A Story for the Group

A Story for the Group
by Masterskrain
This is the first part of the beginning of a book I was planning on writing as
a follow up to my first two books, “The Wolf Chronicles” and “The Wolf
Chronicles 2″.
Due to circumstances I can’t control, the third book won’t be written, but here
is a part of it.
“May 15, 1944.”
I strode imperiously into the interrogation chamber in the basement of
Gestapo headquarters, looking like a recruiting poster for muscular blonde Aryan
perfection in my fitted, immaculate uniform.
Sergeant Greywolf, the American Army paratrooper captured just hours before,
sat on the bondage chair, his legs spread wide and strapped to the legs of the
chair, while his arms were stretched over his head and fastened behind the high
back of the chair. His thick chest rose and fell with his breathing as he
watched me preparing the instruments of his impending torture.

My prisoner could only moan softly as he watched while I set a small pair of
serrated metal clamps, floggers, and other torture devices on the small table
positioned in front of the bondage chair, knowing that I would use any of the
devices to get the information I needed.
I turned to the helpless, heavily muscled American. The sweat was trickling
down his torso from his deeply corded armpits, while it beaded up on his
gleaming, sculpted chest. I had ordered him bound to the chair stripped down to
his fatigue pants and combat boots leaving his torso stretched and exposed for
his torture session.
The bound soldier started to struggle against his restraints, every muscle
rippling and flexing under his brown skin when I picked up the small metal
clamps. His eyes widened in fear and anticipation as he watched me open the
clamps and slowly let them bite into the hard, brown flesh of his nipples above
and below the silver rings that were pierced through his tits. His head rolled
back as he started to gasp for air as the pain in his chest slowly started to
build as the sharpened metal teeth of the clamps bit deeper and deeper into his
thick brown nipples.
I let him sit there, moaning in pain, the muscles bulging in his chest and
shoulders, with the clamps biting deeply into his nipples for a good ten minutes
before I started to slowly but deliberately pull on the chain that ran between
the clamps. The muscular American began to growl deeply in his throat as his
nipples were pulled further and further from his rock hard pectorals.
Suddenly, I released the chain, the American gasping in pain and surprise as
the pressure on his tits was released. I reached in and opened both clamps at
the same time and removed them from his tits. The sergeant screamed, writhing in
agony when I started to twist his tender nipples between my fingers. I tortured
his nipples for another five minutes or so before releasing the now swollen,
tender knots of flesh.
“Well, Sergeant, do you still insist that you don’t know anything about the
plans for the invasion?” I growled into his ear. “You can save yourself a
tremendous amount of pain and suffering if you tell me everything you know!”
“Greywolf, Carlos. Sergeant. United States Army. Serial number 263-09-632.” He
gasped, still in pain from his nipple torture.
“All right, Sergeant. If that is the way you want it, then so be it.”
He watched me intently as I picked up a small riding crop. He moaned again and
looked down at the crop, his eyes wide with fear as I slowly stroked the end of
the crop across his hard muscled chest.
“Last chance, Sergeant. You know the plans. I know you know the plans. Even my
guest knows you know the plans;” I said, referring to the young but tough
looking Japanese army attaché, who stood watching silently. “We both are aware
of the reason that the Americans parachuted you in before the invasion. You are
one of the so-called Indian code talkers of the Americans. That is why they
allow you to wear your hair longer than the usual soldiers, and why you have the
unusual body jewelry and markings on your chest.”
I didn’t comment on the rings pierced through my own nipples, much like the ones
the Sergeant had. My superior officers pretended not to know about my
preferences for young men rather then women, as homosexuality was not the German
way, but they overlooked it due to my record as an effective interrogator.
The American said nothing. I raised my arm and swung the crop.
The leather end of the crop whistled through the air before it smashed into
the brown flesh of the American’s chest. His muscles bulged and writhed, as he
hissed in agony between his clenched teeth. Again and again I slammed the thick
leather of the crop into the hard muscles of my prisoner’s body. Angry looking
red welts began to raise on his dark bronze skin. After about the sixth or
seventh stroke of the crop, Sergeant Greywolf began to scream every time the
crop slashed across his body.
I continued to whip his chest for another couple of minutes before setting
the crop down. Sergeant Greywolf slumped down in his bondage moaning in pain,
his head falling down against his chest. I grabbed a handful of his thick black
hair and yanked his head back, forcing him to look directly into my eyes.
