Tarzan and the Treasure Raid

Tarzan and the Treasure Raid
by LDC
DISCLAIMER: The following story is a work of fiction. All the characters depicted in the story belong to and are copyrighted by the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs on which I am in no way related.
Chapter 1
     It was just before dawn, the usual jungle sounds where interrupted by a loud and dangerous sound. The sound awakened Tarzan, king of the jungle from his sleep. Quickly, Tarzan tried to gather himself and observed his surroundings. He listened to the sound and found out that it was the sound of a chainsaw, two of them, in fact. Within seconds, Tarzan felt the tree house wobble. Although a bit dazed from his interrupted sleep, Tarzan skillfully moved to the side of the tree house and grabbed a vine and swung to the closest tree.
     Midway through the swing, Tarzan heard the crack of the rifle shot. Tarzan braced himself for the agony of a bullet wound. But to his surprise, he felt himself falling to the canopy below instead. Tarzan’s jungle-trained instincts took over and managed to grab a branch within reach and swiftly took cover in the large torso of the tree he originally intended to go. The large tree trunk barely covered Tarzan’s 6’3″, 240-pound, broad chest and tapered waist frame. The shooter’s skill is first class to be able the sever the vine despite its movement, thought Tarzan.

     Not even a second has passed when Tarzan felt the whiz a bullet in his side. Evidently, his shooter still knows his location and is not letting Tarzan come up with a strategy for an offensive. Tarzan surveyed the jungle in front of him, trying to come up with a plan to see his assailants, he knows it would be at least three, by the two wood cutters and one sniper. As he tried to peer through the side of the tree trunk, a bullet shot past again, barely missing his face. It was his attackers’ way of playing mind games with him, making him feel that he is cornered and trapped. As Tarzan contemplated a strategy of counterattack, he heard a voice that belongs, Tarzan figured, to the shooter.
     ‘We do not wish to kill you Tarzan. Well, at least not just yet.’  said the shooter. ‘But we need a piece of information from you. Why don’t you raise your right hand and come down peacefully so that we could negotiate, face-to-face.’ he continued. ‘Surely, with your title as king of the jungle, a one-handed maneuver through the trees is child’s play.’ finished the shooter tauntingly.
     Tarzan listened to the shooter’s proposal, his mind raced on the different possible pieces of information they would want from him. It was not good, each secret the lord of the jungle kept is of grave importance and he will not let anyone get it from him. But, unfortunately, his attackers had him, Tarzan concluded, almost perfectly trapped. He thought of a plan and prepared to execute it.
     ‘Alright! You’ve got me. I’ll come down peacefully and discussed this matter with you, man-to-man.’ shouted Tarzan as he raised his right hand.
     ‘Good choice, Tarzan. Come down slowly, and make sure we can see you.’ replied the shooter.
     With the dexterity of an ape, the king of the jungle traversed the branches masterfully despite using only one hand, carefully noting the scene that unfolded in front of him. His plan is to agree for a conversation with his attackers so that he will be able to see their number and location. The first person he need to disable is the shooter, particularly because of the shooter’s attack range and accuracy. The other two or more assailants will have to be dealt in accordance to the data he will gather later on.
     Both Tarzan’s feet hit the ground solidly as he finished his descent maintaining his right hand raised. He faced his assailants, there were five of them. The shooter, a lean man wearing a light brown hunter’s polo, khaki shorts and boots, is nearest to him. A few meters at the back of the shooter are two mammoth-of-a-man dressed in white shirt and blue jeans, they were twins at least 600 pounds and half a foot taller than Tarzan, but they are not muscular rather they are fat around the belly, larger still in their thighs, like those sumo wrestlers in Asia. Finally, at the back most of the group are two muscular men around the size and height of Tarzan holding the chainsaws used to cut Tarzan’s tree house. After seeing his attackers, Tarzan carefully organized his plan of attack. Tarzan approached them slowly.
     ‘Tarzan, before anything else. I would like to introduce this motley crew that managed to force you in this situation.’ jeered the shooter. ‘The thugs who ruined to house were Bison and Croc Davis and the twins at my back are Goumon Won and Goumon Tu, you don’t want to mess with them. I’m  Kite Jones, the best shooter in the world. Which of course, you have already experienced first-hand. I didn’t even gave you a chance, didn’t I. I’d consider myself lucky if I were you, I purposely missed killing you, you know? Even with the tree as your cover I could have actually killed you.’ said Kite boastfully. ‘But still, what you know is more important that your death.’
     ‘Kite, sorry to disappoint you but I only came down to talk. I have no intention of divulging the secrets of the jungle to you or your cronies, even if you kill me.’ countered Tarzan as he approached slowly to the group.
     ‘We both know there are things worse than death, Tarzan.’ said Kite ominously. ‘Bison, Croc, tie his hands behind his back.’ ordered Kite.
