cause a torturous rubbing of
the garment. In another hour, he will be trapped in a sexual vortex;
his mind will think of nothing else; his body will rebel against his
iron-will and a battle will rage between his senses and his mind.
Somewhere, from deep within this haze, he will call out your name.
Ahhh, I see by your smile that you are well aware of all this. Then,
I take my leave and leave you to your boy and what will undoubtedly
be a most enjoyable evening, enjoyable and long, enjoyable, long and
exhausting. “As for you, Johnny, you have a pleasant weekend. See
if you can get some rest. Sorry, that was rather cruel. I do hope
you can forgive me. HeHeHeHe.”

JT Warlord 33
This falls under the category of the ‘care and training of the male
slave.’ After three long, exhausting months, there can be no
question as to our young hero’s status; Johnny is a slave, and not
just an ordinary run-of-the-mill slave. No; Johnny is a sex slave.
You see, he has given the warlord such immense and, I might add,
intense pleasure. So, it is only fitting that the warlord keep our
boy in tip-top condition.

All too often, we see a beautiful boy reduced to an undesirable pile
of flesh and bones, incapable of inspiring lusty thoughts in the eye
of his owner. By instituting a rigorous exercise routine, the
warlord will insure that Johnny stays healthy and desirable.

If you are wondering about Johnny’s mission, well, don’t give it a
thought. He is a slave and his mission means nothing. I’m sure that
late at night, as he hear’s his moans and groans, his mission is the
last thing on his young mind as it wrestles with unwanted thoughts.
So, Johnny, listen to Hans and Tomas and pump ’em out. That’s right,
keeping pumping ’em out, nice and slow and smooth, yeah, real
smooth. And keep sweating; lots of young, hormone laden sweat.
Damn, it’s starting to smell real good in here. Kid, you’re one hot

JT Warlord 34
Here, we get a glimpse of the further care and training of the male
slave. Knowing that a dungeon pallor would give the boy a sickly
appearance, the warlord has decided, rightfully, to give the boy a
healthy tan, golden and inviting. And should you think that the
warlord is a cruel man, please note the bottles of sunscreen lotion.
This will insure a proper tan without damage to the skin. No; Johnny
will remain young and handsome for many years. As for Hans and Tomas,
and the ‘other things’ that they did to Johnny, well, my mind is
working overtime.

The ropes will shield his wrists and ankles from the sun giving our
hero the look of permanent manacles. How delightful. Tell me, boy,
how are your plans going?

JT Warlord 35
“The kid is just beautiful.” Those words, coupled with one of
Aquadude’s most erotic renderings to date, speaks volumes for what is
more erotic than a beautiful young male, with a magnificently muscular
body and a will of steel, completely and utterly exhausted from hours
of the most enjoyable forms of abuse a sick mind can devise, no longer
capable of walking or talking and needing the help of his tormentors to
stand. Look at him; is he not beautiful? Breath deeply. Do you smell
it? Surely you smell it. That is the intoxicating smell of tortured
boy. What an odor, produced from the heady combination of pain sweat
and sex sweat, for a boy Johnny’s age, so thorougly manhandled, naked,
helpless and vulnerable, cannot help but rise to the occasion. All
those wonderfully mixed messages bombarding his brain, flooding his
mind. These older men know that a bound, naked boy, with time and
care, is nothing more than clay to be molded and if he can’t be made to
do their will, then they can force their will on him until a proper
sense of obedience is instilled in him. Yes, the light flickering off
his naked body, the smell eminating from his pores has turned me into a
Johnny junkie. Slowly, would I lift his head, stare into his glassed-
over eyes and feeling my lust grow, would know what I would do, what
JT Warlord 39
Absent a few days and I return to this! Why, Aquadude, this is nothing
short of SARTORIAL-CIDE! Now you have gone too far, the destruction of
a perfectly good shirt. To those of us who must wear suits and ties,
this is, far-and-away, the cruelest torture you have devised. Now,
don’t get me wrong, I throughly enjoy using Johnny’s sinewy body as a
pin cushion (please see that there are enough pins left over to ‘hem’
his dangling delights, but sir, I must protest the damage done to the
shirt. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to remove blood from a
nicely starched white shirt? (Nipples, don’t forget his perfectly
round nipples). Forgive me, I digress. Would you be so kind as to
remove Johnny’s clothes before working on all his young, supple, sexy
muscles, (did I mention his dangling delights?). He does look good all
dressed up with no place to go, though, doesn’t he? Surely the Warlord
can spend some time undressing him as if he were a blushing bride on
her wedding night. Now, that would be quite humiliating. Please,
Aquadude, from now on, go easy on Johnny’s clothes. It hurts!!!
JT Warlord 40
Historical torture scenes; did you say, historical torture scenes,
you know, Roman patricians with hard young slaves; or, be still my
heart, the Spanish Inquisition; or maybe the infamous Lubyanka
prison, yeah, nothing like a little Stalin Sadism to perk up whatever
needs perking up. Aquadude, this is going to be fun and I’m glad I’m
along for the ride. Chinese! Damn they are good at this, or,
Japanese with all that wonderful hempy shibari rope. Oh, and don’t
forget Dick Cheany and his secret bunker where he and a few close
friends in the administration discuss which potential “aggressive
interrogation techniques” square with that troubling document call
The Constitution. Sorry, it appears that I’ve gotten carried away.
I won’t let it happen again. By the way, Johnny does look rather
sharp in that suit, a real young Turk…yeah, Turks, damn they had
some well-appointed prisons, and the Crusades, oh damn…sorry.
Mmmmmmmm, I can’t wait for tomorrow’s installment. This will
certainly make up for the ruined shirt. You know, I like the Warlord
much better the second time around. Such a creative son-of-a-bitch.
Berlin! Berlin, 1944, young, corn-fed nineteen year old GI from
Kansas, olive drab uniform uncerimoniously ripped from his body in
some damp, dank dungeon in some castle along the Rhine, two dog-tags
hanging around his neck, you know, name, rank serial number,
cigarette smoke blown into his face when in walks…Ilsa, all dressed
in black, red nails, boots clicking on the stone floor…OK, I’m
going to go take a shower.
JT Warlord 41
Ah, yes, Ptolomey Torture. Poor, poor Johnny. Surely there will be
much groping on the Giza tonight. Aquadude, I marvel at the
creativity of your mind not to mention how plate 41 appears to be a
photograph. I must say it again that you have managed to combine
photomanipulation with some of the most erotic ideas on the net. The
Warlord is quite the employer. Realizing that merely having boys
like Johnny to torture can get boring (Yeah, Right!), he has decided
to spice up his little compound with these little vignettes thereby
insuring that his employees remain content. You know, corporate
executives could learn something from the Warlord. No doubt, in some
large corporation there are a number of young studs like Johnny and,
although they look quite handsome in their suits, would look much
better naked, and of course, BOUND! Why, the perfect corporate perk
might be a day with Johnny in the basement of the corporate
headquarters, or, for those special times, a week at the corporate SM
Ranch, or the much desired Dungeon in the Desert. Hell, it beats a
key to the executive washroom. The Warlord is ahead of his time. I
like this guy.

Now, Aquadude, how will you top this? What diabolical scene will
unfold for tomorrow? I find him a bit overdressed but do leave the
manacles on his wrists and ankles. As I get older, I feel that boys,
such as Johnny, should come fully equipped with manacles on wrists
and ankles. And, your little Theater of Torture may be the way to
save Broadway. Hell, if I have to pay $120 for a ticket I would
rather see this than CATS, which, I’m happy to say, I have never

JT Warlord 42
They say that some things are better the second time around. Johnny
and the Warlord proves that point. These new plates show just how sick
the warlord is and add so much to the tale. Great job, Aquadude. You
are outdoing Muscle n Manacle. Implalement; how diabolical. I wonder
if our hero has any recollection of his mission. Ah, who cares. This
is much more fun. Such a lucky obelisk!
JT Warlord 43
Rome. It congers up a world of exquisite delights, all for the
taking, and nothing says slavery like Rome, a true Whitmans Sampler.
Here, whatever a wealthy patrician man or woman desires, he or she
can have for the right price, a purse of jingling coins was all it
took. Age, sex, none of this mattered because our pesky modern day
conventions of ethics and morals were absent. What did matter was
the jaded and often sadistic pleasures of the master or mistress.
Nothing and no one was off limits. And, there was no pretense.
Torture was not the exclusive province of the state. No. The
wealthy indulged in it and many had elaborate rooms where the most
diabolical tortures could be inflicted on the slave.

Now, the warlord, a knowledgeable sort, knows a thing or two about
Rome. Is it any wonder that one of his historical torture scenes
would involve Rome? Poor Johnny; caught trying to escape the
emperor’s male harem. It is any wonder? Think for a moment about
that perfect young male, abducted because he was a living, breathing
Adonis. He did nothing wrong. No doubt, he was a good citizen. His
only crime, if you can call it that, is that he was someone’s ideal
of the perfect male. Today, he is chosen. Taken to the baths, he is
cleansed, his perfect body oiled, his hair, all his hair, in neatly
trimmed. Dressed in some garment that reveals more than it covers,
he is escorted to the bedchamber of the emperor or the patrician.
Make no mistake about any of this. A male harem slave would have
spent a good deal of his time in his owners bedchamber, no doubt, on
his back. Think of what he must think. He desparately attempts
escape which is virtually impossible only to be caught and taken
before his owner who now uses his escape as an excuse to visit that
well-appointed playroom.

Look at our young hero. Is he not perfection in Roman garb?
Throughout history, there have been Johnnys. Why, just yesterday,
while enjoying a meal, a family was dining at another table. As they
left, I was taken by their son, a strapping boy, eighteen, perhaps
nineteen, with a body that his t-shirt and jeans couldn’t hide. He
was perfect slave material and would be a favorite in any harem.
With such studs walking around, I thought how exciting it would be to
re-institute slavery. One thing is for certain, they’re out there,
lots of Johnnys So, Aquadude, let’s see what the warlord has in mind
for our young, sexy hero.

