Tarzan and the Jungle Upheaval

Tarzan and the Jungle Upheaval
by LDC
DISCLAIMER: The following story is a work of fiction. All the characters depicted in the story belong to and are copyrighted by the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs on which I am in no way related.
Note: Hi guys, I hope you enjoy this story. It’s a sequel to the Tarzan and the Treasure Raid. I hope I can finish it, moreover, your comments, suggestions and reactions are most welcome and would be very much helpful. Thanks. – LDC
Volume I – New Dominion
Tarzan climbed the highest tree he could find and for the first time in eight months, Tarzan’s yell reverberated in the jungles of Africa. The animals and natives felt a flicker of hope from their situation under the oppressive rule of the hunters, poachers, mercenaries and warmongers who have swarmed and exploited the land. The deep and brave voice of the jungle hero soothed their aching bodies and they longed to break from their bonds of slavery. Tarzan will come for them, he would save them and release them from their captivity.

About a kilometer away, a black man in a three-piece suit and leather shoes stood hidden in the branches of an acacia tree, his hand was crossed over his chest . The impeccably dressed man gazed at Tarzan as the king of the jungle howled his call from the highest tree in the area. ‘Tarzan, you should have stayed hidden in your lair…’ whispered the man scowling.
Zhang Ji stood up as he heard a sound new to his ears, his hands are bloodied from the gazelle ha had recently outran and disemboweled. Zhang felt himself getting excited over the prospect of finally hunting his principal quarry. With a swift movement, he attacked a nearby tree with an double open palm strike. The tree trunk burst from behind the impact and came crashing down showering the forest with leaves and splinters.
The news of Tarzan’s return spread through out the jungle like wildfire soon the whole jungle sensed his presence.
In the Shadow Region of the jungle where the Blood Tribe resides, the chief summoned one of his best warriors, Gif The Snake. ‘The reign of the Blood tribe is at hand, Gif. We will not make our aggression in the past eight months be in vain. Kill Tarzan and bring me his severed head! Make him pay for the crime he has committed to our tribe!’ ordered the chief.
Bolshoi Medved got livid the moment he heard the news of Tarzan’s return. He had come to the jungle six months prior and now he had controlled the diamond mines of the North Mountain after killing the previous owner. He will not let the jungle king to take it away from him nor will he let Tarzan free his slave miners. The moment Tarzan tries to meddle in his affairs will the last thing the jungle hero will do thought Bolshoi.
Dr. Johnson had just finished injecting a clear liquid on a chimpanzee when his aide delivered the news of Tarzan to him. The doctor dismissed his aide as if the news did not bother him and he kept staring at his test subject. The chimpanzee looked like it was about to sleep, suddenly, its bloodshot eyes bulged and it struggled violently from its bonds, shrieking in agony. The commotion lasted for ten minutes and after the ruckus the chimp lay in coma on the laboratory table. ‘Too fast, much too fast to enjoy. These chimps are dying so quickly, I will have to get something durable.’ thought the doctor as he moved to the cages to find his next test subject.
New Dominion – Chapter 1
Tarzan had made his presence known through his mighty call, to give hope to his jungle friends but restoring the jungle to its former order won’t be an easy mission, especially, when all kinds of vultures have descended. Stealthily Tarzan, scoured and observed the conditions of the jungle, carefully planning a strategy on how to best rid of the vermin which exploited the land.
There were many groups of poachers and treasure hunters who swarmed the jungle, but without a strong leader they were disorganized and scattered, Tarzan will have little problem in rounding them up. However, the group of diamond miners in the North Mountain might be a little troublesome Tarzan thought. They were headed by Bolshoi Medved who Tarzan recognized from the ranger’s newspaper articles. He was a former world heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts champion specializing in powerful submission holds. Bolshoi abducted and forced a hundred tribesmen to serve as his slave miners, he treated them like dirt. Tarzan gritted his teeth as he observed their torment he would have to save them very soon. He would need all the allies he can get if wants to end the terrorism of the Blood Tribe who had strengthened their ranks in the wake of Tarzan’s absence.
The jungle lord continued his reconnaissance, he observed a new facility almost in the middle of the jungle. He cautiously and covertly approached it and heard all sorts of animals inside. The animals were creating disturbing noises as if fearful of the things which were about to happen. Tarzan encircled the facility trying to see what was happening inside all of a sudden he heard an orangutan screeched and screamed sounding deranged, then silence descended. The orangutan, Tarzan sensed, had either died or went into shock. The jungle king could not stomach the maltreatment of his animal friends and so he decided to intervene. He waited for the midnight to pass and in around two o’ clock in the morning he made his move. Silently and with great dexterity, he knocked out the facility’s two guards and entered the back door and freed the animals caged within. The animals could not be more grateful and relieved in seeing their hero save them.
Morning came and Tarzan went to other side of the jungle. As he grabbed a vine to swing, he sensed a presence, skillfully Tarzan hid himself in the tree branches. He saw a medium-size man, lean and about 5’9″ in height, looking around and searching the trees for something. Or someone Tarzan thought. By the man’s appearance, Tarzan can tell he came from East Asia. The man having realized he lost his quarry moved on deeper into the jungle. Tarzan will have to deal with him as well. The man was dangerous, formidable and Tarzan sensed a ruthlessness in him when he saw the man’s blood stained hands.
Having seen the jungles conditions, Tarzan started to devise his plan. His first target would be the poachers and hunters because they lack organization and hardly anyone of them can match Tarzan in a fight. Next, he would have to deal with Bolshoi and free his captives. While the freed tribesman is recuperating, he would confront the Asian mercenary then put an end to the facility in the middle of the jungle. Finally, Tarzan will face the Blood Tribe, he was not eager for the encounter, the Blood Tribe were one of the most brutal tribes in the jungle’s history. Tarzan with his allies had barely defeated them in their last war.
The next day Tarzan put his strategy into action. Tarzan lived up to his title as the lord of the jungle, in a week, he was able to arrest all the petty poacher and hunter groups. The jungle king did not give them a chance, like lion on prowl and with the strength of a gorilla he purged the weak-willed evil-doers of the jungle. Tarzan’s 6’3″ and 240 lbs muscular frame intimated them and the sight of him generated shivers of agitation from his vermin foes. In everywhere of his triumphant battles, Tarzan resounded his great roar, raising the jungle’s morale.
Now, ends the easy part thought Tarzan as he gave his last captives to the sheriff to be sent to Africa’s island prison. His next target: Bolshoi Medved. Tarzan prepared himself mentally and physically for their duel.
New Dominion – Chapter 2
Tarzan journeyed to the North Mountain to confront Bolshoi Medved and set his captives free. Upon arriving, Tarzan knocked out the mine’s four guards with blows on the nape. The guards were professional MMA fighters but against the fighting ability of the jungle hero, they looked like college amateurs. Tarzan proceeded to the mine’s jail where the tribesmen were imprisoned but in the jail’s entrance he saw Bolshoi’s bulky body, tensed and positioned in a low and compact stance, blocking the way.
Bolshoi Medved was a former world heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts champion. Though he was undefeated, he was stripped of his belt when he maniacally killed his last opponent. Bolshoi’s frame was menacing, at 6’4″ and 300 lbs, his body was built like a steel barrel: broad chest, broad waist and large legs. He was initially hired as a bodyguard of Romanov, the owner of the diamond mine, but he got greedy. He killed his employer and took control of the mine.
‘This is the farthest you go, Tarzan. Stop this insolence now that I may let you live.’ stated the Russian.
‘Release your captives, Bolshoi. They have done you no wrong.’ ordered Tarzan readying himself for the combat. His 6′ 3″ and 240 lbs. body showed confidence despite his opponent’s larger built.
‘Why don’t you make me jungle man! You don’t scare me.’ bellowed Medved as he approached the jungle hunk. Slowly, both men encircled each other, gauging each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
Tarzan did not for one moment underestimate the opponent in front of him. Tarzan deduced that Bolshoi would be a deadly short-range fighter. The jungle lord may be stronger, faster and more agile than the Russian but he must keep his distance. It would be fatal to be trapped in any of Bolshoi’s arsenal of grappling holds, after all, the Russian snapped his last opponent’s neck. Tarzan lowered himself and prepared his left hook and right uppercut combo.
The jungle hunk lunged to Medved catching the Russian unawares because of his uncanny speed. Tarzan’s left hook connected but Medved’s reflexes parried the right uppercut while simultaneously delivering an elbow strike of his own to the jungle king. With great dexterity, Tarzan backed away dodging the elbow aimed at his jaw by inches. Tarzan side-stepped to his left and attacked again, this time successfully dealing four quick blows on Bolshoi’s kidneys. Tarzan continued this technique, he side-stepped in random directions to confuse the Russian, he delivered rapid blows then backed away to keep out of the Russian’s arms length.
Bolshoi Medved tried to hide his frustration. While he was able to block half of Tarzan’s punches, he could not get his hands on the jungle man. Bolshoi had not landed any of his counterattacks to the jungle hunk, ‘The bastard’s fucking dextrous.’ muttered Bolshoi to himself. Fortunately for the Russian, Tarzan’s hit-and-run tactic deduced the power of the jungle lord’s punches, thus, only inflicting minor damages to Medved’s sturdy body, furthermore, Bolshoi noticed that Tarzan backed away in always the same fixed distance barely out of his arm’s reach.Bolshoi anticipated Tarzan’s next attack. When Tarzan backed away and side-stepped, with all his strength the Russian delivered a hurricane kick finally landing a powerful blow.BINGO!
‘Oompfh’ grunted Tarzan. Bolshoi’s kick solidly swiped Tarzan in his obliques generating a wave of pain. Tarzan backed away further and staggered a little, losing his momentum. Tarzan tried to regain his composure, but Bolshoi speared Tarzan in the midsection, knocking his breath out and sending both of them to the ground.
‘You’re in my turf now!’ shouted Bolshoi as he turned the dazed Tarzan to a prone position. The Russian grabbed Tarzan’s right leg and did an ankle lock, soliciting a sharp yell of pain from the jungle hunk. Bolshoi twisted Tarzan’s ankle, hyperextending the ligaments and tendons but he was stopped short of a full rotation.
Tarzan managed to kick the Russian at the back of head with the heel of his free foot, pushing Bolshoi away and releasing Tarzan from the hold. Free from Medved, Tarzan immediately resumed his stance or tried to, Bolshoi’s leglock sprained his ankle and created a handicap for him. The Russian had successfully eliminated his agility advantage and forced him to fight head-on. Tarzan sought to finish the match and executed a rear-naked choke hold on the still dumbfounded Russian. Tarzan clamped his muscular arms on Bolshoi’s neck and added the pressure. After half a minute, Tarzan heard his captive laughed.
‘Tarzan, you dared and tried to defeat me with a submission hold?! I made myself immune to such! I’m the fucking world champion!’ roared Bolshoi as he squeezed Tarzan’s elbow joints, making the jungle hunk released the hold. Bolshoi grabbed Tarzan’s nape, and threw the jungle lord to his front, reversing their positions. ‘I’ll show you how it’s done!’ continued Bolshoi as he clamped his arms around Tarzan’s neck and squeezed hard.
Tarzan’s eyes bulged from the pressure and his mouth opened wide. He flexed his neck muscles but the pressure applied by Bolshoi was unmatchable. The jungle hunk tried to pry away the massive arms but was unsuccessful. Tarzan copied Bolshoi’s trick and squeezed the elbows joints of Medved but it was useless, the Russian won’t budge. Shit, thought Tarzan. The jungle hero’s vision blurred and tunneled, his body stiffened as he found himself losing consciousness
Bolshoi executed a special choke hold on Tarzan, one he himself invented. Unlike the commoners’ choke holds, the Bear Choke does not fully cut-off the the blood flow instead it limits the blood flow to 1/5 of normal, thereby, prolonging the suffering of his hapless victims from an unsatisfying 5 seconds in normal choke holds to a full minute. Bolshoi also particularly liked the sensation of the seizures his Bear Choke induces to his prey. Tarzan was no exception, Bolshoi was euphoric when he felt the convulsions in Tarzan’s toned body. First it was weak and localized, then it started to gain traction and Tarzan’s whole body spasm in different directions. Finally, the convulsions stopped and Tarzan’s body stiffened signaling his lost of consciousness.
New Dominion – Chapter 3
When Bolshoi sensed the jungle hunk’s body went rigid, he released the hold and let the Tarzan’s body fall to the ground. Bolshoi mounted Tarzan’s supine body and pinned the jungle man’s arms with his legs. The Russian started slapping Tarzan with both hands alternately to wake him up. Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. ‘Wake-up Tarzan. I am not finished with you..’ mocked Bolshoi Medved.
Slowly, Tarzan regained his consciousness as he felt a stinging pain in his cheeks. He couldn’t move, he opened his eyes and saw Bolshoi’s crooked smile. When Bolshoi gripped his biceps and restrained his arms, Tarzan in his confused state, thought the Russian was going for a handstand as he saw Medved’s legs up in the air. Then in a blink of eye, both of Bolshoi’s knees came crashing down into the supine jungle man’s abdomen: crushing the muscles and internal organs, sending the hero’s head and legs upward. The blow jerked Tarzan out of his stupor, His eyes widened and watered. His mouth formed an ‘O’ but no sound came out because of the shock and because all the wind was knocked out of him. For a moment, Tarzan couldn’t breathe, his diaphragm was paralyzed because of the devastating impact of the Russian’s knees, worsening his affliction.
Bolshoi Medved repeated the move over and over. He had not let the jungle hero breathe for over two minutes and Tarzan’s jungle chest burned from agony: from the lack of oxygen and from the gastric juices forced to his throat. He stopped when he saw the jungle hunk rolled his eyes to the back of his head nearly losing his consciousness again. He stood up and relished at the sight of the humbled jungle legend squirming from the pain he has inflicted. From the corner of his eyes he saw the captive tribesmen watching their fight, it excited the Russian more. He wanted the natives to witness the humiliation of the their jungle hero from his hands. He would make Tarzan submit and beg for mercy in front of his people.
Tarzan gagged and coughed from the mixture of saliva, blood and digestive juices which were eating up his throat. He arched his body trying to minimized the pain in his guts. Bolshoi Medved grabbed Tarzan’s hair and lifted the jungle lord to his unsteady feet and positioned him in full view of the gazing prisoners. The Russian stood behind Tarzan and placed the jungle hunk in an Abdominal Stretch!
‘Aargh!’ groaned Tarzan unable to contain the pain when Bolshoi’s elbow kneaded his stretched muscular guts slowly and painfully, crushing them.
‘Submit to me Tarzan and be my slave’ cried Bolshoi as next he dug his iron-like fingers in ridges of Tarzan’s midsection and leaned backwards to increase the pain.
‘Never.’ uttered Tarzan, he tried to shout his defiance but the abdominal stretch prevented him.
The reply angered Medved, so he pounded the jungle man’s obliques, crushing the liver and rupturing the appendix.
‘Uunngh! Uunngh!’ moaned Tarzan as the pain signals from his guts circled his body. The jungle lord’s legs buckled, but Bolshoi’s solid grip kept him into position. The Russian kept his assault on Tarzan’s sculpted abdomen as he waited for the jungle man’s submission, although all he heard from his prey were grunts of pain.
The abdominal stretch combined with abdominal claws and elbow strikes exhausted Tarzan. Initially, he tried to overpower Bolshoi to escape the agonizing hold but he could not and so he tried to endure through and waited for the moment when the Russian would tire himself. Finally after stretching and abusing Tarzan’s guts for half an hour, Bolshoi released the beaten Tarzan and let him slumped to the ground. Medved figured the pain from the Abdominal Stretch was not enough to make to proud jungle hero submit. To Bolshoi, making Tarzan submit to him is more rewarding than beating the hell of the jungle hunk. A submission from Tarzan would mean that he, Bolshoi Medved, was the better man.
Bolshoi approached the prone jungle here. The Russian rammed his knee at Tarzan’s shoulder blades, grabbed a fist-full a hair and lifted the jungle man’s head. Meved stated as-a-matter-of-factly to Tarzan. ‘Tarzan, I am going to give you a Crossface Chicken Wing. I am going to sit on you spine. I will twist your right arm across your back and pull it until the nearly dislocates itself from its socket. I will crank your neck sideways to almost its breaking point. And finally, I would lean backwards as far as I can to put A LOT of pressure to your spine. You can try to whimper you submission, although, I don’t think you can utter any understandable words from pain, but I will be completely satisfied with the tapping of your hands.’
‘Fu-! HUNNGAARRGGHHH!!!’ Tarzan tried to curse Bolshoi but failed as Bolshoi performed the Crossface Chicken Wing on Tarzan’s body. Extreme pain exploded from all over Tarzan’s body: His right arm socket felt it was being torn apart, his neck felt like snapping and his spine felt it was about to break. Tarzan eye’s bulged and his vision blurried, his breathing laboured, his mouth tasted blood from his bruised internal organs, and his determination slowly crumbling from the agony inching inevitably towards submission. Luckily to Tarzan’s relief, he lost his consciousness – the darkness once again overwhelmed him.
The captives were shocked to see their champion being brutally manhandled by their oppressor, they have never seen Tarzan being toyed like that except perhaps when the jungle king battled with the deposed Blood tribe chief two years ago.
Bolshoi Medved’s temper was boiling now, he could not get what he wanted. He wanted Tarzan’s submission but the jungle hunk would not yield.
‘If you don’t want to submit to me then I’ll just break you!’ roared the maddened Russian. He slapped and shooked Tarzan forcing the jungle hero to consciousness. ‘I want you wide awake before I break you in two!’
He hoisted Tarzan into a Torture Rack, instantly, plunging Tarzan into waves of pain. The pain that coursed through Tarzan’s body was unbearable, especially, when Bolshoi started jumping hard, making the jungle hero’s body flop like a broken puppet. Tarzan in his part struggled wildly, fully aware despite of his suffering of the devastating effects of a prolonged exposure to a Torture Rack. The jungle hero used his elbows to strike the back of the rampaging Russian using the momentum of the jumps. Fortunately, Tarzan hit the jackpot as he struck the back of the head of Bolshoi. Bolshoi stopped slightly disoriented and dizzy but Tarzan continued his assault concentrating on the part. When Tarzan felt Bolshoi’s hold loosen, he put Bolshoi into a head lock and used gravity to slam the Russian crown-first to ground, knocking his opponent. The jungle hero panted heavily and lied on the ground, too exhausted to move from the ordeal. Tarzan, king of the jungle, had won over Bolshoi Medved.