     Before the two men lowered their chainsaws Goumon Won spoke ‘No. We don’t need his hands tied. We’ll handle him, in case he tries to do something funny.’
     ‘In fact, we would want him to do something funny. Let’s see what his made of. That’s if he isn’t scared of us.’ mocked Goumon Tu.
     ‘Fine, just make sure that -‘ Kite was not able to finish his sentence as he prepared to defend himself against Tarzan’s attack. Because of the conversations happening Kite has slacked and miscalculated Tarzan’s agility until the distance between then was too short and Kite defense was too late. Tarzan immediately disarmed Kite of his rifle, breaking it in two and knocked Kite out with an elbow to the jaw. Tarzan then dived to the shelter of the dense plants on his side as Bison and Croc unsheathed their daggers. From his hideout, Tarzan made his next move. He moved stealthily to the back of the group where the stunned Bison and Croc where located.
     ‘Stay away from the plants, keep to the clearing.’ shouted Goumon Won to Bison and Croc but before the pair moved, Tarzan grabbed Croc by the and disappeared again in the thick vegetation. The surprised Croc offered little resistance to Tarzan as he was put immediately to a choke hold and in couple of seconds Croc was out cold. Two down and three to go, thought Tarzan. The disappearance of Croc, triggered Bison’s anger and he charged to the spot where he thought Croc was taken. Tarzan prepared for Bison’s approach and with uncanny speed and strength, he planted a punch to Bison’s gut and temple in quick succession. The blows where enough to knock the thug and Tarzan immediately changed his location, choosing a spot where he can observe and plan his move on how to incapacitate the giant twins left.
     The Goumon Won and Goumon Tu, for their part remained calm, they were professionals. They knew the speed and agility of Tarzan is legendary but strength-wise and endurance-wise they know that theirs is on another level than the jungle hero. Each one of them can break the king of the jungle in two if they are able to get their hands on him, but that will have to happen later on, much later on when they had the information they want and they had their fun.
     In the jungle plants, Tarzan contemplated his attack. He would sprint head-on and use his momentum to deal two right-hand punches to the belly of Goumon Tu to get him winded and finish him off with a left upper cut. The twins’ belly are enormous but Tarzan is certain that he’ll be able to penetrate their fat stomachs, after all, Tarzan has fought opponents as large as the Goumon Twins before and he had proved that massive as they are, their fat layers wasn’t able to protect them from Tarzan’s power. It would be too late for the king of the jungle that his assessment on the Goumon twins could not be more wrong.
Chapter 2
     Tarzan began his attack, with the quickness of a panther, he placed himself in front of Goumon Tu and planted his right fist in the giant’s belly. Just as Tarzan was about to remove his hand to perform the next punch, he was a bit disoriented. He soon found out the cause of his disorientation, his hand was stuck in Goumon Tu’s belly! The once flabby stomach of the brute had suddenly turned into a hard wall of muscle trapping his fore arm in it. Goumon Tu smiled malevolently as he saw the confused look on Tarzan’s face, he balled his right hand and took a swipe at the trapped hero. The blow hit Tarzan’s well-defined abdomen, catching the jungle man off guard, lifting his feet off the ground and knocking the air out of him. Goumun Tu expertly dealt four more blows to the Tarzan’s midsection, not letting eh hunk’s feet return to the ground. Tarzan felt the power behind each of the blow, the first one knocked the air out of him, the next four, did some damage to his abdominal muscles and quite possibly his liver. After the five blows, Tarzan’s face was etched in agony and his mouth formed an ‘O’, as he tried to inhale some measure of air into his system. Satisfied with his work, the brute relaxed his belly to release Tarzan’s trapped right arm.
     Tarzan fell on the ground, he clutched his midsection and tried to control himself despite of the pain that rocked his body. Before Tarzan fully regained is breath, he felt Goumon Tu’s hand grab his ankle and before he could offer resistance, he found himself thrown into the air like a frisbee, to the other side of the area. Suddenly, Tarzan saw the evil face of Goumon Won, it was too late for Tarzan to defend himself as Won’s knee struck Tarzan’s back and successively Won’s elbow struck the left side of Tarzan’s chest, changing the jungle man’s trajectory and send crashing to the ground. The blows was so brutal that the first one almost cracked Tarzan’s spine and the second one stopped Tarzan’s heart for a second, nearly rendering the hero unconscious, but Goumon Won carefully estimated the power to the strikes as not to give the king of the jungle that luxury of being knocked out in the middle of their fight.
     Tarzan didn’t want to embolden his opponents by letting them hear his suffering but the blows did some serious damage to him and the jungle hunk was unable to restrain a moan of pain, try as he might, from escaping his lips.He is still trying to catch his breath, clutching his abdomen on one hand and his chest on the other, he tried to stay still for a couple of seconds to let his back muscles recover from the assault a moment ago.