JT Warlord 44
Plates like 44 have a way of invading one’s very being. When I veiw
this plate, I realize that the little dark corner of my mind is, in
fact, a bit larger than I first thought. I have often wondered that if
by some chance I stumbled onto a stud such as Johnny, bound and
helpless, arrayed on shelves and tables are the most diabolical toys
and implements, would I help him, or help myself to him? Perhaps that
is why my fantasies involves hidden places, places shielded from prying
eyes and ears, places where one is free to indulge one’s most jaded
thoughts. How curious that you would crucify him on Sunday. Well, I’m
sure something rose to the occasion, no doubt, quite a few somethings.
Aquadude, how is Johnny’s mental state? Does he remember his mission?
Is he frightened? What is this all doing to him? He is been in
captivity for a long time, well over three months. His magnificent
body has, by now, yielded all its secrets. What is going on inside
that head of his?
JT Warlord 45
This is one of those pieces of art that seem to touch so many
nerves. Look at the kid, all trussed up. Check out the gag and
notice the way our young hero is drooling. See the way his supple
muscles struggle against the rope, his veins bulging from the force
of his pumping heart. I especially like the way his body shines from
his pain sweat, and his erect nipples, now what can you do to those
twin receptors of pleasure and pain? But what really gets me his
Johnny’s face. Handsome, pretty, beautiful, angelic, I don’t know,
all of them. So, I guess that Hams is addicted to a
photomanipulation. Well, I figure, if you have to be addicted to an
artwork, nothing beats Johnny.

Now this theme is quite exciting considering all those wonderfully
religious fundamentalists right here in the good old US of A. Hey,
it would take very little for our Supreme Court to rule torture is
legal (yeah, I know, they seem to have done that), but I mean in
order to bring God to all those Godless liberals. Think of all those
pastors with those giant mega-churches complete with fully
functioning Inquisition basements. Hey, why should the warlord have
all the fun. Hell, do you want to deny Pastor Hagee his right to put
the fear of God into all those young college students? I wonder if
this liberal can get a job turning the crank on a rack. Hell, maybe
I can straighten out the whips. Something; anything!

Poor Johnny. Poor young sexy Johnny. Damn, this is going to be fun.

JT Warlord 46
It is so obvious that our young hero did not expect this when he took
on the mission to bring the Warlord down. Yes, he wanted to make the
Warlord fall for him, but poor Johnny had no idea of the depth, of the
richness of the Warlord’s sadism. A body such as Johnny’s has many
places that need to be probed, many portals by which Satan may have
entered the boy-lucky little devil! Look at how vulnerable he looks;
so deliciously helpless. Come on, kid, you know you wish you never
accepted this assignment. This guy is sick, I mean with all these
torture plays. Did they inform you of what this guy was capable of? I
didn’t think so. Well, let’s forget about your mission and focus on
all this wonderfully sick shit. Hey, you know you’re a damn good-
looking young stud but did you know that you were made for this; to be
kept naked and bound, and in pain, lots of pain. But, a kid your age
needs lots of pleasure and I’m afraid that the pleasure your getting
isn’t what you had in mind. Too fucking bad! Now, let’s find that
mark, shall we?
JT Warlord 47
The rack, that ancient yet effective form of torture. The young
athletic body, muscles honed to perfection, tendons and ligaments all
stretched beyond endurance, moans and groans, deep, pained, breathing,
labored, shallow all serve to ignite the lust that burns within the
torturer. As I gaze on our young hero I must admit that I have never
seem him look sexier. We must thank our host, Aquadude, for pointing
out that the devil entered Johnny through his penis and, in order to
save the boy’s soul, I am afraid that we must go in and get the demon
for he will not listen to reason. The demon is stubborn and coaxing
him out will not work. No. To extract this denizen of Pandemonium, we
must be aggressive. We must not be distracted by the screams of the
boy for that is the work of the devil. We must stay the course and
probe deeply until the demon departs. No doubt, an assortment of
probes must be employed until we find the one that will accomplish
God’s work. We must be vigilant for this may take hours. We must find
a way to keep the boy conscious throughout the proceeding so we may
monitor our progress. I fear it will be a long, long night.

Poor, poor Johnny. You do remember your mission. don’t you? Heh Heh
Heh Heh…

JTWarlord 49 Recreational torture! What a fantastic concept. Torturing a young
stud just for the fun of it. Wrap your mind around that concept. I
see that Johnny’s mission is working…to bad. But this isn’t over
yet and now, we learns that the Warlord does have a medicine cabinet
with certain drugs to paralyze our young hero. What a novel idea;
poor Johnny forced to endure the Warlord’s painful onslaught, unable
to move, to defend himself. Warlord, look at that specimen of cock
meat, thick and long. This beauty needs someone to take charge of
it, someone to teach it manners, teach it how to act. Take hold of
it; let it know who’s boss. Boys this age need guidance and a strong
hand. Johnny certainly is a cocky kid.

That syringe, filled with red serum, gets me tingling. Red to
paralyze; green to make nerves sensitive; blue to keep it hard and
horny and yellow, a combination of them all. A nice touch,
Aquadude. It turns me on thinking of a stud like Johnny being
injected with a little cocktail formulated to make the next several
hours pure hell. Stand up straight, kid; that’s it, nice and still.
After three and a half months, I have to ask this, Johnny, do blonds
have more fun? Inquiring minds want to know. Aquadude, he looks
good dressed in this manner, but get him naked, quickly. Too many
sexy muscles are hidden.

JTWarlord 50
I would like to shed some light, perhaps a different perspective, on
the Warlord’s motivation. From a practical point, Johnny is the sworn
enemy of the Warlord and his operation. One can’t help wonder how the
Warlord would have reacted if Johnny wasn’t the handsome, virile stud
we have come to know. Now, the Warlord’s sadism is well-known. Racks,
whips, hot pokers etc, these are the traditional methods of torture,
the ones we have all come to love, the ones our villains embrace, the
items no respectable dungeon or playroom would be without.

Our young hero is trained to withstand the various implements. His
body and mind are quite capable of carrying out his mission. Now, let
us move beyond the obvious. Though we all enjoy watching a young, well-
muscled body twitch under the lash, or see some nasty toy approach his
fine penis as his eyes stare, intently, at the approaching object,
knowing that in a moment he will feel an explosion of pain, as we feel
and explosion of pleasure, we need to move beyond this; deeper into his
mind, his being, his essence for isn’t this truly torture, truly sadism?

Imagine this young, virile stud, a real pussy chaser, macho, rugged,
cocky someone a young girl would spread her legs for, her Prince
Charming complete with a long, piercing lance on the receiving end. He
is the blushing innocent and to make it worse, the one bringing him all
this pleasure is…another man! How long before his body responds to
pleasure, not caring who delivers it? His mind, strong, straight, sly,
is betrayed by his own body. Slowly, he hears moans and groans escape
his mouth. Could they be his? He begs for more while his mind tries
to will his body to resist. In the end, he will succumb.

Now, forever more, he must carry this with him, this indelible brand
that only he knows he wears. Johnny will, in the end, win. The
Warlord will suffer the fate of all evildoers (too bad). And, Johnny
will once again find his sexy body in bed with a beautiful young
woman. But, it will never be the same. No. He will go to his grave
with that brand, a torture that lasts for the rest of his life. He
can’t run or hide. It is a fact. And, he must live with the fact that
another man was the cause. In his straight mind, he is ‘damaged goods.’

Jayiijay, we don’t disagree. It is merely a matter of shading. I am
quite sure that if Johnny were in our capable hands, we would find ways
to enjoy him and we would be limited only by our creativity and
imagination, both of which drip with a thick syrupy sadism. No. His
fine abs would take a pounding, though I would prefer my bare fist.

So let’s not deny the Warlord these ‘other sessions’ as he puts a
different spin on torture. Remember, our young hero didn’t sign up for
this. Thank you, Aquadude.

JT Warlord 51
Aquadude, this is one of the more powerful plates. Johnny, bound to
the X-frame, a hint of his broad, appealing expanse of back visable
between the slats, he is, undoubtedly, vulnerably naked, a state he
will never grow accustomed to, his gaze fixed upward at the man who
has brought so much pain and humiliation to him. The warlord,
looking down at the boy who has captured his being, and more. The
leather hood cannot mask the pain, the hurt, the betrayal as he is
told of Johnny’s treachery. Johnny, this beautiful boy who is has
fallen for in ways we can not even begin to know, must now be
punished. Unlike interrogation, punishment is a more intimate form
of torture, a very personal form of torture. Many times it is
administered out of love, or a sense of duty. The thought of a
father ‘lovingly’ striking the pert buttocks of his son causing pain
while instilling a sense of right and wrong. Now, the warlord must
cause Johnny pain for his transgressions, and instill in him a sense
of what is right and wrong. I fear, Johnny, fear and welcome the
pain that will be, must be visited on your already tortured body.
You have been a bad boy, Johnny, a very bad boy and we all know what
must happen to bad boys, don’t we, Johnny? Bad boys must be
punished, punished in ways they will not long forget. You have hurt
him, Johnny, and now he must hurt you. He is no longer interested in
what or who you know. It is now quite personal. Now, let us see how
well you handle your punishment. No asking of questions; no reason
to talk or lie to accomplish your mission, just pain, unending, mind-
numbing pain, intimate pain, perhaps, pain inflicted with love. I
would tell you to be brave but it is meaningless. You are totally
and completely unable to affect the outcome of what is about to
transpire. Your body and mind are merely the canvass for this
talented artist. It is a fine canvass, and he is a fine artist.
Life is as it should be. All the best, my boy.
JT Warlord 53
Nothing beats a man possessed, or, for that matter, a man obsessed.
And can you really blame the warlord? Aquadude, the phrase ‘forbidding
darkness deep beneath the compound’ created quite a powerful image.
Again, your writing is more than equal to your photo manipulations. I
must confess that we have our first disagreement. You describe these
two days as a nightmare while I see them as a wonderful dream, and the
depths of the compound a sort of Eden on earth. Unless you mean from
Johnny’s point of view. In that case, too bad, Johnny!