“Talk, dammit!” I snapped, before slapping the handsome American’s face.
He licked his dry lips. “Fuck you, kraut” he gasped. “I will tell you
nothing! And fuck that little Jap, as well!”
“SCHEISSE!” I snarled, releasing his hair.
At that, the Japanese army Captain stepped forward.
“Perhaps it is you who will end up getting fucked, American pig!” he hissed
softly. The Captain turned to me.
“May I have an opportunity to question our guest? Perhaps I can convince him
of the error of his ways.” The Captain looked at my prisoner with a grin that
was positively feral.
I turned to a far corner of the interrogation room where a single figure
sat, shrouded in shadow. He gave me a single nod of his head.
“Go ahead, Captain. Do your worst!” I said, stepping back to watch.
The Captain nodded to me, before stripping off his uniform shirt, exposing his
lean, but incredibly solidly muscled torso. He had several tattoos on his body,
including a dragon on one side of his chest, and a large bird spread out across
the width of his shoulders.
“Now my friend, let us talk” he said, just before picking up the box
containing the electrical generator used to torture a prisoner by sending a
sharp current of power through his body. The American threw his head back and
screamed at the top of his lungs as Captain Wong attached the biting electrical
clamps to his thick, brown nipples, and slowly began to turn the crank of the
generator. Every muscle in the brown torso of the helpless prisoner writhed and
strained, as the sweat poured down his body. The veins stood out on the
sergeant’s massive biceps and forearms as he struggled against the pain that was
tearing through his entire body from his clamped, electrified nipples. The
expression on the Captain’s face was almost frightening. He had a totally evil,
almost maniacal grin splitting his usually inscrutable face. I could tell he was
enjoying brutally torturing our prisoner, showing absolutely no mercy.
The faster the crank on the generator was turned, the more current would be
created. Captain Wong was alternating between a slow, deliberate turning of the
crank, and a short burst of faster turning. Whenever the captain would turn the
crank faster, Sergeant Greywolf’s muscles would flex to their limits, the veins
popping out across his thick pectoral muscles and across his huge biceps. The
cords would stand out on his neck as a raw scream of sheer agony would be torn
from his throat.
The electrical torture device was designed to cause the most pain to a
prisoner without the chance of actually electrocuting him. The current would
flow in and out of the same clamp, since both the positive and negative leads
led to each clamp. I knew that the pain ripping through the American’s tender
nipples was absolutely excruciating, having actually felt the electrical current
myself, during a session of “mutual interrogation” with Captain Wong.
Captain Wong continued his torture of the American’s nipples for at least ten
minutes, the Sergeant screaming the entire time. When Captain Wong finally
released the American’s nipples, the prisoner slumped down, gasping for air and
only being held upright by his tightly stretched and bound arms.
“Do you have anything to say now, Sergeant Greywolf?” sneered the Captain.
The American nodded weakly, his chest heaving.
Captain Wong turned to me. “You see Major Kurtz, he can be cooperative!”
With that, the Captain leaned close to the gasping American’s face.
“GO TO HELL, YOU LITTLE JAP BASTARD!!” screamed the Sergeant, directly into
the Captain’s ear.
Captain Wong jerked upright like he had been shot, and slapped Sergeant
Greywolf’s face twice. “You will pay for that, American pig! Major, release him
from the chair and suspend him from the chains. I am finished being gentle with
I released the American prisoner’s arms from the metal shackles holding then
over his head, and forcefully pushed him to the floor. The prisoner didn’t
resist, seemingly too weakened by his torture to do more than whimper softly.
Captain Wong stepped to the prisoner and without warning, jammed the toe of
his right boot into the American’s heaving, washboard stomach muscles!
Sargent Greywolf groaned loudly. Captain Wong bent down and grabbed a handful
of the muscled Indian’s hair. He yanked the gasping, moaning prisoner to his
Captain Wong turned to me, and snarled; “Major, you know what to do!”
Within a minute, Sergeant Greywolf was stretched in the center of the room,
his wrists shackled to a thick metal bar suspended by chains from the ceiling
beams, while his booted feet were spread and shackled to bolts imbedded in the
concrete of the floor. Every muscle in his entire body rippled with his every
movement as he struggled futilely against his bonds, and the sweat ran in small
streams down from his open, spread armpits and across his flat, washboard
stomach and broad, v-tapered back, staining the top of his fatigue pants.