     However, his opponents thought otherwise, an enormous hand gripped Tarzan’s neck, lifted him and forced him to stand. Tarzan’s stance is wobbly, but the Goumon Won’s hand on his neck provided Tarzan with stability so as to prevent him from slumping back to the ground.
     ‘Now tell me Tarzan, WHERE IS THE FUCKING TREASURE CAVE!!! TELL ME!!!! WHERE IS IT!!!’ yelled Goumon Won near Tarzan’s ear, numbing the jungle hero’s hearing. It was an intimidation move, in the military senior officers would do this their junior counterparts to assert their superiority. Although, it would hardly affect Tarzan’s psyche, Won relished this opportunity to assert his superiority on the lord of the jungle.
     ‘I’ll tell you, in your dreams.’ said Tarzan and with a burst of strength freed his neck from Won’s grip and delivered a left upper cut to the monster’s chin, throwing the latter off balance, dazed but not out cold. Tarzan turned to the direction of Goumon Tu who was not at all surprised by the retaliation of the jungle hunk, on the contrary, Tarzan saw satisfaction and manic glee on the brute’s face.
     ‘That’s it Tarzan! Show us what your made of Tarzan! I was almost disappointed that we were able to squashed you so easily.’ taunted Tu as the combatants approached each other. To Tarzan’s dismay, he found his right ankle tied with rope to a near tree, they must have tied his ankle unnoticed as he tried to recuperate as he lay in his back moments ago. As Goumon Tu saw that Tarzan has taken notice of his handicap, the giant doubled his pace and within seconds he was in front of the jungle hunk. Tu unleashed a left hook but missed Tarzan’s head as the jungle hero rolled on the side and kicked Tu’s knees. To Tarzan’s disappointment, the attack barely had an effect to the monster but he was relieved that he reflexively leaped backward as Tu’s right hook missed his midsection by a hair’s breadth, Tarzan must definitely try to avoid getting hit by the twins savage attacks. Changing direction and moving to the opposite side gave Tarzan a much needed space from Tu to contemplate his next attack, he focused his attention in attacking Tu’s head.
     Tu on the other hand, also knows that only way to beat them is by a strike in the head and he knows that Tarzan might have figured to out too. That is the reason why Won tied a rope on Tarzan’s ankle to restrict his movement and prevent his feet in striking anything above his chest. With Tarzan’s feet strikes out the equation, Tu need only to guard himself to Tarzan upper cuts. He approached the jungle lord his face flushed with excitement. Tu feinted a right straight which Tarzan did not buy therefore dodging the side kick he meant to do. Tu was confident that even with only one leg he would be able to keep his balance.
     Tu’s missed side kick provided Tarzan with an opportunity to knock Tu off balance by swiping his leg but he didn’t take it because he knew it was futile to try to knock the Goumon twins of balance, they were as stable as the pyramids. Instead, Tarzan leaped and thrust his knee to Tu chest using the momentum to deliver a left hook on Tu’s Temple.
     The blow sent Tu into all fours, but as Tarzan prepared his final kick to Tu’s chin to knock him out, Won’s hands grabbed Tarzan’s ankle and overturned him. Before Tarzan could react found himself in a dangerous position, a Boston Crab! Goumon Won sat on the Tarzan lower back simultaneously raising his ankles forming an ‘L’ using Tarzan’s muscular figure. Tarzan fought to clear of his mind of the pain he was into, the 600 plus weight alone in his lower back was torture enough but to use it as a lever to bend his body is excruciatingly and unbearably painful. Tarzan was not sure how long his body can take it until it reached its breaking point. Despite of his predicament Tarzan must not succumb and let the brutes win, he opened his eyes to look for a way of escape, to his horror, he saw Goumon Tu’s figure rise, his face carried a sadistic smile as he approached the trapped hero.
     ‘It’s useless to resist Tarzan, once Won’s locked you on his boston crab, the no escape. You either submit or we will perform our most horrible submission, Tarzan, and I promise you it will not be pretty’ said Tu. ‘But I’ll let you have another option, just because you were able to entertain us. Tell us where the Treasure Cave is, the place where you keep all the treasures of the villains you have defeated, and Won will release you, you even get to keep your pride by not submitting.’ bargained Tu.
     ‘You can kill me but I will never tell where the Treasure Cave is!’ yelled Tarzan through gritted teeth trying desperately to mask the agony racking his spine.
     ‘Submission it is then.’ stated Won joining the conversation. ‘Tu, why don’t you help me pulverize this jungle hero’s pride. You will submit Tarzan, you will tap, you will hear yourself whimper your submission. You’re a fool to underestimate us and overestimate your body.’ said Won as he shifted his weight a little more below the small of Tarzan back. Tu positioned himself in front of Tarzan and clutched Tarzan’s armpits as he raised the jungle lord’s upper body accurately forming a ‘U’ figure.