Note to jayiijay; thanks for the comment, and yes, the extra gut punch
was for you. Glad you are enjoying it.

JT Warlord 54
My dear boy, I never realized. Somehow, the possibility alluded me
all this time. You see, Johnny, several astute memebers made me
aware of a fact I seem to have overlooked. Here, I was viewing you
as a poor innocent corn-fed boy from middle America, you know, those
masculine delights who fill out their jeans and tee shirts,
quarterback for their high school team, get the cheerleader and just
make older men and women think thoughts they probably shouldn’t,
captured and tortured by the evil warlord. Well, I need to rethink
this because, Johnny, you know the score. The government made you
aware of the fact that it was your looks, your body and all those
charms which make you the ideal candidate for these dangerous, yet
important, missions. Knowing that you would be tortured, you
accepted this.

You freely accepted that you would be bound and stripped, that your
body would be worked on in creative and painful ways; that both men
and women would take delight in your suffering. So, as the
commentors said, on one level you enjoy this. What a revelation!
But why? I would like to offer a suggestion or two.

Even as a young boy, your mom found it difficult to dress you. You
seemed to outgrow your clothes at such an early age. You were
stronger and faster than most of the other boys and you were always
the captain of the kick-ball or punch-ball team. Your teachers,
drawn to your friendly personality and striking looks, had no trouble
making you the teacher’s pet. Yes, Johnny, the gods smiled on you
and granted you that rare gift; you were the empitome of Adonis.

But how did you come to possibly enjoy the fate that awaited you?
Remember, when you were young and played cowboys and indians, or war,
you were always the good guy, the hero. Even the other boys looked
up to you. It was inevitable that you would be the one captured and
interrogated. Do you remember who it was? Was it Bobby or David who
first suggested they tie you up to interrogate you? It doesn’t
matter but I bet you remember.

It was only a matter of time before they took your shirt off. You
may have been young, but you must have made quite a sight. I can
hear the dialog. “You better talk or we’ll torture you.” In your
strong voice, filled with youthful defiance and your idea of how an
adult would speak, you said, “Go ahead. I won’t tell you anything.”
Then, for the next hour, they proceeded to tickle you, or use a whip
they made from a sneaker lace on your chest and back.

Boys, we are a creative sort, found other ways to ‘interrogate’ you
that summer. Remember the clothespins? I know you do. Who was it,
Johnny? Jack, maybe, who suggested they pull your shorts down. Did
you enjoy having your tanned and developing body on display? Look,
it’s OK, though I wonder what you felt; what physical reactions were
evident to the other boys.

By August, the interrogations grew more elaborate. The sessions grew
longer and you, Johnny, you were completely naked. Now, not only
where your hands bound but ropes encirled your ankles. By August,
several other boys had joined the ‘war’ games and, of course, the
interrogation of Captain John. Now, having access from the front and
rear, they worked as teams becoming bolder. Was that how it
started? Maybe not. Perhaps it started when you were on the high
school gymnastics team. You had a crush on Ms. Collins. If Aquadude
let’s me, I’ll explore that…tomorrow. For now, enjoy the stations
of the cross.

JT Warlord 55
Two weeks in that private paradise with all those bad boy toys. Come
on, kid, tell me that on some level, deep, surpressed, you get off on
this. You were a high school gymnast, weren’t you? Kid, that’s my
favorite athlete. Maybe it’s because all those routines resemble
bondage positions. Ms Collins. You remember her, don’t you? Yeah,
kid, who could forget Ms Collins. What was she, twenty-seven, twenty-
eight? Those damn high heels made her legs look so sexy. You wanted
to run your greedy teen hands from her ankles to…OK, I’ll let it go.
But, there was the day that started it all. You were in the gym doing
your routine. Coach had decided that you needed to work out hard, real
hard because of the upcoming meet. You had on those clingy shorts and
you were shirtless. Remember?

“OK John, hop up to the rings and do your routine, again. Don’t screw
up this time. Keep focused.” You were tired, exhausted, the sweat was
literally pouring off your body staining the top of those gray shorts.
Then, as you hopped up, she came in. You just hung there, from the
rings, your torso stretched to the max. You couldn’t take your eyes
off her. She sat in the bleachers. “Hey, John, I told you to stay
focused on your routine, not on Collins. And, kid, in case you don’t
know, your cock is putting on a little show.” You looked down. Yeah,
there it was, a fucking mind of its own. And John, you were
packing some prime teen meat. You started your routine to try to take
your mind of her, and, your arms were starting to cramp up. You knew
she was watching. As you curled up, she had a great view of that teen
ass. Bet you didn’t know about Mr Dawson, did you? Shit, let that one
go. You moved into the iron cross, the real strenght move on the
rings, and you held it, arms out, sweat pouring down, your whole body
starting to shake. “OK kid, ya did good. Come on down.” You didn’t
hear coach but chose to remain in that position, looking at her, at
your English teacher. “Come on, John, that’s it. I don’t want you
straining yourself and pulling a tendon.” Still you remianed. You
would show her what you were made of, what you could take. Yeah, teen
boys can be so foolish. “That’s it. Come down now!” Your arms were
burning and, without taking your eyes off her, you landed on the
mat. “OK, wise ass, go over to her and give her a show. Just don’t
poke her in the eye.”

“Hi, Ms Collins.” You barely got the words out. She stood up and
walked closer to you. “Hi, John. That was quite impressive. Did it
hurt?” “No. It was hard but I can handle it.” Her eyes raked over
your body, lingering a bit longer at those places than a teacher
should. coach called you. “You better get back before coach gets angry
and really puts you through your paces. “OK. Thanks for stopping
by.” “John, I really enjoyed it. You probably have no idea just how
much I enjoyed it.” You blushed. Oh, kid, you didn’t know it but you
were as red a tomato ready to be plucked. She turned and starting
walking away. Those damn heels. Suddenly, she turned and walked back
toward you. “Tell me, did you do that for me? I mean, staying in that
difficult position. Was that for me?” You were excited and, believe
me kid she noticed. “Yes.” You barely got the word out. “Thank you.
Every woman likes a man who is willing to, I better not say
it.” “What? Say what?” “Well, no, I shouldn’t.” “Please, Ms
Collins, tell me.” Teen boys never cease to amaze me. Looking you in
the eye, do you remember what she said? “Suffer. Everyh woman wants a
man who is will to suffer for her.” Coach yelled at you to get your
butt over to the high bar. “I better go.” “Yes, you better. I
wouldn’t want coach to punish you. Would you answer me one
question?” “Sure, anything.” “Would you suffer for me, John?” You
wanted to say yes but the word got stuck in your throat. “John, you
don’t have to answer. I can see for myself and it makes me happy, very
happy. Now, go finish your routine. I have a feeling you will be
doing much more suffering.” “Don’t worry, Ms Collins, I can handle
it.” “Oh John, I know you can. As a matter of fact, I’m couting on
it.” She turned to go and you walked back to the high bar. What you
didn’t notice at the time is that she stopped and watched you, watched
how your young, muscled, teen body moved. She was especially impressed
witht he way your gray-clad buttocks swayed, moving up and down. You
also didn’t know what her mind was plotting, but, you found out. That
was the year you learned about the uses of a four-poster bed. More
importantly, you learned just how many ways a man can suffer for a

Could that be why you signed up for these missions? Maybe. You know,
kid, I’ve often wondered. For every Johnny, there is a warlord, and
Aquadude, a Jardonn, and, if I may be so presumptuous, a Hamilton
What motivates them? What happened in their lives? Well, kid, give
the warlord a good show and see you on Friday.

JT Warlord 57
Johnny, what can I say. My boy, you light up my life. That nasty
steel sound must have hurt as the warlord forced it down your urethra.
I can see him now, twisting it to the left, then to the right. Did it
burn? Was he grinning from ear to ear, I know he is prone to do that
whenever he gets around to hurting a strapping boy like you. You know,
you’re a pretty lucky guy. It seems he forgot to shove one of his many
electrified probes up your ass but I guess he wants to focus on your
genitals. Hell, I hope he doesn’t ruin them, you know what I mean, it
would be a real shame to put them out of commission. Hang in there,
kid; I’m sure it will get better!
JT Warlord 58
No master or torturer, or interrogator, regardless of the depth of
his sadism, can prevent the inevitable, that he, or she, will become
a slave to his victim. Day after day of causing exquisite pain, of
watching a beautifully muscular body twist and turn as it tries
desperately to avoid the abuse, his body sweating, the hair under his
armpits, his pubic area, the deep, dark crevice of his once untouched
ass, glistening and mingling with his hormones ignited by the sexual
abuse, create an intoxicating odor that helps to trap the torturer,
drawing him, binding him as no chain or manacle can.

Look at Johnny. Isn’t his young body the perfect toy for an older
man? Does it matter if Johnny somehow enjoys his situation? Who
really cares? Now, look at the Warlord. He is obsessed, overtaken
with sexual and sadistic lust. He is truly a slave. His whole world
is falling apart but all he sees is HIS JOHNNY. That’s right, his
Johnny. The picture of him carrying our hero from his private
chambers to the dungeons is powerful, erotic, dripping with sex and
lust. And, make no mistake about it, we know what happens in those
private chambers.

I wonder if the warlord will grow tired of our young boy. Well, if
he does it is a comfort to know that on countless college campuses,
in platoons of marines, at the summer games, there are many handsome
boys for the taking. But then again, look at Johnny; do you think
you would get bored with him? Hmmmmmmmmm!