After a quarter of an hour, Tarzan slowly stood up amidst the cheers of his fellow jungle warriors and released them from their captivity. The tribesmen were very grateful to Tarzan and they assisted their jungle champion in securing and transporting Bolshoi Medved to the authorities.
New Dominion – Chapter 4
It took Tarzan two full days to fully recover from his injuries in his duel with Bolshoi. The tribesmen he had rescued assisted in his recovery and supplied him the medical herbs needed to treat his battered body. Later on before he left, Tarzan instructed the men to prepare themselves and to contact the other villages for their confrontation with the Blood Tribe in a month’s time. The mere mention of the Blood Tribe’s name sent shivers to the native’s spine but they composed themselves and followed their champion’s orders.
The news of Bolshoi Medved’s defeat from the hands of Tarzan sent a strong message to the remaining enemies of the jungle and emboldened hope to the animals and natives of the land. Tarzan kept his clandestine actions against the jungle’s abusers and he had not walked in the open yet as was before.The jungle lord bellowed his mighty call everywhere he went to inspire his allies however he clouded his presence afterwards. The jungle hero knew that the Blood Tribe had dispersed assassins to capture or possibly kill him and he will not give them the opportunity to corner him.
Tarzan’s next target is the bounty hunter, Zhang Ji, who had been terrorizing the jungle in the past eight months searching for the jungle lord. He had killed hundreds of animals for the fun of it and had terrorized and slain peoples from different villages. With the help of his animal friends, Tarzan located the infamous hunter easily. From behind the covering of the tree branches, Tarzan scrutinized his opponent.
Zhang Ji had features common in the East Asian lands. He stood 5’9″ and weighed 190 pounds of pure, lean, and compact muscle. Compared to Tarzan’s musculature, the bounty hunter looked puny but the jungle champion did not underestimate Zhang, after all Tarzan had faced numerous smaller but tough opponents before. He remembered Rak, the dwarf warrior, whom he fought almost two years ago and his skin tingled because of the grueling fight Tarzan had with the dwarf. Tarzan’s mind shifted back to the present when he saw Zhang kicked a rock. The rock ricocheted across the trees and found it’s way to Tarzan’s spot, barely missing the observing jungle man’s head. The bounty hunter had been aware of the surveillance and Tarzan decided to confront Zhang face-to-face.
‘I knew you’d come to me Tarzan. I am Zhang Ji, a bounty hunter, but for your case, I let the bounty hunt me.’ said Zhang as he saw the jungle man’s approach. ‘You’ve been decommissioned for eight months and I got tired of searching so kept myself amused with these lowlifes’ continued Zhang as he referred to the carnage he had sowed in the forest.
‘There is no place for you here, Bounty Hunter! Surrender now so that justice may be served.’ stated Tarzan. Tarzan’s incredible 6’3″ broad and muscle-bound body dwarfed Zhang as he got closer. ‘Place your hands to the back of your head.’ ordered the jungle king to Zhang.
Instead of obeying, Zhang Ji darted forward and implanted a open palm strike squarely to Tarzan’s chest. The movement was so fast that the jungle champion failed to react on time. The blow had a peculiar effect on Tarzan: his chest muscles held from the impact but he was jarred as he felt his heart beat erratically in his rib cage. Tarzan stopped on his tracks and dropped to one of his knees because his chest exploded in pain. The jungle man clutched his pectorals and tried to control the involuntary heart muscle to beat normally. Zhang Ji stood unfazed in front of the fallen jungle warrior and waited for Tarzan to slightly recover from his first blow.
When Zhang saw Tarzan started to recover from his initial heart strike, he grabbed the jungle hunk’s right arm and forced Tarzan to stand up. The bounty hunter then delivered a more powerful heart strike. The strike was so devastating that Tarzan’s body arched backwards and lifted the jungle man’s feet off the ground, sending him a few meters back. Tarzan landed hard on the ground but he had barely felt it, his chest pain occupied his whole attention.
Tarzan gritted his teeth and writhed in the ground, the pain had spread to his upper abdomen, shoulders, arms and neck. The jungle hero sweated profusely and breathed laboriously as he tried to compose himself, however against the suffering, the effort proved to be useless. Zhang had induced a heart attack on the jungle king! Tarzan had never experienced a heart attack before and now it was one the worst tortures in his life. Tarzan felt his chest was about to collapse because of an undefined heavy weight and the mounting pressure. Tarzan’s body shuddered and shriveled. Finally after ten minutes of intense suffering, the pain started to subside and left Tarzan drained from the ordeal. He heard laughter from his bounty hunter nearby.
‘I must admit, Tarzan, I’m impressed that you managed to stay conscious after two of my Heart Strikes.’ praised and mocked Zhang at the same time. ‘That is just a sample on what I will do to you if you do not come with me.’ Zhang continued threateningly. ‘Present your hands and I will tie them behind you back.’ finished the bounty hunter
Tarzan stood up slowly, still clutching his massive chest. He approached Ji carefully and when the jungle lord was at an arms reach, Tarzan released his hook-and-uppercut combo. Zhang expertly and quickly dodged Tarzan’s attack much to the shock of the jungle man. Tarzan unleashed a flurry of jabs, straights, hooks and uppercuts but none of them landed on Zhang. The bounty hunter was far more agile and faster than the jungle champion!
Tarzan did not even saw the move coming, until he felt both of his kidneys contracted fatally within his back. Zhang Ji had hit Tarzan with his open palm strike this time landing two simultaneous shots in both of the jungle lord’s kidneys. The bounty hunter was not yet finished. With a dizzying display of agility and speed, Zhang struck the different parts of Tarzan’s body with an open palm multiple times, toying the jungle champion. Tarzan, who initially tried an offensive counter was forced to be defensive and tried to protect what little part of his body he can protect. The strikes where everywhere and was delivered with forced and with pin-point accuracy. When Zhang Ji was finished with his assault, Tarzan let out a howl of pain, his whole body arched upward and contracted for a half a minute, his stomach and intestines twisted and his lungs almost caved in. The look of Tarzan’s reaction to his beatings extremely satisfied the bounty hunter and he was able to support Tarzan by the neck before the latter fell to the ground.
The scenario would have puzzled passers-by, as a smaller and leaner Zhang held the slumped body of a much muscular Tarzan by the neck. Tarzan, with much effort grabbed and squeezed Zhang Ji’s shoulder in an attempt break free. The action annoyed Zhang, so that the bounty hunter delivered a series of open palm strikes to Tarzan’s midsection: lifting the jungle king off the ground and crushing his internal organs further. Tarzan coughed and choked on his own blood brought about by the internal injuries he has sustained.
Finally, Zhang Ji released the overwhelmed Tarzan and the jungle hero fell to his knees but managed to grab the bounty hunter’s waist for support. Tarzan squeezed the waist from both sides as well similar to what Tarzan did to the hunter’s shoulders. To Zhang’s horror, he caught up with what the jungle lord was doing. He kicked Tarzan in the temples almost knocking the jungle hero out.
‘Why you bastard!!!’ Zhang managed to shout before the paralysis engulfed him. Tarzan laid on his back, breathed heavily, and basked in the sun to recover as much as he can from his fight. Although badly beaten, Tarzan was relieved that the move was effective. It would last an hour. He had performed on Zhang Ji the paralyzing procedure he had learned from one of his allied villages. He figured that the only way he can attack Zhang was when the latter would gloat to his face. Painfully after half an hour, Tarzan rose and struck the bounty hunter at the back of the head instantly knocking him out. He would take Zhang Ji to the authorities for his rightful punishment.
Tarzan started his journey but the jungle champion’s exhaustion got the better of him that he failed to cover all of his tracks. Soon afterwards a tall and thin silhouette followed the trail.
New Dominion – Chapter 5
Tarzan and his captive Zhang Ji, a bounty hunter, trudged through the jungle and headed towards the sheriff’s outpost in the jungle borders. The jungle king secured Zhang’s wrist to his back with durable vines as well as shackled the bounty hunter’s feet. Grateful to his uncanny healing abilities and the supplied herbs of the tribesmen he had rescued, Tarzan’s body recovered rapidly. His internal bleeding had stopped and he could feel his muscle fibers working hard to repair the damages inflicted by Zhang. The jungle lord soon realized that he had not covered his tracks well enough and made amends as their journey continued. However, the gesture was too late because a dark, 7-foot tall and lithe assassin from the Blood Tribe had locked on them as his prey.
‘So, Tarzan. Where have you been? Did someone trash you so badly that you went missing for eight months?’ questioned Zhang trying to make a conversation and thinking of a way to escape at the same time. ‘Do you know why I’m here? You were given a 50-million dollar bounty by the African Trading Company. They want you, preferably alive, but dead can also be an option.’ continued Zhang despite the fact that Tarzan did not respond to his questions.
Gif was one of the best assassin of the Blood Tribe. His height proved to be an enormous advantage as he towered over most people and combined with his long reach he was a deadly close combat opponent. Gif adapted a lean physique and trained more on the hardness of bones than in muscle development. He had spent many years in enhancing his bone density by kicking, punching, headbutting, and striking hundreds of Rattan trees. His training paid off as the quality of his bones had become solid and steal-like. He quickened his pace. Soon enough he saw his quarry and studied them. Tarzan had captured the bounty hunter, Zhang Ji, who had gained notoriety in the jungle for his sadistic killings. Gif will disposed of him immediately. Gif assessed that Tarzan had taken more damage than his captive hunter but had still won the fight. Gif felt dismayed that Tarzan was not in his best form when he confronts the jungle champion. Slowly and carefully Gif targeted Zhang and unloaded four consecutive poison darts.
Tarzan was stunned as he saw four poison darts hit Zhang’s chest, but he quickly recovered and hid himself in the vegetation and observed his surroundings. He saw Zhang double over. The bounty hunter’s body lied on his back his eyes wide with terror as the poison started its effects. Tarzan recognized the symptoms immediately when he saw Zhang lied still and his breathing stopped. The dart was tipped with curare, a poison not found in Africa, it is used mainly to paralyze but death will result if the asphyxiation of the victim is not remedied immediately. Tarzan wondered how the Blood Tribe procured such a poison. Tarzan searched the perimeter and looked for a subtle movement or an out-of-place object. He found none, Blood Tribe assassins are the best in jungle stealth and the one he was facing now is on a different level. From his back, Tarzan heard a voice.
‘Behind you.’ called Gif as Tarzan turned to face the Blood Tribe warrior instantly. Despite the jungle hero’s legendary agility, he was unable to defend his ears as Gif’s cupped hands executed a set of ear slaps. The slaps disoriented the jungle champion but to Gif it was not enough. Gif hit Tarzan with four more sets of ear slaps and sent Tarzan’s head from left to right directions alternately. After the series of ear slaps, all that Tarzan could do was to hold a tree trunk to keep him standing. Tarzan’s ear stung from pain, his eyes bulged and rolled from the pressure of the blows and from the disorientation he was experiencing. The jungle champion became nauseated and felt sick to his stomach.
Tarzan blinked his eyes and tried to sweep the cobwebs from his mind. He had not even recovered when he saw Gif’s large hands clamped his head through the sides. With a force of rhinoceros, Gif headbutted Tarzan straight in the forehead. The blow rocked and addled Tarzan’s brains. Gif continued his headbutting on Tarzan until he saw Tarzan’s jaw slackened and the jungle hero’s forehead bruised and bled. Gif licked the trail of blood from Tarzan’s forehead and released the jungle king. Tarzan landed on his butt. The jungle lord’s mind was spinning and his vision was filled with bright flashing lights. The jungle champion tried to stand several times only to momentarily sway and fall back to the ground again.
Gif was satisfied from his work as he saw Tarzan struggled to compose himself. The jungle king was a joke! He do not stand a chance against the elite Blood Tribe! he thought. Gif bid his time, he let Tarzan recover and prepared for his next plan. When the Blood Tribe warrior felt Tarzan had reclaimed some of his balance, Gif approached and extended his right arm upwards to his front, Gif challenged the jungle man to a duel of strength!
‘Tarzan of the Apes! I, Gif of the Blood Tribe, challenge you to a test of strength!’ goaded the Blood Tribe warrior.
Tarzan inhaled a couple of deep breaths and focused to regain his bearing. The jungle hero looked at the giant that stood in front of him and made a quick assessment.It puzzled the king of the jungle that Gif did not continue his assault when he had the advantage but had now challenged him in a test of strength. Strength-wise Tarzan is stronger than Gif but not by a huge margin. Although, Tarzan had acknowledged the advantage of Gif’s height in such a duel. Tarzan prepared his stance as he lifted his arms and gripped the opposing warrior’s hands. Both warriors grunted and tried to overpower each other.
From a distance, it looked to be lopsided match given Gif’s height but Tarzan’s raw muscle power made up from the handicap. The jungle champion’s biceps bulged, his legs pumped, his stomach contracted and his back arched. Every fiber of Tarzan’s well-sculpted body exuded power. Soon, the jungle hero started to slowly overwhelm the Blood Tribe assassin, bearing Gif down. Gif was shocked, he had thought of toying the jungle hunk but he had underestimated Tarzan’s strength! The Blood Tribe warrior’s mind quickly raced for a diversion. Gif unleashed a knee strike to Tarzan’s groin!
‘Ungh!’ yelped Tarzan as his knees buckled from the pain. Tarzan tried to free himself but Gif’s grip tightened further. Gif took advantage of Tarzan’s distraction and swung their hands downward until they were positioned waist-level to their front. Gif dug his fingers deep into the jungle hero’s knuckles crushing the joints. Tarzan’s arms writhed with agony as the Blood Tribe warrior’s buried his fingers further and produced a cracking sound. Gif heightened the pain by twisting the jungle champion’s arms and lifting him from the ground. Tarzan howled in agony! His whole weight was now supported by his twisted arms and crushed hands. Gif maintained this position for a quarter of an hour. He relished Tarzan’s suffering from the pain he had inflicted.
Suddenly, Gif released his grip on Tarzan and hoisted the jungle hero into a bearhug! The Blood Tribe warrior squeezed the life out of the apeman. Tarzan strained to free himself from the painful hold. The jungle lord pounded Gif, however, his ruined arms and fists hardly affected the assassin. Gif continued to slowly and tortuously tightened his hold, it was his bony musculature versus Tarzan’s famed hard muscles. Gif inhaled deeply and rattled Tarzan from time to time to add pressure to the jungle hero’s chest and midsection. The Blood Tribe warrior’s bearhug was so vicious, Tarzan yelled in agony unable to contain his suffering to himself. The bearhug tightened to a point that it bruised and penetrated Tarzan taut muscles grinding the them and turning them to mush. Moreover, several of Tarzan’s ribs cracked loudly and sent shockwaves of pain throughout the jungle man’s body. Gradually, Tarzan’s struggles waned until it had stopped. The limp and half-conscious jungle king hung in the arms of Gif, drained of power and vitality.
Finally, Gif threw Tarzan to a tree near the dead Zhang Ji. Tarzan slammed to the tree trunk and was jerked back to his consciousness. His back screamed in pain but the jungle hero struggled to get up. His arms and knuckles ached but they were not dislocated. Furthermore, his chest hurt like hell, a few of his ribs were fractured. The sides of his pecs and obliques were bruised and oozed with blood from the pressure of Gif’s bearhug. Tarzan looked at Zhang Ji corpse and had an idea. He secretly took the poison darts embedded in the bounty hunter chest and waited for the Blood Tribe warrior.
Gif reached out, grabbed a fistful of Tarzan’s hair and pulled him closer. ‘It’s over Tarzan. Your dominion in the jungle had ended. Soon, we will display your battered and dead body to all the villages then the Blood Tribe will seal it kingship of this land!’ stated Gif triumphantly. Tarzan took the opportunity of Gif’s lack of focus and pierced his opponent’s nape with the four poison darts. The effects were instantaneous, Gif released his grip on Tarzan and both warriors crumpled to the ground. Tarzan blacked out from the ordeal Gif had put him through but Gif remained conscious. The curare had paralyzed the Blood Tribe warrior’s body and prevented him in breathing which led to his demise.
New Dominion – Chapter 6 (Final Chapter)
It was night time when Tarzan woke up. His whole body was sore but he gathered strength and buried his fallen opponents, everyone deserves a burial even if they were enemies. Tarzan secured a safe location and rested for a whole day. Finally on the next morning just when the first rays of the sun shone in the forest canopies, Tarzan stood up and stretched. His body glistened in the sun’s rays: broad shoulders, tapered waist, chiseled abdomen, well-defined chest, muscular back and strong thighs. The jungle champion breathed the fresh morning air, relieved that he had recuperated most of his strength and fighting form. His next plan was to check the preparations of his jungle allies for their war with the Blood Tribe and then confront Dr. Johnson to cease the operations of the animal-testing facility in the middle of the jungle.
Tarzan howled his signature jungle call and started his journey. The jungle king traversed the jungle through the vines, it was quicker and less strenuous. Halfway to the jungle allies’ camp, just when Tarzan was about to swing to the next tree, the jungle hero saw a figure waiting for him in the tree branches. Tarzan was astonished to see a black man dressed in a gray suit and leather shoes confidently standing high in the tree tops. The jungle lord’s instincts kicked in and braised himself for a possible confrontation. When the jungle man stopped on his tracks, the black man grabbed a vine and swung to Tarzan’s tree. He landed on the same branch as Tarzan only a few feet away.
‘Bravo, Tarzan. You are quite a hero. A very resilient one. To be able to defeat all the hunters and poachers, the former world Mixed Martial Arts Champion Bolshoi Medved, the bounty hunter Zhang Ji and Gif one of the best assassin of the Blood Tribe, you have indeed proven yourself worthy to be called FORMER King of the Jungle.’ said the black man perfectly unfazed by the jungle man.
‘Who are you? What is your business here?’ asked Tarzan as he narrowed his eyes on the man that stood before him. The man was built like the jungle champion, 6’3″ in height and around 240 pounds as Tarzan had assessed. The jungle hero felt uneasy to the peculiar man. Despite the fact that Tarzan thoroughly scouted the whole jungle for possible threats, it was the first time that Tarzan had seen such a person. And it alarmed the jungle lord that the man was knowledgeable about his recent battles, even the one with Gif which happened just a couple of days ago.