     ‘AAAAAaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!’ yelled Tarzan unable to contain suffering the coursing to his back as a higher level of pain was brought about by the new figure he was in. It was a pain unlike any that he has experience before.
     The Goumon Twin’s Boston Crab combination is so terrible that there had been no person able to endure it past 160 seconds. The intense pain would gradually increase as each second pass due to the cracking of a fiber of the person’s spinal cord per second, culminating in an hour where at the exact 3600th second the spinal chord will shatter rendering the unfortunate victim invalid and traumatized. There was no person strong enough experience the sensation, unfortunately. In normal circumstances, a personal blacks out in  an case of extreme pain scenario but the Goumon Twins found a way to prevent this happening thereby making their victims tap AND whimper their submissions as the only way to escape the deadly hold.
     Eleven minutes into the hold and Tarzan is almost losing his head. The pain had not numb but instead it had been progressing to levels he would not have believed possible. The lord of the jungle can’t help but scream in agony to try ease his suffering but it was not as loud as the first few minutes, the strain in his throat has taken its toll making his voice hoarser than usual. Tarzan knows that the screaming was in vain, submitting is the only way out and Tarzan’s pride would not let him. Drool was flowing in the left side of his mouth because he had not swallowed let alone closed his mouth, his eyes has also become watery due to the torture he is into, soon tears would flow. Tarzan initially thought that he would pass out eventually due to the pain, but he was horrified as he concluded that the bastards will not give him that satisfaction. They would make him bear all the pain until they break his back, slowly, increasingly agonizing as each second pass. Waves of convulsion passed over Tarzan, chipping away his pride slowly leading him to his submission.
     Finally after four more minutes, Goumon Tu felt Tarzan’s hand tapping in his forearm but ignored the jungle lord, he wanted the hero to say his submission, to acknowledge his defeat and despair. Tarzan, on his part did not realize his tapping, until 20 seconds into it. His subconscious has taken over his hand and is tapping Tu’s forearm. He knew he reached his limit and could not endure the torture anymore. Before he lost his mind completely, he finally decided to submit to the Goumon Twins.
     ‘I give…’ said Tarzan weakly trying not make it a whimper.
     ‘WHAT DID YOU SAY??? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!! SAY IT LOUDER!!!!’ shouted Goumon Tu to Tarzan ears, humiliating the jungle hunk by making him repeat his submission. Tu would not let Tarzan get off that easily, he would degrade Tarzan until every bit of his pride is no more.
     Tarzan had no choice, he kept tapping and shouted his submission ‘I GIVE! I GIVE! I GIVE! I give.’ the last of which was a whimper. The pain made him whimper. Tarzan is desperate, two more minutes, he estimated he would be bawling and crying like a baby if this insane torture continues, he would not want the Goumon Twins see that stage. Tarzan continued in a whimper and begged  ‘Please, no more. Please, no more. I give. I give. I give…’
     Goumon Won let Tarzan continued his grovelling for 30 more seconds then signaled to Goumon Tu. The latter understood the signal and let Tarzan passed out from the pain. The fallen jungle hero’s head hung low as the pain knocked him unconscious. In sync, the twins let go of their hold and watched Tarzan’s body slumped to the ground. He was a mess, he laid in an angle that was not normal and slight bruises can be seen in his lower back, midsection and chest.
     They were not finished of course, they had crushed Tarzan’s pride but it was not their motive. Their motive was the unimaginable wealth Tarzan had amassed from his defeated foes. Soon they would get the information from Tarzan, he will divulge it to them. They will make him lead the way, for in the jungle there are things far worse than death.
Chapter 3
     Tarzan woke up the next morning. His sleep was able to repair some of the damage his body endured from the sadistic punishment of the Goumon Twins. Despite the fact that he was far from his best form, Tarzan was relieved that he has regained most of his composure, though he shuddered at the thought of what could have happened if the Goumon Twins had not released him from their brutal hold. Groggily, he tried to stand up and winced at the soreness of his body. Kite approached Tarzan and to the jungle hero’s amazement, thrust a plate overflowing with toasts, fried eggs and bacon.
     ‘Eat. That is not poisoned.’ uttered Kite. ‘We need you to regain your strength – for the treasure hunting. After all, this feast befits the king of the jungle.’ continued Kite condescendingly.