Captain Wong stood in front of the American, holding a leather flogger. He
swung the flogger, slashing the tails across the chest of the prisoner. The
helpless American screamed again and again, as the Captain flogged both his
chest, and his thickly muscled back for at least ten minutes.
I watched as the normally deep brown skin of the Sergeant began to turn red,
as thick, angry looking welts began to raise across his muscled physique. Every
time the flogger smashed into his body, the handsome Native American would flex
his muscles as hard as he could, while screaming in agony. Captain Wong’s
muscles rippled and flowed under his golden skin as he swung the flogger,
torturing the American prisoner beyond anything I would have thought he could
By the time Captain Wong set the flogger down, both his body, and the body of
the tortured American were drenched with sweat and glistening in the lights of
the interrogation room. Unexpectedly, Captain Wong suddenly leaned in and
started to lick the sweat from the left armpit of the groaning American soldier.
“You sick little fucker!” growled the American. Captain Wong didn’t say a
word, but simply continued to lick out the open, stretched armpits of the
When the captain had finished licking out both armpits, he worked his mouth
across the heaving, sweaty chest of our prisoner and took the sergeant’s right
nipple into his mouth.
Sergeant Greywolf screamed again and again as Captain Wong began to bite down
harder and harder on the thick, swollen knot of flesh with the thick, silver
ring pierced through it. The muscles of his shoulders and abs flexed and writhed
from the pain of the torture of his nipple. I decided to help if I could, and
leaned in and took Sergeant Greywolf’s left nipple into my mouth. He shrieked
even louder as both of his tender nipples were now being savagely tortured
The painful torture of the helpless American’s nipples continued for another
couple of minutes before both Captain Wong and I pulled back from his chest. The
gasping, moaning soldier sagged down, groaning in agony.
“God, you’re both sick fucking faggots!” moaned the Sergeant.
“Don’t you have anything useful to say, American?” growled the Captain.
“Greywolf, Carlos. Sergeant, United States Army. Serial number 263-09-632”
gasped our prisoner.
Something seemed to snap inside the Captain. He swore in his native language,
and stepped to the table holding my torture implements. The Captain pulled on a
thick pair of leather gloves that were lying there.
Striding back to the helpless American, Captain Wong reached out and grabbed
the throat of our prisoner with his left hand.
“Since you don’t have anything useful to say, you don’t really need any air!”
snarled the Captain, just before he swung his right arm and drove his fist
deeply into the stretched, rippling washboard stomach of the American, exactly
where he had kicked him just minutes before!
Sergeant Greywolf grunted a loud “OOOFF!” as the air was pounded out of his
lungs again by the vicious punch. Every sculpted muscle of the handsome
American’s torso flexed and strained as he desperately struggled for breath.
Captain Wong stepped in front of the struggling, writhing soldier and started
to pound his fists into Sergeant Greywolf’s stretched abs, alternating his
fists. He pounded his right fist into the washboard ab muscles, then waited just
until the American could gasp for air one time before pounding his left fist in
just as deeply.
The brutal beating continued a good ten minutes before Captain Wong stepped
back and pulled off his gloves. He reached out to the crotch of Sergeant
Greywolf’s fatigue pants, grabbed his genitals through the cloth, and squeezed.
Sergeant Greywolf threw his head back and screamed as loudly as he could!
“TALK, AMERICAN PIG!” shouted Captain Wong.
“Fuck you, Jap!” moaned the Sergeant through his agony.
“No, I believe I am going to fuck you, pig! It is interesting that you seem to
be excited, even as you protest, American. I see that you are as hard as any man
I have ever before encountered” said Captain Wong, even as he continued to feel
the bulging front of the struggling American’s fatigues.
He turned to where I was standing watching the contest of wills.
“Major Kurtz, would you like to assist me? I am sure he will be more than
ready to talk to us after he has felt the pleasure of a man’s cock in his ass or
his mouth!”
The young soldier struggled against his bonds, but to no avail as the Captain
and I unfastened his fatigue pants and let them drop to his knees. I was amused
to see that the Captain was right, that the American’s thick, veined cock was
totally erect.
I was impressed by the determination of the young Japanese Army Captain, but
even more impressed by the strength of the American Army Sergeant. If these were
the caliber of men that were going to be sent against us in the war, I feared
that we would be in for a long, bitter fight.