‘Who am I? I am the NEW King of the Jungle. I am Africa Trading Company. In my native language, I am Vloek!’ barked the gray-suited man. ‘You see Tarzan, everything that happened to you and to the jungle had been part of my machinations. It was I who gave the 50 million bounty to Zhang to hunt you down. It was I who sent the Treasure Raiders to seize your treasure and annihilate you but you managed to defeat them. I watched as your animals dragged your broken body out from the collapsed Treasure Cave. It was I who spread the news of you absence. It was I who funded the hunters, poachers and Dr. Johnson’s facility. It was I who planted Bolshoi in the diamond mines. It was I who re-formed the scattered Blood Tribe and gave them the curare poison. It was all part of my plan to rule this land. No one can stand against me, not even you.’ finished Vloek.
‘I cannot forgive you for what you have done.’ said Tarzan through gritted teeth, his blood boiled and his rage flared. ‘Your manipulations had killed many innocent lives, both human and animals alike. I will not permit your presence to roam this land. This ends now!’ shouted Tarzan as he launched his attack. Tarzan unleashed a right hook and a left uppercut successively, followed by four punches in the stomach of Vloek. All of them connected because Vloek did nothing to block nor dodge the aggressive jungle lord but the blows hardly affected Vloek. Tarzan continued his barrage of punches and tried hard to knock Vloek over but the man remained solid on the tree branch. Finally after fifteen minutes of non-stop pounding, Tarzan recoiled and panted. His knuckles hurt but he tried to hide it
‘Do not tell me that is all you’ve got, Tarzan. Is it?’ mocked Vloek
‘No!’ countered Tarzan as he charged again this time with a different tactic. The jungle champion did a leg sweep to knock Vloek off balance but Vloek had anticipated the move. The suited man timed his jump so that he landed with forced on Tarzan’s leg almost breaking the bone. The jungle hero grimaced in pain. Vloek followed with a flying kick to Tarzan’s throat sending him to tree trunk. The jungle man’s nape slammed to the trunk and he nearly fell, fortunately, he grabbed on the tree branch for support. Tarzan coughed, his throat almost caved in due to Vloek’s kick.
‘Come on, Tarzan. Show me more.’ Vloek advanced towards the jungle king completely oblivious of their altitude.
Tarzan stood up and released a battery of elbow and knee strikes but Vloek parried every blow it looked like he was training the jungle lord instead of fighting him. In the split second that Tarzan slowed his pace, Vloek grabbed Tarzan by the jaw and banged him to the tree. The tree shook from the force and several leaves fell. Vloek then kicked and planted his foot to Tarzan’s chest keeping the jungle man in a standing position. Tarzan gasped for air, he grabbed his opponent’s heel and ankle then twisted it or tried to, Vloek’s ankle, no, his whole body seemed to made up of steel! Vloek laughed at Tarzan’s failed maneuver. With lightning speed, he released the jungle warrior but kicked him to the side using the same foot. Tarzan was sent falling to the ground 100 feet below! The ape man managed to snatched a vine and swung to a lower tree branch. Tarzan grasped his side and collapsed when he reached the branch. The pain from Vloek’s kick prevented him from standing up and he was not thrilled when he saw Vloek pair of shoes landed in front of him.
‘So that is it? Is that all you can dish? A couple of punches, elbow and knee strikes?’ goaded Vloek as he lifted Tarzan by the hair. ‘Tarzan, do you remember the sensation of the Zhang Ji’s heart strike? I saw your reaction to it, you looked you were about to die. Do you know how it feels when done with a closed fist?’ Vloek struck Tarzan’s left chest with his balled fist denting the area five inches. Tarzan’s eyes widened, his mouth opened and his breathing stopped in shock. The strike induced a major heart attack and the agony was ten times worse than the heart attack triggered by Zhang’s heart strike. Tarzan clutched his chest and his handsome face contorted in pain if it weren’t from Vloek’s grip the jungle hero would have fallen off the branch. The jungle champion’s heart beat erratically for a full minute and Vloek savored every second that his opponent suffered. ‘And now you die.’ stated Vloek grimly. Tarzan’s heart stopped beating, a couple of seconds later the jungle lord blacked out and his body sagged. The jungle champion was clinically dead!
Vloek waited for another minute, he recoiled his hand and delivered another closed fist Heart Strike on the same spot in the jungle man’s chest. The blow contracted Tarzan’s chest and jumpstarted his heart! At first the beats were irregular, but they soon gained a steady rhythm. Vloek was satisfied. He shook and slapped Tarzan to rouse him back to consciousness. Tarzan wheezed loudly as his awareness returned.
‘You died Tarzan. I killed you and brought you back to life again.’ said Vloek like killing was a trivial matter. He hoisted Tarzan into a Gorilla Press to show the jungle hero of his superiority and hurled the disoriented hunk to the ground. Tarzan desperately tried to grab vines or branches but his grip was weak and his strength failed him. The jungle king plummeted to the ground, fortunately the thick lower branches was able to stop his momentum and cushioned his fall. The jungle warrior lied on his back, eyes closed, panted heavily and unable to move a muscle.
Vloek called Tarzan’s attention and just when Tarzan opened his eyes, the jungle hero saw Vloek descending like a missile – his body straight, his arm crossed in his chest and his feet together. Vloek landed heel-first on helpless jungles hero’s midsection with all his weight combined with the acceleration of gravity and then some. The force of the landing was so terrible that is buried Tarzan’s body six inches to the ground. The jungle champion’s body convulsed, his eyes bulged, the air was knocked out of chest and his once-proud abdomen crumbled. The jungle king spat, coughed, choked and puked blood from his internal organs. He was on the brink of losing his consciousness but Vloek prevented it. Vloek stood at the side, gripped Tarzan’s neck and lifted the fallen jungle champion until they were face-to-face.
‘Tarzan, I want you to listen and listen well. I want you to try to put a stop to Dr. Johnson’s facility and to defeat the Blood Tribe. I want you to restore the jungle in order, back to what it was before. I want to see you do it. When you have put everything to its proper places, I will come back and take everything away from you. Your jungle, your allies, your animals, your body and your mind. Remember that.’ uttered Vloek calmly. He released the bloodied and spasmodic Tarzan and retreated stealthily. The jungle hero landed on his knees and slumped face-first to the ground made muddy by his own blood, unconscious.
(End of Volume I – New Dominion)
Vol. II – Test Subject
Test Subject – Chapter 1
Varke and Tier, warriors of the Impala Tribe, were scouting the area when they saw a muscular man lying on his stomach. Quickly, the two men approached and investigated. Varke overturned the man and was horrified to find out that it was the jungle’s champion, Tarzan! For a moment, Varke and Tier were shocked as they surveyed the body of the fallen hero. A fist print was found in his left chest and an imprint of a pair of shoes tarnished Tarzan’s otherwise perfect abdomen. The marks were surrounded by black-blue discoloration indicating that the area were pummeled countless of times, thought the two tribesmen. Tarzan’s face was bloodied but there was no visible wounds, leading the two natives to conclude that the injury was internal. The sound of Tarzan’s weak moaning and wheezy breathing pulled Varke and Tier out of their thoughts.
‘Who could have done this to Tarzan?’ asked Tier
‘There is no time to wonder about that now, Tier. Help me get Tarzan to the chief, he would know what to do.’ ordered Varke. ‘ Let’s hurry up, he’s barely breathing.’ added Varke.
The two warriors formed a makeshift stretcher out the branches and twigs around them and carried the jungle lord cautiously to avoid further damage. They returned to their village and stealthily headed to the chief’s hut. Arend, the village’s chief and former medicine man, could not disguise his bewilderment when he saw Tarzan’s lifeless and battered body. Nevertheless, Arend remained calm and dealt with the treatment of the jungle king. For the next hour or so, Arend tended the fractured ribs and leg of the jungle lord and applied medicinal herbs to the bruises while Varke and Tier stood on the side ready to assist the chief whenever he needed it. After Arend had finished, he talked with and asked Varke and Tier to guard and take care the recovering jungle king.
‘Chief Arend, can I have a question? Is Tarzan going to be alright? I have never seen him this beaten up before.’ inquired Varke
‘Neither have I but Tarzan is a strong man. He will survive this. As to the identity of his attacker, we can only guess.’ answered Arrend.
‘Could it be the one or a group from the Blood Tribe? I heard they sent assassins after Tarzan and they are unbelievably skilled in fighting.’ uttered Tier contributing to the conversation.
‘That is a possibility but a remote one. If Tarzan had been subjugated by Blood Tribe warriors, you would have found him dead or you would not have found him at all. They would taken him deep into the Shadow Region. We can ask him when he wakes. For now, let him recuperate. We will need every bit of his strength for our war with the Blood Tribe.’ finished Arend.
The night passed by and early the next morning, Tarzan stirred feebly from his cot. The two Impala Tribe warrior took notice and asked the jungle lord if they can be of assistance to him. Tarzan opened his eyes, he could hardly move because his body was on fire – every nerve fiber seemed to be sending pain signals to his brain. Tarzan could barely breathe because of the sharp pain on his left chest and abdomen whenever he tried to inhale deeply. The jungle hero racked his brain to remember how he got in this situation. Slowly, the memories came back to fill in the details.
‘Tarzan, how are you doing?’ inquired Tier interrupting the jungle man’s thoughts while Varke called their chief.
‘I have been better.’ answered Tarzan. The jungle champion attempted to sit but failed to do so because of the pain. ‘Where am I?’
‘Try not to move too much, Tarzan, your body is still recovering.’ exclaimed Arend when he entered the hut. ‘You’re in the Impala Tribe Village. Varke and Tier found you bloodied and lying unconscious on the ground not far from here. You have very dangerous enemies, Tarzan. I am relieved that you managed to be stay alive. Do you know how this happened?’ asked Arend
‘Arend, my friend, you and your warriors have my eternal gratitude for your aid.’ said Tarzan. The jungle hero then narrated his past encounter. Tarzan had a battle with Vloek, a black man dressed in a gray suit and leather shoes. It had been a one-sided fight on the treetops in favor to his opponent and he fell to the ground below. Vloek had been merciless and he assaulted Tarzan’s guts which caused the internal injuries. The last thing the jungle hero remembered is that Vloek commanded him to restore order to the jungle and they will fight again.The three Impala Tribe warriors were speechless as Tarzan finished his story on how Vloek dominated him. They could not believe that a person could do that to their jungle champion with so much ease.
‘Do you think, you or we beat this Vloek?’ asked Tier finally breaking the silence.
‘Yes, Tier. Vloek is beatable. The question is how. Everybody has a weakness.’ said Tarzan grimly. ‘And it’s my burden to find Vloek’s. Since Vloek won’t be showing up until the jungle is in order, we must keep our focus to our goals. I will take care of the animal testing facility in the middle of the jungle. Prepare yourselves for the war to put an end to the Blood Tribe’s terrorism.’ finished the jungle hero.
Tarzan stayed secretly for three more days on the Impala Tribe Village. The jungle king rested and regained his strength. Through Arend, Tarzan was able to know the status of the preparations for the war on the Blood Tribe. The preparations were moving well underway and the warriors and their weapons will be ready in two weeks. On the last day, Tarzan once again thanked his rescuers and encouraged them to be stronger for the times ahead. The jungle lord also said that he will meet the five village chiefs in his former tree house to discussed their strategy, two weeks from now. Tarzan bid his farewell and started to the direction of the animal testing laboratory in the middle of the jungle.
Test Subject – Chapter 2
Tarzan swung across the tree branches to reach Dr. Johnson’s Research Facility. It was midday when the jungle king reached the area. Tarzan hid in the trees and analyzed the new security protocols the place had implemented since his last triumphant visit. There were now four guards posted on each side of the compound’s perimeter. An electrified fence and surveillance cameras had also been installed. Tarzan circled the facility to get additional information for his assault. Satisfied, the jungle lord devised his plan.
Tarzan would destroy the cameras in the north, east and south gates to serve as a diversion for the surveillance and security teams. He would then disable the guards in the south gate and use the vines to swing across the electrified fence to enter the compound. His target is Dr Monroe Johnson and he would enter his quarters through the fire exit. He would abduct the doctor, head the to the animal cages and free the imprisoned animals. He would use the doctor as a hostage to escape the facility. Lastly, he would turnover the doctor the authorities for his crimes.The jungle hero waited for the descent of the night to execute his strategy.
After the last rays on the sun expired, Tarzan made his move. With a fist-sized rock the jungle man hit the north camera with pin-point accuracy. He moved rapidly across the jungle canopies to his next camera target. Tarzan disabled the next cameras quickly and without incident, but after the south camera was destroyed an alarm in the compound sounded. An order was issued and soon some of the perimeter guards shifted their forces in the last remaining camera in the west gate anticipating the move of the unknown assailant. Tarzan took advantage of the situation and proceeded to the south gate. With ease, he knocked out the three guards and choked the fourth one. As with his plan, Tarzan entered to the compound with the use of the vines and entered the Dr. Johnson’s quarters through the fire exit.
Dr. Monroe Johnson was still groggy after being awaken by sound of the loud siren outside. The doctor stood up and draped his laboratory gown over his night shirt. He was at five foot ten inches, a bit lean as he weighed 130 pounds and he was in his mid-forties. Suddenly, he felt a massive force grabbed hold of his arms and pinned them to his back. The doctor let out an involuntary groan of pain. He struggled to free himself but stopped almost instantly when he realized who his captor was.
‘Tarzan, Good evening. I’ve been expecting you for sometime now, after you last freed my animal subjects.’ uttered the doctor. ‘I’m impressed you were able penetrate this facility without breaking a sweat but I daresay, I’m a little disappointed it took you long enough to comeback. I guess rounding out all those hunters, poachers and miners is not a walk in the park.’
‘Quiet.’ commanded Tarzan. ‘You will come with me and I will free the animals from your cruelty once and for all.’ said Tarzan as he pushed the doctor towards the animal prison. The two moved inside the facility undetected, primarily due to Tarzan’s mastery in stealth and soon they reached the area of the animal cages. The animals were elated to see their king come rescue them but jungle champion signaled the animals to stay silent.
‘How do you plan to escape this facility? The guards are scouring the compound now as we speak. And I highly doubt your sneaking abilities can secretly smuggle all these ani – ack!’ Dr Johnson did not finish his statement because Tarzan hit him with backhanded slap to the mouth. The doctor fell down the floor, his mouth started to bleed. Tarzan gagged and tied him in the nearby desk and ordered him to remain still.
Tarzan turned his attention the animals. There are about a hundred apes of different species locked up in the cages. Fortunately, the keys to all these cages and located nearby and labeled neatly. Tarzan proceeded to unlock the cage nearest him. When Tarzan gripped the bars, five million volts of electricity shot through his body! Tarzan whole body convulsed and the electric shock threw the jungle hero on his back to the ground, dazed and paralyzed.
The jungle hero’s mind reeled and his muscles stiffened from the electrocution. Fortunately, the paralysis only lasted for a couple of seconds and Tarzan’s control of limbs slowly came back. Tarzan sat and just when he was about to stand he felt a sharp pain in his lower back. It was the same electrocuting effect he felt in the bars earlier. The jungle hero yelped as another poke on his side discharged another five million volts of electricity. His muscles tightened and another couple of seconds of paralysis took over his body. Tarzan, with much, effort glance on the direction of his attacker. He was surprised to see was the doctor. Dr. Johnson managed to escape from his bonds and had procured an electric prod which he is now using to torment the jungle hunk.
‘That couple of prods I gave you was for trespassing in my facility. I knew you’ll come back and rescue these vermin so I electrified their cages.’ stated Dr. Johnson. ‘I was a pickpocket once, Tarzan. I thieved my way to college and studied medicine. Did you think your amateurish knots can hold me?’ added the doctor. ‘This is for the bloodied lip you gave me!!’
Tarzan was on all fours trying to compose himself when Dr. Johnson poked his electric prod on his left side, then on his right side. The jungle hero’s body collapse back the cement floor, he lost control of his muscles and helplessly groaned in pain as they contracted tightly. The doctor was not satisfied and so he jabbed the electric prod to the jungle hunk’s arms, back, legs, hips, nape. He wanted to bring pain to the jungle lord for having slapped him in the face. Dr. Johnson relished the sight of the jungle champion squirming in his agony.
All the electrocution disoriented the jungle champion until he realized that it had stopped. He looked up and found himself surrounded by ten guards in their full fatigue uniforms. Painfully, he rose up to feet. Tarzan stood unsteadily when the captain of the guards released a punch. The captain slammed his fist to Tarzan’s left cheek and the jungle man’s head snapped back from the force. The jungle lord lost his balance but one of the guards was able to catch his body by the armpits before it once again fell to the floor.
‘That was for making fools of us, Tarzan!’ shouted the captain ‘Hang him up and stretch him arms and legs to their limits. The doctor want him taut as a tight rope when he comes back!’ barked the captain to his men.
Test Subject – Chapter 3
Tarzan found himself three feet from the ground and stretched out into a standing X position. Cold metal bands attached to a copper-alloyed rope held him by his wrists and ankles. The jungle lord found it uneasy to breathe because of the position of his arms and because his chest and abdomen muscles were severely stretched. Tarzan closed his eyes and tried to contain his groans as a wave of pain coursed through his body when the facility guards pulled the copper ropes and moved them towards different directions again.
Suddenly, an electric prod jabbed his stomach, twitching the muscles and expelling what little air Tarzan was able to inhale. The jungle champion’s body twisted due to the current that ran through his body and the movement added in the mounting pressure to his taut muscles. Another jab to the jungle hero’s midsection resulted to another wave of unbearable pain for Tarzan. He let out a howl of agony through gritted teeth as his muscular body arched upward involuntarily. But the suffering from the electrocution was only half of it, after the sharp pain from the electricity when the jungle man’s body sagged came another form of pain struck this time from his muscles, joints and arm sockets as a result of the stretching and hanging torture.
‘Tarzan, I am a very gifted Doctor of Medicine and I can perceive from your body how grueling this past couple of weeks had been for you.’ spoke Dr. Johnson coldly. ‘No matter how much you want the world to believe that your invincible, I can see that your body bit by bit crumbling. No matter how hard you try to hide it, my trained and intuitive eyes can detect the damage your recent previous battles had done to you. You had a couple of broken ribs and leg. You’re internal organs had ruptured more than half a dozen times. Your famed sculpt back, chest and abdomen had been pummeled and bruised countless of times. Your heart had even stopped and restarted again. All these torments are certainly piling up in your mind, slowly and inevitably shattering it.’ finished the doctor in a monotonous tone.
The jungle king knew that Dr. Johnson was tactically conditioning his mind into breaking down but the problem was that Tarzan found it difficult to block the doctor’s mental attacks because of the continuous pain from the electric prods and the ropes. The relentless psychological and physical torture continued for thirty more minutes, one of the longest thirty minutes in Tarzan’s life.