     Tarzan stared at his captors warily, trying to discern their plan. All of a sudden, Croc and Bison grabbed and twisted Tarzan’s right and left arms respectively, holding the jungle hero in place. From Tarzan’s back, Goumon Tu held his head and pried open the jungle hero’s mouth. Tarzan tried to resist but his jaw muscles were hardly a match to Tu’s steel-like fingers. With Tarzan’s mouth wide open, Kite crammed platefuls of food down the jungle hunks throat, causing the muscular man’s body to spasm in fits of coughing, gagging and choking. Tarzan’s throat burned, he almost suffocated from the massive amount of food in his mouth and esophagus making his eyes water, bloating his stomach and convulsing his body. Finally, Kite stopped at the fifth plateful of food, Tu made sure the Tarzan swallowed almost all of the food, in the last mouthful he even mockingly controlled Tarzan’s jaw to do a chewing motion, soliciting jeers from his fellow tormentors. After the force-feeding, Croc and Bison released their hold and Goumon Tu switched  into a full nelson to steady the jungle lord slightly stretching him. Tarzan’s former well-sculpted abdomen looked bloated and flabby due to the massive amount of food crammed by his tormentors, he panted trying to catch his breath.
     ‘Now, Tarzan, this is how it goes, if you don’t lead us to your hidden treasure cave, we will demolished that swollen belly of yours and force you to regurgitate ALL, and I mean ALL, the food we crammed in there and then some. Understood?’ said Kite standing in front of the jungle king showing his closed fist.
     ‘Fuck off.’ cursed Tarzan feeling a little better after several lungfuls of air. ‘You’ll never get near that trea- Hmmppf!’ Tarzan failed to finish his statement, as he withheld his breath and tightened his abdomen when he saw Kite’s fist coming. Kite punched him three consecutive times in his belly button, he then delivered a series of left and right punches in his obliques. After two minutes, Kite withdrew, exhausted and flustered that Tarzan’s midsection hardly was affected by his attack. Kite figured that bloated as Tarzan is, his strong and hard abdominal muscles were able to protect him from Kite’s punches.
     ‘Had… enough… Kite?’ ridiculed Tarzan in between breaths.
     ‘Don’t get cocky jungle boy! There’s still four of us! Croc! Bison! Pound this boy’s belly into mush!’ shouted Goumon Tu behind Tarzan’s ear, as he raised his full nelson hold higher, stretching the jungle hero’s body a little more.
     ‘Don’t worry Tu, we will squashed the cockiness out of Tarzan’s body.’ threatened Bison as he and Croc positioned themselves in front the captive jungle hunk cracking their knuckles. Tarzan gauged them, he thought that though Bison and Croc have his same built they are alot weaker than him judging by their skirmish yesterday. Despite of this assessment, both are stronger than Kite so Tarzan prepared his mind and contracted his stomach to better protect his midsection against their coming assault.
     Croc and Bison were professional hoodlums, mobsters often pay them to trash people up and they love it! To them, beating Tarzan into a pulp is one of their ultimate euphoria. The two started working over Tarzan’s gut, they struck randomly: alternating jabs, hooks and uppercuts; unleashing soft and hard punches as they test Tarzan’s resistance. Tarzan held his breath and flexed his abs solid, slightly uneasy because of the food the brutes had forced him to swallow. A couple of minutes has passed and the beatings had taken a steady but fast rhythm, Tarzan hadn’t had to opportunity to breath as he concentrated in maintaining his form. Unfortunately for the jungle hero, his gut bashers were far from exhausted and when Tarzan showed discomfort from the lack of air, Croc and Bison doubled their pace and were now only throwing hard blows, savagely anticipating the time when Tarzan would relax his abs to breath. Tarzan on his part, tried to suck air while flexing his abs but just couldn’t, his face was now turning red, and he decided to risk a quick gulp of air.
     Croc’s and Bison’s well-trained eyes saw it coming, they released the hardest punch they could muster and pummeled Tarzan’s slightly relaxed gut, burying their fists almost reaching Tarzan’s backbone, knocking all the air from the jungle man’s lungs. Tarzan’s face grimaced, his eyes widen and his mouth formed an ‘O’, the shock and pain that racked his body prevented him from inhaling. Croc and Bison snickered at Tarzan’s reaction and ruthlessly continued their onslaught further preventing Tarzan in breathing and with the jungle hunk’s resistance gone, they crushed Tarzan’s liver then his spleen, pancreas, intestines and finally demolishing Tarzan’s stomach. They last blows sent shock waves to Tarzan, his muscular body jerked and convulsed. With a gurgling noise Tarzan puked expelling vomit and blood; scarring his throat and blocking his air passages turning his face from red to purple. Tarzan couldn’t stop himself try as he might, his vomiting continued until he vision tunneled and blacked-out from the lack of oxygen. Goumon Tu released Tarzan from his full nelson when he felt Tarzan body sagged. Tarzan fell face forward into the puddle his vomit has created.
     Goumon Won approached the group, he grabbed and dragged the unconscious jungle man by the hair to the nearby water hole, his fellow captors followed suit.