JT Warlord 61
“Johnny was afraid of the Warlord.” This one simple line, for me, is
thick with sadistic sexuality. This young, strapping stud, strong,
fearless, comfortable in his skin, is afraid of this man, this man who
is showing him a side of himself he, perhaps, never knew existed. You
need not resist any longer, Johnny. What is the point? Let him show
you your true nature. Don’t be afraid of your fear, Johnny. Give in
to it; embrace it, my dear boy. It is your destiny, the destiny of all
handsome, young men to become the toy, the sexual toy of an older man,
an experienced man. Every young man needs his own warlord in the guise
of a boss, a teacher, a coach, a father; he needs a man who will fill
him with…fear. Johnny, it is that fear that will set you free. You
want to be free, don’t you, Johnny?

Up to this point, he has taken your body, hurt it, pleased it, and you
have resisited. Resist no more! Now, give him your body, your
beautiful body that was made to be enslaved. Receive the pain and
pleasure he wants and needs to give you. Relinqish your body to him;
your exquisite body with all its delightful, manly charms. Do not fear
the long nights any longer; help him by opening yourself to his urges.

When the lash strikes your body, feel the pain of its kiss as it wraps
itself, lovingly around your torso, occasionally seeking out areas
hidden; areas of extreme sensitvity, all those areas, those beautiful
manly areas, so perfect, so ready, so desirable.

You have hurt him, his operation is falling apart. You have caused
this. You know you are a bad boy and that bad boys need to be
punished. This, too, you must accept, courageously and stoically. It
is normal for a boy to be bad. Do you think it any wonder why nature
has designed a boy with firm buttocks to receive punishment. Your
transgression was more severe and more drastic means need to be
employed. A boy has other areas that are ideally suited to this, but
you already know that.

Stand tall. Offer him your magnificent body, your youth, your
strength. Stand tall, your legs apart, hands behind your back, stick
out your chest hold your head up high and look him in the eyes. This
simple act will show him the depth of your understanding. It is your

Aquadude, this is your most powerful plate to date.

JT Warlord 62
Can anyone doubt the efficacy of passive torture? It is a wonderful
way to keep a young man as ‘gifted’ as our young hero, in a constant
state of stess and discomfort. And, can you not see how positively
breathtaking Johnny looks? Young men need to learn their place in our
society and we could all learn from the warlord. And, Johnny, you
can’t seem to keep your mouth shut. Need I remind you, in case you
have somehow forgotten, that you are bound and naked, and in his
bedroom! Have a good night, Johnny. I wonder what plans the warlord
has for the weekend?
JT Warlord 64
The last few nights have been nights of sheer pleasure and insidious
torture for the Warlord. Lying in his bed, his senses under attack
from the sounds of creeking rope, the sounds of a boy trying to come
to terms with unbearable stress, the heady aroma of youthful sweat
and powerful hormones mixed to form a potent aphrodisiac, and the
sight of a beautiful boy, naked, his muscles bulging from his
ordeal. Now, he can no longer control the lust that these nights of
bedroom bondage have brought about. It is about to consume him.

Think of our young hero. What must he feel as the moist, raspy
tongue sliters across his glistening, supple flesh. And what of the
Warlord’s fingers, like invading tentacles, entering his once hidden
passage to mercilessly tease the secrets within. All the tortures
and humiliation have served to steel Johnny’s resolve. He has shown
his manliness, and acquited himself well. But now, his mind and body
are at war, waging a violent battle. The loser will bear the scars
for life. Our hero’s youth, urges, desires and needs have become
powerful allies of the Warlord. Slowly, inexorably, Johnny’s body
begins the assault on his mind, on his straight-boy sensibilities.
Armed with all that is youth, the body is the stronger and will
shortly, breech the mind, throwing it into a vortex of unbridled lust.

Aquadude has given us insight to this battle. “Enough! Enough!
Stop! Yes, these are the words of a boy who realizes that something
is about to change; something important, and he will never be able to
change it back. All his strength, beauty, iron-will, nothing will
bring it back, for once it is gone, it is gone forever.

But, my dear boy, there are other sounds, moans of pleasure, groans
of burning lust, of a growing need. Yes, Johnny, that voice you hear
is you. Yes, in spite of it all, you can’t help yourself. Accept
it; reject it; it doesn’t matter. Resistance, as the cliche notes,
is futile. It will happen.

I have no doubt that in the end, you will escape from the clutches of
the warlord. You will have accomplished your stated mission. But,
my beautiful boy, without warning, perhaps at lunch, or making love
to the girl who waits for you, you will be transported back, not to
the diabolical tortures, the pain, no; you will be transported back
to this night, tormented by the sounde of your own voice, begging as
a child not to do this, yet, moaning in the throws of pleasure.
Which one are Johnny?

My young handsome hero, you have given much pleasure to Hamilton.
So, I wish you a good night and the most pleasant of dreams.

JT Warlord 65
Well, big boy, this isn’t what you signed on for,is it? The big,
brave stud, giving his body to the cause. Whips, clamps, this was
all to be expected. Flat on your back as the rack stretches those
big boy muscles, pulling at tendons and ligaments. Painful. And
while stretched to the max, a whip finds your chest, those rippling
abs, and let’s not forget that big boy cock and painfully filled
balls. Yes, I have no doubt that is what you signed on for; what you
were trained for. It doesn’t matter what your motivation is. You
would, you could take it and survive. But this is different,isn’t it

This man is far different than others who have found ways to
interrogate you. Yes, roaming hands, feeling your muscles, you
manhood, that is to be expected. You are, after all, a perfect
specimen of young manliness. But the warlord has gone beyond that,
hasn’t he. There is something quite different about his hands. His
touch disgusts you, makes that stomach of yours wretch. And what of
his tongue, that raspy implement of torture. The babe back home, now
that’s a tongue, isn’t it. But his tongue is something else,
something you find revolting, and it has no qualms about delving into
your most private places, does it. And his tongue is not tentative
is it. No, his tongue is bold, demanding, insatiable and is not
timid about probing deeply. I know what you’re thinking kid, that
babe back home; no, not like this. You can wish.

You’ve betrayed him, Johnny and he is hurt. This is not a man you
want to hurt. He is taking this personally, bad for business and,
I’m afraid, bad for you. What you need is to be rescued and soon or
you will find that you will question your very being, all that you
stand for.

For my money, I hope that rescue never comes. I hope this sadistic
bastard snaps, that he lets the boys fend for themselves, and takes
you deeper into his lair, never to be seen again. Just the two of
you and all those wonderful implements of pleasure; yes, Johnny,
pleasure. Well, no doubt, Aquadude has other adventures for you.
But for now, enjoy yourself, I am.

JT Warlord 66
Now, we see the depth of the Warlord’s sadism. He is not merely
content with torturing our young hero. Anyone can do that. The
world is filled with such people. No. The Warlord is a special
breed; he is a man who savors the totality of making someone suffer.
He knows just how painful his passive tortures are; how they pull at
the tendons and ligaments, and strain the supple muscles. It goes
deeper. The visual effect this form of suffering has on the body is
quite stunning. To see the muscles straining as Johnny tries, always
in vain, to find some modicum of comfort. It is quite stimulating.
Couple that with those deep, angonized youthful groans and you have a
new definition of paradise.

Dressing the boy in those tight, jean cutoffs, enhances the look.
Granted, a nicely proportioned cock and some delicate, hanging
testicles, is the way to go, but, there is something to be said for
giving yourself another chance to bare those beautiies.

That is why the Warlord is a cut above. He knows how to get the most
out of Johnny, while pleasing all his senses. So, the vision of this
boy firmly in his mind, the Warlord does the unexpected. He leave
him alone, to suffer and moan…and to worry about the dawn while he
retires to his room, but sleep will allude him. It is during this
time that the Warlord’s lust grows to a fever pitch. Who hasn’t had
such a night, waiting for the dawn because of some task that needs to
be done. Now, imagine if that task included Johnny, safely tucked
away, waiting, frightened, almost naked. The night, for our poor
Warlord, would be a torture like no other.

Finally, the dawn. Can you see him bound out of his bed, a bed that,
for most of the night, was not unlike a rack. Can you feel his heart
racing; hear it pounding, his cock stiffening with each step that
brings him closer to Johnny? He flings open the door and the sight
that greets his eyes is the very site that tortured him all night.
Can you sense his joy, his lust, his sadistic desires. He looks
around at all those implements that sever to inspire him. But first,
as Aquadude has told us, the cutoffs must be removed, but how?

You will share that with us, won’t you Aquadude? I think the
Purgtorium is about to be transformed in the Inferno!

JT Warlord 67
Johnny’s mission has been accomplished. The warlord’s empire is
crumbling. But, and I have no doubt our young hero thought long and
hard during his uncomfortable night, a night of limbs burning from
cruel bondage, and concerns of what the dawn would bring, something
has gone terribly wrong.

Our young hero gives his body to his mission. He knows that he will
be interrogated and has the strength to withstand unspeakable pain,
both in body and mind. At the right moment, after giving an
impressive performance, Johnny cracks giving false information.
Then, he is thrown into his cell to await possible escape or rescue.
This time, it is different for our young hero. Mission Accomplished
(sorry about that) yet there appears to be no chance of escape and no
signs of rescue.

Listen to him. Perhaps, for the first time in his young life, he is
truly begging for it all to stop. His deep, gutteral screams are no
longer the screams of a man on a mission. These are the screams of a
man lacking hope, facing despair, where pain is is constant
companion. There is no longer any purpose for his suffering…except
for the singular pleasure of the warlord. After five months, Johnny
is on the verge, the very precipice, of being resurrected as that
most desirable human property…a SLAVE.

Looking into his mind, his tortured mind, you can see the vision of
our boy, grasping at the sides of this endless abyss, desperately
trying to hold on so as not to fall into the blackness. His arms are
tired and he knows they cannot hold on much longer. Although he
knows what awaits his fall, he cannot help but long for the relief of
letting go. This mental battle is a mere metaphor for the reality he
now faces, for he is one more scream away; one more moan at night;
one more unwanted erection from giving in. Now, we see the true
beauty of a strong-willed, handsome boy under relentless torture,
torture whose only purpose is for the pleasure of the one who

If I could, I would taunt him; whisper in his ear that he has the
power to make it stop. “Johnny, make it end. Give in to it.
Embrace it. In time, and with much pain, you will, ulitmately,
become the slave you are so determined not to become. With one final
scream, Johnny, say farewell to the life you knew, the life you
loved, for a new life awaits, a life of service to another’s
pleasure. Let go and it will be over.”