His attackers were inhumane, they electrocuted every part of his body: his stomach, chest, armpits, groin, neck, back, shoulders. They poked their electric prods in every inch of skin they could target. Soon, the muscular champion found even breathing an arduous task to accomplish. The crippling suffering and paralysis from the high voltage were bad enough that combined with the ever increasing tension on his limbs brought about by the the copper ropes, Tarzan’s only way to cope up was through his anguished yells. His screams helped a little, they were able to drown Dr. Johnson’s monotonous droning. Finally, the assault stopped and Tarzan heard the merciless voice of the doctor through his panting.
‘Your meddling brought this situation to yourself, Tarzan.’ uttered Dr. Johnson. ‘It will be your undoing. You will replace the test subjects you released the last time you visited here.’ added the doctor as he signaled the captain of the guards to pull the switch down. The captain obeyed, the movement triggered the copper ropes to conduct a low-voltage, high-current electric flow throughout the muscular hero’s body. The effect was similar to the electric chair’s but less deadly. The shock prevented Tarzan to scream as his body contorted involuntarily and fatally. After thirty seconds, the captain pulled the switch upward to stop the current. The jungle champion’s head sagged, he lost consciousness from the ordeal and faint singed smell spread across the room. ‘Revive him! Douse him with water! I don’t want him to escape his torture!’ commanded the doctor.
The guards splashed Tarzan with water to restore his consciousness. With a jerk, the jungle hero came to his senses. His joints creaked and muscles cramped from his sudden movement which reminded the jungle lord of his terrible situation. The ape man felt a sting in his neck, the guards had shot him with a drug to prevent him from blacking out for an hour. The guards then exchanged their electric prods to rubber mallet. The electric torture was over and now they would concentrate on stretching torture aspect.
‘Dislocate Tarzan’s arms, elbows and knees. I’ll just return them to their proper places on the laboratory table later on.’ Dr. Johnson purposely let Tarzan hear his orders in line of his mind games. He let his guards do the beatings but he stayed on to observe. This after all is precious data on the endurance of the human body and psych.
Tarzan’s assailant’s approached him. They divided their tasks but would do them one after another to inflict the most torment on the jungle champion. Two guards started on the Tarzan’s left knee. they hammered the knee with their rubber mallet, slowly at first testing the bone, then the hammering gained momentum and increased in power until the the jungle hero’s left knee was dislocated. Tarzan bellowed in pain and his eyes watered as the tension from the ropes twisted his left leg into an awkward angle. The vicious torturers then focused on the right knee and hammered it until only the ligaments held the upper and lower leg. In his weakened mental state, Tarzan would have begged them to stop had it not been for the futility of asking their mercy. The guards dislocated the jungle hero’s elbows and arms as slowly and cruelly as his knees. When they were finished, they stepped and with the doctor marveled at their handiwork. Tarzan’s once proud physique was now mangled. His breathing was shallow and his mouth hung agape making pitiful gasping sounds. The handsome face of the jungle warrior was contorted. Tears flowed freely from his watery eyes down to his cheeks and chiseled chin.
‘Perfect work!’ exclaimed Dr. Johnson as he stared astonished to the broken puppet that was Tarzan. ‘Now, gas him. I want to test my nightmare drug on him.’ The guards released the jungle champion from his bondage, covered his face with a mask and pumped the nightmare gas into his system. The dazed Tarzan had not even noticed that he was brought down from the torturous ropes until it was too late as the effects of the gas already engulfed him.
Test Subject – Chapter 4
The facility guards transferred the lifeless Tarzan into a laboratory table. With the instructions of Dr. Johnson, the guards pulled and twisted the jungle champion’s legs and arms to align his joints back in place. The once dislocated bones were fixed but the joints gained some swelling due to the overextension of the ligaments. The guards used leather straps to fasten Tarzan’s body to the table through his neck, biceps, wrists, chest, waist, thighs and ankles.
With the jungle lord tightly secured on the table, the guards attached electrodes on his head, neck and chest to monitor his vital signs. Some of the the wiring in Tarzan’s head was connected to a computer which specialized in projecting the images from the unconscious person’s dreams. In the first few minutes the computer’s monitor showed nothing, but when the jungle hero’s closed eyes moved rapidly and his limbs jerked involuntarily a landscape started to emerge.
Tarzan found himself in the middle of a large clearing. He had no idea how he had gotten there. Suddenly, there were movements in the bushes, ten people appeared surrounding the jungle man. The people started walking and soon they formed a perimeter to entrapped the jungle lord. Tarzan recognized them, they were his recent enemies! There was Kite, wearing his khaki polo and shorts and carrying his rifle on his shoulder. Bison and Croc were side-by-side crunching their knuckles. Tarzan was horrified to see the Goumon Twins smiling maliciously back at him. Bolshoi Medved was also present, he walked menacingly. To his sides were Zhang Ji and Gif. Tarzan also saw Vloek in his gray suit and leather shoes. Dr. Johnson was among them, he wore his white laboratory gown and held a dripping whip. The scenario puzzled the jungle hero because he knew more than half of the people present were dead and yet there they were closing in on him.
Tarzan surveyed his surroundings, escape was impossible seeing that there were no vegetation to hide nor vines to utilized. In a space of a heartbeat, two shots rang. The jungle king felt fire on his knees, he collapsed to the ground on his hands as the bullet shattered his kneecaps. His shooter, Kite, could not care less as he fired another two shots which connected on the jungle man’s elbows. Tarzan grunted in pain, his four wounds prevented him from moving away. When Kite reached Tarzan’s location he kicked the jungle king’s midsection to roll him on his back. Kite stepped on the Tarzan’s massive chest and discharged two shots, this time on the fallen hero’s pectorals. The jungle champion writhed in agony and his vision started to dim.
Croc pulled the delirious Tarzan to a standing position and gave him a series of hard slaps across the face. The blows stung the jungle lord and made his eyes watery but the harsh treatment brought the jungle lord back to his senses. To his amazement, Tarzan found his body completely unblemished as if the shots Kite fired had been an illusion, the only thing that remained was the lingering pain on the back of his brain caused by them. Bison joined in. He grabbed and locked Tarzan’s left arm with his right arm and Croc followed suit on the ape man’s right arm. Together, the two delivered deadly punches and knee strikes to Tarzan’s muscular guts lifting the jungle hero’s feet from the ground. The jungle champion’s rock-hard abdomen held its ground for the next twenty minutes preventing the damage to penetrate within. But the relentless assault continued and slowly chipped away the muscles’ toughness. Tarzan’s midsection turned dark red and it encouraged to the two hoodlums, they hammered their fists and knees deeper and deeper into their prey. The dark red coloration was tinged with blue-black as Tarzan’s acclaimed midsection started to disintegrate. Croc’s and Bison’s eye gleaned in triumph as they felt the muscle’s resistance deteriorate. When they felt that the jungle hero’s guts had turned into a pulp, they lifted Tarzan high above their heads and with great force slammed him to their knees. It was their double knee gut buster! Tarzan bellowed an anguished cry as his internal organs exploded from the impact. Croc and Bison smiled sardonically and threw Tarzan to the the Goumon Twins.
Tarzan landed near the Twin’s feet. Once again, his body was fully recovered but the jungle lord still felt the agony of Croc’s and Bison’s beatings. The Goumon Won wasted no time and lifted Tarzan by the hair. He placed the jungle king between him and his brother then nodded to Goumon Tu. Tu clasped Won into a very tight bearhug, sandwiching the wobbly ape man. The twin’s huge physique engulfed Tarzan’s body completely and prevented him from breathing. The jungle champion struggled with all his might to escape. The Goumon Twins did not yield, instead, they flexed and hardened their body muscles nearly pulverizing the jungle man within. Tarzan voiced a muffled yell of torment. Tarzan frantically redoubled his efforts as his lungs burned from the lack of oxygen, but it was futile. The sensation was like that of being crushed in a mechanical compactor. The jungle champion fainted just about when his lungs collapsed from the pressure. Goumon Won and Tu waited for a full minute after Tarzan’s last movement had stopped then they released their hold on each other. Tarzan fell to the ground unconscious and not breathing.
Bolshoi Medved stepped forward and stomped Tarzan’s exposed gut six times to stimulate his breathing. The tactic was effective as respiration returned to the grounded hero. The Russian turned Tarzan to his stomach and woke him up with an extremely torturous Camel Clutch. Pain burst from the jungle king’s arm sockets, neck and most significantly in his lower back as Bolshoi bent Tarzan past his limit. Bolshoi’s Camel Clutch was so brutal that the jungle champion’s spinal column factions creaked and ground with each other. The Russian waited for Tarzan’s submission but all he got was groans of suffering. After maintaining the hold for forty minutes, Bolshoi got impatient and twisted the jungle hero’s neck to its breaking point. With a barbarous force and yell, he twisted all the way through, breaking Tarzan’s neck!
Tarzan came back to his consciousness. His body had healed once more but the torment that his attackers induced piled on the back of his brain. The jungle champion took deep breaths. He finally realized it was a dream, no, it was nightmare! But how? Tarzan searched his memories on the what had happened before this incident.
Before Tarzan could focus intensively, he felt a vice-like claw dug his pectorals and lifted him from the ground. The jungle king was lifted until he was face-to-face with Zhang Ji. Tarzan tried to move his arms to retaliate but they were paralyzed. Zhang Ji’s claw penetrated the jungle champion’s chest muscles and reached the nerves pinning them and preventing movement of Tarzan’s limbs in the upper body. The pain was unbearable however it did not stop Tarzan to unleash his knee to his opponent. Zhang hesistantly released his pec claw to avoid Tarzan’s kick. The jungle hero panted heavily and before he could recover. The tall and lanky Gif held him in a Full Nelson, dragged him to the ground and performed a Body Scissors. Gif wrapped his steel-like bony legs around Tarzan’s body and squeezed tightly. The jungle hero struggled and contracted his midsection to avoid further damage. For a time it was an even match – Tarzan’s muscle versus Gif’s bones, but when Zhang Ji joined in the fray it started to spell doom for the jungle king. Zhang clawed Tarzan’s abdomen burying his fingers deep the into the guts. Tarzan’s midsection did not stand a chance with the combination of the two great warrior’s strength. Tarzan’s resolve wavered and his stomach muscles relaxed. Zhang and Gif took advantage of the moment’s weakness and plunged their holds deeper and deeper to the jungle lord’s body. Gif squashed Tarzan’s liver and pancreas while Zhang took care of his spleen and stomach. With his internal organs crushed, Tarzan gagged on and puked his own blood, his body convulsed grotesquely.
In his next waking moment, Tarzan found himself looking at the shiny shoes of someone he had not defeated yet, Vloek. The gray suited man grabbed the jungle king by the biceps and lifted him until they were eye level. Without exerting much effort, Vloek compressed them and crushed the muscles. Tarzan yelped in pain. Vloek did not stop until he pulverized the muscles and broke the bone. The shock of the enourmous agony made Tarzan’s eyes bulged and his mouth slackened. Vloek rampaged on the jungle hero’s body: he broke the forearms, shins and hips. Soon the jungle champion lied broken and prostrated on the ground. Vloek finished by stomping on Tarzan’s ribcage until they broke and ruptured his heart.
Tarzan was again sent back into the darkness only to be revived with Dr. Johnson in front of him, whipping him. Suddenly, something clicked, his mind brightened. The missing pieces had fallen into place as memories came flooding back. Tarzan remembered how he got to this nightmare. It was because of the doctor. He perhaps injected with a nightmare-inducing drug. Tarzan knew what to do as he calmed himself and closed his eyes. He focused on the training he received from one of his jungle allies. With all his strength, the jungle king shouted his signature call. The ground rumbled and shook.
The picture in the dream monitor turned into static as the nightmare-inducing drug lost their effects on Tarzan. Dr. Johnson was not disappointed, in fact, he half-expected it to happen. You live up to your reputation Tarzan, you were the first to survive that drug. I like to know how you would fair to my liquified nerve gas, thought the doctor. He was a bit hesitatant to experiment the liquified nerve gas on the jungle hero because of a possibility of a certain side effect but his obsessive mind shunned his worries.
Test Subject – Chapter 5 (Final Chapter)
Tarzan found himself tightly bound when he awoke from the Dr. Johnson’s nightmare drug. His whole body was drenched in perspiration, his lungs heaved wearily and his heart beat rapidly in his chest. For the jungle champion’s greater discomfort the facility guards placed a rough wooden block between his lower back and the laboratory table to increase the pressure on his spine. They have constricted the the jungle man in such a way that he can not move his neck, arms and legs.
‘Welcome back, Tarzan.’ called Dr. Johnson. ‘I expected nothing less from the jungle king to overcome my special hallucinogenic drug. But you’re not out of the woods yet, my little test subject. You will be injected with doses of my experimental liquefied nerve gas each stronger than the last. Let us test the limits of that tenacious body of yours.’ stated the doctor. He told his plan to the bound jungle hero to make the latter despair on the ordeal he was about to endure. It was all part of his psychological attacks on Tarzan’s mind.
Dr. Johnson admitted the dose himself. He started with a small concentration of the chemical and injected it to the carotid artery of Tarzan. It will take a full minute for the nerve agent to come to effect. However, around Tarzan’s neck pulsations erupted almost instantly, light tremors coursed through the region. The jungle hero fidgeted but his captors’ tight bonds hardly allowed him to do so. After a minute or so, the jungle champion felt the effects of the chemical: his heart beat faster, a slight tightness in his chest, a headache started to form in the back of his head, his nose started to discharge mucus, his eyes stung and watered, his vision blurred and his already sweat-drenched body produced more sweat. Suddenly, a wave of burning pain coursed throughout the jungle lord’s body, it was like he was being seared in an open flame. Tarzan let out a sharp cry, unable to contain his agony.
‘Ah, that would be the toxin part of my liquefied nerve gas concoction. See Tarzan, in low-level concentrations it gives a burning effect in the blood vessels. It feels like your body is being scorched from the inside, doesn’t it Tarzan?’ explained Dr. Johnson, clearly ecstatic of the chemical’s effect on the jungle champion.
It took six grueling hours for the effects of the low-level concentration to wane and it left the jungle champion dehydrated and drained of strength. Towards the end, his sharp cries of suffering had turned to hoarse growls of pain as the burning sensations did not leave him even for a second. With his body shaking from the trauma, Tarzan panted heavily relieved that the ordeal has passed.
‘Congratulations, Tarzan! You have endured the first stage when many of my test subjects died.’ boomed Dr. Johnson’s voice. The doctor and some of the guards had stayed inside the laboratory to watch the jungle champion’s agony, relishing the defeat of their adversary. The doctor and his guards approached the table. The guards busied themselves in attaching an IV fluid to Tarzan’s left hand, an action they have to perform to prevent the test subject from dying of dehydration. Dr. Johnson on the other hand administered a 66% concentration of his liquefied nerve gas to Tarzan’s right bicep.
The increased dosage acted faster and produced worse effects on the already battered body of the jungle champion. Tarzan’s right bicep convulsed severely that it was like a heart outside the jungle man’s body, beating strenuously. However, the pain in the right arm spasms were nothing compared to the wave of suffering which engulfed the jungle hero’s body and the humiliation of the involuntary bodily reactions. In less than a minute, the handsome features of Tarzan’s face were once again stained with tears, mucus and saliva coming out from his eyes, nose and mouth respectively. He found it hard to breathe as if a hippopotamus had sat in his chest. His heart beat rapidly almost as fast as when he had a heart attack. In addition, the jungle felt his stomach rumbling, cramping and twisting inside his abdomen. There was still the burning sensation that spread throughout his body and now another form of pain manifested, it was like every cell of his body is being pierced by microscopic needles! Tarzan could not help but wince and wail every time a new wave of agony climaxed. The torture had become so intense that the jungle hero found himself shivering uncontrollably with some of his muscles twitching involuntarily.
The 66% concentration dosage lasted for only three hours, shorter that the previous dosage but the damage it inflicted to the bound jungle lord was twice as much and if it was not from the IV fluid attached the jungle man, he would have died of dehydration due to the tremendous amount sweat that his body released because of the ordeal. Seeing Tarzan survive from the second dosage delighted Dr. Johnson, the jungle hero had the honor of being the first one to survive that dosage.
The doctor picked up the syringe with the 100% concentration of the liquefied nerve gas and approached Tarzan with his manic smile while his guards replaced the IV bottle with a new one. ‘Congratulations yet again, Tarzan! You’re the first one to survive such a dosage! You should be honored to be my first test subject to try the 100% concentration.’ uttered Dr. Johnson mockingly. ‘I should also bid my farewell to you. This is as far as you can go, Tarzan. This dosage will not kill you instantly but slowly after subjecting you to the torments of hell for an hour. Goodbye, Tarzan.’ finished the doctor.
Dr. Johnson injected the chemical on Tarzan’s left chest, he carefully positioned the syringe to administer the chemical as close to the jungle hero’s heart as possible. The effect this time was instantaneous. Tarzan’s eyes not only watered but also rolled to the back of his head. His stomach cramped and twisted so severely that vomit and digestive juices gushed forth from his mouth. His body shook violently as convulsions erupted in multiple parts of his body: in his legs, arms, chest, abdomen. The jungle champion’s face reddened due to his difficulty in breathing. The burning and piercing sensations persisted joined by another form of torture, it was like his muscles and bones were being pinched by pliers. The intense torture made the jungle hero lose his bladder control as piss soiled his loincloth. Tarzan writhed turbulently, it was maddening that he half-wished death to arrive and relieve him from his agony. Finally after an hour and a half, it was over. Tarzan’s tongue lolled from his open and drooling mouth, his eyes where half-closed, some of his muscles with still twitching and he was semi-conscious.
Dr. Johnson was ecstatic! He had not anticipated that Tarzan would still be alive after the dose. And now he had another opportunity to witness the humiliation and downfall of the proud Tarzan from his hands. The jungle champion’s muscles had been beaten by his superior intellect. He refilled the syringe with another 100% concentration and proceeded to finish the defeated jungle lord. Once again, Dr. Johnson injected his liquefied nerve gas to Tarzan’s left chest and backed off to relish the sight of the last spasms of the dying jungle warrior.
Tarzan in his half-conscious state watched in horror as Dr. Johnson approached with another syringe. The jungle champion braced himself from the onslaught of pain that was about to come. Oddly something different was happening, his body continued to contract but the pain was gone instead a surge of strength seemed to gain momentum inside his body combined with an increasing amount of rage formed inside his mind. Tarzan blacked out a couple of minutes later.