Chapter 4
     When Goumon Won reached the edge of the watering hole, he shifted his grip into Tarzan’s nape and securely held his captive as he trekked the watering hole stopping in waist-deep waters, enough to submerge his victim. Won waited for the muscular body to jerk and twitch as signs that Tarzan has regained his consciousness which happened several seconds later. Won then lifted Tarzan’s head out of the water and shouted to deprecate the jungle hero’s esteem.
     ‘IT POINTLESS TO RESIST! YOUR MIND WILL BREAK, TARZAN! YOU WILL LEAD US TO YOUR TREASURE! WE WILL SNAP YOUR BODY AND DISPLAY IT AS A TROPHY!  WE WILL BREAK YOU!!!’ bellowed Goumon Won spraying saliva to Tarzan’s face. Won pried Tarzan’s mouth open with his free hand and dunked the jungle king’s head back into the water making sure that Tarzan drink plenty of water in the process.
     Tarzan struggled with all his remaining might to free himself, but it proved to be futile, moreover, his midsection was in agony, depriving him of strength. He felt his stomach bloat once again as water gushed in his body and his lungs burned as Goumon Won continued to hold him underwater. In the brink of another fainting episode, Tarzan doubled his efforts for freedom trying the mend his scarred spirit brought about by his captors’ beatings but it produce no greater success than his previous attempts, the brute’s grip were vice-like. Just before passing out and to Tarzan’s surprise, Goumon Won lifted his head out of the water into a wobbly standing position.
     ‘YOU WILL BEG US TO STOP!! YOU WILL LEAD US TO YOUR TREASURE!! YOU WILL BEG FOR MERCY!!!’ shouted Won to Tarzan’s face as released his hold to Tarzan’s mouth and pounded the water out of Tarzan’s gut, soliciting grunts of pain and gurgling sounds from the helpless jungle lord. After the water was expelled from Tarzan’s gut, Won allowed the jungle hunk take a few shallow breaths enough to make him endure another session of immersion underwater and gut pounding. It was called the Goumon’s Water Torture, Goumon Won’s favored way in softening his victims, he relishes the combination of mental and physical torment he delivers in this torture and he is always ecstatic at it’s final phase. Goumon Won felt it coming as he saw Tarzan’s body tremble and shrink from the torture. Finally, for Tarzan the king of the jungle, it happened in the 13th repetition. Tarzan felt his body twitch and spasm and trash violently, he was having a seizure! His muscles were out-of-control, and jerking in different directions. Tarzan’s seizure lasted for two full minutes, and after it Tarzan felt something warm spread between his legs and he understood, in his moment of weakness he has pissed on himself…
     ‘TARZAN, YOU FUCKING PISSED ON YOURSELF!! YOU GOT SCARED SO BADLY YOU PISSED!!!’ screamed Goumon Won, his face flushed with satisfaction as he threw Tarzan like a ragged doll into the edge of the watering hole where his Twin salivated for his turn.
     Tarzan groan as he land back first in the edge of the watering hole. Goumon Tu quickly grabbed and lifted the spreadeagled jungle hunk by the neck. and yelled ‘TARZAN! WHERE IS YOUR TREASURE CAVE??!!’
     ‘Fuck y-Oooaacckkk!!!’ Tarzan failed to shout his defiance as his shout turned into a cry of distress.
     Tu had grabbed and squeezed both of Tarzan’s testicles with his other hand generating an excruciating pain in the jungle hero’s groin and abdomen. He bellowed ‘YOU’VE GOT NO JUICE ANYMORE, JUNGLE BOY!! MENTALLY AND NOW PHYSICALLY!!!’. Tu deepened his pressure in Tarzan’s balls, contorting the handsome features of the jungle lord and started to force his jism to slowly come out of the jungle hunk’s rod. Tarzan felt a nerve-wrecking pain, his eyes bulged and his mouth opened wide making guttural noises, soon afterwards, he felt himself cum, staining his loincloth and mixing with the urine. Goumon Tu was not satisfied making the jungle man cum, he wanted to expel every last drop of man-juice out of Tarzan’s nuts and that he did. Goumun Tu digged deeper and deeper into Tarzan’s testicles almost squashing it, forcing all the jism out  and making Tarzan’s eyes roll to the back of his head in shock and suffering. When Goumon saw Tarzan’s cum tinged with blood, he stopped his squeeze, extremely satisfied that his right hand dripped with jungle king’s cum. Goumon Tu humilialated the jungle stude further by distorting Tarzan’s face his cum-filled hand making the hero taste his own semen. Now, comes the confession, Tu thought as he started his final act.