We all know the dirty little secret; that it will be far from over;
that it will be merely the beginning. But that is another story!

JT Warlord 68
Can there be any doubt as to the depth and fullness of the Warlord’s
lust-driven sadism? How carefully, almost lovingly, he protects his
boy (that is correct, his boy, for Johnny belongs to no other) from
damage yet not from pain. Like a painter, he handles the fire wands
with grace, teasing our hero’s nerve endings until Johnny’s world
becomes a living hell. No longer in control, Johnny becomes one with
the pain. It is now his reason for living…for existing! Try as he
might to find a place deep within to escape this nightmare, he is
unsuccessful. AT each refuge, he is met with the Warlord’s grinning
face and the fire wands, or the cat, or the glistening metal probes, or
the water-boarding bench. There is no escape. Johnny is alone. What
a horrible feeling as he continues on this journey to the very ‘heart
of darkness.’ Is there no one who will help this boy? Do his screams
fall on deaf ears? The Warlord hears your screams, Johnny. Put
yourself completely in his hands. Turn your mind over to him. Show
him that you accept his tenderness. He has your body, give him your
mind. It is the only way. Accept your fate. Johnny, you were made to
suffer, and suffer you will.
JT Warlord 69
“Payment in pain,” “Reached it’s physical apex,” these two phrases
are enough to make a reader react in some interesting ways. Poor
Johnny, his body must hurt like hell from those loving flames. The
warlord has seen fit to coat the boy’s body with a gel, thereby
preventing any permanent damage. A rather intelligent decision.
But, the Purgatorium is filled with the sweet, sickly odor of burning
hair. Now, our young hero is devoid of that manly hair around his
cock and balls, and those fine tendrils fanning out from that dark
crevice that separates those wonderfully supple and muscualar globes
of ass flesh. How those tongues of fire must tickle that dark
divide. Our boy can feel his hair, that proud hair that, as a boy,
he was so anxious to sprout. Now, he can feel those long sought
hairs slowly shrivel to nothing leaving in its wake, tender, blushing
flesh, smooth as a baby making our young hero appear even younger.
If this punishment is the physical apex, then I am left wonder what
other way the warlord intends to punish Johnny. Is it mental, for
surely if he has reached the physical apex of punishment, then all
that is left is some insidious mental punishment. Will you allow us
to bear witness to this, Aquadude, or shall we merely see a large oak
door, tightly shut, we on one side while Johnny and the warlord are
on the other? You are certainly kicking this up a notch. You have
no idea how I look forward to Wednesday’s plate!
JT Warlord 70
My fantasies take flight as I view each of Aquadude’s erotic
photomanipulations and coupled with his brief descriptions, a very
powerful ‘whole’ takes shape. With this last plate, I realized,
fully, the extent of the genius behind these incredible works and an
evil genius at that. Look at our hero; young, sexy, desirable.
Would I be over-reaching to say he was made for the pleasures of the
flesh in all their varied forms? I don’t think so. The bell is what
I’m focusing on; the means by which the Warlord will invade Johnny’s
mind and turn him into the perfect pain puppet. Johnny will come to
crave pain; he will need it. Look at him, that beautiful specimen of
all that is a young man will crave pain. It isn’t the warlord. No.
This is Aquadude and stems from the rich and full fantasies hatched
in his mind. I guess I never truly appreciated Aquadude for the
depository of all these erotic fantasies we have come to love, and
wake up to.

With this plate, he shows the depth of his genius, for Johnny is
about to enter a new world, a world that Aquadude has created; a
world where Johnny becomes the perfect pain slave. You are an evil
genius! You are the Warlord! All this time, I was an observer, a
fly on the wall. You were the puppet-master; all this time, it was
you pulling the strings. And it took this plate to make me realize
that. Now, I can only wonder at what other fantasies, tortures and
pleasures are being hatched deep within that dark chamber in your
fertile mind. And, you have been conditioning us; yes, all along,
you have made us crave each plate. How many of us get into Yahoo as
quickly as possible? Like a college course, Mondays, Wednesdays and
Fridays, we are treated to Johnny suffering. All that is left to say
is ‘thank you’ for all these wonderful fantasies and for allowing me
to create even more.

JT Warlord 71
Oh, Johnny, do we need ask for whom the bell tolls? Quite simply,
young man, it tolls for thee. I do have a concern, Johnny, call it the
caring sadist in me. You see, I don’t want you to become a mindless
hunk of young flesh, no longer knowing the humiliation of your
situation, nor the joy the Warlord gets from hurting you. That would
be a waste. You were made for bondage and torture and because of this,
you must experience all that goes with it, for as long as possible.
What pleasure is there in beating a dead horse? None! I have faith in
the Warlord’s ability to keep you on the right side of sanity, feeling
every nuance of his loving ways. And he does love you. How do I
know? Well, you only hurt the ones you love. Bong! Bong! Bong! Get
ready for some more loving, boy.
JT Warlord 73
I thought by now, the Warlord would have moved on to more interesting
forms of hurting our young hero. I must confess that I was taken
back by the severity of the beating and didn’t understand just how
personally the Warlord took Johnny’s betrayal. A beating of such
brutality shows a certain intimacy, sadistic though it may be. This
is personal, very personal. To feel the pain in one’s hands as it
connects with the muscle and bone of another is an intimate act. To
see the victim’s blood gush forth, to see it coating the knuckles,
feel it splatter onto one’s face is nothing short of a sadistic sex
act. The Warlord is, in a deeply perverted way, making love to
Johnny, his hands a substitute for his cock as they pound away at the
boy. I had no idea just how far the Warlord has fallen; how taken he
is with the boy.

And Johnny; poor Johnny; what must he be thinking as he tries,
desperately, to maintain his dignity, his very self, clutching at
what it means to be…Johnny? By now, he knows that, in a sick,
perverted way, this man, this man beating him, his is lover, a lover
who desires to own him completely; a man who is determined to possess
his mind, his heart and his very soul the way he possesses his body.
This intimate act of love who’s only witness is the bell with its
incessent tolling. Bong, bong, bong…

JT Warlord 74
This is, for me, one of the most erotic works I have seen. The face of
our young hero, looking so dejected, so filled with despair, so willing
to accept his fate, is a powerful turn-on. Dark thoughts fill my mind
as I think of having this handsome boy, this magnificent specimen of
all that is the young male, his power, his urges, his perfectly
sculptured body all at my disposal, to do with as I see fit, limited
only by my imagination.

I can see the Warlord gently using his thumbs to wipe away Johnny’s
tears, then, holding out his hand and saying, “Come. Come, Johnny. It
is time to face your destiny.” Slowly, our young hero reaches for the
hand of the Warlord and rises from the stool. Can you not see them,
walking hand-in-hand as the Warlord, fully clothed, leads the boy,
completely naked, his strong back tapering to his narrow hips, the
muscles of his legs flexing as we walks, his magnificent young ass,
swaying just so, into the shadows to face the inevitable. And, as they
disappear into the darkness, I can hear the Warlord’s voice growing
more faint…”Come, Johnny; there is no need for tears. From now on, I
will see to all your needs…”

JT Warlord 75
My dear Warlord, although I have been careful to criticize you, I
believe that you are quite mistaken. Johnny is every bit as proud as
he was when he first strutted in, as you say, several months ago and
while it is true, that you have worn him down both mentally and
physically, I believe he may surprise you yet. Giving the young hero
to your commanders may prove a mistake. Yes, I have no doubt that they
will derive much enjoyment from his suffering, it is my opinion that
you must continue to work on him to insure that he becomes a totally
obedient slave. You run the risk of your sadistic commanders damaging
this young Adonis. Don’t make the mistake many owners of such
magnificent property make; arrogance is a trait I abhor. Take the boy
to some undisclosed location and continue bending him to your will.
Start your evil empire again. That is one man’s opinion but, I have
this strong reason to believe that you will, not only lose your empire,
but Johnny as well.
JT Warlord 76
Such joy to awaken to the continuing tale of the blond-haired golden
boy. In the distance, his tortured brain hears the metal gate grinding
open, then, his tortured body feels the thud of the boots, two, four,
six or more coming for him, again, picking him up and dragging him to
who knows where. No doubt, our young hero prays for death, a blessed
end to all his agony. But he knows; he knows that these men enjoy his
suffering so death is not in the cards. He knows that his strong body,
naked, in bondage, fills their sadistic minds with lust. The thuds
stop; they are here. See you soon, Johnny!
JT Warlord 77
Aquadude has performed, and continues to perform a valuable service
for us. Through the use of his art, he allows us to fantasize about
situations that, I imagine, are alien to most of us. Frankly, I
don’t have a well-appointed dungeon and, to be honest, I have never
intentionally hurt another human being. So, and I have often asked
myself, why these fantasies? The answer; I don’t really know but I
know I enjoy them. May I make some observations? When I was
younger, my fantasies focused on James West, or James Bond, or older
men. As I got older, and now find myself in what can be called,
middle-age, my focus has shifted to the college quarterback or
gymnast. No doubt, I am a bit envious of what those strong, young
bodies are capable of handling and enduring; that cocky attitude;
that insatiable sex drive. I fondly remember. Now, I believe that
the natural state of a boy between eighteen and twenty-five is naked
and bound. This is a magical time. Remember?