The doctor was shocked from the new developments of his test subject. The overdose of the chemical pushed Tarzan’s adrenal glands to overdrive and his mind to savagery. Within seconds, the bonds which held the jungle lord in place where shattered. Tarzan moved in an uncanny speed, far quicker than his speed in his best form. Instantly, the jungle warrior killed all the guards inside the laboratory. Dr. Johnson cowered in fear from the monster he had unleashed. He tried to reason with the crazed jungle man but the action was futile as Tarzan broke the doctor’s neck without a moments hesitation. Tarzan then encountered the other guards of the facility, he killed them all mercilessly.
It took an another hour before the deranged jungle champion came back to his senses. Thoroughly depleted, Tarzan collapsed unconscious to the ground. The next day Tarzan woke up his whole body incredibly sore from the previous day’s ordeal. He saw the mangled bodies of his enemies and worked on a funeral pyre for them. He never intended to kill them but he lost control and blacked out, before he knew it they were dead. This was brought about by their own chemical and in the end they had fallen victim from it. Tarzan freed the captive animals and headed his tree house in preparation for the war with the Blood Tribe.
(End of Volume II – Test Subject
Vol. III – Bloodied Hell
Bloodied Hell – Chapter 1
Tarzan trekked laboriously to his destroyed tree house near the middle of the jungle. The experiments and torture of Dr. Johnson and his guards took its tremendous toll to his body: he had a high fever, cramps still knotted his stomach, his liver felt like it was being grated, many muscle fibers burned with pain and minor tremors still erupted during some parts of the day. His gait was uneven due to the swollen joints brought about by the stretching and rubber mallet torture. The jungle hero took frequent breaks and rests to renew the energy of his exhausted frame and revitalized his damage form, thus, making the usual day’s journey into a week-long one. The animals had been very helpful, bringing him food to eat and alerting him of the lurking dangers. Twice he barely eluded Blood Tribe assassins still searching for him.
Finally, the jungle hero reached his former tree house. The area was denser with vegetation from what it was when he had last been there, more than eight months ago on the fateful day when he was attacked by the Treasure Raiders. New plants had thrived on the trunk of the chopped tree that once cradled Tarzan’s famous tree house. For the past months, this destroyed sanctuary has been the symbol of Tarzan’s defeat and the chaos that ensued throughout the jungle. It’s going to change now, this is where the jungle order will be re-established thought Tarzan fiercely, determined to restore tranquility in the jungle. Despite of his suffering and with the help of his animal friends, the jungle champion proceeded in making a temporary and hidden shelter for the arrival of the tribe chiefs.
Half a week later, the chiefs from the Impala, Falcon, Boar, Lion and Hyena tribes along with one or two of their trusted warriors arrived stealthily in the area. Most of them were excited to see the jungle champion in the flesh. They were all hoping for their hero to rally them and restore peace throughout the jungle. They were not disappointed as Tarzan welcomed them and invited them inside a make-shift shelter, hidden in the thick vegetation.
Arend, chief of the Impala tribe was the first to address the assembly. ‘We as tribe chiefs and Tarzan have gathered here to discuss how best to defeat the overwhelming Blood Tribe. We have pledged 100 skilled warriors from each tribe for this purpose.’ The other chiefs nodded and acknowledged Arend’s statement. ‘With our combined efforts we have dispersed the Blood Tribe in the past and we are thankful for your crucial aid, Tarzan.’ continued the Impala tribe’s chief. In his next sentence he addressed the jungle hero. ‘Tarzan, in the last weeks we, the five chiefs have corresponded with each other and agreed that we will employ the strategy we used to defeat the Blood Tribe, two years ago.’
Tarzan nodded and understood the implication of the statement. Two years ago during the last rampage of the Blood Tribe, the warriors from the Impala, Falcon, Boar, Lion and Hyena tribes have joined forces to face the almost invincible Blood Tribe. The alliance strategy had been a simple one, assassinate the Blood Tribe chief.
Fearsome as the Blood Tribe warriors were, their social organization have been their weakness. The Blood Tribe has valued their leader immensely, their chief was their compass and only their chief can lead the Blood Tribe to their direction. Without such a person to control them with an iron-grip, the different factions of the Blood Tribe would be unorganized and inefficient. With so much emphasis on the role of the chief, the Blood Tribe only allows most ruthless, strongest and best warriors for the position. And with this person lies the major hurdle of the alliance’s tactic, very few people can rival the chief of the Blood Tribes. Fortunately for the alliance, Tarzan took the responsibility. Stealthily, the jungle champion was able to enter the Blood Tribe chief’s hut and their battle was one of the most arduous to be won by Tarzan. Upon winning, Tarzan gave the signal to the waiting alliance warriors and the latter launched their assault. With their leader dead, the Blood Tribe was in disarray and the alliance was able to defeat them. Some Blood Tribe warriors had been killed in the battle but many had managed to survive and evade capture.
‘I will once again take the responsibility for the assassination of the Blood Tribe chief.’ uttered Tarzan
‘With all due respect, won’t the Blood Tribe learn from this strategy?’ interjected Slang, the companion of the Hyena Tribe chief. ‘Tarzan, you don’t have to bear this burden alone. You have been through a lot in the past weeks. We could form a three-man team to assist you.’
‘The strategy will still work, our scouts monitoring the Blood Tribe has told us as much. The Blood Tribe traditions have not changed, their chief still resides alone in his hut. Around it may be the problem, since the elite Black Blood faction guards the perimeter. But I believe in Tarzan’s legendary abilities to slip to the chief’s hut undetected.’ countered Asvoel, chief of the Falcon Tribe.
‘As for the three-man team to assist Tarzan in the assassination, I must reject the idea. Stealth is crucial on the matter and additional people on the job will compromise the operation. We can however form a back-up team of five warriors to help Tarzan after the assassination or in case it fails.’ said Arend grimly. ‘Also, this team will give the signal to start the assault in case Tarzan had been successful.’
The other chiefs agreed to this proposal and selected one warrior from each tribe to serve as a back-up team for Tarzan. Among them was Tier from the Impala Tribe and Slang from the Hyena Tribe. With the strategy finalized, the group dispersed. They have agreed to meet and face the Blood Tribe in war in four days.
Bloodied Hell – Chapter 2
Four days had passed and 500 warriors had been gathered by the Impala, Falcon, Boar, Lion and Hyena Tribes to combat the threat of the Blood Tribe. Their strategy had been finalized: Tarzan will stealthily accomplish the assassination of the chief in his hut located in the middle of the camp, one mile from the the chief’s hut the five-member back-up team will spread out to better monitor the jungle hero’s mission, after another one mile the 500 warrior, in semi-circle formation will spread out and hide to avoid detection from the Blood Tribe scouts, they will wait for a signal from the back-up team for the time to attack.
Tarzan accompanied by Slang, Tier and three other warriors set-out carefully towards the Blood Tribe camp. With Tarzan’s expert covertness, he guided the group. They were able to evade the patrolling Blood Tribe sentries until finally the reached the required distance. At nightfall, Tarzan gestured the warriors to disperse and to monitor on the different spots. The five warriors obeyed and spread out clandestinely.
The jungle champion for his part, proceeded deeper into the camp of the Blood Tribe. He crawled, hid behind tree trunks, and moved in the most silent way he could. The most difficult part in the secret operation is to penetrate the one hundred meter radius where the Black Blood faction patrolled. Thrice the jungle hero was almost discovered, fortunately, he was able kept his presence hidden. Upon reaching the hut, Tarzan heaved a sigh of relief that he had been able to come so far. Tarzan entered through the open window of the hut. He kept his alert level on high, anticipating to have a tough fight ahead of him.
Tarzan entered the hut armed with his trusty knife, to his surprise, the chief was sound asleep in his cot. Tarzan approached quietly and positioned his hand ready to deal the deadly blow to his slumbering target. The knife swished, propelled by the jungle lord’s strength and landed squarely where heart should be. Alas, the chief’s body was made of hay and coconut husk! For a moment, the jungle man was disoriented but he quickly regained his composure. It was a trick cot, the chief’s body would be beneath the hay and husks. Tarzan quickly withdrew his blade and decided to slit the chief throat instead. The minor commotion woke the chief just in time to parry the jungle lord’s blow.
The two warriors tested their strength: Tarzan pushed his blade towards the chief’s throat but the chief pushed back his survival instincts kicking in. The chief, Krag, knowing that he was in the disadvantage, withdrew and rolled to the side of the cot. Krag used the opportunity to activate the alarm that was heard only by the Black Blood faction surrounding the hut. Tarzan noticed what Krag had done, he lunged towards the chief eager to slay the latter while the guards have not yet arrived. the jungle lord and the Blood Tribe chief rolled on the floor, using all of their skills in wrestling to gain the upperhand. Krag was able to knock Tarzan’s knife spinning to the wall of the hut but Tarzan was able able to lock the chief in standing rear naked choke hold. Krag gagged and wheezed from the lack of air, his eyes bulged from the pressure of the jungle hero’s muscular arms.
Krag was relieved to see the shadows of the Black Blood group. From the hut’s doors and windows the Black Blood faction entered ready to confront the intruder. The nine warriors surrounded the jungle champion and his hostage. Tarzan kept his choke hold on Krag. He tried to buy more time as he blocked the advances of the enclosing opponents with their chief body. Five more minutes for the brain damages to be irreversible, thought the jungle lord as he felt Krag’s body went rigid.
Suddenly, Volgende the leader of the group threw Tarzan’s knife that he picked up from the corner of the hut straight into Krag’s chest and ruptured the chief’s heart. Krag’s chest cavity burst with blood killing him instantly. The move surprised the jungle lord, there had never been a case of treachery within the Blood Tribe before and yet Volgende ruthlessly betrayed and murdered their leader.
‘You have no hostage now, Tarzan, no leverage to keep us at bay. What will you do now?’ taunted the Volgende at the cornered ape man.
Tarzan contemplated on pulling the knife from Krag’s chest but decided against it after seeing that it was firmly stuck in the chest cavity of the deceased chief. As an alternative plan, the jungle lord lifted Krag’s lifeless body and threw it directly to the two guards at his side to create an opening. The move toppled the two guards and Tarzan dashed quickly to the gap produced. However, Volgende’s superb reflexes was able to keep up with the jungle hero’s sudden spurt of speed. The Blood Tribe warrior charged like a rhinoceros and tackled Tarzan on his side, knocking the wind out from his lungs. The two warriors crashed to the ground with Volgende having the upper hand as had Tarzan in a school boy pin and had unleashed a couple of jabs to the jungle champion’s face. The jungle champion curled his body until his legs caught the Blood warrior around the neck. With all his might, Tarzan pulled Volgende to the ground and locked the latter’s neck with his legs restricting air and blood supply. Unfortunately, the jungle lord had to relinquished the hold much sooner to avoid the crashing heels of three Blood warriors. Tarzan rolled backwards and stood up, he was back in his original position before throwing Krag’s body to his attackers. Volgende coughed with blood but stood up as well in front of Tarzan, his face filled with rage.
Three warriors attacked simultaneously in each of Tarzan’s sides and from his back. In a split second, launched his knee to one on his right. It connected solidly to the warrior’s knocking the man unconscious. The jungle champion used the fallen warrior’s body, swiped the other two attackers and sent them crashing to the hut’s wall. Agt, the burliest warrior of the Black Blood faction, wrapped his arms around Tarzan’s chest from behind lifting the latter and pinning his arms to his sides. Tarzan flexed his muscles and tried to escape the bearhug but almost immediately two pairs of fists landed on his midsection as Negende and Tiende started their assault.
The jungle hero abandoned his attempt to free himself from Agt’s clutches and focused first on his gut pounders. He released a kick from both legs and targeted the noses of Negende and Tiende. The two warrior evaded the kicks and used the opportunity to grab Tarzan’s ankles. Negende locked the jungle champion’s ankle in his left armpit while Tiende did the same in his right armpit and made Tarzan looked like he was sitting in a right angle on the air. The two continued their assault on Tarzan’s midsection while Agt tightened his squeeze. The jungle champion contracted his muscles to protect his body and wriggled desperately trying to create and opening to escape the hold.
‘Out of the way!’ shouted Volgende as he charged to the scene with both of his hands open and pointed like a spear. With great force, Volgende’s spear-like hands landed on each of Tarzan’s side just below the last rib. They penetrated the compact abdomen on the jungle lord much like a pointed spear can although no laceration had resulted due to the toughness of Tarzan’s skin. Nevertheless, the blow put Tarzan in a mild shock, his eyes bulged from its socket and his open mouth expelled a gasping sound. Volgende smiled sinisterly as he delivered alternate backhanded slaps the the dazed jungle hero. When he saw Tarzan starting to regain his wits, he signaled to Agt.
Agt howled a menacing growl as he lifted Tarzan high above his body, it was a gorilla press! Grabbing Tarzan’s neck and ankles tightly, he slammed the jungle lord’s body downward into a knee gut buster. The jungle champion’s relaxed abdominal muscles hardly offered any resistance to the Agt’s steel-like knee as the move rearranged the former’s internal organs. Agt was merciless, he continued his downward force until his knees felt Tarzan’s spine! Satisfied with his show of strength, Agt tossed Tarzan to his Black Blood comrades, all of the have recovered from the jungle hero’s earlier attacks.
Tarzan landed near the two warriors whom he swiped with their colleague’s body, Sewende and Sesde. ‘Get up, Tarzan!’ said Sesde pulling the jungle hero into a standing position by the hair. The Blood warrior unleashed a series of rapid light jabs into Tarzan’s midsection, lifting the jungle champion’s feet from the ground. When the right height was achieved Sevende struck with his elbow at Tarzan’s back in the kidney area sending the jungle man back to the ground. They iterated this a couple of times more and then they threw the weakened jungle hero to their waiting comrades. The Black Blood warriors toyed Tarzan mockingly and manhandling him and tossing him to each other.
Finally, the sound of footsteps alerted the group. The real chief has arrived. The Black Blood warriors assembled in a formation inside the hut, with Volgende and Derde clutching the dazed Tarzan by the armpits. When the chief entered all of the warriors bowed and Volgende and Derde forced Tarzan to kneel and bow down in front of their leader making the jungle hero to see only the chief’s feet. Tarzan’s eyes widened as he heard the chief spoke.
Bloodied Hell – Chapter 3
‘Good evening, Tarzan! I see that you have been welcomed hospitably by my Black Blood, our elite force.’ uttered the chief. Tarzan strained his neck to confirm his suspicion of the identity of the chief but Volgende kept the jungle man’s head bowed down. The chief moved closer and replaced Volgende’s hand on Tarzan’s head. He gripped the hair strands tightly and tilted the jungle man’s head back allowing the latter to see his face. Tarzan confirmed his initial assumption, it was indeed Slang of the Hyena Tribe!
‘Traitor!’ hissed the jungle hero from his gritted teeth.
‘No, Tarzan, I was never your ally.’ Slang corrected Tarzan. ‘I have been a Blood Tribe warrior since childhood and they sent me as a spy to the Hyena Tribe before I turned twelve. The Hyena Tribe adopted me and taught me their techniques, obviously in awe of my innate fighting ability. Secretly, I was also trained in the ways of the Blood Tribe and so I became the best warrior of both tribes. Unfortunately, I was not part of the strategy sessions when you last attacked my tribe two years ago and that’s why you succeeded. I remained undercover, carefully reorganizing my dispersed tribe in the last two years. Now, our time has come to rule the jungle! Your death shall be symbol for a new age in this land!’ bellowed Slang.
‘That will come later. For now I, Slang – Chief of the Blood Tribe, challenge you, Tarzan, to a one-on-one combat this very moment! Do you accept my challenge?’ questioned the chief to the kneeling jungle champion. When Tarzan was not able to respond quickly, he continued and said, ‘Are you afraid, ape man? Are you thinking that you are in a disadvantage after being beaten by my guards? I have also been in a fight tonight as well! I have killed your back-up team despite of them being spread out! All four of them are now lying in their pool of blood! What say you, Tarzan? Do you accept my challenge?’ asked Slang once again.
‘Yes! I will fight you to the death! I will eliminate for all the people you have slaughtered!’ roared Tarzan his blood simmering in anger.
‘I wasn’t asking for a fight to the death but you agreed, nevertheless. Volgende, Derde, release him and we shall begin our fight!’ ordered Slang. The two Black Blood warrior relinquished their hold on the jungle lord and along with the other guards stepped back to the corners of the hut to allowed the battle to commence.
Tarzan took shut his eyes and took deep breaths to relax himself and focus on the battle ahead of him. He intended to kill Slang if he had the opportunity, it was not too late to accomplish his mission. He opened his eyes and stood up slowly. The two warriors were face-to-face staring fiercely on each other: Tarzan in his 6’3″ and 240 lbs frame, and Slang in his 6’2″ and 225 lbs body. Tension filled the air as the guards waited on who would make the first strike.
It was Tarzan who made the first move, he launched his right elbow and targeted Slang’s jaw. Slang’s expert reflexes helped him evade the attack. He dodged Tarzan’s elbow and released his knees to the jungle hero’s guts, dealing three successive assaults. The jungle lord curled in the impact of Slang’s attack. Slang took the opportunity and slammed his elbow the the former’s crown. Instantly, Tarzan’s body sagged almost losing his consciousness, before he could recover his head was snapped sideways, spit mixed blood sprayed out from his mouth and he felt himself lifted from the ground. The jungle champion landed a foot away, dizzy after the Blood Tribe chief smacked his jaw with a right hook. Slang jumped up and tried to land his feet on the prone jungle man’s head, fortunately, Tarzan rolled aside and stood up hastily. He used the momentum to deliver an uppercut to the chief’s jaw which missed barely hitting the latter’s face. However, the jungle champion followed-up with a right hook of his own and this time it connected as well as the next left straight punch which broke Slang’s nose knocking him backwards.
The Blood Tribe chief swore as he landed on his butt from the jungle heroe’s attack but he prepared himself for the next assault such that he was able to parry the next straight punch Tarzan launched. Like a snake, Slang coiled his legs around the jungle lord’s arms and forced the latter to the ground as well. The chief performed an armbar to the supine Tarzan and bent the hero’s arm to its opposite direction nearly tearing out the ligaments and tendons. The jungle hero bellowed on the sudden onset of pain which became worse as Slang added twisting motions. ‘Submit to me, Tarzan! Say that I am the stronger man!’ urged Slang.