Captain Wong stood in front of the Sergeant, looking silently into his face
for just a few moments before suddenly dropping to his knees and leaning in to
suck the swollen cock
of the Native American soldier into his mouth. The shaft was a good eight inches
long, with a thick, bulbous head that was almost purple in color.
Sergeant Greywolf struggled against his bonds and snarled; “You sick little
fucker! You queer bastard!” as he felt his cock being sucked, but it seemed to
me that his struggles were becoming fainter and fainter. Within another minute
or so, he just rolled his head back and began to groan with pleasure.
He softly moaned; “Oh God, that feels good. Suck my cock, Jap. Suck my fat
cock! Yeah, you want it, Jap? Suck a real man’s cock! Damn, that’s good. That’s
a good hot nip mouth. Suck me off, you little fucker! Swallow my cum, you
cocksucking Jap!”
Captain Wong seemed to increase his efforts until, within another couple of
minutes, the helpless soldier started to gasp and growl deeply in his throat.
The amazing muscles in his stretched torso began to flex and ripple as Captain
Wong’s hands stroked the dripping wet skin before reaching up and beginning to
twist the American’s nipples again. The Sergeant’s entire gleaming, sweat glazed
body convulsed, his defined washboard abdominal muscles rippling and bulging as
he shot a load of his sperm into the sucking mouth of his torturer.
As the prisoner came, Captain Wong twisted his nipples as hard as he could,
causing the sergeant to throw his head back and scream at the top of his lungs,
even while filling the mouth of his torturer with his thick sperm.
Captain Wong swallowed the hot load before he stood up. He turned to me and
grinned, licking his lips.
“Very satisfying. I am sure that I am not the first man to enjoy the hard cock
of this American pig. Our generals have told us about the depravities that many
Americans enjoy. Sex with their fellow soldiers, sex with children, and more. It
is inevitable that they will be defeated!”
Sergeant Greywolf just stared at the Captain. “You’re one to talk, you fucker!
You’re the one that sucked my dick. Who’s the depraved one here?”
He turned his attention to me. “And you, you Nazi bastard! You’re no better
than he is. You’re both sick, twisted fuckers, and you can both go straight to
Without changing my expression, I stepped in and pounded my bare fist deeply
into the solid abdominal muscles of the prisoner.
The Native American soldier knees buckled, and he slumped down in his chains,
desperately trying to take a breath.
The Captain’s expression hardened and he snarled; ” Very nice speech,
Sergeant. Now we will find the information we require. Your pleasure has ended.
You thought there was pain before, but that was nothing compared to what you
will endure until you give us the information.”
Sergeant Greywolf lifted his head and weakly gasped; “Fuck you, Jap. Do
whatever you want. I’ll never tell you anything!”
The Captain’s face slowly twisted into the most purely evil smile I had ever
seen on a man’s face.
“A challenge, it seems. I believe that I can force you to tell us everything
that we need to know, American pig!”
I helped Captain Wong secure the American in a new position that would
increase the torture he would have to endure.
His wrists were chained together behind his back, and his elbows were forced
as closely together as they could go by a rope wrapped around them and cinched
tightly. A long rope was run from his wrists up to a pulley on the overhead
beam, and then down to another of the beams supporting the roof. A wooden beam
was fastened between the American’s ankles, keeping them widely spread apart.
Captain Wong grasped the end of the rope and pulled it savagely, yanking
Sergeant Greywolf’s arms up behind his back. The American screamed, even as he
was forced to bend over at the waist to ease the strain on his shoulder joints.
I could see that the muscles in his broad shoulders were twisting and knotted as
they were forced to bend in a direction they weren’t supposed to.
Captain Wong tied off the end of the rope and stepped in front of the helpless,
moaning prisoner. He reached out and almost gently stroked his fingers across
the writhing, hard muscles of the American’s back and twisted shoulders.
“Very nice, American pig. I will enjoy feeling my cock sliding deeply into
your tight ass. I have always enjoyed the company of men, rather than women, so
I know how to make a man either sigh with pleasure, or scream in agony. Which
would you rather do, pig?”
“You sick fucking Jap faggot! Go to hell, you little nip bastard!” gasped the
trussed up American, defiant even in the face of his obvious pain.
” That means you would like to scream in agony. I was hoping you would say
something like that, American pig, even though I know that you have enjoyed the
company of other men from time to time!” hissed Captain Wong.
He picked up a pair of small lead weights with hooks sticking out of one end.
