My GP Sessions

My GP Sessions
by Bobby D
Part 1: My First Gut Punching Session Last month I had a business trip to Miami Beach and stayed at the Fontainebleu. I got in early that day for the beach, but it was cloudy and they drove me to the Gold’s Gym a few blocks south. Great gym, loaded with the best equipment and plenty of eye-candy. I stretched and performed my warm-up exercises and spotted a black bodybuilder in a skin-tight muscle-tee, who looked just like a young Brian Buchanan. I walked toward him to check him out closer. About 6′ tall, with an incredible V-taper; wide shoulders to a tiny waist. He noticed me approaching and nodded. I went for it and asked to work in with him on shoulder presses. “Go for it, man” he said. I couldn’t help checking him out during my set; impressive chest and bi’s! “Good set”, he said and we changed places for his next set.

He buzzed through a set of 12 and I spotted his last 3 reps, lightly guiding his elbows. He jumped up with a wide smile “That was great man. Someone who knows what he’s doing! This is good man.” He had a cool carribbean accent. Just then he reached down to bring his tee shirt up to his face to wipe off the sweat, to reveal a rippled six pack! With no hesitation, I quickly stung a right jab to his abs, doubling him over. A solid shot and he comes up smiling! “Nice move, that felt good, dude.” I went for it again, “Well if you liked it that much, I could do it again…. and again.” He smiled, “Yea man, I can get into that.”
He said he wanted to exercise his abs before we left for our “Gp session” as he called it. His crunches and leg lifts were just awesome displays of strength. I was psyched, as I had only seen gut punching on web sites, but had never tortured anyone before.
Danny lived nearby in a large converted wharehouse that was really nice. He left to “get ready” and came back stripped to the waist. He looked incredible; shredded and tight! A perfect specimen for my first gut punching experience. He brought me towards the back left and opened up his “playroom” decked out like a torture dungeon. He told me he wanted his wrists to be attached to two vise-like grips hanging from an overhead beam. I secured his ankles and then raised him up on his tippy-toes and a light push made him sway. I walked around him feeling his abs, chest and back. He had an eight pack! I let my fingers explore each rippled ridge.
My left hand grabbed his shorts while my right fist targetted each section of muscled abs. With each punch, his sounds of air being forced out of his lungs, then groans of pain, were just an awesome turn-on. I worked in 4-5 punches, then gave him a brief rest. I enjoyed watching his chest and abs move as his body struggled to bring in air, in between painful punches. I lost track around 75 mind-blowing punches, each one just an incredible feeling. I stepped back to admire him and he said “I’m ready for the rack!” More great fun!
I secured his ankles and wrists and stretched him out good. With each light turn, stretching him more, his chest rose and his rippled, striated abs sunk below his rib cage. I nailed him with a set of 4 punches to each section of his abs and then turned the nob one more notch to stretch him even more. I repeated that three more times. His body glistened in sweat and his chest and abs heaved in and out ever so slightly now because he was so tightly stretched. It was amazing!
My knuckles grinded on his abs, causing his first screams of pain! So of course I continued, grinding on a new slab of abs for an excruciating minute of the pleasure of the pain. My thumb knuckle then moved to his ribs to produce more agonizing screams, then back to a different set of rippled abs, to even more screams and groans. When I’d stop, his body would let out a sigh so I would turn the nob one more notch to tighten’ him up. I would rotate 2-3 punches then to a 30 second set of knuckle-grinding and I enjoyed it! He was out. That last set was too much and he passed out from the pain. I let my hands explore his incredible body and thought back on this amazing night. I loosened him up and splashed water on his face and he awoke with a wide smile, “Was it good for you man?” “Yes it was” I said, “yes it was!”
Part 2: My Second Gut Punching Session
Two nights later, Danny and I had set up a second ab-torture session. He asked if he could have a friend join us. Why yes he could!
I took a cab ride to his place and realized I was shaking with excitement. Now I’ll have two to torture! Danny came to the door stripped to the waist, looking more muscular and shredded than two nights ago. “I exercised hard and long preparing for this,” he said. As I stepped inside, Danny introduced me to Kai, an asian bodybuilder, jet black hair and a V-taper to what looked like a 10-pack of rippled abs. “Danny tells me you made him pass out with a claw hold to his abs,” said Kai. “And I’ll enjoy doing the same to you!”
We went back to the torture chamber and Kai said he wanted to be on the rack. Danny and I secured his wrists and ankles, then Danny unleashed a solid punch to his abs. “Just one to get you in the mood,” laughed Danny. Next Danny showed me some toys for the torture session and how to use them. Just getting better every second. We then secured Danny’s ankles and wrists, then slowly raised him so that his body was fully stretched. I checked back on Kai and tightened him up on the rack, with each turn his back arched, his chest seemed to rise and his abs sunk below his rib cage.
I started punching his abs, in sets of 10, working on each rippled section at a time. The sounds of my fists hitting his abs just echoed in the room, followed by his wails of pain and gasps of breathing. Just amazing! I tightened Kai up a few notches on the rack then looked over at Danny and grabbed my new toy, a nice whip for his back. My first swing landed perfectly on his back, a nice red line! I turned the knobs to elevate Danny off his feet and swung the whip again and again. After 10 swings, I walked to his front and just marvelled at his physique. I measured punches to each ab line and noted the different sounds of each of my victims. I jumped over to Kai, knee first right into his abs and he groaned loudly. I softened his abs with another 15 punches, then turned the wheel to stretch him even more.
I knelt next to him and grinded my knuckles into his ribs and he screamed! He was gasping for breath, with his chest heaving, so I continued on each side of his ribs down to his abs and he groaned and grunted uncontrollably. Danny’s turn! His body glistened in sweat and I felt his chest, ribs and abs. “Get on with it, man” he said, as he knew it was his turn.
I dug in to his ribs and abs with my thumb knuckle and his body shook in pain! I steadied him with my left hand and grinded into his abs with my right, causing him to cough and choke in pain. Back to Kai. This time I straddled his hips and rained punches down on his rippled abs, from right lower abs to the left section right under his rib cage. After every 4th punch, I would grind his ribs with both hands and he would scream in the agony of pleasure. I knew I had to make him pass out before Danny so I stayed with Kai.
I set my knuckles on his sternum and ribs and just dug in deep. He wailed and buckled for a solid 3 minutes more, then passed out, as his body couldn’t take any more. Danny’s turn. I played with the whip again, stinging his back with 15 more shots. I grabbed his shorts with my left hand and unloaded more punches to his granite abs, bringing moans and grunts from his body. He was close, so I steadied him with my left hand and grinded my right knuckles into his ribs and abs, bringing screams from him as he passed out from the pleasures of the pain.

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