I always enjoyed scenes of interrogation. Why? Why did I need the
pretense of interrogation? Fact is, is made me feel better because
what I really wanted was the ability to abduct a victim, whisk them
off to some remote locale, and do whatever I wanted to them. I no
longer wanted some contrived motive. Well, I realized that I could
no longer hide behind the fantasy of the interrogator. James West
was replaced by the young college stud down the street, the kid I
would watch washing his car in some ridiculous excuse for shorts,
which, by the way, I’m happy he chooses to wear, stripped to the
waist as his sweat and spray from the hose coats his body.

I imagine the press conference his parents would give, begging the
kidnappers to return their boy unharmed not knowing that their
neighbor, me, had their boy abducted and removed to my little slice
of paradise. Bound in his boxers, I would turn on the TV so he could
see his parents pleading. I have no reason to interrogate him, or
punish him. No; my only desire is to play with him.

I would walk toward him, enjoying the look on his face. There,
behind him, in front of him, hell, all around him, are shelves filled
with toys, some really nasty toys. He would be asking questions,
cursing, telling me that when he gets free he’ll kill me. I merely
smile, bend down, curl my fingers into the waist band of his boxers
and slowly relieve him of the last vestige of dignity and self-
respect. Yes, I would be eye-level with his flaccid cock and I would
be sure to tell him how nice it is. Yes, all his boy bits, those
areas we are told to keep covered, would now be exposed to his older
neighbor. He knows, and he knows I know he knows that this can’t be
good. Sorry for the Donald Rumsfeld sentence structure.

I would place my hand, lightly on his ass cheek and apply a soft
pressure. That simple touch declares my ownership stake in him, in
his body, in his very desirable boy bits. He would notice the table,
the chairs with manacles, the chains hanging down from the ceiling
and I would intentionally leave the door ajar to a room off to the
side so he can’t help but notice a bed.

With the economic meltdown, imagine these incredibly wealthy people,
both men and women, demanding new forms of entertainment. No longer
content with another car, they become more jaded in their tastes.
They want young flesh and they have the money and power to do it. I
fancy my self an entrepreneur starting a little business, a resort
for these wealthy folks where they can come and live out their
fantasies. I would have young studs abducted and brought to the
island, perhaps Hams Hideaway. Rooms dedicated to all types of
fantasies-The Classroom, The Alien Spaceship, The Doctor’s Office,
The Interrogation Center and, of course, the dreaded Cellar Rooms.
And, for a premium, we will abducted someone of their own choosing.
Now that’s a service. And to maximize profit, I would establish two
sections, one for males and the other for females. Hell, why not
have the whole enchilada?

Well, I seem to have gone on for a bit too long and I do apologize to
those who stayed with me. Now, it’s time to get back to work. The
market is up so maybe the phone won’t be ringing off the hook, and it
might give me time to fantasize about the brother and sister I’ve had
my eye on. I bet that I could find ways to motivate them to do
things they never thought they could. We members of the Bunker are
so creative. Thanks Aquadude.

JT Warlord 78
Well, now our poor hero is in the hands of a bunch of ‘let’s stomp
the shit out of him’ sadists. These yahoos have no idea what the
hell they are doing. For me, give me the ‘bad guy’ who knows how to
finesse pain from a body; someone who derives sexual gratification
from the simple act of causing intense discomfort; someone who
understands how bondage enhances beauty; someone who revels in
another humiliation and draws power from another’s vulnerability; a
creative person; a person who thinks before acting, who lets the
sight of his victim stimulate his senses driving his lust to new
heights. Johnny deserves better. His screams and moans, the
twisting of his body, the straining of his muscles should be reserved
for the more sophisticated sadist. Revenege, my neanderthal, is a
dish best served COLD!

I have enjoyed the discussion as to which point of view makes for a
better story. If I may weigh in, I prefer a tale told in the third
person, though it can be erotic if we get to hear some dialog.
Imagine you are alone with, with Johnny. You turn away from him,
hearing his breathing as you walk to a table with various
implements. Picking one up, and without turning to face him, you
might say…”Tell me, Johnny, has your girlfriend ever played with
your nipples? I’m somewhat curious. Some men have very sensitive
nipples while others feel little, if anything. I wonder about yours,
my dear boy.” As you utter these words, you turn holding some nasty
nipple clamps (yes, I know, they are overplayed). He looks at you,
angry, defiant (remember, he knows how sensitivie his nipples are)
and in a voice filled with loathing he says, “Fuck you, you sick
perverted bastard.” Unfortunately for Johhny, this is just what you
want to hear. You walk toward him, his naked body gleaming from his
sweat in the dim light of the room, your fingers reach out and begin
to manipulate his nipples, pinching, squeezing, teasing until they
become erect (remember, this is erectile tissue). Then, slowly,
drawing the whole proceedure out, you clamp his sensitive buds, your
cock growing harder has he lets out a grasp, a grasp he tries to
surpress not wanting to give you any satisfaction. Leaning in, you
whisper “My, they appear to be quite sensitive. Johnny, your nipples
are only the beginning. Let’s see if we can uncover other sensitive
areas of your body, maybe one or two that are even more sensitive. I
think we are going to have a lot of fun…don’t you?”

So, I think that some first person narrative can be quite
stimulating, adding another dimension to the tale.

JT Warlord 79
I was quite taken with this last plate, well, with the facial
expression on our hero’s face. If I may, why not take another look.
That face, that priceless face, so expressive, so handsome, so
confused. Yes, it appears that our young hero is rather confused.
Our cocky hero has come to realize that he is no longer in control of
the situation. But there is more. I see Johnny questioning himself,
questioning why he undertook this mission. He seems to be imploring
someone, perhaps God, to end this. Oh he is not broken, well, not
yet. Johnny is young, filled with life and hope, not yet jaded. He
still hangs on and that, too, is written on his face.

The Warlord is a man of many talents, though we may question his
business acumen. He has found ways to deal with our hero, ways that
I’m not sure Johnny was ever prepared for. Suffice to say, there are
many forms of torture and just as some are more effective in
extracting information, others are more subtle, often times forcing
the victim to question all they believe in, all they stand for, all
they thought they were. And these methods, these tortures are as
different as DAY…and NIGHT.

So, look at his face again. Of course, Aquadude was kind enough to
give us a view of our hero in all his glory, helpless in those
manacles. He is quite a sight, and his body, that magnificent body.
Much was done to it and some of what was done has begun affecting his
mind. He may even begin questioning his own manliness. It’s all
there, all on the handsome face.

JT Warlord 80
For me, the spread-eagled postion is the most gratifying. To quote a
phrase from Aquadude, whether from the rear of front, it displays
the ‘strapping young body’ in the most erotic, as well as, the most
efficient manner for playing. Standing on his toes will cause great
discomfort as well as showing the strong supple muscles of his legs.
The manner in which his wrists and ankles are bound insures that,
after several hours, although exhausted, his position will remain
unaltered. All Johnny will be able to do his lower his head. How I
long to pick up his chin and look into his eyes.

Plate 80 leads me to believe that Aquadude is a connoisseur of the
male anatomy from the rear. Just look at our young hero. Can there
be any doubt? To use another phrase from Aquadude, ‘every muscular
curve and chiseled contour of Johnny’s seductive physique’ makes me
want to let my greedy, middle-aged hands roam his body. Geez, I’m
being seduced by a photomanipulation! Well, as long as I’m
fantasizing, I walk into this chamber…”Stop. Leave me with him!”
Disappointed, they sulk away, denied their sadistic pleasure. “Do
you know who I am, Johnny? I have fantasized about having you in
this position for quite some time. You are quite a handsome young
man, to handsome for your own good. I am not interested in your
mission or the warlord, but I am interested in you, deeply interested
in you.”

“Do you know what I want to do to you? Funny, neither do I but if I
sit here long enough, looking at you, I’m sure something will pop
into my mind. My mind; now there is a place you don’t want to go.
Tell me, how do my hands feel on your body? Do they trouble you;
frighten you, perhaps excite you? Let’s get you cleaned up.
Something very interesting just popped into my head and I am anxious
to see how far it will go.”

Thanks Aquadude-I really enjoy my little flights of fantasy.

JT Warlord 81
Again we are treated to the rear view of our sexy, young hero but we
now have the added element of his body, dripping with water. I can’t
think of a more visually stimulating scene. Poor, poor Johnny, all
this focusing on his firm buttocks. No straight man wants any
attention drawn to those firm globes of ass flesh, least of all by
another man. It is humiliating, a bit unnerving, and most of all,
frightening. Let’s not go there. Then again..
JT Warlord 82
Excellent! In the end, after the whips, the clamps, the fists to his
hard abdonimals (a favorite of jayiijay), the probes that, somehow,
find their way into every conceivable orifice on his body, it
inevitably comes down to pure, raw, sexual lust. Can you honestly
blame these men? Days, weeks, months of having this magnificent
specimen of young manhood bound and naked has finally taken its
toll. Laying the whips aside, removing the clamps and allowing blood
to painfully return, unceremoniously extracting those probes, slick
and gleaming, from Johnny’s most intimate depths, these men now want
to touch and taste this young hero.

Greedy hands begin to roam the sweat-soaked topography of his body,
squeezing, pinching, kneading. Raspy tongues swipe and swirl at the
contours of his musculature, the plains of his pecs, the ridges of
his abs, the depths of his navel; licking the outline of his ribs
while other tongues glide over the firm, succulent hemispheres of his
buttocks so round, so inviting while delving deeply into the glorious
mysteries of Johnny’s body, all thirsting for that heady liquid of
salty sweat, sweat caused by pain laced with testosterone, the very
essence of our young hero, essence from deep within his body bubbling
to the surface, oozing from his pores. Teeth, sharp and biting,
clamping down on the boy’s large, sensitive nipples as some are
biting those magnificent globes of his buttocks while others seek out
more intimate boy bits to chew and nibble on. No doubt, several of
these men will partake of a far more aggressive use of our young
hero’s body.

The room, no longer filled with the all too familiar sounds of
leather striking flesh, or fists pummeling strong abdominals, has
become, instead, a banquet hall with sounds of men devouring a fine
meal, slurping, sucking, biting. Properly prepared, roasted to
perfection, Johnny has become a virtual flesh feast to a group of men
who are starving and are prepared to pick him apart.