     Goumon Tu released his grip on Tarzan’s neck and lifted the jungle hero with a Gorilla press, his left hand firmly gripping Tarzan’s chest and his left hand grip on the jungle hunk’s ball supporting the muscle man’s legs. Tu squeezed and twisted Tarzan’s testicles delivering a horrifyingly high level of pain to the jungle hero!
     ‘AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!’ roared Tarzan couldn’t contain all the torment in himself any longer. It was a primal scream like that of a dying animal.
     Goumon Tu relaxed his gripped and shouted ‘WHERE IS YOUR TREASURE CAVE?!’ and when Tarzan failed to respond quickly, he repeated the squeezing and the twisting and Tarzan unleashed another guttural scream of torment. ‘I SWEAR TARZAN, I’M GONNA RIP YOUR BALLS OFF!!! WHERE IS THE TREASURE CAVE!!!’ bellowed Goumon Tu yet again as he relaxed his grip.
     ‘S.. Stop.. n…no more.. I.. c..can’t take it.. a..anymore.’ moaned Tarzan quivering and trying to control his spasms. ‘Y..You win. I’ll take you t..there..J..just s..stop..’ continued Tarzan beggingly grimacing in pain and fearful of another session squeezing and twisting.
     Goumon Tu smiled sardonically as he slammed Tarzan’s battered body to the ground. No one has yet defied the Goumon Twins and now they have proven that even Tarzan, the lord of the jungle, is no exception as they have instilled fear of Goumon Twins deep with the jungle king’s psych.
Chapter 5 (Final Chapter)
       Tarzan laid on his back, groaning. He wanted to relax, to sleep, but he knew that captors would not permit him. His body was tormented with pain: he felt a crack in his spine, digestive juices burned his throat, a part of his lungs was filled with water, several of his ribs were fractured, his midsection ached, his internal organs bruised, his testicles swollen and his legs twitched involuntary. His body and mind was almost broken, twice he has submitted to the bastards from their fiendish tortures. They have humiliated him; made him puke, piss, cum and yield. He had overestimated himself to think that he could defeat his attackers and now he laid on the ground prostrated and suffering.
     Goumon Tu grabbed Tarzan’s left arm and lifted him into an unsteady standing position. The jungle man’s gaze was dreamy and out-of-focus, so Goumon Tu twisted the hero’s left arm, instantly and easily dislocating it. Tarzan was yanked out of his reverie and howled in pain. ‘Lead us to the treasure now, Tarzan!’ ordered Goumon Tu. The jungle hunk managed to nod his head amidst his misery. To his relief, Tu expertly returned his arm to its rightful place leaving only a dull ache in his shoulders. ‘You will not rest until we get there or I’ll dislocate both your arms and it will stay that way.’ threatened Tu.
       ‘The treasure is in the Gray Mountain, northeast and about a day’s journey from here.’ said Tarzan in hoarse and tired voice. The group started their journey which was very strenuous for the jungle hunk. Each step Tarzan took rattled his core, sending spikes of pain to his nervous system, but he didn’t dare stop, he figured two dislocated arms will not help him out of his dilemma. The afternoon and night went by but the group continued on their excursion. Finally, they reached Gray Mountain just in the early morning. They trekked up to the middle of the mountain where they found a wall covered with vines.
     Tarzan collapsed on all fours, exhausted and heavily breathing. ‘Here we are. There is a cave system behind this wall leading to the treasure.’ uttered Tarzan in between breaths. Mustering his remaining strength, the jungle hero stood up ungainly and searched for the entrance lever hidden in the dense vegetation. When Tarzan found it, he pushed it and an opening behind the vines appeared, the jungle man entered. Tarzan’s tormentors sneered victoriously and followed.
     The cave system inside was a maze, full of twists and turns, hidden passageways and forked paths. Tarzan had hoped that he would able to make his captors lose their way back but was disheartened when he saw Kite’s observant eyes, carefully memorizing each part of the cave. After an hour, Tarzan stopped in front of a gigantic boulder, with great effort he pulled and pushed a series of small boulders, each move creating noises of more boulders moving echoing through out the cave.
       ‘Here the treasure is behind this boulder. I have unlocked the entrance, but the boulder needs to be moved manually.’ gasped Tarzan as he was back on all fours, his muscles were strained after his last maneuvers on the small boulders.
     ‘Then, move it Tarzan. We’d like to see you try.’ ordered Goumon Won his tone mocking. Tarzan stared in disbelief, he could not move the boulder in his present condition, in fact, he could hardly move it even on his best form. It was one of the last security measures of the treasure, the almost immovable boulder. When Tarzan failed to react, Won grabbed Tarzan by the nape and slammed his body chest first to the boulder, soliciting a grunt of pain from the hero. ‘I ORDER YOU TO MOVE IT’ shouted Won as he released Tarzan, jungle hunk’s nose dripped with blood. Tarzan unsteadily tried to move to boulder with all his might but it didn’t budge, he tried again and again slightly nervous of Goumon Won behind him.