The Captain bent down and hung the weights from the rings pierced through the
Sergeant’s nipples. The helpless American soldier shrieked as the weights
stretched his already sore nipples almost an inch from his pectorals.
As the Sergeant was shrieking in pain, Captain Wong was stripping off his
uniform pants. He stood in front of the Sergeant clad only in his boots. I had
to admit that I found the Captain’s solidly muscled, lean body almost as
exciting as the thickly muscled physique of the American Army Sergeant. Of
course, I had had sex with Captain Wong often in the six weeks since he had been
assigned to Gestapo headquarters. We had even “practiced” interrogation
techniques on each other several times. I found it interesting that no matter
how hard Captain Wong tortured me, he always begged me to torture him even
“Major Kurtz, I know that many times you have experienced the pleasure that
the tight ass and hot mouth of a young man can offer.” leered Captain Wong.
“Come, join me.”
I opened the front of my own uniform pants, pulling out my own cock and stood
next to the Captain, directly in front of our trussed up prisoner.
“It will be a pleasure to watch you fuck the mouth of our guest, even while I
am fucking his ass!” he leered up into my eyes, just before dropping to his
knees in front of me and sucking my rapidly stiffening cock deeply into his
I moaned at the feel of his tongue running up and down my cock, while the
helpless American groaned in apparent disgust. I did notice, however, that
Sergeant Greywolf was licking his lips, even as he was intently watching Captain
Wong suck my fat nine inch cock. When he glanced up into my eyes, and noticed my
slight smile, he pretended to make his apparent revulsion clear.
“God, I knew it. You’re both sick, fucking queers! That’s why it’s going to be
so easy for America and our allies to kick your asses all the way to hell!”
moaned the American.
At that, Captain Wong pulled back from my now totally erect cock, stood up and
turned to the bound Sergeant. He stared down impassively for just a moment
before raising both fists over his head and slamming them down into the twisted,
straining, quivering muscles of Sergeant Greywolf’s shoulders! The helpless
American shrieked in total agony as the pain ripped through his body.
“Be that as it may, it will still be our pleasure to torture you as long as we
want, American pig. Besides, you didn’t seem to mind having your cock sucked!”
With that comment, Captain Wong strode behind the helpless, muscular soldier.
The American began to shout “NO, FUCK YOU! NO! YOU QUEER FAGGOT!” as he felt the
Captain slowly begin to insert a finger into the ass of our prisoner. The
Sergeant’s muscles writhed under his gleaming, sweaty skin as Captain Wong
inserted first one, the two fingers deeply into the tight asshole of the bound
prisoner of war.
The American prisoner began to scream and unleashed a torrent of invective as
the Captain worked more and more fingers into his tight ass. I had always been
impressed with the inventiveness and originality of American profanity. Sergeant
Greywolf was reaching new heights in cursing even as he was being finger fucked.
Finally, I began to grow tired of his swearing, so I stepped in front of him
and reached out to his twisted, knotted shoulders. The American’s curses turned
into a shriek of total agony when I began to dig my fingers deeply into the
muscles of his straining shoulders.
“YOU FUCKING SON-OF-A-BITCH!” screamed the Sergeant. “WHEN I GET LOOSE, I’M
I knelt down until I was staring directly into his face, twisted in agony and
streaked with sweat and tears. Both of his eyes were bloodshot. I grabbed a
handful of his long black hair and snapped his head back, forcing him to look at
“I really don’t think so, Sergeant. What makes you think that you will ever
get loose? When you are done pleasuring the Captain and myself and you have
given us the information we seek, I may just turn you over to the rest of my
guards to use for their pleasure. I personally picked them myself in bed. I know
that they will enjoy using that hot, hard muscled body, your tight ass, and your
hot mouth, for as long as you can survive. I am curious to see just how long it
will take for you to be literally fucked to death. It will be interesting to
watch you try to take two cocks in your ass at the same time, while also taking
two cocks in your mouth as well. You will personally learn of the superiority of
the young German male!” I grinned evilly into his contorted face.
The American just groaned, and seemed to sag down as I released his hair.
Captain Wong finally pulled his fingers out of the Sergeant’s ass, and stood
directly behind him. Sergeant Greywolf’s muscles began to twist and strain, and
he began to groan with pain, and whimper in apparent fear as Captain Wong’s cock
began to push inside his already stretched, sore ass.