There are other sounds, the unmistakable sounds of a boy in the
throws of pleasure, a pleasure his body is demanding more of; a
pleasure his mind is trying, desperately, valiantly to resist. In
short, our young hero is being turned-on. This is a torture he is
unprepared for, to hear his own voice as if he were a virgin bride on
her wedding night, moaning in pleasure at the hands of…MEN! It
would be so enjoyable to see your reaction to this, just a bit. How
does it feel? Do you feel cheap, dirty? Perhaps you feel like a
cheerleader behind the bleachers with the star quarterback as he
tries to grab some tit, copping feels of her body. Come on, tell us.

Well, enjoy this pleasure, however brief. The lash will, once again,
strike, the fist will land, the clamp will squeeze and crush. I have
one question I’ve been meaning to ask; this secret weapon of yours,
to make anyone fall in love with you, taking into account your
present position, do you still think its a good thing? Hell, from
the sounds of things I guess you’re in no position to answer that.
Maybe later. MAYBE!

JT Warlord 83
Looking at Plate 83, is it any wonder that this is the most
requested ‘position’ for our boy; the rack, that engine of pain and our
pleasure, used throughout history as a means of breaking a man,
interrogating a man, and punishing a man. So effective at causing pain
as well as displaying the body in a most vulnerable manner. What could
be more enjoyable then having our young hero so desirably splayed out,
unable to stop our assault on his strong body. And what a body! Such
strength will tax the strongest man as he turns the wheel but, in the
end, Johnny will feel his joints pull apart. What pain that must be;
what exquisite pain, glorious pain, sadistic pain, and sexual pain.
Let’s see just how much you can withstand my young, sexy,
JT Warlord 84
Johnny, are you really pleading to be let down? Is this not part of
your master plan? My dear boy, I don’t think your plan is going so
well. Still, I don’t trust you, Johnny. However, hearing that sexy
voice of yours plead, beg, is music, sweet music. I bet your arms are
burning, the joints slowly ripping while your tendons and ligaments
start tearing apart. What pain. Your problem, Johnny, is that you
just look too damn good, naked, bound and suffering. The boys can’t
help it. You inspire their sadistic creativity, hell, you inspire
mine! I can’t help wonder what Aquadude has in store for you. Will he
let you complete your mission, or will you remain the muscle, pain
puppet of the warlord? Now, what are these dangling delights-
JT Warlord 85
Thank you, once again, for showing us the magnificence that is Johnny
from the rear. His body is pure perfection, the ideal of all that is
a young man. His muscles, strong, supple, his flesh, stretched
tightly over his frame, his smell, that wonderful, youthful smell of
raging hormones and sweat, the length and thickness of his cock,
always ready to rise, the fullness of his balls filled with the
thick, ambrosia of a young male, the inviting swell of his buttocks,
those firm yet meaty globes of ass flesh standing guard to the
secret, hidden treasure that, by now, has been discovered and
explored more than once. We have been privy to this wonderful
metamorphosis, this desirable transformation, for the young man
captured so many months ago, is no longer the same young man.

Our Johnny, this beautiful, young hero has been changed into
something so pleasing, so sexy, something we all crave in our
fantasies. The warlord and his evil minions are no longer concerned
with mere punishment of the boy or interrogating him to uncover
answers. No. This has gone beyond that. These men are ‘enjoying’
themselves. They need to make him suffer, to watch his body twist
and sway in bondage, to smell his fear, taste his sweat, hear him
scream. Yes, our Johnny, this beautiful creature, this young man,
this hero has been transformed into a PLEASURE SLAVE. Whatever the
outcome, Johnny will, deep in his being, always be a pleasure slave.

Should he manage to get out of this, to escape, his mind will always
be a prisoner. As he steps from the shower, naked and damp, he may
stand before a mirror and stretch his arms above his head. In his
mind’s eye, he will feel the manacles, the rope. His legs will
spread as his ankles feel the binds pulling them apart.

Perhaps at night, lying in his bed just before falling into a
troubled sleep, his legs will spread out as if needing to be secured
as his arms reach for the corners of his headboard. Then, they will
come, men, women, carrying black, leather satchels filled with ‘toys
for bad boys.’

As I look, again, at Plate 85, I realize that there are boys like
Johnny who were made, created, destined, whatever you believe, to be
pleasure slaves for us. So, as I begin this day, I will be on the
lookout for such a boy, and I will spin my fantasies around him.
Maybe the UPS man, or perhaps, as I drive pass the fire station, that
young blond hero, or the cop. I will have him abducted and taken to
my secret place. Then, away from prying eyes and ears, I will take
my pleasure but before I begin, I will close the door because, after
all, it is my fantasy. I leave you to yours!

JT Warlord 86
I disagree with this being a cruel torture. It appears that our young
hero has plenty of room to move and stretch out, well, maybe not that
much but, hell, he is being tortured. And what is this talk about the
damp, cold dungeon? I may be mistaken but that overhead light should
produce enough heat for our boy. I hope the Warlord is not getting
soft by allowing our young hero to rest. The good thing is that the
boys will also get a chance to rest, to get their juices flowing, their
lust burning all in anticipation of a new round of “Playtime for
Johnny.” Come on, Johnny, think outside the box!
JT Warlord 87
Well, it is nice to see that the Warlord encourages athletic
competition among his men. This keeps everyone in top condition
which is, undoubtedly, necessary in their line of work. And it is
rather kind of him to allow Johnny to participate. He must be
excited to wear all those skimmpy bikinis. I can hear the sound of
ripping material as they try another bikini on this living Ken doll.

There is something sinister in this plate, something that needs to be
said. For several months, our young hero has been hidden away,
forced to suffer untold tortures both physical and mental at the
hands of this group of sadistic men. What must it be like to know
that at any moment, boots striking the ground, closer, closer,
signals that they are coming for him? Where will they take him; to
which ‘playroom’ will they usher him into? Will it be a group effort
or will the Warlord be Johnny’s only playmate? Will he face the
horrors of the rack, the lash, the claw or the horrors that abound in
the Warlord’s ‘private quarters?’

This plate shows us that Johnny is abused in many ways with no
possible chance of escape or rescue. The way they are using him
speaks volumes as to the utter hopelessness of his plight. Remember
that mission? What mission? Ripppppp-“Hey, give me those green
ones. Hold his fucking legs while I get them on him. Shit, those
are two of the ripest melons I’ve ever seen, and that cucumber from
the front is mighty impressive. Hold the kid up. Yeah, just like
that. Ready, boy?

JT Warlord 88
Nothing beats a hands on approach, and the boys seem to be enjoying
themselves, perhaps a bit more than they should. It seems they like
this skin to skin contact, but who wouldn’t when the skin your making
contact with belongs to a young, macho, virile stud like Johnny?
Holding him, groping him, punching him while feeling his body, up close
and so very personal, your body and his coated with sweat, your hands
slipping as they search for a new way to restrain him. Yes, these
sessions must be quite entertaining for the boys. Nothing can beat
feeling Johnny and feeling his pain.
JT Warlord 89
The WWF was never like this. The sound of flesh pounding flesh is a
music not to be believed. The staccato sound of our hero’s groans adds
dimension to this opus of pain. How much longer will Johnny be able to
withstand this? How much longer before he breaks, before these men
turn his perfect abs into jelly? Stay strong, Johnny. The warlord is
far from done with you.
JT Warlord 90
Aquadude, you are perverse asking me to think inside the box.
Normally, that would be an easy task but for someone with a touch of
claustraphobia, well, it can be a stretch. However, if it is one
thing I’ve learned over the years is that claustraphobia has less to
do with small places, or, in Johnny’s case, a small box, than with
loss of control. Let me start by saying that you have manipulated
Johnny in many poses that highlight his magnificent body and I
especially like the view from the rear. That being said, Plate 90
shows our young hero in the most erotic pose yet, crouched in what
can only be called a fetal position inside the safety of his mother’s
womb, that iron cage is anything but a safe womb. He looks so
deliciously vulnerable in this plate, so helpless. I wonder how much
more of this he can take. The boys need not use sticks or prods on
him. Confinement, while naked, is quite a powerful means of taming a
boy’s spirit, quickly.

Having been stuck in an elevator, or crowded subway, the first
reaction is that you want to get out, to get on with your business,
your life. But you cannot. You are stuck and at the whims of a
machine and, the men who maintain the machine. Isn’t that where our
hero finds himself?
How we take for granted the mere act of dressing. How would we feel
if we were forced to remain naked at all times. Surely, we would
feel quite uncomfortable. Have you wondered about Johnny? Would he
not feel the same? Then, we wear our clothes, suits, ties, shirts
with collars, heavy on the starch please. Or jeans, tee shirts,
shorts. I have a strange feeling that right about now, our young
hero would give anything to be allowed clothes; even his feet remain
constantly bare.

You wake up, stretch, have breakfast, shit, shower, shave and off you
go. Not Johnny. He never knows what the day, or night, will hold.
He as no control over his life. And always the footsteps, coming,
coming to take him to some room, to be bound to some device, to be
worked on and over until his screams fill the space. We complain
about late trains and buses or lines at the bank. And Johnny? Want
to bet that he would trade places with any of us.

We drink that wonderful cup of coffee to revive us while Johnny is
hit with a bucket of ice-cold water. Now that’s quite a site,
Johnny, naked with water cascading off the contours of his masculine
body, shivering. After the coffee, we get back to doing what ever we
were doing, Johnny gets back to doing what ever he was doing, which
is most likely screaming, maybe begging and flexing all those
wonderful muscles.