       ‘You should see yourself now, Tarzan, what you have become, what we had made you become. We’ve demolished you, pulverized you, controlled you, made you beg. You don’t deserve to be the king of the jungle. YOU’RE WEAK!’ scoffed Goumon Won, as his companions added their own insults. ‘I will show you a true king, a king of monsters!’ shouted Goumon Won as he shoved Tarzan to side and with huge force rolled the enormous boulder revealing a cavernous area, around 100 meters in a diameter and quarter of which was filled with gold, ivory, jewels and all sorts of precious things.
     The mercenaries dragged Tarzan as they entered the cavern. Their mouths watered in greed, the wealth in front of them was beyond anything they have expected. It was a vast collection and they have estimated the wealth to be in the billions of dollars. ‘Rough Tarzan up one last time, before we break him.’ commanded Goumon Won forebodingly to Croc, Bison and Kite as he and his twin walked to inspect the fortune.
     The trio then proceeded in beating the hell out of Tarzan. They alternately hammered Tarzan’s handsome face, giving the jungle hero swollen lips, cheek cuts and a black eye. They kneed his ribs knocking air out of him and clawed his broad chest send the muscular man in fits of pain. They inflicted so much punishment of Tarzan’s midsection that his once defined and proud abdomen was now black and blue. They ridiculed the jungle man and trashtalked to his face as the trio manhandled him. Tarzan thought the beatings would not stop, he could not even stand anymore, but his captors would always lift him to his feet and deliver their blows. He tasted blood from his mouth, his vision had turned hazy, his hearing is bit impaired and his body was a mess. Tarzan felt an ominous shiver as he heard the heavy boots of the Goumon Twins approached them.
     Croc, Bison and Kite backed away from the fallen jungle hero as the Goumon Twins reached them. The beating of Tarzan to pulp exhilarated them and watched eagerly on the Goumon Twins’ final move. Goumon Tu lifted Tarzan by the armpit and Goumon Won did likewise by the jungle hunks thighs.They lifted Tarzan to crotch-level and Tarzan’s eyes widened in the horror as he figured out what they were about to do. The Twins unzipped their pants and revealed identical enormous and erected dicks as Tarzan wriggled desperately and unleashed his last remaining power but against the Goumon Twins the attempt was futile, there was no escape. Goumon Tu and Goumon Won shoved their fat rods to Tarzan’s mouth and anus, respectively, causing the jungle hero’s body to gag and spasm. They raped him hard, shattering his pride and dignity. The twins reached their orgasm as they flooded Tarzan’s mouth and intestines with their cum. The twins smiled sardonically when they twisted Tarzan’s body in different directions producing a loud cracking sound, they have broken the jungle hero’s fractured spine. It was now finished, Tarzan was still alive but his was now an invalid. The Goumon Twins dumped Tarzan’s limp body unceremoniously to the cave wall. They have planned to display his broken body to world, but they will deal with him later, for now their riches await them. The Goumon Twins invited the trio to revel in their treasure in the other side of the cave.
     Tarzan’s body lay on the cave wall near the cavern entrance, his face contorted from his agony. He could not move nor feel his legs, the bastards have broken his back. They have physically pulverized him, and now his mental state is the brink of shattering, but with last his ounce of determination he started to crawl toward the hidden escape tunnel adjacent to the entrance. Earlier before unlocking the large boulder, he had set to motion the self-destruct mechanism of the treasure cave. He estimated that the destruction was about to begin. Tarzan fainted just as felt a creature coiled around his arms. Suddenly, the cavern entrance sealed shut and the cave rumbled. The mercenaries were caught awares as rocks came crushing down, soon the whole ceiling and the ground they were standing collapsed, the last scene they saw was Tarzan’s body being dragged by a python toward a tunnel out of harm’s way.
     Tarzan had some moments of brief consciousness in the next few days, the animals hid Tarzan from the world. His body has endured perhaps the worst punishment he had ever experience but now he felt safe as his animal friends nursed him. After a week, Tarzan had regained his strong mental and psychological state. The animals helped him regained control of his body and supplied the herbs, splinters and medicine needed to heal his broken bones and bruised muscles. After eight more months Tarzan was able to recuperate back to his former strength. He thanked his animal friends as he finally and for the first time in months stepped out of the hidden lair.
     Tarzan climbed the highest tree he could found but the his dismay he saw a disturbed land, clouds of black smoke were signs of warring tribes and barren patches of mountains were marks hunters and poachers. The eight months of Tarzan’s absence had turned the jungle into disarray. It will be a lot work for the jungle king before he can restore order. Nevertheless and with all his might, Tarzan bellowed his signature call, announcing his return.

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