The Captain began to moan with pleasure as he began to fuck the helpless
American’s ass. Sergeant Greywolf was moaning as well as he was being raped, but
his moans were moans of pain. I watched for a few minutes, totally mesmerized by
the play of the muscles in Captain Wong’s torso. He had the hardest, most
perfectly defined stomach muscles I had ever seen. Every cord of muscle bulged
with his slightest movement. His hard abdominal muscles were highlighted by the
veins that coursed across his stomach, standing out under his golden brown skin.
His stomach flexed and rippled as he thrust his cock in and out of Sergeant
Greywolf’s ass.
The sweat ran in streams down the Captain’s sculpted body, highlighting every
muscle. He started to increase the speed of his fucking of the American’s ass.
Sergeant Greywolf could do nothing to stop his rape, as his arms were nearly
being torn out of their joints by being pulled so far up behind his back and his
feet were held widely apart by the beam.
I was now so excited watching Captain Wong’s muscled physique flexing and
rippling as he raped the helpless American soldier that I decided to enjoy
myself. I stepped directly in front of Sergeant Greywolf.
Captain Wong, seeing what I was going to do, grabbed a handful of the
Sergeant’s long, thick black hair and yanked on it, snapping the prisoner’s head
“Open your mouth, Sergeant” I growled. He defiantly clamped his mouth shut,
even as the swollen head of my cock pressed against his lips.
“I thought you would do something like that, American. You enjoy having your
cock sucked, but apparently you think sucking a cock yourself is beneath you!” I
I pinched his nose shut with one hand, and began to pound the twisted
muscles of his shoulders with the other.
“Sooner or later you will have to open your mouth to either breathe, or
scream. It will be interesting to see which you will do first, Sergeant.”
The muscles of his back and arms bulged and writhed as he struggled. Each time
my fist slammed into his straining shoulders, every muscle in his torso
shuddered, as though a jolt of electricity was shooting through them, and I
heard him moan deeply in his chest.
Finally, after about two minutes of the torture, and not being able to
breathe, Sergeant Greywolf’s mouth flew open. He shrieked in agony for just a
moment, before I drove my now totally erect cock deeply into his throat with one
hard thrust of my hips.
The American prisoner of war groaned around my cock as I began to fuck his hot
mouth. He was now bent over, helplessly bound in an exquisitely painful position
in a darkened torture chamber, with two hot, hard cocks violating his solidly
muscled body at the same time. I suspected that the weights hanging from his
nipples were causing him a great deal of pain, as well.
“Captain, I hope the ass of this young man is as hot as his mouth!” I gasped.
Captain Wong groaned “Oh yes. He has an exceptionally hot ass. I know that my
cock isn’t the first one that he has ever had! He knows how to work his ass
muscles to please a man!”
The Captain continued to fuck the American’s ass with a slow, deliberate
rhythm. I was so excited by the look of the Captain’s body that I reached out on
either side of Sergeant Greywolf’s straining arms, and began to feel the
Captain’s hard nipples as he fucked our prisoner. Captain Wong groaned at the
feel of my fingers playing with his tits. We stood on either end of our helpless
American prisoner, a study in contrasts, as we thrust our cocks into his hot
orifices. Captain Wong was stripped down to his boots, his lean, golden brown
body glistening with sweat, while I was fully dressed in my uniform, with only
my cock exposed.
I pulled and twisted Captain Wong’s erect nipples, until the feelings of
pleasure from the hot mouth surrounding my cock were too much to bear. I let go
of the Captain’s nipples and grasped a couple of handfuls of the thick, black
hair of the handsome, muscular young American Indian. Holding his head still, I
began to fuck his mouth faster and faster, until, with a groan of pure pleasure,
I shot a huge load of sperm deeply into his mouth.
Sergeant Greywolf choked and struggled briefly, before he finally swallowed my
load of sperm. When I pulled my cock from his mouth, he could only groan “You
bastard, you sick fucking Nazi bastard!” weakly.
He then started to gasp in pain, and whimper, tears running down his face, as
Captain Wong began to thrust his cock in and out of the Sergeant’s ass harder,
driving it in it’s entire length with a wet slapping sound.
Within another minute or so, Captain Wong began to groan and gasp out
something in his native language as he fucked the ass in front of him faster and
faster. I stepped behind the Captain and wrapped my arms around his incredible
body, feeling the muscles rippling under his hot, sweaty skin. I ran my hands up
and down the washboard stomach muscles of the young Asian man as he fucked the
American prisoner of war.