Seeing him in that cage, squatting, his most intimate part so
prominently displayed, his cock and balls dangling just so, it is
easy to think inside the box…even for someone with a touch of
claustraphobia. Just the though of being restrained, something
Johnny lives with every day, and night, is enough to set off that
phobia. If I didn’t find it so stimulating to see Johnny naked and
bound, I might feel sorry for him. Of course, if he were in my
basement, in that box, I doubt I would feel sorry for him and I doubt
I would share with you what I would subject him to. Fortunately for
us, Aquadude doesn’t share my need for privacy. We all know that
Johnny won’t remain in that small, tiny, claustraphobic box for
long. So, boys, stop tormenting him, Everytime you do, you take his
mind off that little confining space and his desire to get out of
it. Let the box do its thing. Just relax, you’ll have your fun.
For now, just look at him. Enjoy his struggling. Taste and smell
his fear, his anxious mind, his racing heart. Gentlemen, that is the
definition of beautiful. Admire him; admire him for his good-looks
and the untold pleasure he has brought you. And when he is released,
remember to show him how much you care.

Aquadude, did I think inside the box enought for you?

By now, I would think that word would come from the warlord that Johnny’s
presence is requested in his private quarters. Then we could be treated to
Johnny being escorted, a view from the front, a view from the rear. The dialog among the men would explain that the warlord wants some alone time. Nothing need give any indication as to what that means keeping true to the site’s requirement pertaining to overt sex. The warlord strikes me as someone who would have plumbed Johnny’s depths long ago as well as making as much time as necessary to revisit, often. I wonder how this tale will be resolved. It is exciting.

Tell me, has the good Doctor Pain found a way to remove himself and Shannon to his mountain retreat and that delightful Pain Lab without the interference from the drug lord’s brute of a son? Although I enjoy the bashing, punching and gut work, I prefer the finesse of the good doctor and all those wonderful serums and implements and who better than a doctor to understand the workings of the human body and how to give it pleasure and pain.

Hope my comment was spot on.

JT Warlord 91
For me, there is nothing more erotic than seeing a young hero, such
as Johnny, exhausted, hanging limp in his bonds, after hours of
brutal, sadistic torture. With his head hanging down, you can feel
his lonliness, his hopelessness, his almost complete transformation
into the slave he is slowly becoming. My comments have centered on
our hero, and I can’t be blamed for that, but I have neglected the
work itself.

Each plate is its own work of art, a work that stimulates all our
senses. Have you noticed the shadow of Johnny cast by his body and
the flickering torch? Imagine seeing only the shadow, how powerful
it would be, how it would incite your fantasy. Even the torturer
turning the rope casts a shadow. This is an evil room where bad
things happen to good people. Each plate perfectly complements our
boy’s suffering.

Look at the torturer as he raises, or perhaps lowers, our hero. What
is he thinking as he views this beautiful site before him, the sight
of a bound, naked young man, his body straining, gleaming in the
eerie light of the flame caused by his own sweat, sweat casued by
pain, exhaustion, and the utter dispair of his situation? How
intimate, to be the cause of another’s suffering. Who among us would
not want to bear witness to this exquistie sight, to feel our own
physical reactions to it, to his suffering, his beauty.

As I go back and view each plate, it becomes for me, a tapestry, not
yet completed, but soon to be. Yes, a tapestry woven by a master
who, even now, continues to perfect his craft. Art should
illuminate, excite the senses and bring joy. Well, each plate
illuminates the dark recesses of my mind, bringing joy to me and
exciting all my senses.

So I thank you, Aquadude, for showing me the shadows and for being
kind enough to show me that which casts them. Saddened by the
impending arrival of plate 101, I am comforted in the knowledge that,
as one tale closes, another will begin.

JT Warlord 94
The musty smell fills his nostrils; he feels the heat coming from the
single bulb causing a light sheen of sweat. He is aware of his
nakedness and of the four men, clothed, standing around him all
reminiscent of an old black and white film, a scene out of “13 Rue
Madeleine,” one of those interrogation scenes that somehow cause a
rise for some inexplicable reason. But this is no black and white
film; this is living color and this isn’t a movie but real life. I
can taste Johnny’s fear, taste his utter humiliation. He wonders why
they can’t just beat the shit out of him; why do these bad guys
always have to strip him. Poor, poor Johnny. Let me tell you, kid.
It’s because you are so damn handsome, hell, you’re fucking
beautiful. They want to see you naked, to admire your young muscles
and that big, fat, cock of yours. They want to smack those globes of
ass flesh, feel their hands sting and hear that sound, the sound of
flesh striking flesh. Ya see, kid, if you get to keep your clothes
on, all that good shit doesn’t happen. And we can’t have that,
Johnny, now can we?

And observing it all is the Warlord. Johnny, that SOB has his thick
cock in his hand and his pulling it for all it’s worth. That sick
bastard is sexually getting off on you, bound to that chair all nice
and naked while ‘the boys’ play with your body, your big boy body.

I want you to know that seeing you this way, so helpless, so
vulnerable, this is what turned me on as a young kid. These were the
scenes I paid fifty cents for to see in the movies (hell, I just
dated myself!) These were the scenes that never showed ‘enough,’ the
scenes that were always too short. Yeah, kid, I’m getting off on it
and I’m letting my imagination run riot. Oh, the shit their doing to
you. Hang in their stud; only a few more plates. Can you make it?
Will you be able to hang on? And the Warlord, well he has the
situation in hand but, I hope he has put that situation to good use.
Yeah, and I hope he’s put it to good use many times over your stay
with him. See, kid, that body of yours needs to be fully experienced
in all is glory and for all it’s worth, and Johnny, from where I’m
standing it’s worth a hell of a lot.

JT Warlord 95
Finally. Finally this man has seen the light. Too many times the
torture of one so beautiful is analogous to a premature ejaculation;
a quick moment of pleasure and then, finished. What the Warlord has
learned is that a boy like Johnny, handsome, strong, sexually
charged, needs time, time to make him suffer, time to make him moan
and perhaps, if all goes well, to hear him beg. And there are so
many things to beg for; and end to the pain, to his suffering, and
end to the frustrating sexual agony such a young hero must feel.
Yes, it was fun watching the barbarians have their way and now, it
has gotten out of hand.

My dear Warlord, many times I have warned you of this. I told you
not to let these men run wild with the boy; I implored you to keep
him for yourself, selfishly guarding him, taking pleasure in his
suffering and have often told you to enjoy merely taking him. Have
you listened? Look at yourself, sulking, a shell of the man I’ve
come to love. It may be too late. But you can still have him. Take
him to your private quarters and close the door. We do not need to
be witness to your conquest, to hear him beg you not to do what your
lust drives you to do. There is still time to bend him to your will
in a way that no amout of torture or gut-punching will ever achieve.
Soon, it may be all you have left, a memory of what could have been.
Yes, now you must suffer knowing that there was a time when Johnny
could have been turned into your pleasure slave bringing you years of
sadistic joy. I fear that the time has passed. In any event, stop
your sulking and get on with what needs to be done. It is time to
show the boy what you are made of. Do it, damn you! You will not
regret it and his moans will comfort you as your world falls apart.
Now, you foolish man, before it is too late.

JT Warlord 96
Well, I didn’t see that one coming. Warlord, I am sorely disappointed
in you. Like some love-struck young coed, you let your emotions cloud
your judgment. Bravo. You have proven you are as foolish as you once
were ruthless. How touching; let the boy escape; let all that
masculine goodness just walk out a free man. Brilliant! I think it is
a good idea because we need Johnny to get back in the game so that
someone more deserving of having the pleasure of his company can be
found. But, or course, this would be possible only if he survives.
Warlord, the Japanese had a solution for men like you. I suggest that
you sulk down to one of those nicely appointed rooms, find something
suitably sharp and make one hell of a mess. As for those idiots
stomping away, perhaps they can find sport in shooting moose from a
helicopter! Of course, I will check in on you, Gidget, just to see if
you have taken my advice. Maybe I’ll write a book, “The Lovestruck
Warlord.” In any event, have a real shitty day!
JT Warlord 97
Our young hero, exhausted from his trials, slung, naked over the
shoulders of the Warlord, this repulsive, sadistic man, as they ascend
up the all too familiar staircase to an uncertain fate (?), his flaccid
penis against bare arm, his muscular body bouncing with each step in a
kind of ‘rhythm of seduction’, his buttocks-I can’t say enough about
his buttocks-those globes of firm, masculine, flesh, flesh made to
yield, is an erotic delight.

Perhaps in the end, you will take what is righfully yours, what has
rightfully been yours since the start. It is over, this long drawn out
affair. Now, enjoy the spoils of these many months. Bind him and take
from him that which he does not want to give. Feel him struggle, his
powerful body fighting with all his youthful strength such a beautiful
sacrifice on such a suitable altar. Finally…Redemption!

JT Warlord 98
How touching you old softy. You really fell for the kid. Go ahead,
cop a few more feels. I had some doubts about you from the beginning
and now I know those doubts were not misplaced. You let this kid ruin
your organization and now you are going to let him go. Good. Now,
maybe someone with some balls will capture all his masculine goodness
and turn him into the slave he is destined to be. Now, hurry, I
wouldn’t want you to miss the explosive conclusion!
JT Warlord 99
I am speechless. I’m not sure what surprises me more, Johnny walking
off into the desert naked, or the kiss. Oh well, tis the season, I
JT Warlord 100
That is one hell of a fine looking stallion, strong, powerful, agile,
built for speed, capable of enduring much. I’m not sure about the
horse. So, our young hero rides off into the desert, naked (of course,
all young hero’s should ride off naked), and feeling good that he
accomplished his mission. Now, we are left to wonder how Johnny has
been affected by it all. The knowledge that he was turned into a
plaything for another must be hard for Johnny to come to terms with.
Just how hard, and how deeply he feels it, remains to be seen.
JT Warlord 101
I must say that I have grown quite fond of this perspective of our
young hero, quite fond indeed. And, like all members, I will miss his
suffering. I hope that Aquadude sees fit to send our boy on another
mission, our handsome, strong Laddie Godiva. Thanks, Aquadude, this
has been one hell of a ride, a ride never as uncomfortable as Johnny’s.



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