‘Never!’ said Tarzan defiantly. He gathered his strength and maneuvered his body to a position with the least amount of pain. He skillfully stood up with Slang still locked around his arms and with the help of his other arm he lifted the latter high up in the air and slammed him back to the ground. He did this a couple of times more until Slang had released the hold and lied nearly lifeless on the floor. ‘Get up!’ ordered Tarzan to his weakened enemy. When Slang failed to respond, the jungle hero lifted the fallen warrior into a gorilla press intending to end the fight by breaking the chief’s back and neck.
Suddenly, the Slang sprang back into action and wrapped his thighs around Tarzan’s head. It was a figure-four headlock! The surprised jungle hero could do nothing but crumple to the ground as blood and air was restricted in his head and lungs respectively. The powerful thighs of the Blood Tribe chief squeezed Tarzan’s neck harder and harder as each second passed. The jungle champion’s head had turned purple, his breath gasping, his body spasming, and his head swam from the pressure. Desperately and on the brink of unconsciousness, Tarzan searched for one of Slang’s feet. When he felt it he used both his hands and twisted it. The jungle lord had intended to dislocated the ankle but his position and strength had prevented him, nevertheless, the move sent shockwaves of pain to Slang’s body and forced him to release his headlock.
Light-headed but determined, Tarzan stood up and quickly grabbed the tormented Blood Tribe chief into a guillotine chokehold! The jungle champion’s standing position forced Slang to stand up also and further increasing the pressure in the latter’s sprained ankle. Tarzan tightened his hold neither letting air inside his victim’s lungs nor blood to flow to his brain. Slang choked and grasped from pressure, he clawed Tarzan’s arms trying to break the hold but it was futile. Within seconds, Slang’s knees started to buckle and his body started to dangle. Tarzan was relieved that the match would soon see it’s ending.
The last seconds before unconsciousness were the most crucial ones and that was the case for Slang. Just before his body surrendered in defeat from Tarzan’s choke, he focused his hands and clawed on the most fragile part in any man, even on Tarzan. The Blood Tribe chief used all his might and dug his rigid fingers in the jungle champions testicles and squished them hard. Tarzan yelped in pain and loosened his hold, that was his first mistake as air and blood once again revitalized Slang’s body. Instinctively, the jungle hero reached out his hands to his private area to remove Slang’s vice-like grip, that was his second mistake as Slang anticipated the move and with one arm locked his hand on both of the jungle hero’s wrist keeping them at bay and immovable. Tarzan summoned his strength to break Slang’s gripped on his wrists but the pain in his balls distracted and weakened him, he found it impossible to escape. The advantageous position over th jungle champion encouraged Slang even more, the pain in his ankle seems to have trivial now. He not only squeezed Tarzan’s balls to mush but pushed it deeper and deeper inside the jungle champion’s body, raising the buckling jungle hero. The pain increased exponentially: Tarzan shut his watery eyes in agony, felt like puking from the pain and let out a whimper of discomfort. ‘Say your submission and I will release you, Tarzan. Relieve you of your torment.’ Tarzan heard Slang’s voice as if he was speaking from far away.
‘Never…Fu- Aarrgggh’ howled Tarzan, he tried to curse Slang but grimaced towards the end as the Blood Tribe chief grinded his jewels to his pelvic bone. The jungle hero’s vision turned hazy, irregular and bright spots appeared, he tasted vomit from the back of his mouth, his midsection contorted and noticed his lungs burning. He had not taken a breath in past minutes and his sight is slowly tunneling. After a couple more minutes, Tarzan’s rolled to the back of his head, his flexed muscles slackened.
Slang felt Tarzan’s dead weight as the jungle champion had succumbed to one his worst suffering. It was over and the Blood Tribe chief had triumphed over the famous Tarzan. The chief relished the image of the defeated warrior’s unconscious body in front of him. He will be the new king of the jungle! For Tarzan, it will be his last days but his ordeal has just begun.
Bloodied Hell – Chapter 4
The unconscious Tarzan hung limply from Slang’s military press. His arms dangled overhead as the Blood Tribe chief grasped him in the testicles and in his broad, well-defined chest. An hour had passed since the jungle champion had lost his senses and the euphoric Slang had hoisted Tarzan high above his shoulders to show of his conquest to everyone in his tribe. The Black Blood group had gathered the other warriors of the Blood Tribe outside the chief’s hut into the platform for the chief’s presentation of his newest trophy. The chief stood regally, proud and powerful.
‘I have defeated Tarzan!’ he announced as he rattled the lifeless body of the fallen hero. ‘Tomorrow shall bring a new age for the land. The age of the Blood Tribe! We shall rule the jungle! All shall serve us or perish in our hands!’ continued Slang his voice strong and loud. ‘But first we must finish this age. We must pulverize Tarzan and we will enjoy it. The destruction of our most reviled enemy will be ours! Are you with me?!’ shouted Slang as he concluded his speech. The crowd sounded their battle cries in affirmation to their king’s question.
Volgende and his men brought what looked like a block of wood on the platform. It was a pillory around five foot high and with slots for a person’s head, and hands. The crowd cheered with manic delight, Tarzan was going to suffer the Black Blood Execution the most humiliating and worst way to die by the Blood Tribe standards. It had degraded all its victim into whimpering spineless worms and they salivated in anticipation for Tarzan’s final breakdown and downfall.
Slang dropped Tarzan into the platform with a thud and ordered his men to wake the slumbering jungle hero. The group obey: they splashed water and slapped Tarzan multiple times to restore him to his senses. Finally and with a jerk, the jungle champion roused disoriented and weak. Volgende and Derde gripped Tarzan’s wrists and neck and force them in the slots in the pillory. The jungle hero fought against being restrained but the strength of both guards together with Agt’s kidney punches proved to be more than a match to Tarzan’s tenacity. With the captive’s neck and and wrists properly into place, Volgende locked the pillory and stepped back to marvel their work.
Tarzan was in an awkward position as was forced to face the crowded assembly in front of him. He was standing straight from his foot to his waist but the pillory bent him in an angle from the waist and upwards. While physically not painful, the pillory’s first goal is psychological humiliation – a feeling of helplessness. To add on the jungle champion’s degradation, Slang tied a knot from a vine and made a makeshift ball gag. He tied it around Tarzan’s mouth not just to muffle his speech but also to make him drool like a rabid dog.
Many kinds of torture devices were paraded in front of the jungle hero’s eyes to make him despair on what is to come. There were knuckles, whips, batons, paddle, knives, serrated blades, skull crushers, spiked chairs, impaling javelins and many others the jungle lord does not even recognize. Tarzan in his part concealed his apprehension, weak as he was physically he knew that most of the devices will not be used. The Blood Tribe would want his torture to drag on for quite some time and most of these apparatus can kill in half a day or so he thought. However, the jungle hero did suppress a shudder when he thought about the torture dragging on.
Slap! Tarzan was pulled out of his thoughts as a sharp pain spread in his left cheek. Slang had backhandedly slap him hard across the face to gain his attention. Tarzan noticed the chief wore knuckles of hardened clay. with the a loud voice Slang spoke, ‘Twelve of you will wear these clay knuckles and pummel our captive. If the knuckles break, your time is up.’ The chief proceeded in selecting ten warriors to commence the execution of the jungle hero.
The men stood in front of Tarzan, all them muscular, well-built and strong. The group were allowed to punch any portion of the captive except for the head which was reserved the chief and the Black Blood group. They fitted their knuckles into their fists and in groups of three started to pound the jungle champion’s sturdy muscles. They struck everywhere: his chest, ribs, biceps, armpits, hands, shins, thighs, back, knees, elbows, abdomen and his groin. They all had their styles: some struck light jabs to prolong their beating, others unleashed solid punches aiming to break the knuckles and whatever it will hit in one blow; others concentrated on the muscle groups in the midsection and lower back where there were no bone protection; others on the joints of the knees, elbows and shoulders; and some concentrated in the groin as if determined to bust Tarzan’s manliness.
Tarzan tried with all of his will to restrict the groans of agony from escaping in his mouth, at most times he succeeded but there times where the beating was too intense that a grunt was solicited out of him. He tried to meditate and to focus his mind to free himself of the pain but Slang was on his side, slapping him to bring him back to the present.
Finally after a couple of hours, all the clay knuckles had been broken into pieces and dawn had come on the forest canopies. The warrior returned back into the audience. Their pounding produced some blue-blacks spots in jungle lord’s chest, back, and stomach which some oozed with droplets of blood. Tarzan huffed for breath slightly relieved that it was finished.
Slang raised a whip which meant that the whipping torture would be next. He selected six persons; three on each of Tarzan’s side and gave the signal to lash on the any part of the exposed body. The warriors were masters with the weapon as they relentlessly chastised every inch of the jungle champion’s body to the point where Tarzan’s could not suppress his anguished howls. He squirmed and bellowed in pain. Two hours into the torture, Tarzan found in it difficult to stand and his body would slump as some tormentors were hitting the back of his legs but whenever he would sag the other torturers would concentrate on his his abdomen forcing him to straighten his legs. They cycle continued over and over for some time and his captors laughed hysterically at the humiliating dilemma of the jungle champion.
The whipping continued up to midday as two sets of warriors lashed on the helpless jungle hero. The audience had prepared a feast for their lunch and it was part of the torture plan. The aroma and the sweet smell of the food wafted through the air and enticed everyone to eat. The sensation made Tarzan’ mouth water, his stomach grumbled and he realized how parched he was. The warriors laughed as the jungle hero tried to suppress his instincts for food and water especially when the drool on side of Tarzan’s gag doubled in volume. The Blood Tribe ate heartily and raucously to psych the jungle champion even more. Slang approached carrying a bowl, the contents of which can not be viewed from Tarzan’s line of sight.
‘Are you hungry, Tarzan?’ questioned Slang his voice dripped with insincerity. ‘Well, then feast yourself in this!’ yelled the chief as he poured the watery contents of the bowl to the captive champion. It was lime juice! It instantly reacted with the fresh wounds from the whipping and shockwaves of pain coursed through his body. Tarzan’s body spasmed terribly, it was as if entire whipping and all the pain it produced was compressed into a single second of madness! The jungle hero clenched his fist, shut eyes and bellowed a blood curling yell. He trashed violently hoping to shake as much juice away from his body as possible. Cheers erupted in the crowd when they saw the event. The lime juice effect waned after half an hour. It left Tarzan exhausted: his cheeks had tear stains, his head dropped, and his body hung limply in the pillory supported only his wrists and neck.
Slang raised his hand and demanded silence from the tribe. ‘Now, the Black Blood will work on our captive’s body with their paddles and batons!’ said he. The Black Blood group grabbed the paddles and batons. It was a spanking torture and it was the highlight of the day. Each Black Blood warrior will take turn to spank the jungle hero’s butt, thighs, hamstrings, shins, ankles, and sometimes the abdomen and lower back until the muscles are pulverized and the area was black and blue. Normally, the victim would be naked but Tarzan was an exception, his loincloth was his symbol. It was as much as important as the man. The execution was named after the faction because of the role of the Black Blood group plays in it and the appearance of the corpse of the executed man afterwards. Tomorrow, when the sun sets Tarzan’s body will be displayed dead and with huge areas of dried and clotted black blood.
‘Straighten your legs, slave, and be a man!’ growled Volgende as he jammed the tip of baton towards Tarzan’s navel soliciting a grunt. ‘I said straighten your legs!’ shouted he as jammed the baton half a dozen times more until the jungle hero was forced to obey his order. Tiende was the first in line. He focused on Tarzan’s ass cheeks whacking them in a regular rhythm but with erratic force behind the paddle. Tarzan contracted his butt muscles for protection but deep inside, the jungle lord knows that it is only a matter of time until his behind would succumb to the beating. Tiende knew that as well as and so he let Tarzan perform his little defiance. perfectly aware that with each whack of the paddle his butt resistance is crumbling. When the Black Blood warrior felt the jungle champion’s ass started to soften he doubled his pace. Whack! Whack! Tarzan writhed pain as groans of agony escaped his lips.
In an hour shifts the Black Blood group took turns in paddling the jungle hero. Negende also focused on the butt and hammered violently. After his turn and to Tarzan’s disgrace he lifted the loincloth to show the tribe of the dark red behind of the jungle hero amid jeers from the crowd. Agt on the other hand focused on the back of legs and thumped the muscles until the same discoloration appeared almost crippling Tarzan. Sewende, Sesde and the other warriors gave their spanking on both areas during their turn. One spank by Sesde on the Tarzan’s ass was so strong that it even broke the paddle in two! This torture continued for more than eight hours.
Midday through the torture and inspite of himself, Tarzan began to cry. Tears of agony rolled out from his eyes and his nose run with watery mucus while his wails of pain escaped his drooling mouth. Perhaps, it was the fatigue, the torture, the feeling of helplessly, of the humiliation and the inescapable suffering. Still, with all his mental fortitude he tried to control his feelings but he knew he was nearing his breaking point.The crowd pointed Tarzan’s sobbing. They mocked and ridiculed him even more, thus, increasing the mental strain on the jungle champion.
Finally, it was the Black Blood commander’s turn. ‘This is for you Gif, our great warrior whom this scum murdered!’ howled Volgende a baton one hand and paddle on the other. ‘Straighten youg legs, scum! Straighten them!’ added the commander as he prodded the baton once again to the captive’s stomach when saw the struggling jungle hero’s bent knees. But this time the jungle champion could not longer obey the order as his legs had been so badly beaten that he could not stand by himself anymore. Negende and Tiende stepped on Tarzan’s feet and lifted him up to position for thieir commander to finish their ceremony. Volgende was relentless in beating the hell out of Tarzan. He spent the hour smashing Tarzan’s already battered extremities and when his paddle and baton broke he used his open palm smacking with all of his might. The jungle champion’s cries of pain only fueled his thirst for the vengeance of Gif’s demise.
When the Black Blood spanking was finished, Tarzan’s ass and legs were blackened with dried blood, blood droplets trickled from the bruises.The jungle champion could no longer stand and so Slang ordered to bring the second part of the pillory. The second contraption of the pillory was for the legs, they positioned Tarzan into a forward-inclined kneeling position and locked his ankles on the second component. To add torment, rough stones were place on the part where the knees are position as well as to keep pressure on the joints.
It was well into the night and the chief ordered the tribe to rest after picking ten warriors to guard Tarzan. These warriors are responsible in preventing the captive from sleeping. He did not want Tarzan to have a break from his torment. The warriors had taken duty zealously as used whatever methods they know to keep the jungle hero awake: they would pull his hair, slap his face, spank his sore behind, pinch his nipple and punch his gut. The night did not offer any comfort the diminishing jungle champion.
Meanwhile, the day before in the alliance of the five tribes, Tier stumbled blindly towards Arend’s location where he fainted after giving information of Slang’s betrayal. Arend, chief of the Impala Tribe, sent Varke to the other tribe chiefs for an emergency meeting. Their plan had been compromised but somehow another one can be formulated.
Bloodied Hell – Chapter 5 (Final Chapter)
The golden rays of the sun lit the forest floors and the birds chirped wildly in the branches of the trees. By the way the morning came, a great weather was imminent. It’s a good sign, thought Slang, chief of the Blood Tribe, as he walked outside of his hut. A familiar scene greeted him: ten warriors stood in a platform as if guarding the vanquished man locked in a pillory. The man was Tarzan of the Apes, a once proud and magnificent champion until he crossed the path of his tribe. He felt no pity on the beaten man with the half-opened eyes and bruise-covered body, instead he savored the scene. At long last, the battle that had shamed the Blood Tribe two years ago had been overturned and now the man responsible for their near-destruction lie prostrated before him.
The Blood Tribe warriors assembled near the platform. The air was filled with anticipation as the second day of the Black Blood execution is the best for the torturers and the worst for the tortured. Slang chose 10 men to join the second to the last stage of the punishment.
‘My warriors! I have received intelligence from our scouts that the alliance of the Five Tribes had withdrew when they received news that we have captured their champion. Today, we will overwhelm Tarzan with our strength!’ announced the chief amid the cheers and yells of his constituents. Slang slapped the defeated jungle champion a couple of times to clear the cobwebs in the latter’s mind. Volgende, commander of the Black Blood group, removed Tarzan’s ball gag and forced him to wear a mouthpiece to prevent his mouth from closing in and placed a stepping stone in front of the bound man much to the horror of the captive hero. Tarzan’s heart beat faster as he understood on what they about to do. The barbaric monsters were going to violate his being. The jungle hero struggled pathetically and tried to free himself from his current disposition with what little energy he has left.
Slang laughed at the sight of Tarzan’s terror-filled and futile action. The chief removed his clothing to exhibit his naked and ripped body, his manhood stood erect ready for the action. The audience cheered for their chief as he slapped the cheeks of the helpless jungle champion with his penis while they mocked and ridiculed the defenseless Tarzan. The jungle champion protested and tried to curse the vile fiend but only garbled sounds and unintelligible words escaped his restrained mouth. The defiance of the captive aroused the chief even more, he traced the lips of Tarzan with the tip of his junk further demeaning the furious jungle stud.
When Slang had contented himself of the foreplay, he grabbed the captive’s head by the hair and rammed his hard manhood inside the jungle hero’s mouth poking the uvula and throat. Tarzan gagged and choked as he was forcibly pushed into a situation to perform a fellatio. The jungle king tried to bite the intruding foreign organ but the mouthpiece prevented him from doing it, frustrated, he tried using his tongue to eject it but the move only aroused Slang. He pushed and pulled his penis roughly, jamming it deeper and deeper into Tarzan’s esophagus blocking the latter’s air passage. After a couple of minutes, the jungle hero’s body squirmed and his face turned purple due to the lack of air but it did not bother Slang as his ecstasy was reaching its climax.
The Blood Tribe Chief’s body contracted when he reached his orgasm and his precious seed exploded into the walls of Tarzan’ throat and at the back the jungle champion’s mouth. Slang released his grip on his victim’s hair as he withdraw his member from the latter’s mouth. He smiled sardonically when he saw Tarzan coughed and spat as much cum as he could out of his oral cavity but most of the fluid slid down his throat and into his stomach. Tarzan tasted the sour-salty flavor of his enemy’s semen and it made him gagged all the more.
Satisfied, Slang traced Tarzan’s spine with his index finger as he moved to the latter’s behind to emphasize his dominating position. Slang placed himself in the jungle champion’s butt, swiped Tarzan’s loincloth aside and poked the latter’s anus lightly using his erect cock. The wide-eyed Tarzan shook his head violently from side-to-side and jerked his body forward trying to get away from the further rape of the chief which only solicited laughter and jeers from the crowd. All the efforts of the once heroic jungle champion had been pathetically in vain, as he was unable to prevent Slang’s cock to penetrate his butt crack. The Blood Tribe Chief had slowly inserted his penis until it went all the way into Tarzan’s behind, he started rocking their bodies slowly. Then he increased the momentum indifferent on how much he was putting the battered body of the jungle hunk into extreme levels of pain. It was maddening! Slang’s public abuse on Tarzan’s ass had humiliated and tormented him at the same time especially when he felt the chief’s hardened member tearing his intestines. The jungle hero felt the spurt of fluid in his insides when Slang climaxed once again, somehow Tarzan was thankful that the chief’s pace had finally relaxed.