Amazingly, in another minute or so, we both heard the American begin to softly
moan; “Oh yes, God yes! Fuck me, Jap. Fuck me harder. Damn, that feels good.
Fuck me!”
Captain Wong laughed cruelly and sneered; “It is just as I suspected. You do
like another man’s cock in your ass! Lying American PIG!!”
He started pounding his cock in and out of the Sergeant’s ass harder and
harder, slamming his hips into the soldier’s buttocks. Sergeant Greywolf started
moaning louder and louder as he was raped.
Finally, Captain Wong threw back his head and hollered as he pumped a load of
his sperm into the soldier’s ass. I could feel every muscle flex and ripple at
the intensity of his orgasm.
When his orgasm was finally spent, Captain Wong pulled his cock from the ass of
the American prisoner. Stepping quickly in front of the bound prisoner, he
snarled “Open your mouth, pig!”
Sergeant Greywolf whimpered as he meekly opened his mouth, allowing Captain
Wong to slide his still hard shaft in.
“Clean it, pig!” snapped the Captain.
Sergeant Greywolf’s throat muscles worked as he licked the shaft in his mouth
When Captain Wong pulled his cock out of the American’s mouth, the Sergeant
just bent his head down and began to softly weep.
Captain Wong strode over to where the rope from Sergeant Greywolf’s arms was
tied to the pillar. He gave the rope a short, sharp yank, causing the Sergeant
to scream in total agony as his shoulders were twisted almost to the point of
dislocating his arms. Captain Wong then slowly but firmly pulled on the rope for
a few moments, the Sergeant screaming and shrieking in agony the entire time. I
was almost mesmerized watching the muscles rippling and flexing under Captain
Wong’s golden skin as he strained at the rope torturing the helpless American.
To my total amazement, I watched as the Sergeant’s feet slowly lifted from
the floor, his total body weight supported by his backwards twisted arms! The
American prisoner hung for several minutes, screaming in agony the entire time,
until Captain Wong slowly lowered him back to the floor, his muscles quivering
from the strain of supporting the prisoner’s total weight.
When the Captain finally released the rope, the Sergeant groaned “No more,
please. I’ll tell you whatever you want to know. Oh My God! Please, no more
torture! I’ll talk. Just let me suck your cocks again, and let Major Kurtz fuck
me. I’ll tell you everything!”
I released the rope from the pillar, allowing the Sergeant to slowly stand up.
He moaned as Captain Wong removed the weights from the rings in his nipples.
Once the pressure was released from the muscular American’s arms and the
weights were no longer torturing his nipples, he slowly sank to the floor on his
knees, his pants now down around his ankles. His hands were still chained
together behind his back as Captain Wong stepped in front of the broken,
whimpering American Army Sergeant.
“All right, Sergeant. What do you have to tell me?” snarled the captain.
“What about sucking you off, Sir?” moaned the defeated American.
“Later, pig!” snapped Captain Wong. “Talk first!”
“Sergeant” Greywolf looked up at the figure standing in front of him, and
slowly, almost hesitantly, smiled.
“Happy birthday, Eddie” he grinned.
“Captain” Wong started to laugh. “Christ, I was beginning to believe we were
never going to get you to say that, you stubborn, muscle-bound so and so!”
A laugh came from the far corner of the room, where Eddie’s master, and my
best friend, Danny had been sitting, watching the whole scene. Danny had
suggested the prisoner-of-war scenario as a 26th birthday gift to his slave, and
had supplied all the uniforms from his extensive collection. Even though Eddie
was actually of Chinese descent and not Japanese, the role playing was really
He stepped into the light, still chuckling. “Damn, Eric. Wolf really is
tough. I’ve done scenes like this before at uniform conventions, but I’ve never
seen anyone take the strappato position for so long.”
The strappato was the form of torture where the victim’s arms were pulled up
behind his back so far that the arms were forced out of joint at the shoulders.
He grinned down to where Wolf, my half Mexican-American, half Apache Indian
slave boy was still kneeling on the floor.
I looked down at Wolf as well. “Yeah, I think I’ll keep him around a bit
Wolf looked up into my eyes and smiled. “Thank you, Sir” he said before
bending down and beginning to lick the high boots I was wearing.

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      • They didn’t seem to be available on Amazon UK though! But I’ve now got them through Google Play Books instead so it’s all good!

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