The crowd cheered when the saw their chief finished his rape of the ape man. Slang raised his hand and signaled for silence and then spoke, ‘I have conquered Tarzan! And now, I share my victory to my elite Black Blood guards and to the 10 of you I picked earlier. Make him grovel! Make him know fear he has never known!’ the chief concluded in a loud shout as he moved to the side of the platform.
Volgende had the honor to be next the assailant, in respect to the chief, to the joy of the crowd and to the degradation of Tarzan, the Black Blood warrior first pissed on the mouth of the fallen jungle hero before he began his assault. The move caught Tarzan unawares and nearly swallowed all of the pungent liquid down his throat. When Volgende moved to rape Tarzan’s butt, Tweede followed to rape Tarzan’s mouth giving his own signature way of humiliation and pain and doubling the agony on the bound jungle hero’s body as he was violated in his mouth and anus simultaneously.
Tarzan’s sexual abuse lasted eight hours. All the Black Blood warriors and the 10 selected warriors had had their turn with Tarzan’s mouth and anus. They were relentless and violent; and in the rape of the last men there was hardly any fight left from the jungle hero as he remained almost motionless, a stark contrast to his virile assailants. They left the beaten jungle champion physically drained and emotionally strained as they added trash talking in their assault. The Blood Tribe had lived up to their reputation of squeezing out every drop of pride, energy and strength from their adversary and that was what they did to Tarzan. Tarzan laid in the pillory almost lifeless: his dopey eyes stared down blankly, his mouth hung agape dripping with saliva, semen and urine, his loincloth barely covered his bleeding and sore asshole and his once sculpted stomach bloated with piss and cum.
Slang once again approached the center of the platform followed by Agt. The Black Blood guard held a ceremonial dagger in one hand. He ordered Volgende to bring the ritual herbs for their finale. The last part of the execution was castration and leaving the damned person to bleed to death. The crowd grew silent anticipating the final moments of their archenemy. Volgende removed the mouthpiece from Tarzan’s mouth and forced him to inhale the smoke from the burning ritual herbs he had procured. The herbs’ aroma jerked Tarzan awake from his stupor, they wanted him fully conscious to feel his slow castration in the hands of their chief.
The Blood Tribe chief slapped Tarzan a couple of times, grabbed his hair and forced Tarzan to meet him eye-to-eye. He said, ‘Tarzan, you have been sentenced to death by castration and it will be one of the most painful sensations in your life! I will twist your testicles and manhood to their limit and slowly sever them from your body. Do you have any last words to say?’
Tarzan looked up to the strong and sadistic eyes of the chief but kept silent. He did not trust his voice nor the words that might come out of his mouth. It was finished, his fate was sealed and he was defeated by the hands of the Blood Tribe. His barbaric enemies had thoroughly decimated his body and pulverized his mind that in his thoughts he just wished a quick, undignified and painless death something Slang would not permit.
Slang saw the broken will of the jungle lord and he waited for an admission of defeat or a beg for mercy but none came out from the lips of Tarzan. Finally, he shouted, ‘If Tarzan have no more words to say then his final words would be screams of distress and agony!’ The Blood Tribe chief moved to the side of Tarzan’s midsection and fished the jungle hero’s gonads out from his loincloth. Slang gripped them tightly and pulled them away from the hunk’s body. Tarzan squirmed and groaned from the onset of the sudden and severe pain in his crotch area.
‘Ackkkk!.. Aieeeiie!.. Arghhh!’ Tarzan screamed somewhat in high-pitch as Slang enforced a tighter squeeze in his organs. The jungle hero’s stomach churned, a sickening feeling welled up his throat, and his breathing was almost completed restrained. His prone body arched upwards futilely trying to escape the continuing pressure brought about by his foe. The jungle champion’s shouts grew hoarser and more desperate as Slang twisted the gripped man meat and jewels in a counter clockwise fashion. Tarzan felt as if his being was being shred into pieces that he wished to drift into unconsciousness.
Slang place his dagger on the stretched and taunt skin that holds Tarzan’s gonads to his body and slowly started severing the flesh. The jungle hero felt the cold piece of metal and its slow slicing movement amid all the pain he had endured. Something broke inside of Tarzan, perhaps it was the culmination of all the physical, mental and emotional tortures that the Blood Tribe had subjected him or it was the effect of the herbs they forced him to breathe or the hopeless and despair in his inevitable doom whatever the reason was Tarzan’s willpower collapsed leaving him a pale shadow of his former regal self.
‘N-no more… please no more… I give.. mercy..’ whimpered the stammering Tarzan, he was a bit confounded that he voiced out a cry of submission thinking that he would get a reprieve from his execution.
‘Their is no redemption for you, scum!’ answered the cruel chief. Slang was euphoric that he has broken the mighty Tarzan and turned him into a pitiful groveling dog of a man. Hearing the jungle champions pleas for mercy was music to the Blood Tribe’s ears and the chief continued his work.
‘Ackk! No! Acckkk! Please have mercy! I give! I give! Arghhh!!’ wailed Tarzan as tears flowed from his eyes. He was bawling like a child and completely oblivious to his shameful actions. The crowd was delighted at seeing Tarzan begged for his acquittal. Finally, with a powerful pull from Slang’s arms the crowded cheered! The intense pain in Tarzan’s groin was replaced with a slightly less one. The jungle lord knew what had happened. It was over, in a few minutes death would engulf him as a eunuch, no longer the king of the jungle, defeated and destroyed.
Slang raised his bloody hand with his conquest. He proceeded to face Tarzan one last time. The chief grabbed Tarzan’s face by the jaw and forced him to open his mouth. To Tarzan’s horror and pathetic objections, Slang crammed the dismembered organs inside the oral cavity and then closed it. The chief forced the jungle champion to chew and swallow the remains of his man meat and jewels much to the humiliation of the broken Tarzan.
The Blood Tribe chief release his hold and addressed his people ‘This is our finest day! Tarzan’s defeat shall reverberate in the jungle and our reign will be immortalized forever! Let the feast begin!’ The crowd yelled and in response they prepared the grandest feast in the whole of the Blood Tribe’s history
‘No more… please… mercy… I beg of you… please no more…’ Tarzan’s battered body and state of mind was a deplorable. He waited for his death to come but come death would not. In fact, he was tricked by Slang. The jungle hero was not truly castrated but was lead to believed that he was. Slang in the final moments of the execution opted to spare his life and to present him to other tribes as a trophy of the Blood Tribe’s might. The ritual herbs helped in the act by being a mild hallucinogenic agent further confounding the jungle champion’s mind and the dismembered organs were in fact from the wild bull now being roasted in the fire. Tarzan’s sense of reality had been so much warped by the torture and the herbs that even after days from the fake castration he was still groaning and groveling, incognizant of the passage of time and for a death that would never come. All the jungle hero saw was his fall and the revelry of his enemies feast.
The feast would have lasted a week had it not been cut short to three days by the attack of the alliance of the Five Tribes under the leadership of the Impala chief, Arend. The Impala chief’s back-up plan for the alliance too had worked as they had caught most of the Blood Tribe warriors unawares. The Blood Tribe’s debauchery was their undoing as it caused a weak defense from an incoming attack.
Nevertheless, the drunken Blood warriors fought viciously albeit with less skill and far from their best form. The 100 Blood Tribe warriors were able to nearly match the power of the 500 strong men of the alliance. The alliance’s five chiefs fought against Slang and Volgende and was successful in killing the former. With their chief killed and overwhelmed by number of their foes, the Blood Tribe warriors seemed to lose their will to fight which the alliance took advantage of.
After killing Slang, Arend signaled some of his men to assist him in freeing Tarzan from the pillory. The demolished jungle lord was shivering and mumbling as drool dripped from his open mouth. Fortunately, the confusion brought about by the alliance assault shifted the Blood Tribe’s attention away from Tarzan and no more damage was done to the champion.
‘Is he going to fine, chief?’ Varke asked apprehnsively looking with pity on the devastated Tarzan.
‘Yes. Now be quick and careful. Send him to the shamans to attend to him. It is the least we can do to, we owe this victory to his heroic sacrifice.’ stated Arend. The Impala chief’s back-up plan was actually suggested by Tarzan in one of their private conversations in case the original fails. Thank you, Tarzan thought Arend.
The war with the Blood Tribe and the Alliance of the Five Tribe ended on that day. There were many casualties on both sides: 200 from the alliance and 95 from the Blood Tribe. The Blood Tribe’s dream to cruelly dominate the jungle was kept at bay, although not totally eradicated as Volgende and some of the Black Blood faction were able to escape. Tarzan with the help of the medicinal herbs and treatment of the best shamans recuperated his strength and dignity in a couple of months. He may have failed his assignment of killing the Blood Tribe chief and had been broken by them but as Arend said, ‘It is not in how much we have fallen but in how much we survive that counts’. Tarzan’s gallant sacrifice and actions were revered all throughout the land and he remained the jungle’s king, hero and champion.
From his grand manor, Vloek was contemplating. Finally, the time is ripe for his comeback. He had watched Tarzan struggled to defeat his enemies and he was a bit disappointed that Tarzan succumbed to the Blood Tribe’s tortures. However, since Tarzan is still very much revered in his lands he still an adversary to be annihilated and that Vloek will do. Vloek’s lips formed a crooked smile as he thought of ways to stamped out the jungle’s respect for Tarzan.
Vol. IV – Vloek
Chapter 1
The silhouette of a muscular man was barely noticeable as it sprinted across the jungle canopy. The swiftness and agility of the person surpassed the primates that lived there. The man traversed forty kilometers on the treetops in an hour and a quarter and then dived on the lake underneath the branches of the last tree and swam the across the water showing no signs of fatigue. He then ran on land at breakneck speed for half a day covering more than a hundred kilometers. Finally, around midday he stopped, his bronzed and sculpted body glistened with sweat, his breathing a little hurried and his muscles strained a bit from the labors he had done. The man was Tarzan of the apes, king and champion of the jungle.
It has been almost a year since the Battle of the Blood Tribe and the alliance of the Five Tribes. Tarzan had fully recovered from the terrible ordeal the Blood Tribe had subjected him, in fact, he has gotten stronger than ever before. The jungle has been peaceful in the last twelve months as his presence and reputation protected it from evil men and kept the inter-tribal disputes to a minimum. Despite the forest’s serenity, Tarzan worked harder to improve himself physically, mentally and emotionally. He meditated in waterfalls, used boulders as weights for his exercises and shadow boxed to improve his fighting skills.
The jungle champion did all these things because he was expecting someone to come back, the malevolent Vloek. In their first and only encounter, Vloek beat him to a pulp, no that was an understatement, Vloek pulverized him within an inch of his life. For Vloek’s own and unknown reasons he spared Tarzan’s life but also threatened him of a comeback if he was able to restore order to the chaotic jungle that Vloek had a hand in making. Only then will Tarzan be a worthy foe to be extinguished in Vloek’s hands.
Tarzan carefully recalled and studied their past encounter. He looked for clues of weaknesses, of hesitated actions and of emotions which he can use as a leverage against the fiend but the jungle hero got a little flustered that he could find none. Vloek’s quick, decisive and calm moves were planned and were executed perfectly. The more frustrating part was every time he recalled the event, the more he came to the conclusion of Vloek’s invincibility and that Vloek is a fighter on another level even from him.
It was then that Tarzan consulted the old and respected warriors from the different tribes, and sought more knowledge in the fight arts. The jungle champion relayed his dilemma in general terms and avoided mentioning his battle with Vloek to avoid unnecessary anxiety in the jungle. It was a personal fight after all. Tarzan was given numerous pieces of advice on getting stronger, searching for weakness, and different tactics to defeat stronger opponents. From these Tarzan formulated his plan and prepared for Vloek’s inevitable return.
In the exact day of the defeat Blood Tribe one year ago, the survivors of the war gathered once more to commemorate and celebrate their victory near the center of the forest where a new Tarzan tree house had been built. A platform had been built in the base of the tree and the clearing was enough to accomodate the 300 warriors from the different tribes who risked their lives to vanquished to evil of the Blood Tribe.
The crowd waited eagerly for the appearance of their respected champion. They did not wait long as Tarzan’s loud and strong yell echoed throughout the area. Soon, the fabled jungle appeared atop the trees and swung his way through the vines and toward the built stage. Both of the jungle hero’s feet landed solidly on the platform amidst the cheers of the crowd. He raised his hands and spoke ‘Today! we celebrate our victory once more! Let this be our reminder that this is an ever-continuing struggle for freedom and peace against those people wished to reign in terror and fear! We must always be prepared to defend this peace and freedom, We–‘
Tarzan stopped his speech as he spied a familiar dark man in a three-piece grey suit on the branch of a nearby tree. The man was Vloek and he was holding a long wooden stake in his hand as easy as if he was lifting a toothpick. The crowd sensed the distraction of their champion and turned their heads to the object that had occupied his mind. They were surprised to see a man with a skin color similar to theirs dressed in a foreign way with a wooden stake at hand. A shiver passed through their spine as they sense a great evil emanate from the man.
Without hesitation, Vloek jumped from the branch. His feet landed on a ground with a thud. The move firmly impaled the ominous wooden stake nearly one-third of its length to the ground on his side. He took a relaxed pace as he approached the shocked crowd towards Tarzan on the stage. ‘I see you have improved Tarzan, gotten stronger, perhaps, your best form yet. But unaided with steroids, you have reached your peak, your physical limits. That is why I have come back. I, Vloek challenge you Tarzan on a fight here and now to the death! The prize is your dominion. Do you accept jungle man?’ bellowed Vloek.
‘I accept your challenge, Vloek! But the prize will not be this land. It is not mine to give away. I am only its caretaker. You must earn the respect of the people here if you want to rule here!’ countered Tarzan courageously as he prepared for the coming battle.
‘No, Tarzan, respect is for the weak! I will earn their fear as I break you in front of their eyes! You will be the example of anyone who will try to defy me.’ yelled Vloek back as he prepared himself for their encounter.
Suddenly, the air inside the clearing seemed to change. Vloek’s fighting aura made it heavier and menacing. Tarzan was caught off guard by Vloek’s strategy as the jungle hero felt hair on the back of his neck stand. All around the jungle lord, warriors found it difficult to relax as many of them became sickened and puked on all fours unable to contain the dreadful fear that was spreading inside them. Even Tarzan was not spared as second thoughts of fighting Vloek fleeted in the back of his mind. Was this fear? Tarzan thought. The jungle champion met Vloek’s eyes and he felt the apprehension increase inside of him. He saw flashes of Vloek beating him senseless just like in the past. Tarzan’s knees nearly buckled from the ominous pressure in the air, however, hope sprang inside of him. The months of meditating had led him to be more resilient to these kinds of mental attack. Tarzan pushed the cobwebs of fear from his mind and returned his focus to the enemy before him.
Vloek smiled sardonically as he watched the struggling hero composed himself once more. It was pointless to continue the mental assault as Tarzan had conquered it. ‘Come to me Tarzan and meet your doom.’ he whispered to himself. The miasma of despair was lifted and the fallen warriors were assisted by the few who were able to somewhat withstand it.
Tarzan sprang from from his position and darted rapidly towards Vloek. The jungle hero used the momentum to increase the power of the uppercut he released and targeted Vloek’s jaw. The dark fiend hardly moved to evade nor to defend himself, thus, the powerful punch connected squarely to his jaw. The impact of Tarzan’s fist lifted Vloek several inches from the ground. Tarzan hoped that he had knocked out Vloek with his uppercut but was disappointed to see his enemy land on both his feet with only a minor struggle to keep steady.
Tarzan followed up with a swipe from his muscular leg to Vloek’s unguarded side. This time, the jungle king was successful in sending Vloek to the dusty ground. Without a moment to spare, the jungle champion pounced on his fallen enemy. He grabbed Vloek from the back and German suplexed the fiend ten times. Then, he pinned Vloek’s arms with his hands. Tarzan performed a handstand only to bring his knees crashing down on Vloek’s abdomen similar to what Bolshoi did to Tarzan in their fight. The jungle repeated the move a dozen times trying to wind his opponent. Next, Tarzan pinned Vloek’s arms by his knees and pummeled the latter’s face countless of times until the later’s face were bruised and bleeding.
Tarzan hoped to finished the battle as soon as possible that when he estimated that the opportunity was ripe, he reached out his knife and aimed to slash Vloek’s jugular vein. Vloek made a quick jerk and was stabbed in the shoulders instead. Just as Tarzan was about to pull the knife to make another attempt, he met Vloek’s blank eyes. He saw a vision of himself, where a sudden, unknown and baneful force broke his neck, arms, legs and spine simultaneously. The jungle champion reflexively jumped back leaving his enemy on the ground.
Shit! thought Tarzan. Vloek’s murderous intent on him was suffocating and nauseating! The jungle hero tried to compose himself once more as Vloek’s figure slowly rose in front of him. Without a grimace, Vloek pulled out Tarzan’s knife from his shoulders. He bent it into a ‘U’ and casually threw it in front of the jungle lord’s feet.
Vloek discarded his suit and brushed the dirt off his long-sleeved polo. He cracked his knuckles forbodingly and said ‘Now, it’s my turn.’
Vloek – Chapter 2
Vloek launched a clothesline attack on the still recovering Tarzan. He connected and nearly broke the neck of the jungle hero because of the strong impact. Tarzan’s body flipped backwards to almost a full circle, he landed flat on his stomach. He coughed and spat some blood from his bruised throat. Despite of the destructive assault, the jungle hero bore the pain and stood up briskly because he wanted to prepare a defense for Vloek’s next move.
The dark fiend had anticipated the quick recovery from the ape man that he had launched his next assault even before Tarzan was able to fortify himself. With the force of a bull elephant, Vloek speared Tarzan in the midsection with his uninjured shoulder. ‘Ooophff!’ huffed Tarzan as his spine nearly snapped in two and his internal organs almost ruptured as his abdomen took the full brunt of Vloek’s strength. The jungle champion curled in the ground clutching his stomach and gasping for air. In Tarzan’s mind, he knows he must get up and prepare for the Vloek’s next attack but he just could not collect himself because of the tremendous pain inflicted by Vloek’s spear.
Tarzan felt a sharp pain in his kidneys as Vloek kicked him in the lower back sending him a few meters towards the platform and leaving him flat on his back. Seconds later, he saw the fiend’s outline in the sky. Tarzan rolled to side just as both of Vloek’s feet crashed into the spot where his body was. The attack would have ended the fight like their last one. With a burst of speed and a force enough to dislocate joints, the jungle hero kicked Vloek’s knees. The dark warrior lost his balance and fell to his back. Tarzan quickly took advantage of the situation and locked his legs on his enemy’s arms and executed an armbar firmly.
‘It’s not too late to forfeit this fight, Vloek. A dislocated forearm will put you in a disadvantage.’ said Tarzan diplomatically as he increased the pressure on Vloek’s left arm.
Vloek laughed mockingly. ‘You’re wrong, Tarzan. I think it is you who want to end this fight. Save your mercy to yourself because you’ll find none from me. I will enjoy squashing every last drop of life from you.’
‘Then you leave me no choice.’ uttered the jungle champion as he pulled his foe’s hands backward but Vloek’s tremendous power provided so much resistance that it Tarzan’s full might to accomplish his goal. Tarzan gritted his teeth, his biceps bulged, his chest puffed and his body sweat profusely until finally the dark fiend’s elbow joints gave way. The jungle champion had effectively dislocated the forearm. Tarzan released his hold, rolled backwards, and planned his next action.
There was no trace of pain from Vloek’s face but instead it was lit up with a sardonic smile. Tarzan had outwitted him with an armbar on which a submission or a dislocation was the only escape. The dark warrior chose the latter, he could always return his forearm back in place and with minimal damage. The jungle champion had gravely underestimated his physiology.
Vloek rose up, his right hand tweaking his left elbow to its proper location when the jungle hero lashed out with a right hook aimed at his jaw. Tarzan was astonished as Vloek used left hand to block the attack. His surprised expression did not last long as it was replace with grunts of pain when Vloek countered with half a dozen stomach uppercuts to his guts lifting the jungle hero off the ground. The dark fiend finished off with a left hook of his own hitting Tarzan’s right temple and sending him headlong to the ground.
‘Uunngh.’ Tarzan blinked and shook head, spots of light clouded his vision and his ear stung. He tried to stand but he lost his balance and fell back again. He was still a little distraught that Vloek was hardly affected by the dislocation. His mind raced trying to find and explanation and perhaps a new course of action when he felt Vloek solid grip on his wrists. He heard Vloek address the other jungle warriors.
‘Do you want to see how I chop a tree?’ bellowed Vloek malevolently. Silence enveloped the crowd. They have never witnessed their champion being this much outclassed by an opponent before. When no response was given, Vloek stated ‘I will take your silence as a yes.’ He grabbed Tarzan by the wrists and swung to the right violently.
Before Tarzan knew what was happening, his side hit the tree trunk below his treehouse. The force shook tree and many leaves came falling down. It battered the jungle hero’s left obliquies tender and nearly shattered his ribs. Unsatisfied, Vloek repeated his swing this time in the opposite direction and slammed Tarzan’s right side towards the tree. The tree trembled once again as more leaves showered the clearing. The back-to-back maneuver left the jungle hero squirming in agony.
Vloek released Tarzan’s wrists and transferred his grip to the jungle man’s triceps raising the arms up and steading the disoriented Tarzan on his feet. ‘You still owe me a dislocated elbow, Tarzan. But don’t worry I won’t dislocate yours. This would suffice as payment.’ The dark warrior smashed his right knee to the ribs in Tarzan’s left side, instantly breaking four of them.
‘Acckkk!’ screamed Tarzan in distress unable to contain the paralyzing pain brought about by the fractured bones. He coughed out blood from his internal injuries.
Vloek then put the helpless jungle champion into painful holds to further humiliate him in front of his allies. The dark fiend placed Tarzan into an Abdominal Stretch extending the battered midsection and adding more pressure on the broken ribs. Vloek subjected Tarzan into a bearhug, squeezing the life out of the jungle hero and nearly rendering the hunk unconscious. The evil adversary administered a torture rack and jumped up and down as if trying to break the jungle hero’s backbone to the horror of the crowd and Tarzan. Sharp spikes of pain raced across his nervous system. In a all these tortures, the jungle champion failed to contain his suffering. He groaned and bellowed in anguish as each move put him in positions of extreme torment to the ecstasy of his sadistic enemy.
The shocked crowd wanted to helped their nearly defeated champion but none of them dared to move for two reasons: it was a on one-on-one fight and no one would hardly match someone capable of treating Tarzan like a ragged doll. Thus, they kept to the sidelines and waited for inevitable gruesome ending of the match.
In one of his final moves, Vloek raised the Tarzan high above his head in a Gorilla Press and hurled him in an over-the-knee backbreaker. The dark warrior exerted just enough force not to break Tarzan’s spine but still cause the maximum pain the move can inflict. Vloek spared Tarzan’s back because he has another sinister plan for the beaten jungle hero.
‘Aarrghhh!’ cried Tarzan as Vloek maintained the backbreaker hold pressuring the bony disks in his spinal chord. For a moment, the jungle champion was terrified that Vloek had snapped his back in two.
‘Tarzan, breaking you in two is just child’s play for me. I intend to kill you slowly that you’d wish that I had broken you.’ spoke Vloek to Tarzan and to the crowd. Just as the dark warrior was about to claw Tarzan’s exposed and defenseless abdomen, he stopped and relinquished the hold. Vloek clutched his chest, his heart had begun beating eratically. ‘What? You! But how? The knife! It was poisoned!’ muttered Vloek rapidly in between gasps of breath.
The knife Tarzan used had been dipped in a poison that paralyzes the heart muscles. The poison should have taken effect an hour ago thought Tarzan who was relieved nevertheless that his plan worked. The jungle hero carefully stood up amidst the pain racking his muscular frame as Vloek leg’s started to buckle because of the immobilizing effect of the irregular beating of his heart. Finally, Vloek collapsed on his back as he felt his heart beat slowly inside of him. He closed his eyes and waited for something.
Tarzan saw his dying nemesis on the platform as the different tribes cheered for him. The battle had been nearly won as he waited for the Vloek’s last breath. Suddenly, Vloek’s body jerked violently, followed by dozen more and then it stopped. It was as if his body was giving him a self-CPR to regulate the heart into beating normally.
‘What the …’ muttered Tarzan. The crowd was stunned as he was.
Vloek opened his eyes and stood up laughing maniacally.
Vloek – Chapter 3 (Final Chapter)
Tarzan and the jungle tribesmen stood in silence as Vloek’s insane cackle echoed throughout the clearing. The jungle champion’s widened eyes stared in disbelief as his adversary stood up virtually unharmed by the poison that could kill half a dozen African bull elephants with a single drop. In the back of Tarzan’s mind fear started to gain ground as thoughts of fleeing from the encounter formed in his psych. The jungle hero’s apprehension increased exponentially when he found out that he could hardly move his wearied body. Maybe it was the effect of the beatings or the paralyzing terror that was gripping his insides or it was both, but try as he might Tarzan was stuck on his feet directly at the path of the incoming Vloek.
Tarzan’s body perspired profusely, his breathing and heart rate spiked up rapidly and his knees started buckling. His core quaked in horror that he even felt his testicles crept up his body and his once proud penis retract inside of him. Vloek and Tarzan have the same body build, 6’3″ tall and 240 pounds, but the former’s intimidating confidence dwarfed the latter’s shrinking profile.
‘It only proves your lack of confidence in facing me. Poison, Tarzan? You fool! I am not even human, I am a cyborg! That is why you can’t match me in a physical combat. I thought you would have noticed by now. Poisons can’t kill me. You pathetic trash.’ declared Vloek.
Tarzan tried to boost his confidence by unleashing a left and right straight punch combination towards his aggressor’s midsection only to be deflated when Vloek was not even minutely affected by the blows. The jungle hero swung his fist back for another attempt but he came crashing to the ground by Vloek’s backhanded slap to the his cheek.
‘I will let you experience my new Tarzan Tamer submission hold. I will force you to submit but I won’t take your submission as victory. Only by your death will I be the victor. Submit to me, Tarzan! Beg for my mercy in front of your subjects!’ yelled Vloek as he placed his right knee on Tarzan’s shoulders, sat on Tarzan’s neck and lifted Tarzan’s thighs by each of his hands. The dark warrior performed and elevated Boston Crab! Together their figures formed a letter ‘D’ with Tarzan’s head and upper chest as the base
Tarzan convulsed on the sudden onset of pain throughout his body: his broken ribs poked his left lung, his bruised abdomen and thighs were stretched out to their tearing point and his grounded facet joints in the vertebra were on the verge of dislocating. ‘Aaccckkk! Arrgghh! My back! Nnnggggh! Ahhhh!’ screamed the jungle hero spitting saliva and blood in the process.
‘Say the words, Tarzan, I will release the hold. Relieve you of the pain.’ tempted Vloek conditioning the mind of his victim.
‘N-no.. Bastar-Aackkk! Mnnghhh!’ cried Tarzan unable to complete his sentence as Vloek used Tarzan’s neck and back as leverages when he leaned backwards. Vloek wanted him to submit but that Tarzan will not do.
Tarzan heard his spine and neck creak from the pressure taking him to higher levels of torment. Vloek maintained the hold for 30 more minutes giving no relief but only an increasing suffering to the jungle hunk chipping away his pride and dignity. From the start of the Tarzan Tamer, it was a losing battle for the jungle hero. The submission hold was inescapably excruciating and the longer the victim relies on his pride to prevent his submission the more devastating the psychological effects when he does accept his inexorable fate. The jungle champion had fallen to this trap of the Tarzan Tamer, he held onto the little pride he had left to resist submitting only to come to the realization that he was powerless against Vloek’s hold.
‘Y-you win.. I g-give.. I s-submit.. No more.. P-pplease..’ whimpered Tarzan his voice shaking in agony, his body shivering in pain. ‘I give.. P-please s-sstop.. N-nno more.. Mngghhh!’
‘Louder! I want all the jungle to hear your plea! Louder trash! LOUDER!!!’ exclaimed Vloek as leaned backwards some more to the point where microscopic fissures started to emerge in Tarzan’s backbone.
‘AAARRRGHH! I GIVE! NO MORE! I SUBMIT! PLEASE NO MORE!!! ARRGGHHH!’ cried Tarzan as he felt his body breaking down inside himself. Suddenly, he felt his body fall to the ground. Vloek had released his Tarzan Tamer extremely satisfied.
‘Your submission means nothing, Tarzan. I have not emerged victorious yet because you’re still alive. I forced you into a submission because I wanted the jungle to see how much of wimp you are.’ said Vloek as he positioned himself behind Tarzan and faced the tribal crowd. He gently lifted Tarzan by the hair to a wobbly standing position making the jungle hero face the crowd as well. Vloek wrapped Tarzan’s chest with one arm from the back to support the jungle champion from falling. The dark fiend then used his other hand to fished out the jungle hunk’s manhood and balls from his loincloth and exposing them to the audience.
‘You’re are not as well-endowed as everyone thought, Tarzan. Or is it because you’re scared of me that your penis retracted into your body? Fear does have that effect on the human physiology.’ uttered Vloek making his commentary on Tarzan’s dick heard throughout the clearing. ‘Nevertheless, we will see what I can do.’ continued the dominant warrior as he caressed the shaft slowly at first then gaining momentum as seconds passed.
It was the ultimate jungle degradation, public masturbation! Vloek would force Tarzan to cum in front of his allies to show his authority over their jungle champion physically, mentally and sexually. Tarzan felt something stir-up in his loins as blood flooded the area. Tarzan felt the pangs of humiliation as his flaccid penis started to become erect because of Vloek’s maneuvers. With all his remaining will, Tarzan perspired and writhed and tried to prevent his manjuices from leaving his body. When Vloek noticed the jungle man’s extreme concentration in prohibiting his orgasm, the dark warrior removed his arm that was around Tarzan’s chest and squeezed the jungle hero’s balls holding Tarzan steady by them instead.
The nut squeeze caught Tarzan’s unawares, he jumped as pain flooded his system costing him to lose focus. Vloek took the opportunity of Tarzan’s distraction like a vulture and increased his stimulations. It was relentless! The jungle champion was engulfed with pain from the testicles squeeze and pleasure from Vloek’s other hand.
‘No.. Don’t.. P-please.. Don’t make me.. I beg to you.. stop.. No more..’ pleaded Tarzan begging Vloek to stop harassing his privates before he comes to a climax. His whimpers for mercy fell to deaf ears as with a powerfully jerk from Vloek, Tarzan’s body arched and spasmed. He reached multiple orgasms as spurts of semen came gushing forth from his member draining him of strength and respect. When it was over, Vloek repeated Tarzan’s masturbation again and again until Tarzan had a dry orgasm, no more man-juices were left inside of him.
Tarzan’s head hung low, he was thoroughly exhausted and defeated by the ordeal. Vloek had conquered him like no other adversary he had ever faced. ‘Kill me already. Vloek.’ said the jungle champion his voice hoarse and tired.
‘DON’T ORDER ME AROUND, SCUM!’ yelled Vloek behind Tazan’s ears. The dark fiend turned the jungle hero around to meet him face-to-face and held him steady by slightly squeezing the sides of head. ‘If you want your death then I will give it to you. I want you to be on all fours, face the crowd and keep steady. Take it as a man, Tarzan. Do you understand?’
‘Yes…’ replied Tarzan almost pissing his loincloth because of Vloek’s intimidation.
‘YES WHAT?’ bellowed Vloek to Tarzan’s face showering him with spit.
‘Yes.. master…’ answered Tarzan his ears ringing from Vloek’s shouts.
Vloek dropped Tarzan to ground and retrieved the wooden stake he had brought as Tarzan put himself on all fours facing the crowd. The warriors lamented the fate their defeated champion. Some of them grieved seeing the hero they idolized reduced into a shameless and subservient captive. And it pained them that they could not interfere in Tarzan’s final struggles.
Vloek returned with his wooden stake and ordered Tarzan to prepared himself for an impalement. The dark fiend started the execution. Carefully, he inserted the stake’s pointed tip in Tarzan’s asshole. The jungle champion moaned and writhed in torment as the foreign objected intruded his behind but the pain was nothing compared to what happened next. Vloek pierced the intestines as he maneuvered the stake to the muscled regions of Tarzan’s midsection to avoid the vital organs. Tarzan convulsed, wailed and begged for a reprieve, crying in distress. The wooden stake further traversed the jungle heroe’s body through the gap between the sternum and the pectorals missing the heart, lungs and major blood vessels by a couple of centimeters. Finally, the stake’s journey ended as it emerged in Tarzan’ bloody mouth shutting up the ape man’s pleas for help and mercy. Vloek raised the impaled hero above and placed him on the platform for everyone to see.
The impalement procedure itself was a work of wonder and horror. The precise path the stake took punctured no vital organ and kept a narrow passage for breathing leading to its victim’s slow and painful death. It was hell on earth. Average persons would last 2 to 3 days in this method execution but for someone such as Tarzan it would take a week before he fully succumbs to the embrace of the Grim Reaper.
Silence fell throughout the clearing as Tarzan was impaled and hoisted onto the platform. The jungle champion’s body flinching and jerking as tears, blood, and saliva rolled from his face. It was Vloek who broke the silence ‘You will have a feast to honor me! This group will not disperse until we see Tarzan’s last breath!’. The dark fiend coerced the warriors to be in shifts to guard Tarzan and to prevent him from sleeping. It was merciless that whenever Tarzan falls to unconsciousness the warriors would shake the wooden stake to cause immense agony jerking the jungle hero back to his tortured reality. Vloek wanted Tarzan to bear his agony fully conscious until the end.
As each day passed, Tarzan bemoaned his deadly sentence. He was disgraced in front of his allies, a specter of his former glorious self. He had lost not only his strength but more importantly his self-respect that whenever he heard Vloek’s voice he tried to beg for his mercy though he only produced garbled sounds. His insides were burning, his outsides were battered and beaten. Time became an enemy as well as it ticked slowly almost driving the fallen jungle champion on the brink of insanity.
It was the morning of the fifth day of Tarzan’s impalement when Vloek was about to start his address to the jungle warriors, when he felt cramps at first they were in his abdomen but slowly the cramps spread to his extremities. The crowd was astonished it was the first time they saw the dark fiend had problems inside his body after Tarzan’s poison. They hoped it was a good premonition.
‘What have you done to me, Tarzan!’ screamed Vloek as he pulled the stake that held the impaled Tarzan from the platform and shook it violently.
The jungle champion squirmed as shockwaves of pain coursed through his body. This is the end he thought as he lost his consciousness when Vloek’s relentless brandishing increased in power. Then all was blackness.
A man opened his eyes for the first time in four weeks. He was disoriented as the light of the morning sun blinded his eyes. Where am I? he asked to himself.
‘Ah, you’re awake.’ said an authoritative voice from the far corner of the hut. ‘Tier announce to the tribe that he has awaken.’ continued the voice as it gave and order to the warrior to his side. The voice seemed familiar.
‘Arend, my friend. But how? I thought I died…’ said the man, Tarzan of the Apes as his mind illuminated somethwat. ‘What happened – ? what happened to V-Vloek?’ asked Tarzan a little apprehensive of saying the name of his nemesis aloud.
‘Ah but you did not die, my friend. Just as your enemy was about to deal his death blow to you. He stopped, he was paralyzed and then he fell dead.’ answered Arend, chief of the Impala Tribe. ‘It was -‘
‘The parasites! They had worked. I thought they’d fail just like the poison. The knife was dipped in poison and parasitic eggs and I supposed when the parasites grew they blocked the Vloek’s circuits resulting into a malfunction’ said Tarzan to the nodding chief as he finished Arend’s last sentence.
‘You have won Tarzan. In your deadliest encounter. However, the jungle will never be the same again. The alliance of the Five Tribes have crumbled. The Hyena and Boar tribes had lost their respect to you. The ordered me to tell you that your presence and influence are not welcome in their villages anymore.’ stated Arend.
The news saddened Tarzan. It was what Vloek wanted from the beginning to create discord in the jungle and somehow the dark fiend was able to achieve that. ‘Forgive me, Arend. I was not strong enough to keep the unity in the jungle.’
‘You are still alive and your adversary is dead. There is still hope for unity in the jungle. The jungle still needs its champion, Tarzan.’ encouraged Arend. ‘For now, rest and recuperate my friend.’

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